MLB’s Only Player to Kneel During Anthem Arrested for Pointing a Gun at a Food Delivery Person

Bruce Maxwell, the only Major League Baseball player to kneel during the national anthem this season, has been arrested on a gun charge.

That must have been one cold pizza. As Fox News is reporting, “Bruce Maxwell, the only Major League Baseball player to kneel during the national anthem this season, has been arrested on a gun charge. The Oakland Athletics catcher allegedly pointed a gun at a female food delivery person in Scottsdale, Ariz.”

This isn’t the first run-in Mr. Maxwell’s has had with a food service employee lately. Earlier in the week he said he was denied service by a “pro-President Trump waiter” in a restaurant in his Alabama home town.

“He was like, ‘You’re the guy who took the knee? I voted for Trump and I stand for everything he stands for,’” Maxwell recalled for the gossip site.

Maxwell was out to lunch with a longtime friend and city councilman. Maxwell said he asked the manager if they could get a different server, a request that was obliged.

“That’s where I’m from,” Maxwell said. “Unless you’re subject to it, you won’t understand it, you won’t feel it. I’m 26 years old. I’m very respectful. I’m very educated. And it still happens to this day. That’s the reason that I’m kneeling — stuff like that.”

Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxwell's mug shot.

Apparently that education didn’t include safe gun handling practices or how to interact in a civil manner with delivery people.

Scottsdale police said officers went to Maxwell’s home Saturday night after getting a call about a person with a gun. Maxwell was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

Police said Maxwell was held in custody pending an initial appearance.




  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    The waiter and his manager in Alabama told a completely different story. I think it was something along the lines of Maxwell taking offense when the waiter carded his friend.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Thanks, Gov.

      Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell, 26, claimed this week that a waiter in his Alabama hometown of Huntsville refused him service after identifying him as the MLB player who took the knee during “The Star Spangled Banner” last month — only the waiter has a very different version of events and he told Fox News that was far from what went down.

      “He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service, I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,”
      Matt Henry, a 42-year-old waiter at Keegan’s Public House, told Fox News. “This all started because I carded his friend who wanted to order a beer.”

      According to Henry, an Alabama native, Maxwell was dining with local Democratic councilman Devyn Keith and another friend who produced an expired ID, and the server refused to serve him a drink — which upset the friend, who followed him into the kitchen.

      “He asked me, ‘Don’t you know who Bruce Maxwell is?’, and told me I was making everyone feel uncomfortable. Nobody was even paying attention to them,” Henry claimed.

      “I didn’t know anything about him or the kneeling. All I know is a friend of mine 15 years ago lost his job for serving someone a drink who happened to be underage, so if anyone looks under 30, I’m going to card them.”

      The waiter said that the councilman then complained to the restaurant’s manager about Maxwell being uncomfortable, and the manager simply swapped me to another table, and that it was “no big deal.”

      The restaurant manager on duty that day, Anne Whalen — who requested the restaurant name not be used without permission from the owner — also told Fox News that Maxwell’s story being portrayed in the media could not be further from the truth.

      “Matt came to me and told me that a guy wanted a beer but his ID was not valid and I told him he absolutely could not give it to him, we can go to jail for that in the state of Alabama,” the manager said.

      “It was his friend causing all the fuss, none of us even knew who this baseball player was. I told him I had no idea who he was going on about,” she said. “Eventually Matt just asked if we could put another server on the table so I did. … I can’t believe the story.”

      Whalen said that of the three men, Maxwell was the only one who produced a valid ID and thus was the only one they served a beer to.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        ‘Don’t you know who Bruce Maxwell is?’

        We do now. Some douche who spent two years as a backup catcher for a last place team and thought that made him somebody.

  2. avatar Gnorts, Mr. Alien! says:

    Y’know, when you have to throw in “I’m very educated,” I tend to think you probably are…

    the opposite of that.

    1. avatar Snatchums says:

      I’ve met some highly educated people that barely have 2 neurons to rub together, and some of the most intelligent people I know have nothing more than a high school diploma.

      Far too many people confuse education with intelligence.

      1. avatar Rincoln says:

        Too many people confuse schooling with education. I can assure you, they are unrelated.

  3. avatar Paul53 says:

    Dysfunctional member of society.

  4. avatar Alexander says:

    No doubt it is educated in race relations and gender studies – what else does one need to get an honors degree?

  5. avatar AndrewinVA says:

    Bruce who?

    I’m a pretty big baseball fan and I’ve never heard of him until today.

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Backup catcher for a last place team.

    2. avatar DaveL says:

      In other words, a mediocrity trying to become a star by being overtly political. It’s almost like a pattern or something.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Hey, he has every right to pull a gun on a food delivery bitch ’cause he’s 26, as long as he did it respectfully and he’s totally educated and stuff like that.

    Fortunately the lady was Maxwelled and not Weinsteined.

