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If you support gun manufacturers over schoolchildren, you just might be a redneck.” That’s Craig Johnston’s entirely predictable comment under a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Facebook post. This one promotes MDA’s Twitter campaign against comedian Jeff Foxworthy and country singer Alan Jackson. Their transgression? The entertainers “agreed to open this year’s NRA convention after the NRA pushed to arm convicted criminals, blocked federal gun violence research, and board members promoted armed insurrection.” And told members to eat babies. The MDA campaign is hot the heels of their – well, a Newtown anti-gun group’s – campaign against . . .

Comedian Jay Leno. Leno pulled out of a gig for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual SHOT Show dinner, once he “discovered” who was footing the bill.

Clearly, MDA jefe Shannon Watts is re-focusing her anti-ballistic bully boy tactics on the entertainment industry, after her campaign to force Kroger to ban open carry came a cropper (as the Brits are wont to say). This after taking plenty o’ heat for bitching about being banned from the NRA’s Twitter feed – despite the fact that MDA’s banned thousands of people from commenting on her Facebook page.

The Moms remain a force to be reckoned with – if only because the mainstream media loves ’em and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg keeps stuffing Benjamins in Shannon’s pocket. But Watts seems more and more determined to play to her base, rather than moving the organization into the mainstream. Works for me.

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  1. I’ve been a member of the NRA for over 30 years now and I’ve never gotten any kind of contact information from them that stated anything about eating babies or anything derogatory towards children whatsoever! Moms demand action is full of shit!

  2. Anyone, either celebrity or house frau, can expect today to be the target of an organized campaign to destroy them if they anger the fascist left.

  3. An expert in PR should understand that making Jeff Foxworthy an enemy is a horrible idea.
    Even people who don’t like Jeff Foxworthy love Jeff Foxworthy.

  4. This seems like they’re pandering to the preexisting stereotypes their kind has towards rural America, which won’t do much except further disenfranchise rural Americans.

    • Disenfranchising rural Americans is exactly what groups like MDA are all about.

      Why else do you think the Left is set on banning tobacco but legalizing pot?

      The Left hates, hates, hates that blue-collar whites are not a reliable Progressive voting bloc, and all the civilian disarmament stuff is just a smokescreen for pure in-group/out-group politics.

      And flip it over: This is why the hip-hop culture gets away with literally promoting gun murder without a peep from the Left. Nope. This is all about open carry at Kroger and Jeff Foxworthy.

  5. “…former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg keeps stuffing Benjamins in Shannon’s pocket.”

    Helluva soft pitch you threw RF, but I’m gonna take the high road.

    I still would like to see where they get that 74% NRA members support number. Neither I nor any NRA member I know has ever been asked. If we had, the answer is an obvious: HELL NO!

    • Where did they get that “74%” number? I expect the same place they got that “more than 100 school shootings” number, and that “40% of gun sales are unchecked” number. They made it up out of some unreliable/irrelevant/erroneous statistics produced by flawed/biased/misinterpreted “studies” by incompetent/interested parties. Anybody who takes any statistic quoted by the “Moms”, the “Bradys”, or the Space Cadets at face value is–well, at best uninformed.

    • Not me.

      “…former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg keeps stuffing Benjamins in Shannon’s g-string”

      More accurate as to the roles of each party.

        • “I knew that wats girl was a stripper! All you have to do is put a camera in the room and she’s in front of it!”

          That’s only in Dirk’s nastiest fantasies…


    • It was from a most dubious and convoluted “pole” taken from people who claimed to be NRA members (whose membership was NEVER actually verified), which had a sample pool of about 500 or so respondents.

      The NRA then turned around and did their own actual pole of their own actual members (for a total of 1,000 respondents picked from their actual member roles) through an actually neutral third-party polling service.

      The actual response? It was essentially, as you so delicately put it, “HELL no”. Around 5%, not 74.

  6. I don’t know what the fascination with backgrounds checks is for – I have been buying firearms since the late 80’s, and I have had to pass a background check on each one.

    • Yeah, that brings up a possible compromise to achieve UBC! Everybody has to pass one. As in, ONE! After which you can buy all the guns you want without another. Uh-oh. That wouldn’t achieve registration, though, would it.

      • I’ve got an even better compromise. Instead of registering once, we’ll do it say every two years, whether you buy a gun or not and just to make it as convenient as possible we’ll do the check on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Just do the paperwork right in the election center and knock out two things at once.

      • That’s what they have in New Zealand. They vet the owners instead of having registration or banning. Their laws are still stricter than the US, but more liberal than Canada.

