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“Retired Gen. David Petraeus is teaming up with former astronaut Mark Kelly to form a gun-control advocacy group that ‘respects the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans,'” reports. “Petraeus and Kelly are joined by other military veterans, including retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal and retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, in launching the ‘Veterans Coalition for Common Sense.’ The group’s stated purpose is to urge lawmakers to do more to prevent mass gun tragedies.”

Somehow I don’t think that Veterans for Common Sense will be pleased with the news. Nor anyone who values Americans’ gun rights. Like, say, members of the armed forces who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, whose Second Amendment prohibition against “common sense gun control” seems pretty clear.

Apparently not. Here’s Kelly’s statement launching the group:

As service members, each of us swore an oath to protect our Constitution and the homeland. Now we’re asking our leaders to do more to protect our rights and save lives.

Protect our rights. Right. Retired Marine Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney is on board with that interpretation.

I believe that our Constitution affords responsible Americans the right to own guns, but we need to keep dangerous people from having easy access to guns. Felons, domestic abusers, even known terrorists can buy a gun here without something as simple as a criminal background check. This has to stop. Our laws don’t support responsible gun ownership, and far too often guns fall into the hands of dangerous, irresponsible people.

Here’s another founding member’s justification for abandoning his oath [via]:

R Adm Jamie Barnett, a member of the advisory board, said in an emailed statement that his experience as a deputy commander of the navy showed him the extensive training sailors needed to use firearms.

“I saw first-hand the incredible power of firearms, and I know the precautions we taught to keep people safe,” Barnett said. “But I also know the dangers guns pose when they are in the hands of dangerous people.”

What about the danger of military men supporting civilian disarmament?

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    • I order new parts each time one of these wackmacs spouts more idiocy. It is lightening my wallet and an unsupportable rate… 😉

  1. Wow, not surprised that flag officers like their gun control. That’s their stock in trade. Keep your soldier, sailors, airmen and marines disarmed until you want them to be armed. And when you subdue a nation disarm them/it.

    • Its all about “Control”; they miss not being able to order everybody around and have their lackeys fetch their coffee. All those General grade officers are control freaks; you don’t make that rank without it….

      Fukking Petraus is now a felon;…. he can’t even own a gun anyway… Was that pu$$y worth it Mr Petraus??

      • It’s not about control, it’s about money. These clowns are getting paid.

  2. Oh General Patraeus, BTW, too bad you didn’t feel the way about the classified information you were giving to your mistress that you feel about guns. You probably wouldn’t have a conviction right now.

    • No, this group should be lined up and shot or hung in a public square by the troops they stood on to get to the top.

      As a 16 yr Marine CWO, these bastards using their flag officer status to attach credibility to this shite is beyond disgusting.

      • Exactly sir, I’m retired NCO I’ve seen these so call commissioned officers that are more concern about the careers, I spent 22 years in serving, I’ve been in combat, I don’t trust these bozos one bit, with all dues respect

    • Glad this guy isn’t in charge. Although… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see certain people tarred and feathered.

  3. It looks like these dumbshits are the ones that Obama got rid of it because even he could not stomach them now they’re giving him hand jobs to try and get back into his good graces. Too bad they are traitors to the American public they should retire and just fade away gracefully.

    • These Generals are the former idols. Gen Patreus is the author of the Anbar Awakening and modern counter-insurgency.

      Gen Stanley McChrystal is the one who criticized the President in a private and had a loose lipped Lieutenant tell Rolling Stone. Gen McChrystal had the balls to admit his error when he could have denied it because it would be his word versus a junior officer. He does what he believes in, even when he says things like pooling air assets in Afghanistan and he received the hate of other branches.

      I believe many people still have a great amount of respect for them. They are willing to accept responsibility for a policy. The policy of gun control shows positive action to control gun crime where the lack of regulation shows inaction and culpability for lack of planning.

      • They may be excellent commanders, but it soesn’t mean they know squat about gun rights. And gun crime is not solved by gun control.

  4. You don’t get to that rank – at least in peacetime – without being a politician. This isn’t at all surprising, but it is a little sad.

