Milwaukee restaurant attack DGU
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As the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex makes sure to remind us at every opportunity, women are more endangered by having a gun in the home than they are protected by them. Oh, and any chick dizzy enough to consider carrying a firearm will only have it taken away and used against her. So don’t even bother.

Leave aside for a moment how insultingly patronizing and sexist those messages are. Instead, watch this video and show it to the next hoplophobe who parrots that rote, anti-gun catechism at you.

The attack happened in a Milwaukee restaurant when a “customer” walked back into the kitchen and cold-cocked the cook. That’s when the waitress behind her drew a pistol as he approached her, too.

“It is sickening to see this unsuspecting worker assaulted so brutally by this individual,” Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said.

The woman who was hit had a concussion but is back at the work.

Another worker, who pulled out a gun and pointed it at the man to get him away from the victim, has quit.

“I thank God that the one waitress had a concealed carry and pulled out her gun. I shudder to think what might have happened had she not been able to do that. What this guy would’ve done,” Donovan said.

Police know who the man is but are still looking for him.

Yes, it is sickening. But it’s also another example of a successful defensive gun use, one that didn’t require firing a shot. It happens literally hundreds of thousands of times a year in the United States, a fact that President Obama’s National Research Council confirmed.

There’s simply no denying that a firearm is frequently the best, most effective tool a woman can use to even the odds against a bigger, stronger, faster, more aggressive attacker. Just as it did in that Milwaukee restaurant.

Does that matter one whit to Gabby Giffords, Shannon Watts, Joan Peterson, Lucia McBath, Kamala Harris or Carolyn Maloney? Of course not. They’d prefer to see women disarmed, defenseless and vulnerable to thugs like the guy in the video above. Better to have them injured or dead than able to demonstrate that guns can and really do save lives. Now that’s sickening.

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  1. Libs/dems do not listen to facts…
    they are fine with 600,000+ deaths by abortion each year, but try and convince themselves that it is not a life yet
    imagine if a fetus was found in ANY other place in the universe…it would be hailed as LIFE under those circumstances…RIGHT?

  2. She could have shot him and claimed that she was defending a coworker. (Felonious assault is enough to justify the use of Deadly Force). There isn’t a court in the land that would have convicted her.

    • “There isn’t a court in the land that would have convicted her”


    • Really? White woman shoots a black man, plenty of courts would convict, with elevated hate crime charges as well.

      • It is beyond that, it was video recorded. I think it wouldn’t be a waste for society if she had dropped him, but it depends on state law heavily. Here in Maryland unless the person is in your home you basically can’t meet force with anything other than a similar level of force. Someone punches you, if you pull out a gun and shoot them, you are probably getting a manslaughter charge. Maybe you’ll have a sympathetic jury. Now maybe if they had a deadly weapon the DA might decide not to press charges.

        Hopefully there are more sane than insane states in this country, but only a handful have no retreat laws.

  3. If having a gun means it will just be taken away from you and used against you, doesn’t that mean that once the perp has taken it from you, he is the one who is now vulnerable to have it taken from him and used against him?

    Guns do save lives. They get perpetrators and victims stuck in an endless loop of passing it back and forth.

    • Ha! If they’re both women, then I guess that’s the only possible way it could go. It’ll only end when one of them frees a hand to call the police, or finally drops of exhaustion.

      But I’m afraid this joke merely shows that you don’t understand the truth. Criminal perpetrators are stronger and better than you in every possible way. No one can resist, and no one should.

      After all, victim-status equals power. You are the victim of a single human, but that single human is the victim of an entire society. Even if you could resist such victim-power, it would be wrong; to resist would be to oppress this poor person even further.

      • “But I’m afraid this joke merely shows that you don’t understand the truth. ”

        The most I would conclude is the commenter may not be fully proficient in the use of irony, or perhaps the commenter can be more subtle and ironic than we can understand.

  4. I love this vid

    you can just see that split second when his Johnson and balls deflated at the sight of the gun, yet tried to hold back the tears as he walked away to save his own life….I am sure that he is ‘woke’ now.

    • a firearm is usually enough to keep jamf punks like this one off your a$$, every female should have a .380 on hand

  5. He cold-cocked the cook and continued to walk towards the second woman.

    In Florida, that would have been a good shoot, as the second woman had just witnessed a violent assault, and the assailant was heading towards her…

    • It would have been a good shoot because of the serious advantage of size/strength the attacker had over the victims (in quasi-legal terms disparity of force).

      Had the victims been men, they would have had a harder time justifying using deadly force because the courts figure male victims would be able to defend themselves successfully with their fists.

  6. THIS is all over the news. Curiously overwhelmingly pro-gun. I wonder if the leftard “news” would condemn her if she shot the bastard?!?

  7. The best part of this is her behavior pre-draw. She sees something coming, backs up, gets her hand staged, and is ready the instant the friendly is out of the way. 10/10 for technique and response time.

  8. My favorite part? Not having to retrieve her purse to rummage around for her gun.
    Say “no” to off-body carry!

  9. “Another worker, who pulled out a gun and pointed it at the man to get him away from the victim, has quit.”

