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Firearms in the United States are a fact of life. Even by the most conservative estimates, throw a rock in a crowded room and you’ve got a 50/50 chance of hitting someone who owns a firearm. Given the fact that a large portion of the American population own or are exposed to firearms on a regular basis, good common sense would dictate that we should be teaching children to safely handle and respect guns. Again, just common sense. At least it is for everyone except the champions of “Common Sense,” Moms Demand Action (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, i.e. Michael Bloomberg). In their book, teaching kids gun safety is “atrocious” . . .

Yahoo had an article about a firearms safety class that’s taught in schools. It’s the standard NRA Eddie Eagle safety course which teaches the “stop, don’t touch, leave the room, tell an adult” should children encounter an unsecured firearm. This isn’t teaching kids to be little Rambos — in fact, it’s the exact opposite. This is teaching them stay away from guns.

You’d think that Moms Demand Action would approve of a lesson about running away from guns. But according to them, the fact that any information whatsoever is being provided about guns (even instructions to run away) is beyond the pale.

But according to Jennifer Hoppe, deputy director of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a campaign of the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the best way to reduce gun deaths among children is to be keep the weapons out of children’s hands altogether. “It’s atrocious to put the onus of gun safety onto children — this is an adult problem,” Hoppe tells Yahoo Parenting. “Every gun that’s gotten into the hands of a child has first been under the control of an adult. A program that tries to dodge that is disingenuous.”

What’s more, she adds, “Accidental gun deaths among children are not ‘accidental.’ They’re preventable tragedies.” The organization’s new campaign Be Smart encourages parents to keep guns locked up, ask about unsecured guns before allowing children to play in someone else’s home, and recognize the link between teen suicide and access to guns.

“After all, you can tell a kid to be careful,” she says. “But you’ll still childproof your home, right?”

Yes, you do childproof your home. But you also teach your kids not to touch power outlets, that the stove is hot, and not to get into Daddy’s liquor cabinet. There is no such thing as “childproof” — children are ingenious little devils and will find ways to get into every nook and cranny of your home. Keeping them ignorant about things like guns only increases the mystery about them and makes kids want to touch them even more.

We teach children about drugs in programs like D.A.R.E. even though drugs are illegal because we know that no matter how hard we try kids will still encounter then and be tempted. Wouldn’t it just be, well, common sense to similarly equip them with information about guns if (as Moms Demand Action claim) the goal is to stop accidental shootings among kids? What’s wrong with providing children this basic safety information that doesn’t even have a pro-gun slant?

The problem is that even basic safety information is counter to the long term goals of Michael Bloomberg and his merry band of gun grabbers. The grand plan is to ostracize gun owners, make ownership as difficult as possible, and try to kill off gun ownership with a thousand tiny cuts. Providing any acknowledgement that firearms even exist (beyond the fact that they’re scary and dangerous) is a tacit acknowledgement that guns are an everyday object and undermines their message. They would rather withhold the safety training and have more children die than back a program that actually teaches gun safety to those who need it the most.

How “common sense” is that?

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  1. Of course they are against teaching children to be safe around firearms. Every child hurt or killed is a chance to further their agenda.

    • And every child that learns to reasonably deal with, and not fear, firearms becomes a potential gun owner one day. Its a double whammy to then in that regard.

    • According to Wikipedia in an article that was reluctant to give hard numbers, preferring the “X number of abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing age” dodge, they did slip in a CDC statistic of 2011 of “approximately 1.1 MILLION abortions in America. Compare this, if you will, to the approximately 30,000 “deaths from gun violence” (even including the suicides) and I think it clarifies their agenda somewhat.

      • I’ll be sure to send those 1.1 million unwanted children or the bill for raising/incarcerating them to you. Please provide your home address.


    • The left does not believe in empowerment. The left believes we make the world more fair by pulling those above down. This argument is clearly presented in the feminist playbook, that women should not be empowered to defend themselves or even maintain control of themselves, but that men should be taught to not rape and take care of all women. Their argument ignores the obvious evil and blames the innocent and law abiding for the acts of monsters, whether that be rape, mass shootings, or accidents. It’s typical herd mentality that only makes sense when you’re drunk on their Koolaid.

  2. I’m sure they’re in favor of teaching safe driving habits, teaching “safe sex” and the like, how is gun safety any different?
    Oh, wait, I cannot debate with an emotionally driven lunatic.

