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Colorado gun owner with high cap mag. And no that's not a euphemism (courtesy

“Robert —

What’s happening in Colorado right now is infuriating.

After the tragedies in Newtown and Aurora, Colorado legislators passed landmark gun safety legislation, including background checks and magazine size limits.

Two of the leaders of that effort – State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron – are now the targets of the first ever recall elections in Colorado. The NRA was unwilling to wait even until the next election to try to remove these two brave legislators from office as punishment for supporting commonsense gun reform legislation . . .

Even though you’re not in Colorado, what’s happening there will have an effect on your family’s safety.

If the NRA succeeds in these Colorado recall elections, it will have a chilling effect on legislators all across the country who may be willing to stand up for gun sense.

Moms Demand Action members in Colorado are standing up for these leaders, letting them and all legislators know that Moms stand with the people who stand for the safety of our families.

You can do two things today to help:

1. Make 10 phone calls from your own phone to Colorado voters, reminding them to vote in the recall election next Tuesday. Click here get started!

2. Forward this message to anyone you know who might have 15 minutes to make calls and an interest in making a difference for gun sense in America.

Thank you for all you do.


Aimee Tavares
National Field Director, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America

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  1. To all lovers of individual freedom and our Constitution,

    What’s happening in Colorado right now is infuriating.

    After the tragedies in Newtown and Aurora, Colorado legislators passed landmark gun safety control legislation, including background checks and magazine size limits that won’t do a damn thing to stop another tragedy.

    Two of the leaders of that effort – State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron – are now the targets of the first ever recall elections in Colorado. The NRA people of Colorado were rightfully unwilling to wait even until the next election to try to remove these two brave statist, totalitarian legislators traitors to the US Constitution from office as punishment for supporting commonsense gun reform civilian disarmament legislation . . .

    Even though you’re not in Colorado, what’s happening there will have an effect on your family’s safety.

    If the NRA MDA and MAIG succeeds in repelling these Colorado recall elections, it will have a chilling effect on legislators all across the country who may be willing emboldened to stand up for gun sense continue their civilian disarmament agenda and further reducing the ability for you to protect your family.

    Moms Demand Action members in Colorado are standing up for these leaders stomping their feet, writing letters and e-mails, letting all legislators know that Moms they really don’t have the numbers to stand with oppose the people who stand for the safety of our families.

    You can do two things today to help:

    1. Make 10 phone calls from your own phone to Colorado voters, reminding them to vote in the recall election next Tuesday.

    2. Forward this message to anyone you know who might have 15 minutes to make calls and an interest in making a difference for gun sense by helping to protect the US Constitution in America.

    Thank you for all you do.


    The TTAG Community

    • Incidentally, you can sign up on the MDA website (link in #1 in RF’s post) with a fake e-mail address (no validation required) and have access to the phone numbers of these “swing voters.” Call them with your own script 😉 …at which point they’ll probably be taken off of MDA’s list as well…

      • Please stop calling it MDA. They do not deserve that name. MDA is the Muscular Dystrophy Association, not Moms Destroying America.

        Also, just to clear the air, this isn’t me attacking you or anyone personally. I just wish we would all stop referring to them by an acronym that represents a group who actually cares about their members.

        • That actually occurred to me as I typed it. However, in the context of TTAG and certainly this specific article, it means Moms Demand Action. I don’t feel like typing it out every time. When I was working at a consumer company, NRA meant National Restaurant Association. I didn’t have to explain that in the context of my work. Here it would mean National Rifle Association and NOBODY is confused. You weren’t confused as to whom I was referring, and nobody else here was either. So… sorry, but I’m sticking with MDA on this particular post to save key strokes. No confusion is happening and CERTAINLY no slight is meant for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

      • Yes, it was sent out. For all the good it will do. That’s the second time you’ve responded to me a bit… abruptly. Do you have a problem you’d like to get directly off your chest? If I’m misinterpreting here, disregard.

        • “Do you have a problem you’d like to get directly off your chest?”
          Well, kinda, yeah, but not with you personally. I don’t want to be a sniveler about a mess I’m in that’s the result of a series of decisions I made. I’m broke, I’m stuck in Taxifornia, where they’ve just recently sent a whole pile of new grabber crap to committee, blah, blah, blah. I apologize for being impatient with you and snapping. I just get this feeling that we’re all sitting here preaching to the choir; it’s kinda frustrating. And I feel all self-righteous because the other day I sat and composed a fax to my Cong. Rep, Linda Sanchez, D CA dist. 38, about the Syria insanity:

          “Do NOT under any circumstances, allow the Lunatic-in-chief to get America bogged down in yet another unwinnable, immoral, unconstitutional war or “police action” or whatever he wants to call it; We MUST stop wasting American lives and treasure intervening in other countries’ civil wars. It would serve ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE, and would FURTHER UNDERMINE America’s credibility around the world.”