      • I sooooo agree and will add if you have concealed handgun license you should also be exempt from any future NIC. In Texas it’s a lot like going to a Gynecologist.
        If you can’t relate due to your gender, ask wife, sister, girlfriend, not your mom, as that could result in a smack up the side of the head. Just sayin

    • I’m blocked by her too, and I don’t think I’ve ever even tweeted to her. If I did, it was maybe once and certainly not abusive.

      • I’ve only ever replied to her #gunsense broadcasts and I was either asking her to defend her point or called her out on a blatant lie. Never resorted to ad hominem and I got blocked anyway. Same with the MomsDemand Twitter account as well and I can’t recall if I have ever directly replied to posts on that account.

  7. A simple reality that MDA and others often miss is gun owners are probably one of the largest demographics, 300 million firearms owned by 50 million+ people, is reality. So by demonizing everyone who isn’t them, they’ve really handicapped themselves, thankfully.

    • Inside the mind of a Progressive:

      Jihadist beheads a man –
      Progressive: “Don’t judge all Muslims on the actions of one extremist.”

      White cop shoots and kills black kid who attacked him –
      Progressive: “Cops are evil. The poor disadvantaged criminal didn’t hit him that hard!”

      Kid steals gun and shoots up a school –
      Progressive: “Guns are evil! It’s clear we can’t trust anyone with guns. These gun nuts have had their fun long enough.”

      No guns are left….criminal robs the Progressive at gun point –
      Progressive: “Why aren’t you following the law? That gun you’re holding is illegal. I’m going to…” BANG!

    • They willfully ignore everything positive about gun ownership. Heck, they ban it. If you make a pro-gun comment on one of their articles you will be banned from their Facebook page. It’s hard to find words to describe such scumbagery in polite company.

  8. This is great. MDA has been subdued into a mere internet troll group. They failed everywhere else to now they simply take to twitter to troll people. Mature. This group is on it’s death bed going the route of it’s many predecessors.

      • I’m not sure having a couple of yuppie hangouts like Panera and Starbuck’s ask–not tell, but ask– me to leave my gun in the car is all that “destructive”. Wash State’s new regime looks bad, but it looks like a possibility that it will ultimately flop like Colo’s sieve-like “magazine ban”. Oh, and now Chipotle is taking heat from another angle for dissing some NYPD with that idiot “hands up” biz. Enough of this kind of thing and Joe Socially-Conscious-Consumer is going to give up on trying to figure out which businesses he is not supposed to be patronizing.

  9. Interesting they would engage in more campaigns to bully and intimidate private citizens after they blocked every pro Second commentator on Twitter. They want to carry out their Sturmabteilung style tactics without having to deal with the blowback.

  10. News flash, this anti 2A public perception campaign is just beginning, the puppets, it Shannon watts, ect, will come and go, but TPTB want the next generation to be disarmed. And judging by most peoples seeming inability to grasp the scope of this thing and still think along the th false left vs right paradigm bodes poorly for the future of Americans freedom.

    • Damn toot’n someone said “Liberty is but one generation from extinction”

      We must be vigilant of what the schools teach our kids or submit to slavery of the oppressed.

      • the problem is the public school system is based on a Marxist socialist system. That’s why I went to private school and I also recommend homeschool. Unless you want your kids force fed a bunch of bullshit. Just to give you an example my 10 year old in American history class covered the Vietnam War in 1 45 minute class. My dad almost had a heart attack. It’s ridiculous what the are kids today are being taught by all these so called educators if this was 200 years ago these educators would be strung up as traitors to the state and to the constitution of this America.

    • “Do the ”Moms” not understand the typical fan of Alan Jackson or Jeff Foxworthy?”

      That is what makes it so hilarious. Country fans will be *proud* to be identified as POTG…

      • Both rely strongly on non rural not specifically conservative suburbanite dollars to make the money they do. Still, pissing off the core fan base will cost more in the end. Without the legitimacy offered by the rural connection the people in the burbs would lose interest. No different than when the inner city loses faith in rap/hiphop artists.

  11. This almost sounds like a Foxworthy bit…”you may be an a-hole if you think the very rich and successful Jeff Foxworthy gives a rat’s a## about mda…”. Not exactly his TARGET audience.

  12. “If you support gun manufacturers over schoolchildren, you just might be a redneck”

    …So I’m an Asian redneck now?

    MDA are a rascist bunch arent they?

  13. I think MDA’s latest rant is great news for us. If MDA keeps it up, we won’t have to marginalize them — they’ll do it all by themselves.

    MDA is the official spokesperson for a nasty, egomaniacal billionaire New Yorker. Who in their right mind could support that?