    Mark Twain had a quote regarding playing checkers with pigeons…

    • “Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good you are at chess the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it’s victorious.”
      –Mark Twain

    • As a counterpoint, we should argue for the Chinese model of driving schools and teach “offensive driving” (this is actually what they do, and it’s one of the CPC’s methods of population control, as well as why East Asians have a reputation as bad drivers). BAN CARS!

      Also, teaching middle-schoolers to use condoms is better than leaving the issue alone, since a lot of them are going to do it anyway thanks to our vile, hypersexualized pop culture.

    • I’m sure they’re in favor of teaching safe driving habits, teaching “safe sex” and the like…

      I’m pretty sure they’ve progressed to…
      …safe gay sex
      …safe lesbo sex
      ….safe anal sex
      ….safe oral sex
      …. safe tranny sex
      ….safe trans sex
      …. safe pedo sex
      ….safe 3-way sex
      …. safe N-way sex

      I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of the new types that used be classified as a psych disorders not to long ago.

      Progressives rape the innocence of children on the alter of Leftism.

  3. They don’t care about safety. They care about brainwashing kids into thinking guns are some sort of evil boogeyman so that in a generation, they have nobody left to fight them.

    • Right. And if a few hundred kids die in the process, well, you know what they say about eggs and omelets. At least they were sacrificed to a good cause. (And besides, you can blame almost anything on the NRA, and the low-info masses will just nod their heads keep shuffling to the beat.)

      These people make me sick. If they’re not actively evil, then they’re unforgivably stupid — with the same end result.

    • Teaching kids to look both ways before crossing the road and only crossing at intersections or marked crosswalks is atrocious. Driving safely and not hitting pedestrians is an adult problem.

  4. First…. that is some excellent photoshop work on that photo! Top-notch!

    Then…. So if we teach kids about Gun Safety it’s atrocious. But to not teach them about Drugs (DARE) is negligent. To not teach them about Driver’s Education is the worst kind of parenting. To not teach them about Sex Education…. well that one supposedly turns all the kids into sex-starved maniacs.

    In other words…. the Stupid! It burns!

    • Teaching Penis/Vagina Safety to Children is “Atrocious”
      Children are going to do it anyway so we want to teach them the safe way to do it.

    • I count 12 people in that photo, if I’m generous, maybe 14. Yeah, great job making a dozen people look/feel like more.

      • It really is a great photoshop job.

        But….. look at it again.

        Take a look and the angle… An up-angle into the shot, from a bit above waist-high on the photographer. That means the ladies in the second row of the shot would have to be about 6 inches (ish) taller than the ladies in the first row. The upward angle would make the second row look shorter than the first row and they are not, they are almost the same level/height.

        Take a look at the background…. that is the Brooklyn Bridge. Wasn’t Shannon’s little group still called Million Moms when the marched across the bridge? So that would make the banner they are not really holding a touch-up.

        Then take a look at the signs everyone is waving… that is like four or five iterations of MAIG/Every Town/MDA slogans and logos in use.

        Someone spent some quality time in the digital dark room assembling that shot. They still missed one tiny thing…. the guy standing right behind Shannon, take a look at the heads, the arms, and then this guy just kinda peeking out.

        • I want to know what they are singing. All except one has her mouth open. It must be a sing-along, right?

  5. Yes, you do childproof your home.

    No, actually; we do not “childproof” our home. We home-proof our children, by teaching them to be obedient, not to touch things that don’t belong to them, to respect others’ property, etc.

    The closest we came to “childproofing” our home was to put up barricades at the stairs, when the girls were too young to climb them safely on their own.

    Also, FTA:

    What’s more, she adds, “Accidental gun deaths among children are not ‘accidental.’ They’re preventable tragedies.”

    No matter how much I home-proof my own children, I have no control over other parents, their homes, or their children. It is still imperative that I teach my own children how to respond to the presence of an uncontrolled firearm when they are in situations outside of my control. Eddie Eagle is the perfect, and most appropriate, training for such situations.

    It’s not the firearms in my home I would worry about; it is firearms elsewhere. I can question other parents all I want, and can learn to trust them – even so, I want my children to have explicit training regarding how to respond should something unforeseen happen.

    MDA can go screw themselves.

    • “No, actually; we do not “childproof” our home. We home-proof our children, by teaching them to be obedient, not to touch things that don’t belong to them, to respect others’ property, etc.”

