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David Codrea writes [via]

We didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic. … I don’t think — the film is not political in its intent,” John Madden, the British director of “Miss Sloane” tells The Washington Post about his “gun control” lobbyist story. The film, which opened in limited release on Nov. 26, hopes to build on its $131,661 box office take (as of Dec. 6) as it expands to 1,600 theaters in wide release this weekend. It’s no surprise that other comments made by Madden to the media, as well as the messages in the film itself, contradict his assurances of neutrality.

“You just don’t really understand how it’s possible, one catastrophe after another,”  Madden admitted out of the other side of his mouth. “The failure of any legislative response that had any meaning … it’s quite amazing; the stranglehold over that policy that one part of the argument has, one vested interest has.”

All the cliché deceptions offered by the citizen disarmament lobby make their way into the script as Miss Sloane (Jessica Chastain) takes on a seemingly all-powerful “gun lobby” with unlimited finances to push for a waiting period/background check bill. Not that those infringements will be “enough.”


And not that the true nature of that “gun lobby,” individual gun owners finding strength in unity, as opposed to the Bloomberg billionaire’s club funding Astroturf media campaigns, is a point of focus. That is, except to show a stereotype fat cat “conservative” make a threatening shooting gesture as he brags “There’s over five million of us, and we’re armed.”

“Any head case, felon or terrorist can buy an assault rifle from a gun show, the internet or his buddy at the Bowl-O-Rama without so much as an ID,” Social Justice Warrior Sloane lectures the boss she turns coat on. In other words, “mental health” and “no fly/no buy” due process suspensions are next, along with a semi-auto ban, because prior restraints, ending private sales and creating a de facto registry of who owns what just won’t do the trick. That dealers at gun shows do the paperwork and that you can’t complete a transfer over the internet are left conveniently unsaid, although the swipe at flyover America by a Beltway elitist comes through loud and clear.

Naturally, considering who he’s writing for, Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper positively gushes over the “big juicy treat,” and assures readers “Miss Sloane” is championing “a moderate gun control measure that wouldn’t infringe on basic Second Amendment rights but would merely install some common-sense vetting measures.”

Other reviews are more dispassionate, with some critics calling it “a mess.” Surprisingly, the most honest assessment of the film’s reason for being comes from a Bloomberg News headlineCan She Take Away America’s Guns? Miss Sloane Gives It a Try. So much for the often-parroted lie that no one is talking about doing that.

It looks like those behind the film, like everyone else in the “progressive” media bubble, were counting on a Hillary win, and on celebratory fervor for more citizen disarmament. Those they peg as Bowl-O-Rama patrons have shattered that illusion for the time being, but the denial among gun-grabbers is strong. Otherwise they’d have to admit all those red areas on the map reject their “superior sophistication” and see them for the control freaks they are.

“Miss Sloane” will be another test of receptivity to “progressive” ideology. How well it recoups production costs ought to be a bellwether for producer Harvey Weinstein, to see if he’ll ever pull the trigger on his threat to “make gun owners wish they’re not alive after I’m done with them.”

So far, going on three years after that boast, Harvey remains all talk. How “Miss Sloane” fares with movie-goers this weekend should indicate if his investors will make sure he stays that way.


About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    • Via Wikipedia; ‘A box office bomb, it only grossed $1.9 million from 1,648 theaters in its opening weekend.[26]’

      By my math, at $8/ticket that’s 144 viewers per screen for the entire weekend or about a dozen per showing. And $8 is probably a bit low.

      • The target audience for this crap are coastal liberals. Out here in the san francisco eutopia tickets range from $14-$18 for standard (non imax, 3d, etc). So you can bump that 12 per show figure down to an honest 6-8.

        • Yea, I’m thinking it’s $8.50 here in the heartland. Matinees are a little less. Probably only one or two per screen around here. Stupid liberals are getting ripped off on the coasts.

        • “Stupid liberals are getting ripped off on the coasts.” What’s new, they like getting shafted anyway.

      • Bahahaha! Most of those sales were probably Shannon Watts and her nags at MDA.

        I wonder if Shannon Watts brought her armed bodyguards to the theatre with her.

