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[W]hile it’s true that firearms are the weapon of choice in more than half the murders in this country, it’s also true that only 7.9% of violent crimes were committed with guns.

The new McLaughlin & Associates survey of 1,000 likely voters from April 20 to 26 for the Crime Prevention Research Center shows how misinformed people are. People across the country, of all races and incomes, have wildly inaccurate beliefs about how frequently violent crime involves guns .

Even so, there are large differences across groups. The average Democrat estimates that 56.9% of violent crimes involve guns, whereas the typical Republican gave an answer of 37%. Those with the highest incomes (over $250,000 per year) and those who work for the government give the highest numbers – 56.1% and 51% respectively. Women (50%) believe that more violent crimes involve guns than men do (43%). Urban Americans say 48%, whereas rural Americans say 40%. But the biggest difference is between blacks (59%) and Asians (31%).

The McLaughlin survey also gave people three options on the best way to fight crime: Pass more gun control laws, more strictly enforce current laws, or have police concentrate on arresting repeat violent criminals.

Some respondents at least got it right that less than 20% of violent crime involves guns. Just 8% prioritized more gun laws, and 15% focused on stricter enforcement of existing laws. An overwhelming 71% thought the best way of fighting crime was to arrest violent criminals.

— John R. Lott, Jr. in When Misinformation Drives Bad Policy

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      • Especially when it is easier to be fooled than to accept you have been fooled.

        • sir allbert hall below…Didn’t WWII jolly old england beg the US for arms because of uk Gun Control that left its citizens without? It’s obvious arming english citizens/subjects was a waste of time according to your spew. And according to your knee pad surrendering self such a battle between armed civilians and nazis storm troopers was over before it began. I bet you assumed mighty Russia would have a field day in Ukraine too?

          Frankly you pathetic pos nazi lint licker…Where there were armed Jews there was underground resistance. Furthermore to be a Brown Shirt all you needed was a head full of crap and a brown shirt and run with a mob. Likewise to be most nazi soldiers.

          US Soldiers carried small arms such as the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Colt handgun, etc. and foot soldiers did a number on germans and japanese with such weapons. There was a large nazi POW Camp in Louisiana and the majority of them surrendered to US Soldiers carrying such small arms.

          What would you do? Fight or sit on your gutless behind and watch your family being separated, put on freezing trains and taken to a frozen concentration camp to either starve there or be forced into slave labor for the fuhrer’s many wacky projects?

          Bottom lines…History Confirms Your beloved rotten Gun Control agenda is rooted in racism and and genocide. You cannot song and dance your way around the History of Gun Control without looking like a pathetic pos. That’s Chiseled.

    • The Liberal Democrat Leadership with the help of their Propaganda Ministers in the media. Have been following the blueprint for the last 60 years of: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.” Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Minister of the Nazi Party. The problem for the Democrat Leadership is they can No Longer hide the Fact that the political, economic and military implication of those Lies are having an adverse effect on Society as a Whole. There will always be those in any Society that will believe the Ideology to their inevitable destruction. As happened to the Zealots of Adolf Hitler, including the Hitler Youth and people Of Germany who realized to late their ultimate fate. Fortunately the numbers of people who are No longer believing the Lies of the leaders promoting Liberalism and are becoming Woke to it’s inherent dangers are growing exponentially everyday. There is still time to wrest control of Our Nations Fate from those who wish it’s destruction, but make No mistake. All can still be lost. All EVIL needs to succeed, is for Good people to do Nothing to Stop IT. Keep Your Powder Dry…

      • Rest assured Gun Control zealots crying the loudest would have a cow if the perp in NY was sentenced to execution by Members of The NRA equipped with AR-15s. Criminal coddling crybabies from BAWN and their Gun Control ilk would stampede to stop such an execution like a herd of anti death penalty fruitcakes.

        There would be no volunteers coming from the sicko Gun Control crowd whose Gun Control agenda left grocery shoppers unarmed like Jews and misfits were unarmed in nazi germany or like Black Americans were unarmed and easy pickings for the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk.