      Parenting comment of the year right there! I have two kids, we did the responsible thing and plugged outlets and put the bleach and dishwasher detergent out of reach at our home but otherwise, we set rules and enforced them so that when we visit friends or our parents (who don’t have those safety measures) we can relax and enjoy ourselves without worrying if the kids will break something or hurt themselves.

  6. To the progressives that insist on teaching safe sex to pre-teenagers:

    Please explain to me the rational between teaching safe sex to preteens as it is for their and others safety and health vs teaching safe gun handling to preteens as it is for their and others safety and health.

    • It is funny that you bring up rationality, since they don’t know anything and don’t care about rationality.

      • Well of course it is not about rationality for the progressives. It’s not about health or safety for them either. To the progressives, it is about indoctrination. That’s why the rational they use for one type of indoctrination does not apply to what they see as a competing type of indoctrination.

    • This is exactly my line of logic. It is foolish not to teach people the basics of dangers in their world. Basic firearms education should be a mandatory that. Children should know when where and how to handle firearms properly, and that at least part of that be as a framework for working with other dangerous things we all encounter in life on a daily basis.

  7. Look at that picture. Which one of those sweethearts would you want to come home to at the end of a hot, sweaty, back-breaking day at work? Oof.

    • “It’s atrocious to put the onus of gun safety onto children…”

      But putting the onus of gun control on children, thru brain-washing and agitprop is perfectly fine. Gad, what harpies.

    • Yeah, they all look like they need some good pounding! The dude in the picture don’t look too bad, I might do him, if he doesn’t squeak too much.

  8. The term “common sense” needs to be banned from any political lexicon, only because it’s meaning has been abused to the point of irrelevance.

  9. Well naturally! If we teach kids how to be safe around guns there will be fewer accidents involving dead kids at sleepovers for them to parade around.

  10. “What’s wrong with providing children this basic safety information that doesn’t even have a pro-gun slant?”

    Simple, it goes against the antis’ efforts to change American cultural mores and demonize guns and gun owners by instead legitimizing them through safety training.

    What’s truly “atrocious” is the foolish positions the ‘Moms” and other antis take on anything that has to do with guns and the law abiding citizens who own them and make every effort to be responsible about their use and handling of guns.

    • These ‘Moms’ should be so unforgiving about vehicle operators who text their way down the road endangering themselves and those around them. Maybe that’s because these ‘Moms” figure prominently among that group of negligent drivers and the clearly preventable collisions that result from distracted driving collisions, too many of which are fatal.

    • Because it is presented by the NRA, and ANYTHING related to the NRA is bad by definition. If the NRA donated 100% of the dues paid by their members to help ease the suffering of kittens that had been saved when a redneck was caught trying to drown them they would complain about that too . . . because NRA!!!

      • That’s right, the NRA is the enemy. Even if they do happen to agree with something the NRA does, it simply cannot be admitted.

        • These ‘moms’ are classic paranoid schizophrenics.

          “Paranoid schizophrenia is a subtype of schizophrenia in which the patient has delusions (false beliefs) that a person or some individuals are plotting against them or members of their family.”

          “An individual with paranoid schizophrenia may spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking up ways of protecting themselves from their persecutors.”

          Paranoid Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

          “patient” = Demanding Mom
          “persecutors” = The NRA and gun owners in general

  11. If half the people in the room are potentially armed, I’m not sure I’d want to be arbitrarily tossing rocks around. Doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

  12. “…children are ingenious little devils and will find ways to get into every nook and cranny of your home.”

    Reminds me of a story my father once told me. The family had traveled to my grandmother’s home for a visit. One morning my father woke up to find my sister (age 5) and i (age 7) sitting in the family room watching cartoons and eating cereal. He asked where we got the cereal and without turning my head I pointed to the pantry and told him which shelf it was on (too high for either of us to reach). He then asked where we got the bowls and I again pointed to a high cabinet while watching my cartoons. He considered this for a moment then asked, “Do you know what is in every cabinet?”. Without diverting my gaze from the TV I once again pointed back and responded, “We couldn’t get to that one above the refrigerator.”