    • PEACETIME? What peacetime are you thinking of? Islam has been at war with US and the rest of the civilized war years.

      • War? Please it’s terrorism. …although your masters appreciate that the propaganda worked. So you think Iraq and Afghanistan were going to invade us?

        • DaveW… please read a bit of history. Germany AND Japan were scared of the new Soviet state. Nazis were happy to give The Glorious Japanese Empire technology in exchange for a Pacific war which they hoped would distract us for long enough to complete their European ambitions. The problem arose when Stalin turned out to be more ruthless than Hitler had counted on. They had made a peace treaty in ’39 which neither party planned on honoring. Japan was ONLY meant to be another puppet state like Vichy France. If they distracted the U.S. then all the better. Also read up on Soviet intelligence agencies. They put the NSA to shame. None of this is meant to discount that American government didn’t learn from Nazis and Soviets and fascist Japanese.

  5. “What about the danger of military men supporting civilian disarmament?”

    I think the civil disarmament crowd is finally realized the “for the children” canard has run its course. Americans have chosen sides and aren’t budging. It the end it was always going to be uniformed stormtroopers kicking down doors and killing citizens. This move is to acclimatize the gun control side for the authoritarian steps necessary achieve to their goals. I expect the “gun owners are exactly like the Islamic terrorists” rhetoric to spike sharply ultimating leading to “we need to treat them as such.” I hope I am wrong.

    • I’m retired military sir, I have kicked the doors down in foreign countries, I pray it doesn’t happen here with the criminal syndicate in charge of the hen house here

  6. I see the military has its “Top Cop” counterpart as well. Interesting how all those mentioned above have stood in the media spotlight under Obama’s watch. I see a few sad faces desperately trying to get their reputations back.

  7. The only thing I would ask of our ‘leaders’ is to shut up and leave me alone. I got it from here.

  8. Felons, domestic abusers, even known terrorists can buy a gun here without something as simple as a criminal background check.

    Well, when they are buying some guns out of the back of a thug’s sedan… they still won’t be undergoing a background check.

    • More importantly, why does our government let “known terrorists” run around in public? Why not arrest them, prosecute them, and imprison them? Could it be that these “known terrorists” are not really terrorists?

  9. This country is unique in that servicemen and women oath is to a document, not an individual and against all enemies foreign and domestic. General Petraeus just betrayed that oath and now a domestic terrorist.

    • I don’t think General Patraeus’ actions make him a “domestic terrorist”, I think they simply make him a domestic enemy of the United States of America.

  10. Makes you wonder about all of the so called “good grunts” –who, “hate the administration, not the soldier”…which is a version of the gangbanger “hate the game, not the player”– would follow this guys every order, and those like him. My opinion, you don’t get a pass.

  11. Why dont we just ask folks if they are good or bad?
    Or do you think your going to flip out and pull the trigger on somebody or drive a car into a crowd of people?
    Would you ever torch an apartment building with people it?
    Or any other bit of madness anybody can think of?
    Everyone will be more than honest…..right?

    Respect to your former position and rank!

    But to the disconnect of reason that your ever going to keep all the murderers from participating in their chosen path is an absolute irresponsible lack of good judgement.
    It embarrases me as an American to see former miltary speak for laws that may chip away at the Bill of rights.
    As to the right to their opinion, it’s all theirs, not mine.

  12. The flag ranks are awash with leftist kooks. They’ve destroyed the military. Now they’re moving on to the rest of the country.

    • In my experience, every veteran I’ve met who was also a Democrat/anti went Navy or Air Force. Army tends to lean pro-gun, but as seen above, CO territory gets weird. I have yet to meet a Marine who, upon learning that I don’t (yet) have an AR-15 in my gun cabinet, asked “Why not,” but with much more colorful word choice.

      • There are some liberal Marines but not a whole heck of a lot.

        More common in my experience are people who claim to be retired from the Corps and try to use that to lend credence to their anti-gun arguments. They’re pretty easy to spot, just ask what their MOS was and they’ll either give you a “Huh?” or they’ll try to act all hard and say “I was in the infantry, 11B”, which is where the laughing starts.