        Besides the democRat Party itself Gun Control is the one race based atrocity still being promoted in America today…That fact is despicable.

        • If those JEWS and MISFITS in NAZI GERMANy had been armed just what effect would it have a had against the BROWN SHIRTS the SS or the GESTAPO -absolutely NOTHING in the slightest.
          If you are talking about ARMED resistance by organised militias and guerills that is an entirely different kettle of fish . Those organisations were every bit as DISIPLINED, trained and organised as the Forces of the State they faced even more so in many cases. Their GUN CONTROL was also every bit as De racoinan as the Forces of State> What they did NOT bloody well do was to go around shooting people willy-nilly Ill disiplined memebers of Guerilla and Partisan groups and loose cannons did not last very long. It’s about time idiot like you lost their misconceptions of just what armed rebellion against the State means.
          By the way just by expressing such views you are on somebodies list -that’s for absolute sure and one of the first in line for retribution. Every single person who was in that attempt to over throw the elected government of the USA and encouraged to do so by a half mad ex-president is on such a list I would imagine.
          The State cannot afford it to be otherwise.
          You can also bet you bottom Dollar that includes whatever party is elected and whatever President is put into the White House.
          There is an old political adage that says the FIRST ViCTIMS of REVOLUTION are those that instigate it because they are also the first to become disillusioned. The NAZI’s got rid of Rhoem and his Brownshirts, Stalin got rid of his most profficient Generals both before and after WW2 and any, even remotely, political opposition and LENIN got rid of all the followers o0f TROTSKY. THe French revolutionaries got rid of ROBESPIERE and the ‘Parliamentarians got rid of Oliver CROMWELL.

        • And the revolutionaries, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, were all executed by …

          Oh, wait — that didn’t happen.

        • “If those JEWS and MISFITS in NAZI GERMANy had been armed just what effect would it have a had against the BROWN SHIRTS the SS or the GESTAPO -absolutely NOTHING in the slightest.”

          Two cheers for historical ignorance. Google “Warsaw Ghetto Uprising”.

          With less than 10 rifles and less than 60 pistols, the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto kept the Germans out for nearly a month and killed quite a few of them. Considering there were over 50,000 Jews in the ghetto at the time, imagine if they had been *seriously* armed instead of having such a pittance of weapons.

        • “Considering there were over 50,000 Jews in the ghetto at the time, imagine if they had been *seriously* armed instead of having such a pittance of weapons.”

          Indeed! My greatest fear is that, despite being armed, we won’t recognize a dire situation where we *need* to use them, before it’s too late. Owning guns is necessary for the security of a Free State — but it’s not a *sufficient* condition for remaining free.

    • The truth has NO political implications the TRUTH is what it is For the life of me I dfo not understand the American propensity for many Americans to lablel any contra opinion as being somehow MARXIST or COMMIE without remotely understadning the political implication of either statement. I very mucgh doub that most Americans, especially those who’s education seemingly stopped at around 11 0r 12 years of age.
      Facts are facts to make of them what you will. The facts are that upwards of 20,000 persona s a year in the USA are victims of GUN CRIME and over HALF, as admitted in the opening comment of all murders are as a result of trhe use of firearms. It does NOT matter a Cat’s Cojom ne4s as to which Polpoitical Party give what numbers. The TRUTH as they say is OUT THERE and even in the UK I could not doubt access as can anybody connected to the net the US Governmment’s OFFICIAL numbers and any number of independent sources. Grabbing numbers from the air to support one political viewpoint or another does neither party any good

      • Vietnam and Afghanistan shows your wrong again.
        Put keep pushing your disinformation.
        Over 2/3 of firearms deaths are suicide, that’s not crime related, then accidents, self defense and law enforcement.
        By the actual numbers from doj and other government agencies the number of intentional murder with firearms is less then ten thousand people a year, out of a country of 320 million.
        And its the intentional murder that is the real issue as a majority are from criminals with prior criminal history.