    Somehow my sister and I both managed to survive the cleaning products that were unsecured because we had been taught that they were dangerous, we did not try to make pancakes because we are not supposed to use the stove alone, and we also survived the loaded .22 rifle that always sat in the corner of our farmhouse because we new it was dangerous. We knew because we were educated. None of those things were demonized or spoken about with any particular reverence in a positive or negative way. We got to help clean, we got to help cook, and we got to shoot. We knew all we had to do was ask at a reasonable time and the potential danger of pretty much anything in our world was removed. It really is that simple moms. Just ask my mom.

  13. The Hysterical Mother and her cat loving minion have to produce something/anything if they want to keep the lights on. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy just dropped several millions dollars in Virginia and got nothing in return. This could not have improved his mood. A cross sugar daddy is a tight fisted sugar daddy. He will find other members of the lunatic fringe to shower with his largess if his current crop of paid liars continue to under-perform.

  14. You can’t fix stoo-pid. They want NO guns so this just seems normal in their bizarro universe…

  15. The little vermin might as well learn about gun safety in school, since they’re certainly not learning anything else.

  16. It’s part of the agenda to socially condition children that guns are inappropriate and bad, unless they’re in the hands of the government of course. They understand getting the older generations to quietly give up on the 2A is a tough fight, but based on dumbed-down the younger generations are becoming, their social conditioning will very likely be successful.

  17. For the love of God, somebody get these desperate mommies some action before they cause any more trouble!

  18. Denying reality is insane. As usual with Libtards their way is the only way, even when it will not work.

  19. As an aside, doesn’t anyone find ol’ Jennifer’s last name to be pretty ironic? Particularly when considering 9 is about the number of people they can rally…

  20. That picture at the top provides a strong argument for the necessity of keeping abortion legal. Their press release merely reinforces the argument.

  21. My mother for many years was an abstinence-preaching hoplophobe when it came to guns, all the while ridiculing abstinence only sex education for its terrible results.

    After a few years as a gun owner (wherein she’d softened a bit because my firearms hadn’t spontaneously attacked me nor had I become a murderous psycho), I brought this up, respectfully, and to her credit she changed her viewpoint.

    She still doesn’t particularly love firearms, but she has admitted to feeling safer traveling with me and allows my carrying when over to her and dad’s place for a visit or whatever reason. I think she’s coming ’round.

  22. Teaching children to be safe is somehow wrong? I grew up, in a suburb north of Seattle, in the 1960s. Several times we were warned of the dangers of blasting caps. A cop would pass around inert examples, so we would know what they looked like. I think the odds of encountering a firearm would be higher than finding a blasting cap.

  23. What are the chances that in a nation of 300+ million that some little brat, deprived of this ‘common sense’ educational step, will get hold of some idiots gun and end up killing someone. Meaning that preventing this basic safety information from being taught is going to end up killing one or more unfortunate people.

    I’d say it’s safe to bet the chances of this are greater than 0.

    Meaning this crap from MDA and Bloomberg is going to kill someone.

    And it would appear, they don’t really care about that at all.

    These people are tyrants and evil. And they say it’s the responsible, law abiding gun owner that is evil.

    This is truly unbelieavable.

  24. Comrade Nick, you’re spelling it wrong: it’s “commonsense”; get with the program, will ya? /sarc

  25. Ok, so by MDA’s intelligence this corollary is true.

    “We shouldn’t teach our children to stay away from the creepy person in the van that is offering them candy and a free ride home. We should teach kidnappers and child molesters to not prey on children.”

    I think I’ll stick to teaching my children to stay away AND be prepared to “teach” a kidnapper to not prey on a child if they ever go after someone in my vicinity.

  26. “It’s atrocious to put the onus of gun safety onto children — this is an adult problem,” — Jennifer Hoppe in Yahoo Parenting.

    That there, ladies and gentlemen, is a textbook example of a FALSE DICHOTOMY.

    Sure, adults are responsible for securing dangerous objects from children. And we should also teach children what do for those times when they find a dangerous object that an irresponsible adult failed or chose not to secure.

    There is absolutely no reason why we should not do BOTH … demand that adults secure dangerous objects from children AND teach children what to do when they find dangerous objects.

    • “There is absolutely no reason why we should not do BOTH”

      There is a reason. Any incident of a child getting hold of a gun left by some irresponsible adult and killing or injuring someone will in the end further the cause of the anti 2a group by preying on the emotions of the public into allowing more intrusive GC legislation and/or direct confiscation.

      I don’t believe for a second that this fact is ignored by these people. Egg meet omelet.