          On a third front, I’m trying to carry the message that women are not chattel property, and the Constitution protects the rights of people that you can actually see.

          But, like you, I don’t expect it to do much good. Sigh.

          You know, I actually feel a little better just venting. Thanks!

      • I understand your frustration Rich, but I think more people than not on this board are a bit more active in being politically and socially vocal by bringing our side of the debate to the table (in a mostly constructive way when we think it will help). I have donated money when I can to pro-gun causes and I have become more active in calling my senators and congress critters on a wide range of issues (but especially 2A & 4A issues). I have missed out on many a family functions back in NY due to not wanting to be a soft target again (both times the criminals have had the upper hand on me, I was in NYC… unarmed). I am not one of those “vote with your feet” people for two reasons. 1) I know the complexities of such issues and 2) we need people to continue the fight in slave states. I know a lot of people believe Cali is a lost cause and they may be right in near future terms, but I still have some shred of optimism, especially with the additive manufacturing technology on the horizon, that many current slave states could see liberty again. Keep up the fight buddy.

    • I am a Colorado resident and I hope the recall is successful. Find a worthy cause to support. Disarming law abiding citizens is against the constitution and inherently more dangerous than any other option!
      Have a great day!

  2. Robert, what’s happening @ Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America is infuriating.
    Aimee has a lot of brass “demanding” that you help further her senseless agenda, be sure to let us know how that works out for her.

  3. I ended up calling 10 people and letting them know the truth. Wonder how many gun owners will be doing the same now that this bad idea is out in the open?

  4. The DailyKos editorial staff is pretty worked up, too. By turns, I find this amusing (the panic) and depressing (portraying this as a right-wing-nutjob issue)…

    Subject: Neck-and-neck: Colorado Democrats need our help against the NRA

    Bad news, [AlphaGeek]. With only six days until two Colorado Democrats face recall elections for daring to help pass new gun safety laws, the NRA just dropped another $250,000 to kick those Democrats out of office.

    Both Democrats are locked in races that are too close to call. We need all hands on deck to help get out the vote and beat back the rush of right-wing fear mongering.

    Can you make calls to Colorado voters to help get out the vote for Colorado Democrats?

    Yes! I can make calls to help get out the vote!

    Sorry, I can’t make calls, but I can chip in $3 to help others get out the vote.

    You’ll need to register an account to start making calls from home. It’s quick and easy and it’ll give you all the phone numbers and scripts you’ll need to get started.

    These calls are important. The NRA and the Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity have been hammering Democrats Angela Giron and John Morse for weeks, but Giron and Morse are still neck-and-neck. These races will come down to turnout and we need everyone making calls to make sure voters have the information they need to get to the polls.

    • I’m on the National Do Not Call List. If I get more than one call from these droids it’s going to cost MAD $2,500 a pop after that.

      Living well is the best revenge.

  5. I suggest we stop framing our arguments as an effort to retain our rights. We need to go for the throat against all of our enemies of lousy character, rather than clinging to the shreds they’ve left us.

    In short, we need to actually act instead of just grumbling, to go on the offensive and yes, to employ emotional appeal.

    “Ms. Feinstein, why do you feel only you deserve to carry a gun?”

    “Mr. Clinton, do you support gun control because as an accused rapist you wish to protect other rapists?”

    I’d also suggest that we focus on the courtroom, on the jury.

    With their oft-restated and court-maintained lack of any duty to protect any individual, the State has abrogated the contract under which we the citizenry owe it any fealty, per Locke and Jefferson.

    Every defense attorney in every case of DGU with an illegal firearm (or possession of same for defensive purpose by otherwise non-criminals) needs to make this point: the citizenry is under no obligation to cede their defense to a state which denies any obligation to defend individual citizens.

    We need to so educate attorneys. Put the law on the stand, and it’ll choke.

    In every case in which 911 failed to work as advertised — even those in which the police literally never showed — the courts have held the State blameless and responsible only for general protection of the populace.

    Jury nullification of a law works, and will continue to work unless “they” eliminate juries.

    We need to go for the throat, with respect shown only to our opponents who do not carry or have armed guards.

    We need to nail the hypocrites to the wall at every opportunity, but only for their hypocrisy. Their stupidity and ignorance must be addressed by logic and fact, but we must play the H¡tler card and launch emotional attacks against double standards and those who embrace them.

    We can no longer afford to cling to decorum. The gloves must come off, else the nice guys will be finished.

    • “… the citizenry is under no obligation to cede their defense to a state which denies any obligation to defend individual citizens.”