        But that does not fit your ignorant narrative.

      • Albert Hall, the British Subject, are you denying that you are a Marxist?

      • If you prefer, we could call you a Nazi or a Fascist, instead.

        When someone is out to take my freedoms, I have to confess that I have a difficult time telling them apart — Nazi, Communist, Fascist, Marxist, Maoist — it’s all the same to me.

        And one of the indications that someone is out to take my freedoms, is they are determined to disarm me. If you were to ignore the murders of the big cities, you’ll find that the safest regions of the United States also has huge rates of gun ownership — and if you look at the cities excluded, you’ll find some of the strictest gun laws.

        Now, perhaps strict gun laws don’t cause gun crime, but one thing is absolutely certain: strict gun laws don’t prevent gun crime, either.

  1. Can fool some of the people some of the time, can fool the morons all the time!

  2. Well, we all know the left never let a fact get in the way of anything they want to believe or do.

    • Here! Here!

      The more often a left leaner opens their mouths about things they are ignorant f the more the left lose. Intelligent folks are opening their eyes to the real truth; that truth being that the political left has no real attachment to reality. They moan and groan after a crazy person (often one of their own brand) goes off the deep end and commits an atrocity like this. “MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS!” yet they all they can come up with are potential laws that do nothing more than the myriad of laws already tendered. So what if they think harsher limits on law abiding people will reduce crime… it’s a smoke and mirror way of tearing apart the Constitution. THAT RIGHT is un-revocable by law! Yet they try at every turn.

      One question to you Brits or wherever you are from where gun control has robbed you of self preservation; does YOUR Constitution protect your GOD GIVEN rights; those natural rights endowed to each adult by virtue of being born, to protect their own? Or is the sole right of the citizen only to have to wait for the constables to come to your rescue? What is the average wait time for that to happen? You have eliminated guns…so all we hear on this side of the pond is knives/machetes and explosives are used to kill/maim people. Is there any understanding over there that we (Americans) fought you off so we wouldn’t HAVE to follow in your footsteps? You can act all proud and conceited but the reality is ya’ll live in a totalitarian state. You are told what to do and when to do it. You have just been brainwashed for so many generations you can’t even see it! Australia is is no different. The prisoner colonies. No offense but ya’ll are even worse than the old Brits. Gave up your rights as humans voluntarily.

      Call Americans what you will, but don’t doubt that we are the greatest nation on earth as shown by the evidence; more immigrants risk their lives to come here than anywhere else.

  3. There are things that having a gun will do and then there are things that having one will NEVER do.

    AR15’s are not assault rifles and they do not take clips, they use magazines. Owning one does not make you a criminal. Using one to indiscriminately take human life does. Assault Rifles are real but they are military arms that no one can just walk into some random gun store and buy (certainly not for under a thousand). There are ‘assault weapons’ but THAT is a generic term that can mean ANYTHING. Even a lead pipe can be used to assault someone. All too often a simple punch using a balled up fist can bring assault charges. Politicians can claim ‘assault weapons bans’ but this is not even possible. Anyone can be assaulted with anything.

    The class that is required for getting a license to carry a concealed handgun does NOT constitute ‘training’. Too many people on both sides call it that and THAT has everyone thinking something that is not true.

    Firearms that hold ten rounds are not any less dangerous than the ones that hold thirty. They are ALL just as deadly as the ones that only hold one round.

    ALL guns are weapons of war. That includes air guns and blow guns. But then, it’s all too often proven that sex (or the promise of) is also used as a weapon of war. People NEED to understand that this phrase is only being used to scare people and really does not actually mean anything. Democrats have been trying to stoke fear in the hearts and minds of every living human being for the purpose of control for a very long time. FEAR is the weapon of war that the Democrat left uses.

    • The class does “train” one on what is an Unconstitutional restriction of rights.