      These people are truly evil.

  27. “Keeping them ignorant about things like guns only increases the mystery about them and makes kids want to touch them even more.”

    But that’s the point! The Mahms are not fools, they’re evil. Dead babies is exactly what they want. It’s what makes them relevant and pays for the spinning rims. If the tragedies stop, then the Mahms aren’t in the spotlight anymore. Follow the money…

    Keeping children away from guns is the same as keeping them ignorant. At 8 years old, my son could safely clear any firearm. Why leave it laying about for the next kid to grab and do God knows what with? Remove mag, lock it open, assure chamber is empty and ammo is no longer present.

    But, I guess, got he MDA crowd, education is the answer to everything, except their evil agenda. Education on the topic of guns would lead to exposing them for what they really are… So, for that, absolute ignorance is the “answer” they present…

  28. Yahoo Parenting is almost exclusively hopelessly PC-progressive drivel; I’m shocked that they gave so much non-negative ink to a program based on Eddie Eagle. Not surprised that they gave the faux “moms” the last word. And completely unsurprised that that “last word” was irrational, and self-contradicting to boot.

  29. Yeah, just make little wimps out of them in a world of reality. I hope this nation can survive all this dumbing down.

  30. The full name is Moms Demand Action on Gun Safety, isn’t it? Well the “action” is opposing all forms of gun safety, quite obviously.

    Don’t you love it when they demonstrate who they really are?

  31. Too bad there is not the same level of passion applied to reversing the destruction of our 4th and 5th amendment rights.

  32. And this, ladies, is why we have ZERO interest in negotiating anything with you. We know very well that what you seek is the destruction of our culture, not safety. If you were really interested in safety, teaching children how to behave around and how to handle firearms would be priority #1. It’s not. Your priority is the destruction of what we cherish. We know. We are not stupid. Good luck.

  33. My kids knew the features, dangers, operation and absolutely, every safety aspect of ALL of the guns in our house long before they were teens. They turned out to be damn fine young men thank you.

    To all of the ignorant MDA seahags out there….I’m a dad demanding you all STFU. You raise your kids and I’ll raise mine.

  34. The reason EE is so much better than any other program, they present the gun as property instead of contraband. Every child is taught not to steal, so the idea that “someone lost their gun, we’d better let a grownup know” is more natural to them than “aahhhhh it’s a gun, TRIGGER ALERT TRIGGER ALERT!!!”

    If there is a gun lying around in a school playground, you want those kids to see that thing as MONEY, maybe even give them the idea there is a reward in it for them as long as nobody touches it. What the antis want is for them to see the gun as a nudie magazine, and well you know how that tends to play out…

  35. I’m sure they’re in favor of teaching safe driving habits, teaching “safe sex” and the like…

    I’m pretty sure they’ve progressed to…
    …safe gay sex
    …safe lesbo sex
    ….safe anal sex
    ….safe oral sex
    …. safe tranny sex
    ….safe trans sex
    …. safe pedo sex
    ….safe 3-way sex
    …. safe N-way sex

    I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of the latest types that used be classified as a psych disorder not to long ago.

    The progressive rapes the innocence of children on the alter of Leftism.

  36. The anti-gun people also don’t want people to know that the NRA are not insane foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics. They’re sensible people who know that it is dangerous for young children to be around guns unsupervised, and tell their own young children that if they encounter one without adult supervision to not touch it, leave, and tell an adult about it. However, this reality that the NRA is comprised of rational, caring civil-rights proponents just like most Americans is counterevidence to their fictional narrative that we’re black-hearted goat-horned child-eating demons who aren’t perturbed in the least by parents losing their children to murder. They don’t want it known that the root of our attraction to guns and violent self-defense is our love for human life.

    • You are so right. The NRA was the very organization that lobbied and obtained legislation barring felons and persons adjudged insane from buying, owning, possessing, transporting, selling, etc. firearms. And it is the NRA that trains Police Instructors, who then in turn teach police and sheriffs’ department rookies on marksmanship and firearm safety. And MDA and Mike ‘The Nanny’ Bloomberg speak as though the NRA is the only 2nd Amendment Advocacy Organization. There’s Gun Owners of America (whom the Department of Justice has now placed on a TERRORIST LIST, if you can believe that. See ) National Shooting Sports Foundation, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, etc. There are MANY scores of millions of gun owners, and there are MANY 2nd Amendment Advocacy Organizations, not just one (which is regularly demonized).