      • Yeah… Make the 2nd “unfukwitable” except for universal registration! Cuz that’s a good thing. And mandatory training determined by the government that the ammendment is designed to allow you to oppose! No conflict of interest there right? Oh and no machine guns or artillery cuz that’s extreme yo! And in this one case I will place my feelings above liberty and the intent of the 2nd amendment.

  14. its just like religion. once people realize they are being lied to, they leave that group. MDA does nothing but lie and people are realizing that now.

  15. These people don’t know math OR people.

    70+% of gun owners want more paperwork and red tape? Hell no they don’t.

    They’re also saying that 68% of homicides are committed by firearms. Stupid me, I’ve been blaming criminals for 100% of them for so long that I didn’t even think that an inanimate object could be the one doing all that murdering…

  16. How long until they discover our terrible secret? That the air conditioning in the NRA’s volcano lair is powered by the blood of minority children that were killed by guns sold without a background check.

  17. I would have thought Watts would get fired after the abysmal performance of their candidates in 2014. The older Watts gets, the screechier she gets.

    Honestly, this a group for people who like to be “fans” of a cause, without really thinking or acting much.

    On the other hand, The NRA leadership has not exactly caught up to the 20th century yet.

  18. The MDA loves to accuse and create correlation. This organization is about as far from any mother’s role and character as can be.

    They are stating if you are okay a business which manufactures guns is an acceptable business then you are okay with killing children. What word can come close to describe anyone, let alone a movement, which spreads fear at this level?

    And they use the word “mother” in their name? Isn’t there some way to put this group in a grave? The socially destructive nature should not continue. The protesters who were yelling to kill cops are far less dangerous to the majority than the MDA.

    • The best thing to call them: hypocrites. They accuse gun owners of being ignorant, paranoid ,fear mongers, then turn around and use lies and fear mongering to spread ignorance and paranoia.

      • And shaming. They excel at shaming.

        Which, it should be noted, is about the most destructive thing another can do to her children.

  19. Dose everyone know who’s not smarter than a 5th grader ? I’ll give you a hint MDA. I bet everyone got that one well almost everyone MDA MEMBERS ARE STILL THINKING.

  20. They picked a fight with two of the most famous rednecks ever? And hope to win? They obviously don’t know what they’re doing. Jeff and Alan won’t back down like Jay “the p#sscake” Leno did. Now they’ll be going just for the pleasure of p*ssing MDA off.

  21. #NRA fights background checks that save lives”

    #1) Not a single background check would ever stop a school shooter, as the background check only checks those who actually purchase the gun.

    #2) Criminals that can’t pass a background check don’t buy guns from a dealer. Even if universal background checks were required for all private purchases, criminals would still not follow them. The response to this type of legislation from the criminal element would be increased number of thefts, house and vehicle break ins, or otherwise “unintended consequences.” Black market guns would become “more” profitable and more would get into that market. And again… A person selling stolen guns out of the back of the trunk of his car is not going to be performing “criminal background checks” for a guy buying his stolen guns out of the back of a car. The point here – is this legislation is not effective.

    #3) Why should we invoke legislation, which isn’t effective, on 300 million people of the united states in attempts to regulate the possession of an object which is guaranteed as a right by the constitution? This is just an attempt to invoke “feel good” legislation that only serves to inconvenience millions of upon millions of gun owners.

    #4) Why are we pursuing the gun and not the criminal? Yet again, another victimless crime (person A buying a gun from person B) in the attempt to try to prevent a crime that is already illegal. The rights and freedoms of the many are worth more than the lives of the few – that is why people died to secure them.

    8 in 10 gun owners, including 74% of the NRA’s own members, support requiring a criminal background check of anyone purchasing a gun

    We call those leading questions. Why didn’t that poll phrase the question for what the gun owner’s consequences would be or what events they would have to undertake to fulfill that law – like:

    Do you think it should be illegal for a person to sell a gun to another person without a criminal background check?

    Do you support more or wider background checks than what is already implemented?

    Do you support unenforceable background checks mandated on all private purchases? (See below)

    “But the NRA claims that background checks are a nefarious government plot to create a national registry of guns”

    Universal background checks cannot be enforced, whatsoever, unless a registry existed. So a person supporting this initiative is either in support of more useless laws that inconvenience gun owners that criminals ignore, or they support a national gun registry. It is as simple as that – but of course MDA doesn’t want to come out and honestly say this, because people don’t want it.

    • To add to your point, they should have asked poll-takers about restrictions that are now in place in Washington state. (do you think it should be a crime for a law-abiding firearm owner to hand his legally owned pistol to his 18-year-old daughter inside his own home? And do you think it should be a second crime for the daughter to hand it back?

  22. Glad to see Alan Jackson is on board. I’ve always felt he was the last mainstream country act that is the real deal. I don’t think he has anything to worry about from his fan base.


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