      • There might be mention of this in the class. But you will get more “training” of that sort in TTAG. Those classes are there for two specific reasons more than anything else. Rather than registering your firearm, you register YOU. This also presents an official way of proving to someone else that you can atleast pull the trigger and hit a target without hurting yourself or someone else. None of which is “training”.

        You might own a few pots and pans and have a few years making tuna sandwiches but that doesn’t make you a gourmet chef.

  4. I’d bet it’s more than 7.9% in Chiraq for “gunn vio-lence”. But it’s still horrific. Lying is about all Dims n leftards have…

    • A few of the smaller cities have Chicago beat per capita but same template seems to apply.

  5. So, in the past few years we have added how many millions of new gun owners?

    I am not going to bother looking for the stats right now, but, if I recall correctly, folk who legally own guns have the lowest rate of violent crime. If that is true, then one way to reduce violent crime would be to encourage legal gun ownership.

    • Yup, yup, I know…correlation is not causation. But that little tidbit of scientific thinking does not stop the gun grabbers from correlating legal gun ownership with violence. Sooooo…….

  6. I like that stupid sign, half a million ‘gun murders’ in 53 years. Here, I see that lightning has killed thousands of Americans in a similar period of time – There oughtta be a lightning law!

    Never mind the traffic fatalities in this nation.

    That all assumes that half a million murders in 53 years are actually attributable to ‘gun violence’, and also assumes that the number is accurate.

  7. Way back when single shot, muzzle loading weapons were in common use, those with criminal intent would carry multiple pistols, and other weapons. When cap and ball revolvers were the newest thing, those who wanted more shots available either carried multiple weapons, or at least spare, loaded cylinders. As well as knives, tomahawks, axes, clubs, etc.
    Meaning that those who either have criminal intent, or feel they are under threat will find a way to have the abilities, and weapons they feel they need to accomplish their task/intent/crime. Gun control does not, will not, and can not prevent crime, or prevent suicides or murders. Several of the largest mass murder attacks in history were accomplished without firearms. And the worst atrocities ever committed upon people by governments were against unarmed victims. And who knows how many villages in Africa were wiped out in intertribal attacks using machetes clubs, spears and other non firearm weapons.
    Whether here in the US or in any other part of the world, it is the person who chooses to commit the act of violence that must be dealt with. The tool used is just what is available and a matter of choice and culture.

    • The sidearm, the second firearm, was and is not a criminal development. It was always a privilege held by a superior officer. Traditionally why the sidearm is either surrendered to the enemy last or kept in detention. It was an honor, not criminal intent. Intent means the desire to do something criminal then doing in, resulting in a crime.

      There are nations with hundreds of millions of people and dozens of tribes in them in Africa. They don’t use spears. We sell them firearms, missiles and drones. Those villages were strafed by richer nations’ planes, dropped with hellfire missiles, subject to raids, and targets of biochemical weapons programs.

      A tool is not just what it is, unless you feel the tools our foreign policy sell in Africa are just what they are. You are right: many of the largest mass murders have not been committed by gun. In the last 14 years nearly 4,000 Somalians have been killed by drone strike, a place we aren’t even at war technically.

      • “A tool is not just what it is, unless you feel the tools our foreign policy sell in Africa are just what they are.”

        Tools are tools. Period. The users determine their purpose through their use.

      • How many US murders by Somali “immigrants” in the last 14yrs?

        How many Somali “refugees” (temp residents) have left the US and returned to Somalia in the last ___ years?

        • chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

          According to sources only 3% of the refugees ever return to their home country.

  8. “An overwhelming 71% thought the best way of fighting crime was to arrest violent criminals.”

    If they were to do that, the screams of ‘racism!’ will be *deafening*… 🙁

    • Eh, according to the TV commercials I can get a set of nearly invisible hearing aids for virtually free so let ‘em scream…

  9. Just The Facts Ma’am…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  10. The Sleepy Joe Administration misnamed their “Truth” department. It should be called the Ministry of Propaganda.