  37. This is complete bull crap. I have a 3 1/2 year old and I never had to “baby proof” my house. Being the active and involved parent that I am we have taught my daughter what she can and can’t touch and she understands. I have scissors, knives, open outlets, tools, all kinds of stuff laying around my house and she doesn’t get into any of it. Why? Because I took the time to be a good parent. My daughter already knows how to identify a firearm and tell an adult when she sees one. She does not touch them. Its just all abut good parenting.

  38. In my limited experience, most of these women need/want multiple strenuous applications of a hard (ock. Too bad most of them are too fugly to get that.

  39. I have done considerable study on the efficacy of the Eddie Eagle Program and other behavioral skills training program using instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. My conclusion is that Eddie Eagle is good and it is even better with practice and role playing.

    That said, safety is not their goal.

  40. Ha! Well which is it MDA? This is the same arguments people use about sex ed. Ie it’s not a good argument.

    “After all, you can tell a kid to be careful,” she says. “But you’ll still childproof your home, right?”

    Child-proofing your home does nothing but buy you time. You have to be responsible for your kids.

    Also how the doodle is teaching kids to be safe putting the “onus” on them? Do these people have ANY rational thoughts in their head? Perhaps when it comes to guns the answer really is no. Sad.

  41. What is really atrocious is the lying, the double-talk, the “psalm singing”, the hypocracy of the Anti Gun, Anti Gun Rights Lobby, as typified by Bloomberg et al.

  42. Hey, Mom’s – Hey Hillary, Bloomberg, Obama, & Cuomo – did you see the “Latino Kids Video to Trump Deport Racism” This is my country – you want to tear the bill of rights down – I’m an American – Born in the USA – This Is MY home – YOU CAN’T TAKE MY RIGHTS AWAY! – If you don’t like our constitution and what it stands for – GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY COUNTRY! – THERE’S THE DOOR!!! – SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!! – TAKE THAT ACTION AND SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!!!

    The same tactics you progressives use on one issue are now going to be used against you!

  43. These people are total idiots. While I was living in South Florida (1999-2004), there were at least 3 incidents of some evil ghousl leaving loaded firearms near playgrounds- no doubt with the ghoulish hopes some kid would pick it up and kill him/herself or another/others. Not that long ago, we witnessed a man leaving a loaded gun on purpose at a toy department of a national chain of dry-goods stores. No doubt, all these people are probably vile anti-gunners on the extreme fringe of the movement, seeking more tragedies with which to fuel their agenda. Just like that Arizona school teacher who shot herself some years ago and concocted a story about an ex-student having shot her. Her story fell apart after the weapon was found in her purse. But I digress- teaching kids about gun safety is absolutely essential in the same way that the “Stranger Danger” campaign is taught. A kid may encounter a gun that some criminal has discarded, or some psychotic anti-gunner has deliberately left in an area frequented by kids in order to cause yet another tragedy and inflame public anger against law abiding gun owners.

    One final word: Note how the media and public figures, from the President right down to these Moms Demand Actions shrikes, blame law-abiding, gun owning Americans for the tragedies committed by a MICROSCOPIC PORTION of psychos (when compared to over 135 MILLION law-abiding gun owners), yet when certain individuals, in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, commit frequent crimes against often dozens and sometimes hundreds of persons, including children as we saw in the bombing of the Russian airliner, such as torturing, beheading, setting people on fire, pushing them off buildings, or just shooting them execution style, NOT ONE of these same hypocrites blames the religion, or members of the religion that these cowardly killers belongs to. That’s one HUGE act of hypocrisy- stereotyping and demonizing one group of MILLIONS, while DEFENDING the group from which these prolific numbers of cowardly killers come from. I may not be politically-correct, but I am not wrong in my observation as to this being VERY HYPOCRITICAL. Not yelling- don’t know how to underscore here- so I’m emphasizing by using capitals.

  44. Ian, put down the crack pipe, back away from the keyboards, and mind what is going on in “your” (i.e., the Queen’s Own) country. Above all, stop sending us your fellow brainwashed countrymen who are trying to do now what they failed to do in the late 18th century.

  45. My cousin (female), myself, my brother, my son all learned safe gun handling at 5 – 6 years of age. That is 159 years cumulative gun experience accident and crime free.

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