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Picture used by Moms Demand Action on their Facebook page to use the Dalls shooting as a call to action. (courtesy

“Given our country’s lax gun laws, gun violence can and does happen everywhere. And it has a huge impact on all of us: One in three Americans have been affected. Take action today to make your community safer.” That’s Moms Demand Action for Civilian Disarmament in America’s immediate reaction to a shooting spree in Dallas last night that claimed five lives. Before there’s any indication how or why Charles Brownlow got a hold of a firearm that he used to shoot three relatives and two other people. The [uncensored] comments underneath the post are equally instructive. “We have a culture of guns & violence. This is what some members of that culture will inevitably do,” Monya McCarty writes. “Wasn’t it Khrushchev who said…’the US would destroy it’s self from the inside’ !!” Lydia Logan Davenport adds. And, of course, “I think we need to get rid of guns entirely, with an exception for licensed hunters.” (Elisa von Joeden-Forgey) You can’t fix fixated.

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  1. Well that’s because if a gun was used it MUST be because of our ‘lax laws’, otherwise a gun couldn’t have been used!

    I mean DUH! If there were no guns there could be no gun violence, right?

    (end sarcasm, but yes I have seen the above put forth by some of these crazies. It just emphasises our ‘lax mental health laws’)

    • Right … And the world was so peaceful before the invention of gunpowder.

      No, wait … the other thing. Violent. That’s it.

      • Yeah, the 80,000 or so people who died in _one_ day at the Battle of Cannae must have been real glad there were no guns around. These people are the image of willful ignorance.

        • In fact the Roman army remained the most effective killing machine in history until many years after the invention of gunpowder and firearms.

  2. Meanwhile, the society of strong gun laws the Moms Demand Action seek already exists in the crime free paradise of Chicago, Illinois.

    Or should, anyways.I can bet more then five people in Chicago got shot last night ,and I haven’t even read the news yet.

  3. just ouf of curiousity, who destroyed themselves from the inside? hmmmmm….

    All Shootings Due to “Lax Gun Laws”

    This is the kind of stuff that appeals to low intelligence members.

  4. Of course, and all stabbings are a result of lax knife laws, and all traffic accidents are a result of lax traffic laws, etc…

    • It follows perfectly. God must really love disarmers, huh? Nothing bad ever happens to them. (Which is proof positive nothing bad ever will)… it makes sense, RIGHT?

  5. More than any other group, these guys seem to pull stats directly out of their asses. Where does the 1 in 3 come from? How are 100,000,000 people affected by gun violence? Hey, my favorite guitarist was murdered by a monster with a gun… am I a victim of gun violence?

    The rest of them seem to cherry pick and misrepresent data. These guys seem to just make stuff up.

  6. “One in three Americans have been affected.”

    Getting rather bold with their numbers, again. Judging by their increasingly dramatic statements, next week’s statistic will be that one out of every two people will be shot in the face.

    Also, Quoting Nikita Khrushchev from the Communist Manifesto, quite fitting, but not in the way they mean it to be.

    • It’s like that “infographic” that some anti-gun group put out (maybe MDA; I don’t remember) that said “women are 38% more likely to be shot to death in states with lax gun laws” or something like that… Just a statistic designed to be shocking, with no source cited whatsoever.

      That “gun control playbook” that leaked out a little while ago said “tell the story with emotions; don’t use wonky statistics.” I can see why they made that rule: because they fail miserably at using statistics properly!

      • Well, since the statistics aren’t on their side, I guess quoting ambiguous stats with no proof or citation is the only option.

        “You’re 20x more likely to die while driving to work than from a firearm, so help us pass back ground checks on all gun purchases…”

        “It is statistically more deadly to have a swimming pool in your backyard than ‘assault weapon’ in your home, so help us ban ‘assault weapons’ and high capacity magazines…”

        Not very convincing.

  7. Khrushchev huh? Figures that they would quote a commie. Anyway, the progressive utopia that was the USSR destroyed itself from the inside first.

    • With help from Ronald Reagan, who tricked them into a defense… er, “defense” spending war that bankrupted the Soviet Union.

  8. How have these people not suffocated due to forgetting how to inhale??? I mean seriously quoting Krushchev!?!? Are you fvcking retarded? Krushchev was an idiot. As for the culture of violence and guns, maybe if you’d pull your head from the sand and read something other than propaganda you’d know crime is at its lowest rate in decades and that generally we gunnies aren’t all that violent unless all other options have been precluded.