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Still, better than being Munsoned out in the middle of nowhere…

  7. avatar Mystical Uppercut of Justice says:

    An instance where karma worked rather quickly. If only it worked that fast in most cases. Pretty sure homeboy there gave it quite the shove though with the whole sticking a gun in the face of a delivery girl.

    What a douchebag.

  8. avatar pieslapper says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does” Mama said.

  9. avatar JDC says:

    Thug life.

  10. avatar former water walker says:

    Some “well edumacated” dipshite needs to lose his well paid gig. MLB conduct clause…😡

    1. avatar Brian says:

      If every professional sport held its players to their code of conduct, then there wouldn’t be any players left to gouge people on their overpriced tickets, food and beverage in the stadium they demanded the city build- right down the street they had one built 2 or 3 years prior- or they threaten to move from their city to a different one.

    2. avatar Stinkeye says:

      I’m sure if he gets fired from baseball, the NFL would be glad to have him. He’d be one of the more well-behaved guys in that crowd.

  11. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    Gigantic idiot! Seriously why would you draw down on a delivery person if they weren’t robbing you or pulling a gun on you? What line of thought had to take place where pulling a gat on the pizza girl became the only logical action to a “well educated” mind?

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      You’re making the mistake of assuming that athletes are paid to think.

      1. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

        Obviously they are not paid to think even though they are “well educated”.

    2. avatar ePoch270 says:

      Going to go out on a limb here and assume alcohol was involved.

  12. avatar Shallnot BeInfringed says:

    After being refused service for taking a knee during the national anthem his response is “Unless you’re subject to it, you won’t understand it, you won’t feel it. I’m 26 years old. I’m very respectful. I’m very educated. And it still happens to this day. That’s the reason that I’m kneeling — stuff like that.” What, you somehow think that was racist?

    Wow. Totally missing the point here, Bruce… you’ve got it backwards. You’re not kneeling because people treat you that way – they’re treating you that way because you kneeled, dumbass! Do we really need to explain this to you, or are you simply playing stupid? (Oops, I think I just misspelled “victim”…)

    Like I’ve been saying: sure, you have the right to protest*… and others have the right to react to, or even protest, your protest! What goes around, comes around. With freedom comes responsibility – the responsibility to accept the criticism that comes from making an unpopular statement in public. Deal with it.

    * Yes, I feel the players have a first amendment right to protest – off the field, not on it! But for some reason the team owners seem to agree with these whiny little bitches and allow this behavior on national television. Well, that’s their right, too – and now the teams need to accept responsibility for the consequences of their decisions, in the form of lost revenue and further alienation of fans. What goes around, comes around.

    1. avatar Sprocket says:

      I would imagine the only thing he’s been subject to is people sensing he’s a hoodrat dirtbag.

  13. avatar Kevin says:

    You’re just not you when you’re hungry.

    1. avatar Asamurai says:

      “Are you thinking about pulling a gun on the delivery guy? Have a Snickers.”

  14. avatar Darkman says:

    Now we will see if MLB has the guts to do the right thing and give this fool a long vacation from baseball next season. Most likely a slap on the wrists since they are more afraid of the players association than they are of the fans. Personally major league sports lost me years ago when ticket and concession prices go out of control due to the ridiculous salaries being paid. Hell I could buy another AR for the cost of my family going to see one sporting event. As a matter of fact I bought several.

  15. avatar Felix says:

    “female food delivery person”

    Ha. PC run amok. The reason for “person” is to avoid identifying gender. Same reason for “firefighter” instead of “fireman”. Someone is too brainwashed into politically correct thinking.

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      In fairness, The Cult probably ruined any chance of calling a female firefighter a ‘firewoman’.

  16. avatar kap says:

    Another rich didn’t do nothing, hey the supposedly ex gang banger protecting his turf ya know
    bad part is he will walk on the charges cause he’s special ya know the (privileged class of a MLB
    player) with no brains just muscle, a Black man with civil war (PTSD). just shocked. where’s the call
    for gun control for the MLB teams. bet he gets minimum, will also get it knocked back to misdemeanor
    because he’s black, he’ll walk other wise he’ll scream prejudice and the white nanny’s will get their
    undy’s in a bunch and crap all over them selves kissing his ass

  17. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Karma is a bitch sometimes.

  18. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

    Lots of nice comments that bounce around the core issue.

    He’s a goddamn savage that someone gave a million dollars to.

    No one ever taught him how to interact with normal society and he’s not capable of figuring out on his own.

  19. avatar neiowa says:

    What is wrong with 2nd man. Smack the twit in back of the head. A little peer pressure.

    Not seeing much “diversity” in that team. Someone being discriminated against that needs to sue.

  20. avatar Hank says:

    Well you’ll be doing a hell of a lot of kneeling from now on, when you get ass raped.

  21. avatar joetast says:

    My TV broke an the battery in the car run down, so I don’t get much sports.

  22. avatar LHW says:

    Slap on the wrist. Lionized by the left.

  23. avatar says:

    Bruce Maxwell, the only Major League Baseball player to kneel during the national anthem this season, has been arrested on a gun charge.

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