    • I don’t think a progressive, gun-control narrative has any more appeal in a movie than does one that asks me to consider the point-of-view of an “oppressed” Palestinian people. What I would find interesting is a movie about a gun-controller finding himself/herself in a “good-guy with a gun” confrontation with someone intent on causing them harm. Practical reality always impinges on ideology.

      • Hmm… the domestic total yesterday when I check said $2,035,000 so It looks like that was revised down by $350K. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that this movie wont make back its $18M in production costs. Second week your typical box office numbers drop by 40% from what I read (and I suspect with Rouge One coming out next week that’s pretty much going to be the minimum drop.) and I don’t know enough about the industry to say what the typical drops are for the following weeks. So I did the math out with an extremely optimistic total of even $4M for the first week then 40% drop the next week, and 20% drop every week following and even after 3 months they’d be looking at only $15.5M made in the box office.

        Sadly I suspect Once it releases in Europe it will make it’s money back

  1. Yeah the leftards counted on a Hildebeast win. Didn’t happen… and the progresstards won’t win. We DO have a LOT of guns;-)

    • + All the sh_t that’s popping up here and there, like stupid movies, were all PRE-PLANNED. This was all the crap they were going to piece together to show us a finished puzzle that says GLOBALISM.

      Thankfully Trump appears to have stuck a fork in it, and if not we can still do civil war and still have enough energy left over to f up the rest of the world. You think there were weapons of mass destruction questions after the fall of Saddam? Keep prayin’ the U.S. takes a dump, and many in the U.S. are going to make you wish you’d thought to first dig a spider-hole (on another fing planet).

  2. This is reported by IMDB under “Goofs:”

    Elizabeth (Jessica Chastain) erroneously claims that, “Any headcase, felon, or terrorist can buy an assault rifle from a gun show, the Internet, or his buddy at the Bowl-O-Rama without so much as an ID.” It’s a common myth that’s there’s a “gun show loophole”, but it’s not true. Anyone with even a minor amount of knowledge about gun sales, as an experienced lobbyist would, should know that. ALL gun sales by a licensed firearms dealer must pass a background check, regardless of whether they happen at a gun shop, a gun show, the Internet, his living room, or the trunk of his car. Guns ordered over the Internet must be shipped to a licensed dealer, who then verifies ID and does the background check.

    When IMDB understands more about a movie subject than the scriptwriter, director, producers and actors, there might be a problem. That, or the movie is cheap propaganda.

  3. Blah Blah Blah, Madden need only look at the result of the election for the reasons. Gun control is not a winning issue.

  4. Hollywood continues to push anti-gun after anti-gun propaganda pieces. Runaway Jury, American President, Bowling for Columbine, Senators Wife (in production) and countless hits on television. All it has accomplished is more resolve by the People of the Gun.

    Just donate the production money to a true humanitarian/civil rights cause. NRA or GOA 🙂

    • Larry Pratt and GOA are legit. From what I’ve observed they are independent.

      Why would any gun owner give a dime to NRA, Inc.? In Illinois NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties of SIX MONTHS or ONE YEAR in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013. The only politicians who opposed Duty to Inform were Chicago area Democratic Black Caucus Reps., and Phelps refused to take it out!

      If Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ ILA actually pay money to lobbyists like Vandermyde so police criminals can set up and kill licensed citizens with legal cover, then NRA, Inc. is a rotten corrupt false front filled with traitors and rats that feed on the blood of their own membership.

      • You dumb ass, if a cop asks if you are armed and you say no, then the cop spots it and then shoots your ass, then what? Yes, in Illinois, if you are legally carrying, and the cop ASKS, you need to inform. The law is there to try and fix stupid, and keep people from winning stupid prizes.

        • Constitutional waivers are ok for minor traffic stops, walking down the street….? It violates the 5th amendment…Not to mention the 4th amendment…Since the police officer is going to immediately confiscate your property…Yup, and apply that to pocket knives , pepper spray, etc…What’s in your wallet, pockets, etc…”WHERE ARE YOUR PAPERS !!!” We’ve already seen what happens to lawful US citizens who give up all of their Civil Rights to be compliant with so called “p/o. safety…Just ask what that poor nursehad to go through in NJ…Or US citizens in NY, MD., Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc…..