  9. The issues that these people ( ANTIs) forget about are that:
    Laws only affect those who obey them.
    Criminals, by their very nature don’t and wont obey the law.
    The criminal justice system is what is lax.
    I propose that any one convicted of illegally using a firearm in the committing of a crime be given mandatory a 40 year stretch. If they acquired the firearm illegally add 10 years if during the crime they killed someone do not pass go do not collect $200.00 they get life.

    • How about we start with prosecuting the actual crime instead of the tools used therein. No lesser charge deals, no reduced sentencing, and no insanity pleas. You commit the crime, you do the time.

      • Be careful what you wish for. Places like D.C. will prosecute you for having an illegal firearm for having an empty shell casing and a single 12 gauge round. (true story!)

        Of course, all while the gang member roam the streets unimpeded. But you are the easier ‘bust’.

        This is the same philosophy the ATF had for years, concentrating on gun show stings trying to catch otherwise lawful Americans selling 4 or more firearms and then prosecuting them for selling firearms without a license. It was ‘easier’ for them to pursue those cases then it was to pursue real gun traffickers, and they got more convictions to pump their numbers and justify their existence to those that give out the budget money.

        • He said meaningful prosecuting of real crimes. Murder, rape, assault, theft. Does it matter if you beat someone to death with a hammer or shoot them?

          Just about everything else that is ‘illegal’ isn’t really a crime since they are victim-less violations against The People, not a specific person or their property. They prosecute these nanny laws in places like D.C. but that does not mean they are valid.

    • I’d only amend your suggestion to add that is must have been a violent crime committed with a gun.

      Otherwise, many people would be going to jail for 40 years for “gun crime” that consists of owning a 30 round magazine.

  10. Ignore their numbers and statistics. They want you to attack those, since they can make up new ones and accuse you of lying.

    instead, go for the id and stick the shiv in. if you humiliate them, they’ll shut up.

    • +10. And yeah, humiliation IS the most effective weapon. Unless they can flip things around and successfully accuse you of “bullying”. Which is a favorite tactic of true bullies.

  11. It doesn’t matter how the criminal obtained his weapon. Moms Demand Action will capitalize on the fact that people make quick associations in their heads and never bother to learn the truth. In this case a criminal used a firearm to murder five people. Thus it is easy to “nudge” people into associating the murders with “lax gun laws”. The fact that the murderer may have used dynamite and a tank to break into some super vault somewhere to acquire the murder weapon doesn’t matter.

    I saw this “inaccurate association” dynamic happen with a business. Local newspapers made a big splash about how a business would provide a service to county residents. Specifically, the business would provide a very basic service level everywhere and it would be free. The business would also provide a super-duper service level that cost quite a bit of money. And you had to purchase equipment from the business to enjoy the super-duper service level.

    Any guesses what almost everyone expected? Of course they expected free super-duper service everywhere without having to purchase any equipment. In other words most people keyed into the words “free”, “everywhere”, and “super-duper service level” and linked them together in their heads. Years later, county residents still had the same incorrect expectation.

    We should exploit the same dynamic with a truthful element. Every time one of these events happens, we should immediately shout from the rooftops how violent crime happens everywhere and no one else came to save the victims. If we can make one strong association in people’s minds to our advantage, that would be it. Violent crime happens and no else is going to save you. That alone should be a powerful motivation to get people to start asking questions.

  12. If Hillary becomes the next president then you can count on seeing her and mom Shannon together preaching from the WH podium.

    • Maybe I’m being optimistic here, but…

      I think there’s a fair chance that the Republicans will take the White House in 2016. Think about it: Romney was the absolute WORST candidate who completely bungled his campaign, made numerous remarks that alienated huge voter blocks (the “47%” comment) and he STILL only lost by 3 percentage points. If they pick anyone who is even slightly better, they have a good chance of winning. Especially since some Obama supporters are turning their backs on him over the disastrous ObamaCare rollout as well as the fact that he let the NSA grow into some hulking tentacle monster that is choking the life out of the 4th Amendment.

      Also, even a lot of Democrats think Hillary is a crazy bitch.

