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Chelsea Parsons of American Progress and Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action (courtesy

The Chicago Tribune can’t handle the truth. If they could face the truth about guns they would have published ‘Time to block gun violence against women‘ with proper attribution—letting readers know that Chelsea Parsons [not shown] is the Associate Director of Crime and Firearms Policy at American Progress an Shannon Watts [also not shown] founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Make no mistake. The Trib’s failure to positively ID Parsons and Watts [above] is carefully calculated anti-gun agitprop: passing off a polemic as a semi-hard news piece. Now about the article itself . . .

As for the piece itself, here’s a taste: “The statistics show: Guns plus a history of domestic violence or stalking equals increased risk of death to women.” Unless, of course, the gun is in the hand of a woman defending herself and her children from an abuser or stalker.

But that’s not how the Ms. Parson or Ms. Watts see it, obviously. For them, “fixing” gun laws (like you “fix” a dog) is the answer to firearms-related attacks on women. The not-so-dynamic duo’s polemic highlights four “weaknesses” in current gun laws. Here’s their agenda stripped of the usual bloody shirt waving:

First, background checks are not required for all gun sales. The current background check system makes it easy for felons and domestic abusers to buy guns with no questions asked from unlicensed sellers at gun shows, online and just about anywhere else . . .

Second, the current gun possession ban on domestic abusers fails to cover dating partners . . .

Third, convicted stalkers can buy guns . . .

Fourth, law enforcement isn’t doing enough to take guns away from domestic abusers.

The bottom line is that it is just too easy for men who seek to harm women to buy and possess guns. As fatal gun violence against women continues, Congress must take action to close these loopholes that put all women in danger.

More laws! That’ll solve the problem. But the call for more laws to “tackle” domestic abuse and stalking will certainly solve the problem of what the hell gun control groups do now to gain attention now that universal background checks are dead in the water. Women in peril! Disarm! Disgusting.

If Ms. Parson really cared about abused women, they’d do everything in their power to arm them against their attackers. But they don’t, do they? Or do they? Who knows? Who cares? The end result is the same: the “gun safety” circus rolls on, shamelessly pimped by the left-leaning mainstream media, leaving defenseless Americans in its wake.

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    I don’t know the reason why I cannot subscribe
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  2. If your a member of the Oh So Social(ist) Elite your allowed to let your smugness rule your mouth and mind. There is a permanent stamp of distain on Watts face a mark of a sociopathic mindset

  3. Once again, where the hell is a women of the nra or moms for self defense group to counter the anti-gun group using the gender and parent status as a shield while trying to force everyone to live the way Shannon Watts would approve. I know the media won’t give them 1/100000000000000 the time, but we can’t let them go unanswered as the only moms/women that have a say.

    • Because the left loves to divide people. They have to have a specific organization for every fractious lot they can think of. The left love having different interest group to the same end for every possible subdivision. If you look hard enough there’s probably a civilian disarmament organization exclusively for transgender persians. while pro gun groups are much more accepting. There are just a couple of big ones in which everyone is welcome instead of hundreds of tiny ones filling a niche.

  4. It would seem to me, that men usually don’t need guns to abuse or kill wemen. Size alone is enough. Women need guns to equalize the fight.

  5. Has anyone given thought to going to Shannon Watt’s home (6100 Stonegate Run
    Zionsville, IN 46077)(don’t worry – it is public info and the address she also uses as the registered address for MDA). . . . and pulling a Project Veritas by asking her or her wimpy former health care industry executive turned art gallery owner (sorry – but he is not old enough to be retired unless we was “retired”) if they would like to place a “there are no guns in this home” sign on their lawn? The video would be priceless!

      • Of course she has guns. She has to protect herself and her family from gun owners, right? I would be like 5% surprised if it was shown that she was a gun owner and even CCW holder. It’s not HER she’s talking about, it’s the unwashed masses of uneducated, irresponsible people like everybody who isn’t her.

    • How despicable. What a terrible idea for us gun owners. She’s flat wrong, but so are you. The only reason you have to suggest something like that is to intimidate and harass her. How petty. How childish. Meet her in the open, like she has you, and debate her there. Leave her family and her safety out of it.

      • I have no intent on meeting any of these PPL but the Shiite they are selling is based on taking my family from me and giving them to The State.
        Quid Pro Quo

      • “Leave her family and her safety out of it.”

        Her civilian disarmament agenda directly affects my family and its safety. In NO way do the firearms I own or my access to new firearms affect HER family or its safety, so she has no right getting in my business either.

      • There is nothing the left does that is honest and in the open.

        Who are you? Did you just crawl out from under a rock yesterday?


        • Who am I? I’m an NRA member and a gun owner, just like you. You wanna have a civil discussion? Or you wanna troll? I disagree with your tactics, plain and simple. That doesn’t make me wrong. This lady hasn’t gone to anyone’s house and picketed them. Her IDEAS I disagree with, but she’s an American just like you and she can SAY whatever she wants. Your overreaction to her statements is telling; are you new to this debate? Cause in the 40+ years I’ve been involved, you learn to have a thicker skin. The best defense we have against people like her is to keeping speaking the FACTS. How many iterations of these clowns have we seen come and go? Stay the course, don’t do anything you’ll later regret, and take a kid shooting. And calm down. I’m on your side.