      That is an excellent, let me say that again, excellent point. The very core purpose of government is to help the individual secure their right to life, liberty, and property. A government that criminalizes a citizen for attempting to secure those rights has by definition become hostile to the citizen and has no place in our lives.

    • “Jury nullification of a law works, and will continue to work unless “they” eliminate juries.”

      This is another outstanding point that I have brought up. The main problem: a judge recently refused to allow a defense attorney to mention the principle of jury nullification. Look that up and you will want to vomit.

      It will be up to all of us to educate the masses on jury nullification — to educate the masses that our criminal justice system is supposed to serve justice rather than convict people of breaking laws.

      Most people don’t realize it but the 2nd Amendment and juries of our peers are the last stopgap measures to stop tyranny.

      • A judge prevented an attorney from explaining a law?


        The only grounds I can conceive by which the judge could justify doing such a thing would to prevent irrelevant expostulation on, say, tax law when the trial concerns something totally unrelated to taxes — cyber-bullying, f’rinstance.

        Jury nullification is by definition relevant to all legal jurisprudence involving jurors.


        • Not just a Judge, this has become rather common place according to a few members of the Bar I’m acquainted with. It has been going on for over 200 years, and The Supremes ruled there was no requirement to inform jurors about the option of nullification in the late 1800s. There was another Supremes ruling in the late 60s if memory serves.

          Many of the questions in voir dire are specifically designed to eliminate those potential jurists who may nullify.

          Unless (and sometimes even if) your counsel has a 5-figure retainer and bills north of $500 per hour, many Judges are only concerned with The Law up to a certain point. It takes a whole lot to unseat a Judge, and they are fully aware of that. Not to mention if you may actually want something from them in future.

          We do have one of the best legal systems on the planet, but much like the rest of civilization, it’s a very thin veneer.

        • While there might be no requirement that jurors be told of that right, I’d always presumed that counsel had the right to mention it.

          Must go to airwaves. Must go to airwaves. Must go to airwaves.

    • +1 >> The gun-grabbers have no skin in the game. When they lose they just shrug it off and start again. We need to take our pound of flesh.

      Thank you Russ for helping outline just how to do that… IMHO, you just nailed the 10 Ring with this one…

  6. I know it’s not a caption contest but “Santa’s new solution for all the kids who were naughty instead of nice!”

  7. post a list of names of those Mom’s Demanding Action. I’ll call 10 personally and offer them some action. I know some ladies who can call and offer some action too. I bet by the end of the week there will not be many mom’s so desperately demanding action.

  8. Why do these idiots keep perpetuating this fallacy that the NRA is “buying” politicians” (The Manchin Toomey vote) and leading the charge to have these senators recalled?

    If I recall correctly, when I looked up NRA donations to campaign funds, one of the largest contributions they made to a single person was something like $35,000, but they was over a period of 7 years or something. Do people really believe that a senator would “sell” their vote for such a paltry sum?

    How come it’s bad when the NRA donated money, but when Bloomberg donates MILLIONS, it perfectly OK?

    If it was all about money, Bloomy would have settle the matter to his satisfaction years ago.

    Clearly, this is about the resolve of Americans that value their rights, as well as the rights of others though…money has a hard time putting a dent in that kind of fortitude.

    • Why do these idiots keep perpetuating this fallacy that the NRA is “buying” politicians” (The Manchin Toomey vote) and leading the charge to have these senators recalled? Because they’re idiots who never let the facts get in the way of a good argument. Also, it’s about the $$$$$. Aimee needs her Caribbean vacay, you know.

    • It’s simple. It’s worked for the last eighty years. (and that’s even before the NRA took a serious interest in politics)

      (For the curious, the first article that I’ve been able to find blaming the NRA for defeating legislation was in the June 16th issue of the Literary Digest in an article titled Club-Women Mapping War on Gangsters. In the article, an assistant Attorney General made the claim that the NRA was more powerful than the department of Justice, leading to a national woman’s club association to adopt the stance that since it had double the NRA’s membership, it should be able to “lick” congress into making pistols and revolvers subject to the NFA. )

      (of course, if you know of an earlier example of this form of article I’d love to know. Finding the Ur example of news stories involving various policy issues is something I’m interested in, considering that most American political reporting seems to be taking stories from previous years, decades and centuries, changing a few words, and publishing them again.)

    • Do people really believe that a senator would “sell” their vote for such a paltry sum?

      Well, I do. $35K here, $35K there and pretty soon your talking real money.

      “We have the best Congress money can buy.”
      Will Rogers

      • $35K? That’ll get you some access to your new lap dog. Especially if they think you have some voters behind you.

  9. My initial thought was, “How can we get contact numbers to call?” Then I remembered the 2004 Presidential election.

    An English newspaper provided its readership with the addresses of Ohio swing-voters so the English could write and encourage them to vote for Kerry. The result was that the Ohio voters contacted were so incensed when foreigners tried to tell them how to vote, that most were encouraged to vote for Bush.