        • Well then, I would lose the last few bits of hope that I have for the Republican party (already dangerously low). I think either Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Rand Paul could easily defeat Hillary.

      • It’s going to come down to which party spectacularly fu*ks up most recently before the election. The only thing that seems to “save” a party is the other party doing something stupid. The penultimate candidate wins.

        • How about the Bengahzi blunder, NSA spying leaks, IRS targeting Tea Party groups, Obamacare, a new AWB proposed legislation, etc.?

          Am I missing something or isn’t it obvious the democratic party is no friend to the American people?

  13. These statements and remarks from MDA are what you would expect from them. They should send a few dozen of their members along with their urchins to Rahm Emanuel’s gun controlled Chicago to live for six months, then the survivors can really “tell it like it is”….

  14. Is there a legal way to hold groups like this responsible for spewing lies? Im assuming they file as a non profit and do not pay any taxes. Are you legally allowed to start a non profit and lie about everything you do? Every time i read the stats they spit out they are blatant lies and misinformation.

    • Freedom of speech… I can only see this misinformation being used against them if it was spewed as testimony during a trial by someone sworn in.

  15. If all shootings are due to lax gun laws, then all wars are due to women giving birth to soldiers. Makes perfect sense.

  16. Funny. What Kruschev was referring to in that quote was the erosion of our freedoms from the inside – led by groups of “useful idiots” like Moms Demand Action.

  17. Lydia Logan Davenport adds. And, of course, “I think we need to get rid of guns entirely, with an exception for licensed hunters.”
    Apparently Lydia is only a fringe member. Sounds like her hubby is a hunter.

    • But if BA rifles are the only firearm legal to own, then the criminals will use them as well, then the call will be to get rid of bolt action rifles as well.

      • Hey, now, are you referring to sniper rifles, the deadly weapons of war? Can’t wait until we start seeing posters of Zaitsev and Hayha with their Mosins, and a caption including their kill tallies.

    • Wonder if Lydia Logan Davenport would object to huge tax increases for new prisons to lock up gun owners? And to pay for a huge expansion in social services that will also be needed. After all this, the criminals and gangs will have free reign preying on citizens because they will know they cant own a firearm

  18. The absolute LAST thing in the world that Shannon Demands Action would want is for guns to go away. No guns = no money, and with Shannon, it’s all about the money.

  19. The way to respond to these shootings by the gun right supporters is to cry out in unison for more guns, more guns in the hands of citizens in more places. Meanwhile:

    “It is so sad that some of us here today want so badly to ensure that people will continue to be shot and killed … that is the only reason I can think of why they would consider taking away people’s only way to defend themselves against an armed offender.

    It is tragic that some would say that the way to prevent deaths is to leave people defenseless and simultaneously hope and commiserate that people won’t be animals, won’t be predators and won’t “go crazy” and shoot up public places and I feel really sad for those people’s children and elderly who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and no one to defend them. I would certainly never let that happen to my family: they are just too precious to leave their defense to chance! I certainly think having my family injured or killed would be a terrible thing to suffer, especially knowing it was my own irrational fear of a gun that prevented by ability to defend them! I’d never be able to handle the guilt.

    If it’s really true that mass shootings are on the rise then clearly it is time to dispense with hoping and commisterating and move on to the defending. Does the antelope offer to have his horns removed then move about at the back of the herd and “hope” that the lion won’t be hungry today? Of course not. and Neither should we.

  20. So all shootings ever have been because of lax laws? Not mental inability, emotion, drug addiction, being a criminal, etc? And were back to the one more law thing, a criminal is a criminal because he breaks the law. Since the criminal clearly doesn’t care, a law will not do a thing to stop him. Its like telling a fat guy to not eat or he’ll get fat, what the hells it matter, he’s already fat, saying no wont help.

  21. OMG! Don’t those who commit crimes with guns know that it’s illegal to shoot innocent people? More laws making something illegal . . . that’s what we need!

  22. I had to post this, I got the witch Watts pretty p-ssed off. Actually replied to me all in caps. Evidently Shannon has a pretty wicked temper.

  23. Libtards, sick and evil. In honor of Halloween (both the movie and the holiday), didn’t the killer in that movie NOT use a gun.

  24. Everyone knows if the gun laws were even more strict,the gun toting criminals would abide by them,smh.I wonder if these dumb women were dropped on their head alot when they were a baby


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