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“The outright banning of guns is a conversation that is more suited on the federal level.” So sayeth Minnesota Senator Ron Latz, as quoted by And with that, he pulled “assault weapon” and regular capacity magazine ban bills that were before the Judiciary Committee he chairs. The Senator seems to be in a can’t-we-all-get-along mood. “The assault weapons ban and high-capacity magazine ban proposals are highly divisive…I want to focus on what has broad public support.” And in Minnesota anyway, that still leaves a plethora of rights-impinging mischief . . .

Things like universal background checks, adding to the reasons a CCW permit can be denied, upping the penalties for CCW-related infractions and mandatory lost firearm reporting, Whether or not the decision to yank the two proposals off the table had to do with the House’s experience dealing with throngs of gun owners who showed up when they considered the measures is anyone’s guess. Watch this space.

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    • The gentleman from Minnesota knows that an AWB has a snowballs chance in hell of passing the US House of Representatives and he knows why. He has figured out that riling an important group of voters is a no win proposition. Minnesota is purple state that can swing red or blue at the state level and any moment. He isn’t up for a swing back to the red in the next election cycle.

  1. Looks to me as if the Senator suddenly grasped the level of resistance the Minnesota legislature was up against. Don’t bang on closed doors.

  2. I’m glad they pulled it, but need to make sure they don’t try to put it back into play later. I live in WI, but I’ve been thinking of moving to MN. Been making sure to write reps over there, and keep on my friends in MN to contact their reps.

    • Don’t. No suppressors. No full auto. And Dayton is making sure are taxes are at record high.

      If anything, I may relocate to WI

      • Yeah, I know the other regulations. MN would be a better job than I currently have. I currently don’t own any suppressors or auto weapons, and will be a while before I do. I don’t plan on living in MN longer than a couple of years, just a step stone to my next chapter.

    • There are going to be a lot of unemployed politicians next election season for even suggesting anti-gun legislation. I was never a “one issue” voter before, but I am now.

      I’m a Registered Democrat whom will NEVER AGAIN in my life vote for the party (my own party) whom tried to take away one of our most fundamental rights.

      I guarantee that I will be showing up at EVERY election to vote my own party out of office. The next round of Democrats (and some Republicans) sure as hell better understand what it means to be an American: supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      • Larry2, better late than never. You just warmed the cockles of my heart (whatever cockles are). I think alot of people like you were bitchslapped into reality after being lied to by Barry and his friends, believing he was a ‘unifier’ who would never ‘go for the guns’. ‘Big Gov’ will always go for the guns sooner or later because they know the 2nd amendment is the teeth of our liberty that protects all the other rights.

      • Better late than never Larry2. Many fell for the lies and now see the truth, and danger, that is the ‘Big Gov’ power grab.

      • If it saves just one politician’s job….

        Good. That’s how they are supposed to think if they’re representatives, not tyrants. It’s not shameful. It is the core idea of the thing.

  3. Crike!

    Someone please explain how universal background checks and mandatory reporting of a lost weapon are “rights impinging.”

    Background checks are a Good Thing. The right to bear arms can be stripped from certain individuals, and rightly so. So can the right of free travel, and under some scenarios, even the right to breathe.

    Hence, background checks, even universal, while they might pose an inconvenience to people, would not deprive them of anything other than a little time. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about minimal purchase delays or short lines at he checkout counter.

    I LIKE the idea that the paroled rapist who just moved into the neighborhood can’t come up to me and by one o’ Mosins.

    And as to reporting – if I lose a gun, or have one stolen, do any of you out there really WANT it to go unreported?

    “Hell, just let a kid find it or the punk who stole it use it at a 7/11. Not my problem.”

    Not me, thank you.

    And while we’re at it, not everyone who looks askance at the notion that a Kalashnikov can be reasonably described as a hunting rifle is part of the Evil Civilian Disarmament Conspiracy. Mommy! Pwease make the bad Democwat go away!

    Grow up.

    Russ, curmudgeon of the plains

    • The 7.62 x 39 is about as powerful as Winchester 30-30 round so yeah you can use it to hunt deer. Some people do. However, the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. On the other hand the AR-15 is an excellent varmint gun. In my opinion that is it’s best use. The 5.56/223 is an inadequate military round.

      So my guess is you are just posing as a pro-firearms citizen sent here to troll by some Soros funded organization.

    • The biggest issue that people against universal background checks is that there is no way to enforce it, unless you register all guns.

      If I sold you a rifle and did not do a background check, the only way for the gvmt to prove it is to have a record that I owned it prior to you, i.e. a registry.

      And the problem that people have with a gun registry is that it gives a tool for the government to confiscate weapons in the future. (Or “mandatory buybacks” even).

      Since gungrabbers whine about our side being unwilling to compromise, I would propose that a compromise would be voluntary registration & voluntary background checks in exchange for tax deductible gun purchases + tax credits for every gun registered. Voluntary background checks should be able to be done over the phone for free.

        • I live in Leavenworth County, Kansas; our Shire Reeve and his deputies tend to be from damned good to excellent.

          While I do not believe that all problems will magically disappear with universal BG checks and mandatory reporting, neither do I perceive them as a Great Evil.


    • Russ, baby,
      When I read your comment I was instantly hurled into that quote about he who gives up freedom for security deserves and obtains neither. (Please forgive my butchering of the quote.) You’ve taken one too many sips of the cherry colored koolaid that the anti’s said would sooth your nerves. Time to go cold turkey man!