        • Implying that my skin isn’t thick will get you nowhere.

          Honest tactics don’t work on these people because they are not like normal people.

          You may have been fighting for 40+ years, but how efficient and effective have you been?

          Witness the press time and accolades these two little girls are getting from the public (vs. what we get = bupkus) for your answer.

        • These people are intellectual zombies after having been brainwashed their entire lives. They believe that they are the ONLY ones who can possibly be right. They are fueled by their hatred and fear. Rather than discuss they spew cliches, then bile and venom.

          And you want a conversation with them? It’s like trying to convince a stone to dance.

      • Perhaps you can deconstruct for us all that was the Sons of Liberty – Boston Tea Party, Liberty Tree etc. And then inform us how Gandi/ostridge theories of passive “nonviolent” leg wetting “civil discourse” relate to or are relevant to the US. Link to an audio file of “Kumbaya” if it will help.

        And here is a clue. 18th century America was MUCH more civil that 21st century USA.Took our forefathers a decade to get fed up with their monarch. How long have Americans been patient with, and accepting of, the Royal Democratic Party.

        Fed up with this moronic “stoop to their level”, “we’re better than than” Neville Chamberlain surender monkey BS.

    • Bottom line is this: We won’t start winning until we get off our high horse and stop assuming that what we are dealing with here are Reasonable People.

      We need to deal them from the bottom of the deck, using every conceivable emotion-driven wedge we can think of to fight them just like they use with us.

      Want real techniques and strategies that work? Try this on for size:

      I have been practicing using these techniques debating Liberals for two weeks and boy do they work! Like Magic.

      • That’s a start. At least you were civil. I’m a glass-is-half-full kinda person. Here’s what gun owners have accomplished lately: concealed carry in every state; a Supreme Court that recognized the individuals right to own a gun to protect against a tyrannical government; a liberal, democrat-heavy Congress that couldn’t pass through a new gun
        bill, even in the aftermath of two as-usual, highly publicized as shootings, et al.
        The other side has to get increasingly more outrageous, more volatile, more ridiculous, just to be heard anymore. Let ’em. We’re winning.

        • You don’t get to judge me and I do not recognize your right to do so.

          You have your approach and I have mine. Nuff said.

          Meanwhile your time spent sitting back on your laurels because “we’re winning” will pay you back by spitting in your face and kicking you in the pants. That strategy is a loser and I for one do not plan to employ it.

  6. I wonder how many of these women who were murdered by their intimate partners were intimately partnered with men who were violent criminals? How many of them were in gangs? The notion that otherwise law-abiding men would murder their wives or girlfriends seems absurd. So if these men already had a history of violence, how many of them could legally own guns? Saying that 46 women in the United States are murdered with a gun by an intimate partner each month isn’t an argument for gun control. The relevant statistic would be the number of women murdered with a legal gun by an intimate partner. That’s of course putting aside that criminals ignore the law, or those intent on murder could easily use another weapon. Yet even if you accept their argument that the mere presence of a gun makes these murders more likely. If these guns are already illegal, it doesn’t make any sense to make them more illegal.

    • ” Yet even if you accept their argument that the mere presence of a gun makes these murders more likely” – Right so why aren’t the states that already have conceal / open carry bastions of the wild west? right now there are probably tens of people she interacts with every day who are carrying a gun. Did she get shot?

      • Agreed it’s a false premise, but even if it weren’t, it still wouldn’t be a valid argument.

        Look at the situation in Chicago. How many of those murderers have FOID cards or carry permits?

        Both of these Bloomberg AstroTurf agitators, Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, fail at basic math. MAIG should be called Mayors For Illegal Guns because they don’t do anything against illegal guns. Instead, they want more illegal guns by making more guns illegal.

        • my point is: We need to turn their stupidity right back and them and let them see how stupid they are.

          that’s what gets them.

  7. Not only is this woman, and the piece she appears in, anti-freedom it is also sexist. Domestic violence is not confined to romantic relationships and it is not confined to the “male-is-perp-woman-is-victim” dialectic that these bigots try to foster. Gay people participate in domestic violence as do siblings, parents, children, and yes women against men.

    Taking action vs. demanding it leaves us all safer and more free.

    • This. There has been exactly one murder committed by a resident of my township, just west of Philadelphia, in the last fie years. She drove twenty minutes southwest to her ex-partner’s home, started an argument over visitation rights concerning their child, and after yelling at her ex…she shot her.

    • and in our society today, sexist is ~totally fine~ as long as it is a WOMAN putting down or otherwise vilifying men or what a man does.

      turn it around and you are a misogynist! you can look forward to retracting your statements, making written apologies and being fired from your job.