  5. Big expansion weekend – ~ $1.9 Million, not even good enough for a top 10 showing on a weak weekend before Rogue One debuts. This film is a financial loss.

  6. “a moderate gun control measure that wouldn’t infringe on basic Second Amendment rights but would merely install some common-sense vetting measures.”

    Yeah, not so much. The BASIC second Amendment (protected) right is “…shall not be infringed.” The purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that the government CANNOT install vetting measures. The whole premise of the movie is 180 degrees opposed to the Second Amendment itself. Major FAIL.

  7. Hollywood needs guns. It therefore wants to make actual gun possession and use rare and difficult for those who will become movie goers. Better we should not detect the ludicrous in their presentations. Better we should continue to find on-screen gun fights alternatively frightening or hypnotically engrossing.

    “the phrase ‘all you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun’ is attributed to Jean-Luc Godard, and that despite his insistence that ‘c’est Griffith qui a dit ça, ce n’est pas moi’ (‘it was Griffith who said that, not me’).”

    And by serendipity a few extremely rich business people fear guns might enable a limit to their power expansion and flaunting of wealth….so these few join Hollywood, to produce anti-gun snorers. Quelle surprise.

  8. Brits do not, by and large, get it. That’s what comes of living in a country the size of a small bus route.


      • Nor does it help that their best and bravest young men have been slaughtered in their millions during their colonial period and the last two world wars.

    • “That’s what comes of living in a country the size of a small bus route.” Good one!

      One of my dogs of war had a contract where he worked out of a military base in England, and he couldn’t get over how many of the locals at the pub had rotting brown teeth like Austin Powers. He speculates some minerals are lacking in the water.

  9. “You just don’t really understand how it’s possible, one catastrophe after another,” Madden admitted out of the other side of his mouth. “The failure of any legislative response that had any meaning … it’s quite amazing; the stranglehold over that policy that one part of the argument has, one vested interest has.”

    It’s very simple.

    Good guys with guns. Bad guys with guns. Good vs. evil. Comprende?

    Anti-gun legislation and the people behind civil disarmament want to disarm good guys and only arm those that serve their political interests (ie. the police). The politicians say they don’t want to disarm good guys but every piece of legislation they pass does just that. There are many cases where denial or delay of firearm ownership has cost the lives of law abiding citizens because they couldn’t protect themselves from armed attackers / stalkers. That is the anti-gun lobby at work. That is the result. The literal death of good people.

    Period and end of story. That is the agenda.

    I haven’t heard a single apology or acceptance of culpability for every death that happens in a gun free zone because the killers chose that location to do their crime(s). Why is that? It’s their plan in action, yet they don’t own the result nor are there ramifications for apparent failure. Gun free zones still exist.


    Law abiding citizens stop / prevent / survive crime and terrorist attacks time and time again with legally owned firearms. Tens of thousands of cases that never make the news. Yet any gun-related “story” that promotes the anti-gun agenda gets prime time. Explain that to me. And the anti-gun agenda that isolates people to a police response (even if it’s 3 hours) is the standing order of the day. It makes no sense.

    There are millions of armed Americans in this country and we don’t currently have the leadership to do the obvious. Educate, train, and empower every able bodied American to be armed and prepared for any domestic attacks. Because they will come.

    At this point, not being prepared is no longer an acceptable response. It’s the height of stupidity and irresponsibility. No one hasn’t heard of a mass shooting, ISIS, or radical Isalm, thanks to the media. Yet, amazingly, they still persist and demonize guns aesthetics and gun ownership of law abiding armed citizens and gun ownership as a perfectly Constitutional means of self defense is treasonous, cowardly, and utterly idiotic. Any network or person seriously vying for “gun control” should simply be fired or fined for treason, undermining the Second Amendment, and willfully attempting to weaken National Security.

    I mean really, people are dying, and they are still talking about “scary black rifles”? That rifle stock is unacceptable because it makes me uncomfortable but we’re OK with 3 hour police response times. Are you serious? Get those morons out of there and tackle the real issues.