  11. Counter-statistics are rarely persuasive to gun grabbers, or the genetically fearful, but this is a good page to keep.

  12. if there was only one “mass” shooting, ever, the media would hype it to the point that people would believe it was a different event, everyday (or multiple times a day), leaving the impression that the vast majority of violent crimes were “mass” shootings.

  13. Here in the UK as you probably know we have what we consider a very real problem with KNIFE CRIME. However on a per capita basis it’s still far less than the USA and mu8ch of that is that as well as Draconian Gun Control measures we also have Draconian meaures against the carrying and public possession of KNIVES without good cause and reason. It’s apparently easier for a 18 year old topurchase a firearm in most of the USA than is is for an 18 year old tom purchase a knife of THREE INCHES long in the UK.
    The point about knife crimne is mnthat it is in the majority of cases confined to a particular segment of society usually centred around either the control, mof DRUG TRAFICKING of on a ‘territorial gangsta’ basis and the ordinary citizen very very rarely becomes involved. [I’m now in my mid 80’s and have never bennthreatened by any weapon let alone a knife or gun, in my life and I have been in some pretty ‘tough’ areas in my time.
    Multiple deaths do occur withg knife crime in the UK but most if not all of these have bee TERRORIST ‘related and the same can be said about the very, very occasioanl use of motor vehicles for the same purpose. Ther is no such thing [apaert from the above ] of a mutli victim [ie more that 3 deaths or injury] in 99% of knife crime incidents. Nobody has KNIFED down a dozen school students or Mall customers with a knife.
    Take not os this. In the averaqge year there are less than 1000 illegal deaths from all cause in the UK and I have no reason to suspectb that the UK is anymore than the European average . This includes GUN CRIME, KNIFE CRIME. DOMESIC VIOLENCE [by far the most common] Acts Of TERRORISM and MANSLAUGHTER. This would mean that in the USA on a per capita basis some 5000+ illegal deaths per annum. You do the maths and you do the maths.
    Apart for the present war did you know that Ukraine that is and has been awash with firearms for many decades that it has a fraction of the DEath as a result of Gun Crime of the USA. ??

    • ” It’s apparently easier for a 18 year old topurchase a firearm in most of the USA than is is for an 18 year old tom purchase a knife of THREE INCHES long in the UK.”

      So, to purchase a three inch knife, an 18YO in England has to have a background check from the government? Really?!?

      “Apart for the present war did you know that Ukraine that is and has been awash with firearms for many decades that it has a fraction of the DEath as a result of Gun Crime of the USA. ??”

      Yes, and Switzerland has an literal Weapon of War ™ in the home of nearly every military-age male in the whole country and has a tiny murder rate as well.

      Why, it’s almost as if gun ownership and murder rate don’t actually correlate well at all. In fact, it’s **EXACTLY** like that, because they don’t.

      Also, the vast majority of murder in the US happens in a handful of very small areas… that have had among the strongest gun control laws in the nation for a long time. Chicago, Baltimore, New York City… a few large cities that are *very* badly run.

      For additional bonus points, in the US approximately half of **ALL** households have at least one firearm – the US has approximately *half* of all the privately owned guns **IN THE WORLD**. If gun ownership correlated with murder, you would expect the US to have something like half of all murders in the world.

      Oh look, the vast, overwhelming majority of households with guns have no murderers in them, and majority of murders are committed by a relatively small number of career criminals, usually drug-related.

  14. Let’s have some fun with math here.

    500k gun murders between 1960-2013, that 53 years. That comes to < 10k a year. Or, about one person per 3.5 million people.

  15. The U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey, in the latest year available (2020), shows that there were 4,558,150 rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults, and the FBI reports 21,570 murders. Of those, 350,460 rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults (see Table 8) and 13,620 murders involved firearms. So, while it’s true that firearms are the weapon of choice in more than half the murders in this country, it’s also true that only 7.9% of violent crimes were committed with guns.

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