    Hopefully these Colorado voters will have the same reaction when out-of-state ‘Moms’ call to tell them how to vote in their own state senator races.

  10. /cheap shot

    “What’s happening in Colorado right now is infuriating.”

    Are you sure it’s not that time of the month Aunt Flo comes to visit?

    /end cheap shot

  11. This whole campaign has “rules for radicals” all over it. Look how NRA is propped up as the bogeyman that everyone needs to strive against. Regardless of the NRA’s involvement. I anxiously await these recall elections, even though they have no direct impact on me.

  12. Sweet…just call up people in Colorado and pretend your from MDA or as I call them Mom’s Need Regular Hot Action Because They Are Bored At Home And Their Husbands Are Emasculated and act like a crazy demanding nut job witch. Nothing causes dissociation with a group faster than when someone thinks they are completely nuts.

  13. I’m going to be pretty damn psyched if the good guys win these recall elections. I’ll be traveling from my slave state to a free state in order to interview for a new job on the 10th. I’ll be watching the news out of CO carefully. What delicious schadenfreude I will have on totalitarian website reading of our glorious victory. Whoops, hope I didn’t jinx it.

  14. “If the NRA succeeds in these Colorado recall elections, it will have a chilling effect on legislators all across the country who may be willing to stand up for gun sense.”

    Gun sense? Wouldn’t gun sense be required by definition to be sensible? So… solutions that would only burden lawful gun owners and which wouldn’t have prevented ANY of the recent mass shootings are sensible then? I believe the word you are looking for is “nonsense.” F*CK OFF AND DIE Aimee Tavares. The world would be better served if the “action” you were demanding involved an AIDS injection. Stop advocating for the reduction of my civil rights you bigoted bitch.

  15. First of all it is NOT Senator Angela Giron, it is Representative Angela Giron.

    Second of all the NRA did not start nor drive the recall process. It was infuriated constituents in the districts of Senator Morse and Representative Giron that started and drove the recall process.

  16. This re-enforces the point I try to make about gun control issues in California. These issues are not just about the state you live in. MAIG is not headquarted in Colorado but there they are, trying to influence the outcome of a local state recall.

    If the POTG don’t get out of this my state is all that matters mindset then we will be The People That Used To Have Guns.

  17. (The following is sarcastic parody. I am saying this plainly because someone is sure to fail to get the point.)

    To all TTAG Readers, and especially those who are testicularly challenged:

    Momma is angry. Momma watched Good Morning America just a few months ago when our media friends announced to the world that Colorado was changing away from its self-centered, gun-loving ways in the direction of America’s families. That news made Momma happy. Momma likes being happy. Momma likes it when people give her news she likes. Momma doesn’t like it when people give her news she doesn’t like. That makes Momma angry. You do not want to see Momma angry.

    Momma loves families. They give Momma purpose. Momma loves purpose. Especially purpose that comes in the shape of little people. Children, and little things for them, make Momma happy. Momma loves the smell and feel of children. Anyone’s children. Momma’s purpose is to care for children. Momma LOVES children. Daddy is good, too, because Daddy helps Momma make children and Daddy gets paid so Momma can get paid. Momma likes to get paid.

    Now Momma learns that people – evil people – are trying to make Momma unhappy. They are trying to punish the good people in Colorado that made Momma happy just a few months ago. Momma likes to be happy. Momma likes to be happy about her children. Momma likes to be happy about anyone’s children. All children are important to Momma.

    Bad, selfish people in Colorado are trying to knock Momma from her happy place, where only good, safe thoughts live. Momma doesn’t like to be pushed around by bad, selfish people. That makes Momma angry. Bad people are harshing Momma’s mellow place. They must be stopped. For Momma. For the children.

    Remember, Colorado, if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

    • Momma wishes agonizing, flaming death would visit the bad people who want momma to be unhappy. Die, miserable bad people, die! A long, lingering death. Like from an incurable disease. Yes, that’s it! Think of the children as you die, bad people. Psycho Momma is happy now, she has blood. And please chip in $3 to help make momma even happier…

  18. People outside of Colorado need to send money, (I already have) or do anything that can help. While California needs to be amputated, this state can still be saved.

      • Yeah, let’s just give California and Texas and New Mexico and Colorado and Arizona back to Mexico. All we really need to be free POTG is the originol 13 colonies.

        • I think I’ll stick to Kansas.

          Once the drought ends and y’all can again properly feed yer metal friends, someone’ll still need to be growin’ food fer you.

          Y’all cain’t eat bull-its. That’s the bad guy’s job.