    Sorry, but the kiddie gloves should’ve come off long before 911 when it comes to our safety. Enough security theater and feel-good-do-nothing BS. It’s costing lives and I’m tired of the “victims” blaming the people that save lives every day for no thanks or recognition.

  10. So what’s the stupid twist ending I keep reading about? I don’t think it would be rude to drop a spoiler here 🙂

    Also someone should fo an IMFDB page, because lol.

  11. Particularly funny because the cable news ads for this movie tout it as “The film the NRA doesn’t want you to see!”

    Perhaps they should tell the director about how his apolitical film, is being marketed over here.

    Then again, honesty and liberal directors don’t always go hand in hand.

  12. If the anti-gun types in Hollywood want to publicize what NRA, Inc. is really all about, all they have to do is hire a decent researcher to investigate who NRA hires.

    When Illinois’ first concealed carry bill failed in 2011, NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde already cut a deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in state Rep. Brandon Phelps concealed carry bill. The IL Chiefs opposed any form of citizen carry for the last FORTY YEARS, but Vandermyde bent over backwards for the police unions so cops can execute armed citizens like Philando Castile in Minnesota.

    Orland Park police chief Tim McCarthy was president of the IL Chiefs when Vandermyde handed them DTI. That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was a Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot, and the same Tim McCarthy who promotes gun control with Jim & Sarah Brady.

    NRA, Inc., police unions, and gun control orgs are all on the same side: against you and building the legal structure for the criminal police state. Eventually some reporter will look into the revolting “career” of Todd Vandermyde and ask Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham why they pay him.

    • So you think it is a good idea to tell a cop you are unarmed if they ask while you are legally armed? Oh there is no way that wouldn’t go downhill real quick.

      • “So you think it is a good idea to tell a cop you are unarmed if they ask while you are legally armed?”

        Who’s a cop? Nothing in Illinois’ shit carry bill states that the “officer” who questions you has to be in uniform or on duty. John Gacy had a Cook County Sheriff’s badge. If you want to disarm yourself before you are abducted and raped by a police impersonator, go ahead. We could use a thinning out of the inbred gun owners from southern Illinois that are too stupid to figure out that Todd Vandermyde is a traitor who works for the police unions.

        But thanks for demonstrating the retard level I.Q. of NRA members that let Vandermyde and NRA set them up to be killed by police criminals like Philando Castile in Minnesota.

        While you are struggling to think, ask Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ ILA if they ever did a background check on Vandermyde regarding his criminal associations. Before he was NRA lobbyist, Vandermyde worked as lobbyist for William Dugan at the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, Illinois. Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010. If NRA, Inc. won’t clean out the rats and traitors, Hollywood or the legal system will do it for them. These are the scum that sold out Otis McDonald.

  13. It doesn’t matter if the NRA wants me to see this film or not because I do not want me to see this film. Hollywood’s “bread and butter” is gun-involved violence-laced “action films” where totally unrealistic gunfights dominate the script and bodies are strewn all over the place. Hollywood projects its twisted vision of the real world to make millions upon millions of dollars (and for no other reason), then advocates, plots and schemes to infringe our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear Arms and paint us as embodying their perverse vision of reality. My list of films, producers, directors and actors whose films I absolutely will not spend one penny to see in the theaters or prepaid by me on TV keeps growing longer and longer because I will not patronize their hypocrisy.

    Here’s hoping this film will ruin finances and careers for everyone involved with it. It would be just deserts to the hypocritical a$$hats that made it.

  14. And a BIG FYI: What is up with all the junk ads, browser hi-jackings, malicious script, bandwith issues, interference with making comments with android devices here on TTAG’s Website…So concerned I may stop reading and posting here…..

    • You mean “just another day at TTAG?” RF and DZ have been repeatedly informed of the problem. They don’t seem sufficiently motivated to really fix it. In the meantime, I recommend AdBlock Plus. If you’re visiting the mobile site on an Android phone, there’s an AdBlock browser available on Google Play. It’s the only way I can visit the site.