    Hopefully she finds a better job with a company that values their employees.

    • Was she asked to quit, or did she decide to implement “avoid stupid people doing stupid things” by leaving the place where she met a stupid person doing stupid stuff?

      • She probably resigned to avoid some kind of retaliation from the dude. It’s pretty easy to move on if you make an hourly minimum wage.

  10. She could have dropped him. Witnessed an assault, moved towards her for round two, could have been a dead mofo right there. Then the cops would have little trouble finding him. He’s the sorry sack of shot on the floor with a few extra holes in him.

  11. The lefts message of enabling murderers and rapists is just one of many reasons we have Trump for president.

    They are destroying themselves and their chances in this country. Have a beverage of choice and popcorn ready for the tears in November.

  12. I thank God that the one waitress had a concealed carry and pulled out her gun. — Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    That is WINNING!

    • No kidding.
      Huge win for our side when a Milwaukee Alderman says that.

      Wonder what he’ll say the next time the Chief babbles about having his ‘troops’ assault open carriers.

  13. Dead victims support the narrative that guns do not save lives. People with guns do not save lives.


      • Another classy response from the intellectually impaired.

        Perhaps a re-read, and deeper think would result in understanding a cutting snark at the anti-gun crowd.

        Maybe not. People who resort to foul language and personal attack seldom have the capacity to analyze the written word. You may benefit from requesting a refund of the money spent on what was called education in your life.

  14. Now, what’s important is that none of you white men express any racism at witnessing this assault by a strong, proud man of color on a couple of white women.

  15. This coward is lucky to be alive. She has such a smooth draw and did it without hesitation. He knew that she meant business.

  16. This is an example of a good person with a gun saving the day.

    Good job! Violent assault is extremely dangerous of a situation and can quickly turn into extreme bodily harm out of no where.

  17. Where’s the Justice? Why wasn’t this posted everywhere? It was on IG one day if that and now it can’t be found anywhere! The double-standards are sickening to say the least and I want to see this pc of 💩 lose his job and get arrested.

  18. Sorry I’m a newbie when it comes to debate about citizens with guns. Isn’t most gun legislation aimed at being more selective about who is trained and authorized to carry guns, and what kinds of guns should be available for purchase? The video does suggest to me that there is a good case for being prepared to defend one another against this kind of violence and threat.

    • First, you start with the second amendment, as written, in its proper context. The key phrase is “…shall not be infringed”. Which has the same force as “Congress shall make no law …” in the first amendment.

      You enter the discussion at the proposition gun ownership is a “right”, and there are no conditions or exceptions written in the constitution. No training or permissions required.

      Then, you decide which firearm you want, whether or not to purchase formal training (to a level of competence determined by you), whether or not you wish to carry a firearm with you in the dwelling and, or outside, in public, concealed or openly carried.

      Then you frequent a blog covering guns and gun ownership, and denigrate or insult anyone who does not agree with you.

      And a good time was had by all.

      • Absolutely correct as “Shall” is the key term when executed in this context meaning this absolutely cannot be changed, almost as if our founders had some kinda extraterrestrial knowledge of future affairs. Naw they probably just knew how lame our political system would become as a result of our corruptible nature!
        Good Job, You Old Dead Gentlemen!!

  19. Great example of concealed carry and responsible gun ownership. As a gun owning Texan, I’ve had plenty of conversations with Independents and Democrats and the vast majority of them do not want to repeal the 2nd amendment. Rather, they want strong background checks, crackdown on the black market, red flag laws, and laws to hold people accountable if their guns are used in crimes and have not been reported stolen.

    The vocal minority always drowns out the silent majority. Unfortunately there is so much fake news out there by the extreme right and left (i.e the crazies who have nothing better to do) that every time anything related to guns is reported in the media it turns into a social media war between tough guys in basements on the extreme right and left instead of a constructive democratic conversation to make America safer.

    • “Independents and Democrats and the vast majority of them do not want to repeal the 2nd amendment.”

      To sort wheat from chaff (to copy a phrase), present this scenario:
      Your state governor has two bills to disposition. They are the last two open pieces of legislation, and the session is about to expire for two years. The state constitution declares the governor must officially dispose of the bills before the session ends. The governor is not allowed to let the bills “die” without action.

      The two bills are these: one establishes sanctuary state, the other constitutional carry. Which do you want to governor to sign, which to veto?

  20. I live in California which is one of the most ridiculous gun law regulation states in the Union. If this happened in California not only would the person who drew the gun be placed in prison for the rest of her life but the woman who was knocked out on the floor would be placed on death row.

    Insane liberal politicians like Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are protected 24/7 by armed security but they don’t want the rest of the people in this state to be able to protect themselves.

    I find it amazing that liberal women who fight for all sorts of women’s rights and equality are willing to remain silent when anti-gun groups say women should not have guns because they will just be taken away from them. That is so incredibly condescending and sexist that I almost puke everytime I hear it. I know many women who own guns and I have seen them shoot on the range. These women could kick the a** of most men any day of the week in a firefight.


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