      • The erosion of our rights will not be limited to California and other left leaning states. Totalitarianism spreads slowly through countries. It won’t be obvious. If we write off our brothers and sisters in CA, CO, MA, NJ, NY, etc…we will be next. Some of the most enthusiastic and hard core 2a supporters are the ones that live in states where their rights are being eviscerated. Next it will be AZ, then Florida until the whole country is limited to 7rds and fvcking bullet buttons.

  19. I’m not sure which is funnier, the letter, the absurd magazine in the photo, or the girl leaning over to photobomb it.

  20. The NRA cannot initiate a recall vote. Only pissed off constituents with enough name son a ballot can initiate a recall vote. Oh and is that a Chauchat mag in the AK47 in the picture? Just buy a drum mag, mmmkay!

  21. Hey, RF — did you know that Aimee Tavares (she who authored the letter) is a RI girl? Graduated from URI in ’94. Since then, aside from flacking for some not for profits, she’s been involved with PR companies backing every lunatic fringe, left wing wacko cause ever invented, including the Democrat party. In other words, she’s a professional liar. And probably well paid, too.

    • I think it’s when they become autonomous and start seeing, smelling and hearing stuff. I’m totally against that for my gun’s sake. I often carry IWB at 4 o’clock and my pistols may get a whiff of something nasty…especially after some Chipotle.

  22. Anyone else notice the photoshop job in the pic? (from the huffpo website, surprise, surprise) It was almost convincing…

  23. A few choice words for probably a mere few dozen women………………………Up yur Poop…..

  24. Lol, don’t get mad, sign up and use their system to call voters and give them the message WE want them to hear.


  25. Typical liberal tactic. They can’t stand the fact that the people of Colorado are going to punish these anti Constitutionalists and try to focus their simple minded followers on an easy target.

  26. I think someone should just give these moms some action so they’ll STFU and go make their husbands a damn sammich. I’d volunteer to take one for the team, but my woman demands more action than I have time or energy for as is.

  27. Yes the smell of Saul Alinksky’s “Rules for Radicals” is all over it. I have a little respect for a man who dedicates his book to Lucifer. Don’t believe me? Look it up in Google Books.

    As for Mom’s Demand Action, they are taking Goebbels technique of repeating the “Big Lie” a step further; they are repeating false presuppositions.

    Presuppositions are powerful.

    What are they doing?

    They are saying that self defense activists (gun rights activists) care more about guns than the safety of our children.

    They are presupposing that guns and safety are mutually exclusive and can not exist independently of each other.

    Utter B.S.

    If anything, based on the Harvard studies

    and on John Lott’s studies, there’s a negative correlation between firearms ownership and violent crime (More guns = less crime). My own research running a simple correlation using UN data on homicide and civilian gun ownerships
    shows a spurious correlation (albeit slightly negative in our favor) which means, gun control or lack thereof does not do anything to increase or decrease crime.

    Finally, they are looking for a bogeyman, the NRA.

    They are now looking for a common enemy and to be the pointed source of frustration for civilian disarmamentarianists.

    They know that the NRA is very powerful and they figure if they topple them down, their ultimate goal of disarming the law-abiding populace will be a lot more feasible.

    Look at what happens with strict gun control in countries like Mexico.

    Gun control are a criminals best friends.

    Don’t ask me … ask the Zetas

    And watch what happens when Mormons in Mexico decide screw the civilian disarmament laws and decide to arm themselves against the cartels.
    (Watch between from minute 24 to 25 to see what I mean – the whole documentary is fantastic though).

    What most people don’t know is how dangerous the Zetas are, and their growing influence in the US and local latino street gangs.

    That’s right! Coming soon to a neighborhood near you … Zeta controlled gangs.

    Maybe these Mom’s Demand Action “moms” need to realize gun rights and safety are not mutually exclusive, but rather one and the same.

    Heck, you could say Mom’s Demand Action’s are the Zeta’s best friend.

    I sense an Ann Coulter-esque headline coming on …

    “The Zeta’s love Mom’s Demand Action”


    “Mom’s Demand Action loves some Zetas”

    What say you?


  28. Not much of an AK fan, but

    Seriously, is that mag real? Saw it and gave me a good laugh. Made me think of the Chauchat French WWI machine gun.

  29. Hi! My name is Ben and I’m from Washington State! I’m calling to tell you how you have to vote.

    Here how it is: You’re too stupid to figure out how to vote. So we here at Mom’s Demand Action are telling you. You need to stand up for your career politicians and keep them in office. You need them in there doing what they want to do.

    You don’t have the right to recall them at all – they know better and we know better.

    Thanks for your time.

  30. I made my calls, I was calling on behalf of moms against dicks, and not a single person caught that part. Think the voters of co are getting a little pissed with all the calls, I got more than one earful.