      • Russ, it’s truly amazing how much ignorance and misinformation can be stuffed in to a few thoughtless paragraphs.

        What proof do you have that Universal background checks reduce crime rates or prevent criminals from obtaining firearms? There is no such proof, just your ill informed assumption.

        Background checks will be followed by demands for waiting periods and registration like we have in Crazyfornia. Having to wait 10 business days to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights can cost you your life. Is that inconvenient enough for you? What if the background check system fails, is overloaded with submissions or has bad/erroneous data about you that causes a false denial. No problem huh, it’s just a fundamental civil right anyway. As others have noted, universal registration is a practical requirement for confiscation. That seems pretty “inconvenient” too don’t you think. What if the Obama regime uses a universal background check system to illegally create a central database of gun owners? Does that worry you at all or are you one of those naive and gullible types.

        Requiring the reporting of stolen guns just makes someone who is already a victim a victim twice over. Russ, do you really believe it is good public safety policy to criminalize victim hood. Hypothetically, if a woman doesn’t report a rape should she become a criminal for not doing the right thing? After all, if you don’t report a crime, any crime, the police can’t do their job right? That makes us all less safe. Why is it only gun theft that needs to be reported?

        Regarding Kalshnikov’s and hunting, that’s just more ignorance on your part Russ. Go read the 2nd Amendment. There is no sporting purpose clause in it. There is however, a militia clause. Think about that.

        Do your opinions make you a member of the “Evil Civilian Disarmament Conspiracy”? No, but there is this concept of the useful idiot that comes to mind.

        • I’m aware that the Constitution makes no mention of sporting use of a firearm.

          However, some people make the spurious clam that such machines are “for hunting”

          Home defense, certainly, and fun at the range. However, it just isn’t a hunting rifle.

          Let someone point out the spurious nature of their argument, however, and fur will fly.

          I’m just asking that there be a two-sided discussion, rather than BS and Us and Them.


        • Then explain with logic and examples what the antis value have ever given up in compromise cause in the real adult world, that is how adults reach a middle ground, they give something each values up to reach that mid point!

          So again, what have the antis given up?

          We are at 22,417 gun control laws and counting….

          So it wouldnt be unreasonable to give up as much as they antis are willing to give up, which means we will give up NOTHING!

        • I didn’t say that the 2A eradicates were reasonable, just that we have to be extremely scrupulous because we’re outnumbered by sheeple and don’t want to give the other side any, um, ammo.

          We need to be better than them, because that’s our only bloodless defense.


      • Mandatory reporting of lost stolen firearms isn’t terrible, but it is near useless. Just like cars, firearms can have their serial numbers removed…thus preventing tracking it or getting back to the rightful owner. One black rifle pretty much looks like any other with no serial number…and criminals remove serial numbers. Again…an example of a law that only effects law abiding citizens…the criminals won’t care…

  4. Upon relegating a given circumstance or set of circumstances to the status of a ‘problem’ — problem solving formula as follows;-
    Identify the problem; Decide what to do; Formulate a plan; Predict the outcome; Execute the plan; Evaluate the results.
    Simple, really.

  5. Shows NRA and gun owners grassroots is winning the battle. He sees the BIG crowds saying no to his ban and he knows next year he is up for reelection. Keep the pressure up Minnesotans!!!!!!!

    As for Federal most experts say NO to a federal AWB it probably will die in the Senate even. SO keep pressure up there too.

  6. Please if you live in Minnesota call this guy and thank him, and make sure he knows not to consider any other gun banning plans.

  7. “The outright banning of guns is a concept that should never be uttered in any free society.”

    Fixed that for ya, tyrant. I don’t care that he pulled these bills (purely out of self-interest), the fact that he says that means he’s a traitorous threat, same as any other.

  8. Wow.

    What a range of responses to what was admittedly a bit of a rant.

    I guess I’m just trusting, even of the government because it’s largely composed of other Americans trying to do a job.

    By and large, I trust America. We’ve had our ups and downs, but overall screwups tend to get fixed and we’ve managed to not become Somallia.

    I’ve worked all over the world, and seen some truly Bad Places. This ain’t likely to become one of ’em.

    So I must admit that I can get a tidge pissed when people talk in terms of us and them.

    “If you’re not with us, you are with them ” is Hitler talk.

    The government doesn’t control the dumping of cadmium sludge into rivers because it hates business, and neither do the gun MODERATORS, not grabbers, wish us all to become disarmed sheeple.

    Any errors will be fixed, just like the 18th Amendment. The one which gave us an assault weapons ban as a side-effect.

    I tend to trudge the USA. What wrongs it’s done me are minimal, and were fixed.

    Say what you will.


    • I don’t see anything you posted that can’t be “fixed”, with a lobotomy, just kidding Russ. There are those here that have no use for me either. It was that voting thing. Peace, Randy

    • It is us and them buddy. They talk about conversations and compromise while they ram legislation down the people’s throats for the children and the greater good blah blah blah. We are no longer a government by the people for the people…it’s he who has the most money, makes the most noise, and can buy the most votes wins. Gun control as a concept started with the NFA in the 1930’s and has steadily removed people’s rights and choices with respect to firearms since. Where exactly is the compromise from the gun moderators? Allowing us to have double barrel shotguns and flintlock pistols? I’m a citizen, not a subject. My rights are guaranteed in the Constitution…the gun moderators have no right to infringe my rights. If you choose to live in a place without a Constitution and Bill of Rights, that’s your business…just don’t try to force your system into play here…you will find We the People are just as resistant to the idea as we were in 1776.


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