  8. I am just about sick and tired of hearing about MILFs Demand Action. These ladies need to think about the logic in their position. Reminds me of a Facebook post I saw a couple weeks ago regarding donations of old cell phones to help survivors of DV. It even has a sign referring to empowering women. How about “empowering” them with the ability to smoke the douchebag hurting them?

  9. This is the same thing the people who report on “pit bull” attacks do. They fail to mention that the “data” and “hard information” they cite is from, a pit bull agit-prop organization that spins and washes data to suit their “kill them all” agenda.

    Nothing new here.

    The question men, is how to fight it. I may have an answer … something quite revolutionary here:

    Basically this is a primer on how to debate liberals, based on using their brain damage (under-developed amygdala) against them.

    First read yields: “this stuff is crazy”.
    Second read yields: “this guy is smart, but the content is still crazy”
    Third read yields: “Ok I need to try these techniques”
    End result conclusion: “This is genius.”

  10. So DV month is the same as BCA month? Ya know, when was the last time we had a Testicular Cancer Awareness month? Did you know 100% of all testicular cancer sufferers are male? Where’s the outcry, the indignation of this horrible disease? And where is the public support for cancer research and awareness?

    • Women’s needs (and desires) always come first in the “progressive” America.

      May God have mercy on a man’s soul if he misses one child support payment, yet there is no penalty whatsoever for a woman who makes herself pregnant without the man’s consent (lying about being on birth control, using the product of oral sex or a used condom to impregnate herself)

      “Some are more equal than others,” I guess…

  11. Just popped over to the Moms Demand Action for Blah-Blah-Blah. Crazy how these people act just like the stereotype of the anti-constitutional gun grabbers in sheeple’s clothing. Directly from the site:
    “Moms Demand Action supports the 2nd Amendment, but…”

    Always, that word “but” that they have to put in there. If the next word that follows “Second Amendment” is ever “but” then that person is a gun grabber and most certainly does not support the 2A.

  12. Once the women make this a core feminist issue and get guns labeled as Misogynic devices, watch out.

    There will be no stopping them.

    Anyone opposing gun control will be labeled as “against women” and a misogynist. Then we will really have trouble on our hands.

    • I can definitely see the “progressives” trying to play that card. They see more and more women joining pro-gun forces every single day and are trying to “win” them back by painting a picture of poor women being murdered by men in fits of primal male rage. Even though men are 3 times more likely to be murder victims than women.

      Progressive logic: gotta love it.

    • So does that make our resident female shooter/contributor a misogynist? I’d bet she’ll be surprised to learn of her new status.

  13. So, an social and cultural issue of violence towards women = logistical issue of easily obtainable weapons?

    Man, when your only tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

  14. Y’all have to admit that Shannon Watts is very clever. She saw her opportunity to make a fortune and she took it. People like Bloomberg and orgs like The Joyce Foundation are throwing money at her. The MSM, always on the lookout for another made-up story that fits their narrative, is drooling all over her. Meanwhile, she’s playing them all like a fiddle and laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. I never understand the obligatory “I support the 2A, but…. ” preamble. It doesn’t empower them with their own cause and certainly doesn’t endear them to us. They’d be better off to say, “I despise the 2A and all that it stands for.” At least that would lend them a splinter or two of credibility.

    • It’s the equivalent of someone who says “I mean, I have black friends; I’m not a racist or anything, but…” followed by some extremely racist comment.

    • Probably exactly what she needs and is not getting at home, because her husband is a doormat she wipes her shoes on as she leaves the house to do her TV interviews.

  16. “The bottom line is that it is just too easy for men who seek to harm women to buy and possess guns. As fatal gun violence against women continues, Congress must take action to close these loopholes that put all women in danger.”

    Irrelevant. It is exceedingly easy for a domestic abuser to harm/kill their spouse when they share the same home, whether or not the abusive spouse has firearms. Every time the victim goes to bed and sleeps, the abusive spouse could easily plunge a large knife into the victim or smash the victims head with a large rock, hammer, or baseball bat. And poisoning a spouse would be even easier than using a knife or bludgeon.

    And if the victim has moved out, the abusive spouse can use their car to easily harm/kill the victim if the abusive spouse knows where the victim lives or works.

    Restricting abusive spouse’s access to firearms WILL NOT REDUCE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! The only guaranteed way to reduce domestic violence is:
    (1) Victim immediately petitions criminal justice system to arrest and convict the abusive spouse.
    (2) Victim immediately arms them self while waiting for criminal justice system to act.
    (3) Victim immediately moves as far away as possible (preferably across the country).

    None of those actions are easy. Like or not, this is the truth.

  17. Well ,I guess it would be alright with Parson and Watts if we post their addresses and make notation that there are no guns at these addresses cause Mom’s Demand Action Against Guns.While we are at it,since they want to put their money where their mouths are,they won’t mind placing signs in front of their homes Stating their feelings about guns and that you won’t find any at these addresses for this you can be sure.


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