  31. if the politicians in CO that voted for this new gun control actually get voted out, that would be a huge success. that would show that America still loves the constitution.

  32. What in the world is “gun sense” they want legislators to stand up for? Do guns have feelings too? Separation anxiety? Or maybe it’s something people have when they know they need to get in some range time. Then again, it vaguely resembles spidey sense, so maybe gun haters get all tingly if someone is carrying concealed in Starbucks. Which could possibly also be “gundar.” Get it, “gundar?” Most likely they mean a form of thought police commie dictator’s decree of right thinking.

    If they ever get all the guns, the second thing these people will do is beat the English language bloody, tie it to a post, and shoot it.

  33. HAHAHAHA!!!! I really did LOL at the “thanks for all you do” part. Kind of like Nugent sending a thank you letter to Bloomberg, no?

  34. In other words, we love democracy when it gets our agenda passed, but as soon as, democracy is used against us, whaa whaaa whaaa.

  35. Makes you wonder how much money her followers will send in to help,and how much of it will pay her salary,due to her being a non-profit.The only reason is the money,and to take away freedom.Be prepared and readyKeep your powder dry.

  36. Common sense,common sense,common sense,The Liberal battle cry,common sense,ILLEGAL ,against the Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment and The Constitution,but common sense ,Ya to Stupid Idiots who Know NOTHING about gun crime,criminals with guns,( as in Colorado and Connecticut) or Guns in general but are willing to step on everyone’s RIGHTS because they are Complete CLUELESS STUPID FOOLS.
    These so called MOMS have no plan for self defense and they don’t want you to have one either.So let them become victims of crime with no recourse cause that’s what they want.Let’s overturn these worthless Bast…s and shut these numbskulls up forever.Let’s send a message to politicians everywhere that WE THE PEOPLE don’t report to you…YOU YAHOOS REPORT TO US! LET’S GET THAT STRAIGHT!
    The People are’t regulated by some New York JACKASS who want’s to bypass FEDERAL LAW and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF AMERICANS TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS cause he is completely screwed up on how and why gun crimes are committed.BLAME your neighboring state for your gun crime problems when you enhance Murders by disarming your citizens and reinforcing criminals with guns to be brazen ,why shouldn’t they ,what do they have to fear,no one but them is armed and the police are a joke. “What’s the names of these bodies who got killed twenty minutes before we got here ma’am?” It should be called;Mom’s Demand an Education!

  37. Like Ariel Castro, when someone makes their own rope doing something evil or hurtful to others, don’t be surprised when they are hung by it.

  38. Moms Demand Action at it again? Wait, that link doesn’t go to my F•ckbook account… different moms demanding different action, I don’t like this one bit.

  39. I’m calling with a little script of my own

    Hello, I’m proconsul calling on behalf of Moms Demand Action.

    We need you to vote in the upcoming recall election. This last year, we were able to exploit the events at Newtown to implement the beginnings of a new wave of legislation that can eventually bring about a totally gun free America. With financial support from Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady organization, we can eliminate the scourge of firearms in every community in America. Now, the NRA is trying to prevent us from our objectives by attempting to recall the heroes of our dream, John Morse and Angela Giron.

    A recall of these brave politicians would be disastrous to our cause in the coming year. Without them, we cannot start to eliminate grandfathered semi-automatic rifles and pistols. We will not be able to implement a registration initiative like the one that has proven a resounding success in eliminating gun violence in New York City, Chicago and Washington DC. If they stop our momentum now, it will set our goal of confiscating all firearms back by years, maybe decades.

    Will you do your civic duty on Tuesday and help us defeat this recall effort? Together, we can make our country gun-free, and join the ranks of the civilized world like Europe, Russia and China.

  40. What you mean to say is that in the wake of Newtown these two made a push to take your civil rights away by spreading lies that gun control works and dancing in the blood of children. By passing laws the people of the state did not want they now face recall. I hope they are both out of work soon.

  41. What you mean to say is they used Newtown to take away your civil rights against the wishes of most of the people of CO. Now they face recall as they should for using the deaths of children to strip folks of their basic rights. I hope they are out of work soon but all that money Bloomberg is pumping into CO may make it part of NY at this rate. . . Good luck getting rid of them!

  42. I hope they recall every darn one of them! Talk about common sense. Maybe this woman and her followers should read the statistics in countries who have disarmed their citizens…crime is thru the roof. Talk to anyone in London and other countries where little by little their rights were taken away from them. I am a Mom but I took my blinders off a long time ago. Why are these legislators not going after the criminals to punish instead of law abiding citizens. I have seen no effort to make it so horribly painful for the criminal if she/he commits a crime with a gun?? Maybe I missed it, has anyone seen a law to this effect? Talk about common sense. Lord save me from these people!