  15. Some recent news from People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Excerpt form GOAL.

    GOAL Blog
    Official Blog of Gun Owners’ Action League

    GOAL SEEKING FOIA Transparency From AG Healey
    December 8, 2016

    August Filed FOIA Request on Enforcement Action Unanswered; AG Fails to Comply with Public Records Law

    BOSTON – The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL) today asked for transparency from MA Attorney General Maura Healey on its freedom of information request on documents related to her July 2016 enforcement action that unilaterally redefined state gun laws. GOAL filed their FOIA request on August 18, 2016, but has not been answered with any records or a denial. Under Massachusetts law, MGL Chapter 66, Section 10, it requires Healey to respond to the FOIA request within ten business days of receipt. It currently stands at three months of non-compliance with GOAL’s request.

    “Since AG Healey took office all we have heard about is transparency – so what is she hiding?” said Jim Wallace, Executive Director of GOAL. “It has been over three months since her office should have either complied or denied our request for records related to her enforcement decision. We are consulting with legal counsel to determine what course of action we can take to force the Attorney General’s office to comply with our request under the MA public records laws. No one is above the law – even the Attorney General.”

    “What was obviously a politically motivated new interpretation of the state’s gun laws has turned hundreds of thousands of individuals and families across the state into felons-in-waiting and we want to know why. The citizens of the Commonwealth should have unhindered access to whatever led to, or aided, in policy decisions – and this instance is no exception.”

    GOAL filed an official records request after three successive letters from committees and individuals of the MA Legislature to the AG asking for clarification and background information on her July 2016 enforcement notice also went unanswered by her office. The Attorney General’s office acknowledged receipt of GOAL’s record request on August 18, 2016, but has provided no information. To GOAL’s knowledge, the Attorney General has also not responded to the inquiries from the Legislature.

    “I also find it extremely ironic that our Attorney General has just announced a lawsuit against several District Attorneys for failing to disclose records upon her request when her office continues to operate in the shadows and consistently refuses any requests for transparency,” said Wallace.

    Click here to read GOAL’s FOIA request and supporting documents

  16. Sad liberal Hollywood douche bags make another crappy movie trying to push their idiotic agenda. They should have learned their lesson from Madame Secretary…. another resounding failure.

  17. I like that movie poster. Miss Sloane is the next in a long line of bullets (okay, technically cartridges), which positions the movie itself as a potential instrument of violence. How much damage is she going to do if she hits her target?

  18. This seems to smell strongly of a certain political party ( Democrats ) that would like to see one of the more important issues to them go through and become law before the end of the Obama administration. This is simply Hollywood pandering to the left. For shame.

  19. I love how these liberal communist individuals exstort the truth. They say you can go to any gun show and buy firearms. That’s a lie I have gone to gun show after gun show and I have bought firearms but in order to do so you have to pass a background check. If you don’t pass you don’t buy a firearm. It’s just that simple and doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend. Some where in there thinking they the liberal communist believe if i just add this one lie in then the whole country will believe that it is so easy to buy firearms from gun shows.
    That’s not to say you can take that same roll of hundred dollar bills and go into the inter city’s like Chicago, Detroit, you could get a weapon with no serial numbers on it. Or if you know the guy I bet you could get a automatic weapon I am sure our beloved president Obama could hook you up with some of his left over weapons from the “fast and furious weapons sale” him and DOJ Holder still have laying around. The truth always comes out and the bottom line is this if we just inforce the laws we have now on the books we all would be better off.

  20. Went to see Mrs Sloan, WOW, my eyes were opened wide. This average looking smarmy self righteous Marxist Hollywood millionaire actress really showed me the true path. I had the theater to myself to cry my eyes out at her valiant fight against the Constitution and the NRA. After buying 3 more tickets at 15.00 a pop, the pure evil of these inanimate objects became clear. These guns gotta go.

    As such, my collection of Arsenal SGL 21s, KelTec Unobtaniums, and Colt snake pistols were donated to a bunch of BLM “artists” who assured me they would be melted down to make wheelchairs for crippled gangsters in Chicago who were the victims of “gun violence.’

    Thank you Mrs Sloan, and keep defending our right to see Hollywood epics like The Expendables in gun free safety!

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