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“A Missouri Capitol police officer told The Star on Thursday that state law allows elected officials to carry a concealed firearm in the Capitol, as well as legislative staff who have a valid conceal carry permit. The general public is not allowed.” OK that’s the set up via Here’s the money shot:

[Missouri State Rep. Nick Marshall] believes the security protocols are an infringement on freedom, declaring on Facebook that “this is not how citizens should be greeted when entering the people’s house, their Missouri State Capitol.”

 So he’s taking matters into his own hands.

Posted on the door of his Capitol office, and on his Facebook page, is a sign that says, “Any constituent with a CCW that was refused to carry into the Capitol may borrow a firearm from Representative Marshall for the duration of the visit.”

Borrowing from John Prine’s classic In Spite of Ourselves, Marshall’s got more balls than a big brass monkey. Or, as Barry Goldwater pronounced, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Either way, Marshall’s TTAG’s Gun Hero of the day. I wonder what pistols he has on hand . . .

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    • Other than the eye rolling I get from DPS, I haven’t been hassled about carrying to the State house or even the Bulloch museum

      • I could see that reaction happening, especially from Troopers stationed directly at the Capitol. DPS officers as a whole, however (and you know I’m not exactly a police fanboy over here), are pretty cool about citizens lawfully carrying, as far as I’ve gathered over the years.

  1. That is awesome! Now in addition to that he needs to submit a bill that rescinds the restriction on residents carrying in the capitol.

  2. Larry, hands off, we need him more in GA. Our legislators couldn’t find their balls with both hands and a map. Kudos RF on the John Prine reference!

  3. Nope, he’s ours. We’ve been rockin it in mighty mo as of late. Playing the long game… We’ve had the luxury of smart, brave people and smart pro 2a orgs bringing it. May it forever be so.

    • Hopefully. If I showed up with a concealed weapon and couldn’t bring it in, I might or might not leave the whole rig, but it’d be a crapshoot that they would have what my Kydex holster is fitted to carry. I mean a G19 is common, but who knows.

  4. We Missourians are a stubborn bunch! Still, this move was prompted in response to our newly elected pro 2A, machine gun firing, Navy Seal. Rhodes Scholar (yup, like Bill Clinton) Oxford P.H.D. Republican who was a St. Louis Liberal mayor supporting Democrat just two years ago re-institution of metal detectors to enter the Capitol for citizens (9/11/2001 style).

    Still we are WAY ahead of Texas in gun freedom (permit-less carry, etc) Now we need to get busy on college campus carry, more guns in public schools like Ohio (we have the laws to do it) and guns on trains and buses (St. Louis again)!

    • Even the National Republican Association saw through that ‘assemble an AR blindfolded to prove I think gun belong in the hands of people beneath me’ ruse.

      But apparently not a majority of MO voters…

    • You’re piggybacking RINO Governor on the back of this conservative legislator? And with a schmaltzy bromance to boot? Good grief.

      Permitless carry, which you’ve only had for about a cup of coffee, is nice. I’ll concede that, but I don’t see substantiation for your claim that MO is far ahead of TX. Our legislature just now came into session, so we’ll see what they do on constitutional carry here.

      However, carry of any kind is somewhat moot when there are massive restrictions applied, like lack of campus carry. Texas has it; Missouri doesn’t. You can carry in Texas churches, hospitals, and state and local government buildings, in general. In Missouri? Nope.

      As important to the actual laws are all the other firearms culture features, like number of gun shops, local attitudes toward ownership and self defense, prosecutorial stance on self-defense, and a million more too numerous to list here. Texas outshines Missouri on these, too, which is why we’re the standard people often compare against, even where other states do outperform us.

      Suffice it to say, that if you’re comparing yourself to Texas, then ipso facto Texas is an important standard for reference right from the start. Then when you look at specifics, meh, Big MO isn’t such a big deal. But, hey, you’re a latecomer to this whole concealed carry thing, having only gotten into the game in 2003. You’ll catch up.

  5. “Welcome, sir! Would you like to see our loaner firearms list?”
    “Yes, please. What sort of revolvers to you have? Preferably something in .357 magnum, if you don’t mind.”

  6. But…isn’t it still illegal? Does the law say it’s illegal to carry a concealed firearm in the capitol, or merely that it’s illegal to carry one into the capitol? If it’s the latter, then just slide yours over the threshold, step forward, and pick it up. But I suspect it’s the former, so once Marshall hands that gun to a constituent, that constituent could have some problems.

    Removing that legal restriction seems like a better solution for everyone. If Marshall hasn’t already introduced (or at least started drafting) legislation for the repeal, then I’d say he’s a media whore, who just wants the free press.

  7. What a past 2 months for restoring the 2nd amendment.

    We have SB 50 ( hearing protection act ), the bill for national reciprocity, the bill to disband the atf, the California appeals court ruling on the good cause clause, and now this

    I wish we had a few with brass balls like his in Michigan. Much respect for Mr. Marshall regardless if he would actually provide you with a free rental.

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