  43. This piece is patronizing to any American. Our 2nd Amendment rights must be defended at all cost. Fight to get these two traitorous congressmen out. They do not deserve to stay serving this country if they will not defend the 2nd Amendment and We The People…

  44. the 10 calls things…. uh i dont think reps. and the like are able to be swayed by people that they dont cover in their state/region. why would they listen to me in iowa about the way they do business in colorado, i cant vote for them, so they wont cater to me. but i will call anyway to tell them to repeal “common sense” gun restrictions.

  45. Some moms have sense….we will stand in front of our children locked and loaded…..and keep them safe…we will NOT vote our ability to defend our children away…

    • And I would do the same if I had children. How pathetic it would be if I didn’t have a firearm to defend my family with? And a hi-cap one at that. (since there is NO harm for law-abiding citizens to own them)

  46. I truly hope that MDA, and all the other Liberals in favor of “Common Sense Gun Law Reform” would come to understand that these things are far from “Common Sense”. Let’s examine Chicago, a city that has a city-wide ban on firearms, yet the firearm violence rate is astronomical, people being shot and or killed in droves. Take a look at Detroit, the same is also true there. Now let’s look at the world; numerous studies have been released that show the correlations between firearm ownership per capita and firearm violence per capita, and to no surprise, the countries with the strictest laws on firearms are higher on the list than the USA.

    Where “Common sense” fails is in the fact that we people have gone from “common sense”, the logical process of thought and understanding based upon universal truth and knowledge, to “emotional activism”. If you have ever studied psychology you will know that the human brain, while an incredible machine, is limited in its ability to process, especially when it comes to processing logical data into rational thought while emotions are running high. When we allow our emotions to take the wheel we physically lose the ability to process rationality and logically. This is why therapists and counselors tend to preach the idea of not making major decisions while angry or emotionally charged.

    So, while I understand that MDA and many liberals are tired of the violence, fearful for their own safety and the safety of the loved ones, we must force ourselves to look at this from a rational, realistic, and logical approach. Violence happens, firearms are a means by which people can cause violence, but prior to their creation wars were wages, murderers killed people, and innocent lives were destroyed by the wills of those who do not value human life.

    The only possible way to actually end violence, especially firearm violence is through education, not legislation. When someone gains accurate knowledge of a firearm they become more responsible with them. I personally grew up around firearms, my father taught me to a have respect for what a firearm is capable of doing in the hands of someone who is irresponsible. But more so, my parents raised me with the understanding that all human life is sacred, birthed into the world or still within the womb (and I will stop there before I write a dissertation on my states regarding abortion) and should be given the opportunity to seek their God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit, not the promise, of happiness.

    My hope for anyone in MDA is this, they you take a second to check your emotions at the door, educate yourself of the truth about firearms and firearm violence as well as the purpose and development of the Second Amendment (don’t listen to any professors, politicians, or self-proclaimed experts, go get the original documents, the letters, journals, and historical documents regarding that time period and prior to it that lead to the creation of the Second Amendment. Teach your children to respect others, this wound include gun owners, and respect is shown in attitude and behavior, mockery, while flattery, is not respect. While I appreciate your desire to safeguard your children and the other youth in this country, legislation will not do any good in stopping criminals, who live outside of the law, from doing as they please.

  47. The truth about Fat Linda’s demanding action against something they know nothing about other then what they are told to say. I don’t have anything more nice to say so I’m going to leave.

  48. I most certainly hope this recall goes through. You’re talking about “gun sense” in America? Please…tell me the true reason why the right to bear arms exists. As a defender of the Constitution of the United States…I strongly support the right of every citizen in the United States [obviously not having a felony and mentally fit to own one] able to own firearms…to do so. Anyone who truly understands the reasons for our right to bear arms existing…does in fact own a firearm. Please educate yourselves. What is the point of living in a country with so many freedoms if you do not understand them, or make use of them? What the hell is the point in using the internet to spread your ignorance…when in fact you have the WORLDS KNOWLEDGE at your fingertips. With that in mind…you shouldn’t be ignorant on ANY SUBJECT. We live in a time where knowledge is the most accessible to us…and yet it seems like ignorance is present more often than not. So for the last time I’m going to say…educate yourselves. You will be the downfall of this mighty country. Not the gun owners.

  49. How about getting informed on the inanimate objects you’re terribly afraid of? Strange .. nearly every mass shooting takes place in a “gun free” area. Considering there’s absolutely no way you can ever hope .. despite any impossibly idealistic fairytale you create in your imaginations .. to stop people from doing bad things by simply creating more laws saying they’re not allowed to be done.

    I promise you, if your wildest dreams came true and all guns were banned .. you’d see an explosion of gun crimes in the affected areas. You’re already seeing it in the areas where there are more harsh bans. In Chicago, Detroit and New York, you’re seeing your authoritarian left wing dreams realized. Just take a deep breath .. open your eyes .. and admore the wastelands of Chicago and Detroit .. once great cities! Well, until people who think more .. and more .. and more .. control is the answer.

    We could also take a look at something a bit simpler .. so you can understand. Take a look at the US Postal Service. See how they’re cutting back numerous services and likely disappearing in the coming years? Yeah, that’s because they’re inefficient, slow, and unreliable … andddd … federal. UPS .. Fedex? They’re doing okay though!

    You are the loud, obnoxious, intolerant, hateful minority. I promise .. until you folks end this complete insanity .. pushing “causes” that actually HURT the safety of Americans? Until you realize more control = less freedom? Well .. America will continue to go down the toilet bowl.

    You’re no better than the loud, obnoxious republicans. You’re the same .. considering your ideas are completely bogus and your pathetically uninformed drones are continuing to divide this nation more and more. You’re no better than them .. but you think you are. Despite your cries for equality, you don’t believe in actual equality. It’s your way or the highway .. because you’re “educated” and “know best.”

    Please, if you’re a fan of authoritarianism, go to one of the many third world countries which are where we’re headed.

    • It’s liberal logic to think that creating a gun-free zone means guns won’t be brought there. Maybe we should all pass a law in the US called the crime-free zone, or poverty-free zone. How about the economic-recovery zone?

      • Telling them the truth is like teaching a brick to think. It’s just abstract thoughts bouncing off concrete heads.

  50. This argument seems to go in a circle.

    Gun-Rights folks claim that there is no point in tightening gun laws because they are ineffective and will only be a detriment to the safety of law abiding citizens as criminals don’t follow them anyway.

    Then the “Common Sense” folks retort claiming that “Well, we have to do SOMETHING.”

    Then again, Gun-Rights folks repeat- The “Somethings” that people assert are ineffective and more laws only hurt law abiding citizens.

    Then the Common Sense folks- “Well we have to do SOMETHING.”

    “Those ideas won’t help.”

    “We can’t just do nothing.”

    “There’s nothing we can do that will work.”

    “Well we have to do SOMETHING.”

    “Making gun law has no effect on people who don’t follow it. It’s simply not possible to get rid of guns.”

    “Well we have to do SOMETHING. Let’s make mandatory background checks, ban certain weapons, and reduce magazine sizes. ”

    “Those laws will have no effect on criminals. That only hurts those that abide by the laws.”

    “Well we have to do SOMETHING.”

    I understand the thought process of the common sense folks- In their view, the reason for not establishing background checks simply because they will only effect the law abiding citizen is not a good reason at all. I might empathise with them when they see people say “Well, it won’t do any good, fuck it, lets not have background checks.”

    On the other end of it, however, Common Sense folks might not understand that the Gun-Rights folks have every intent to follow the law- but fear the loss of rights and freedom under a tyrannical government. Will it happen? Probably not… It’s almost bat-shit-lunacy. However…If you were to go dig up your old history textbooks and thumb through them, it won’t take long to conclude that shitty things have happened, are happening, and will always happen… Maybe being watchful isn’t so insane, after all. laws only hurt law abiding citizens.

    Then the Common Sense folks- “Well we have to do SOMETHING.”

    “Those ideas won’t help.”

    “We can’t just do nothing.”

    “There’s nothing we can do that will work.”

    “Well we have to do SOMETHING.”

    “Making gun law has no effect on people who don’t follow it. It’s simply not possible to get rid of guns.”

    “Well we have to do SOMETHING. Let’s make mandatory background checks, ban certain weapons, and reduce magazine sizes. ”

    “Those laws will have no effect on criminals. That only hurts those that abide by the laws.”

    “Well we have to do SOMETHING.”

    I understand the thought process of the common sense folks- In their view, Gun-Rights folks are essentially saying that we shouldn’t

  51. Yay, I hope they get kicked out! Magazine capacity ban is absolutely idiotic and unconstitutional, and will take more lives than it saves. It only punishes law-abiding citizens.

  52. Nuts like Mothers Disarming America brings on a whole new meaning to “When you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns.” When they outlaw guns, I will become an outlaw because I will never give up my guns. “Molen Laub” You ask what am I afraid of? While I have my guns, not a damn thing. Without them I fear our runaway Federal Government who has the intent of saving us from ourselves by eliminating us from the equation. From nonleaders such as Obama who has no use for the Constitution or any of its Amendments, not just the 2nd. From criminals the likes of George Soros who with his illgotten gain thinks he can now buy what or who ever he wants. Obama was cheap so he snapped him up. The American people and their freedoms are quite a bit more expensive as he and his puppets will find out.

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