      • My observation has been that while many high-ranking officers may have been ostensibly conservative, being life long government employees of one of the largest government programs in history and accustomed to the type of entitlement programs and top-down control inherent to military life, they tended to be big government Republicans. As accomplishing military missions has been supplanted by facilitating progressive social goals, they’ve gotten worse.

  13. I don’t understand why a presumption is made that serving in the military grants one special insight or understanding outside of specific and direct experience.

    And, as others mention, Petreus is an odd choice. He lost credibility with the left for his military position, lost credibility with the right for conduct unbecoming and officer, lost credibility with libertarians because he got off easy for sharing top secret information while a peon got 10 years for releasing confidential. What does he bring to the table?

    • His is a well-known name. He may not be super reputable with anyone, but with America’s celebrity culture, simple name recognition is unfortunately worth a lot more than the reputation of the person attached to that name….

    • I don’t understand why a presumption is made that serving in the military grants one special insight or understanding outside of specific and direct experience.
      The chairborne commandos just know everything and are super competent versus the dumb little serfs.
      The place is starting to resemble Starship Trooper society.
      Here is one for the high speed low drag operators to munch on; when I was of prime military age…
      Criminals joined the military because they would have been sent to jail otherwise.
      Students who flunked out of college joined the military or they would have been drafted.
      Workers who could not hold down a job went into the military.
      Job seekers with no skills or work ethic to gain employment went into the military.

  14. So the face of gun control is a convicted criminal and disgraced military commander. I have a hard time thinking anyone taking them seriously except the civilian disarmament complex.

  15. The flag officers behind this civilian disarmament campaign should be referred to as ‘former government employees’ rather than as veterans. That term should reserved for the men and women in uniform who were faithful to their oaths and the Constitution. Petraeus disgraced himself and the uniform when he shared classified information with his mistress. This is just the last nail in the coffin for his tattered reputation. As for Kelley, he should never have married that left wing wife of his.

  16. Stack it high, stack it deep, pray for this nation, and resist evil and tyranny.
    God Bless America.

  17. Prevent mass gun tragedies? What specific law do they want passed that would have prevented Sandy Hook, Isla Vista, Columbine, VA Tech, Aurora, or Ft. Hood?

    Make schools, theaters, and military bases gun-free zonrs?

  18. What about the danger of military men supporting civilian disarmament?
    The military has slowly become more of the politician’s little bitch.
    I just always love when the Personnel Manager at work waxes on about our valiant military members defending our rights in the middle east.
    I just wish our high speed low drag operators would defend our rights in the middle west.
    The whole government is a bunch of little whores who break their oaths. Clinton Cash is probably a normal operating procedure.
    This country looks more like Venezuela every day.

    • “The military has slowly become more of the politician’s little bitch.”

      Military has always been a bitch to civilian leadership. Patray-us is the first to drop to his knees, jack up his ass and firmly ease into to anti-gunners disarmament pole.

    • The Constitution is what makes the military the ‘little bitch of civilian leadership’. To have it any other way would be a military dictatorship. Not that I support this group or their goals, but anyone who has served has the right to their own opinions. Just like any American. And to infer that the military should somehow be able to stand-up to civilian leadership is why I keep my guns clean.

  19. Looks like he’s trying to “rehabilitate” himself with a political career in mind….

    • His days of leadership, civilian or otherwise is over. He’s warming up to Mark hoping for a rocket ride and a zero G circle jerk.

  20. Sold your loyalty for a blow job. Just the type of leader we need to tell me qbout the dangers of the big bad wprld

  21. Wow…I can’t imagine starting a group with any more people who should not be trusted by anyone.

    Patrues and McChrystal BOTH resigned in shame

    BOTH of these guys were major players in the Iraq/Afghan wars and never once stood up to the President to say “Hey, these things aren’t winnable. We shouldn’t be here.” BOTH actually called for double downing and increasing troops in both places. Huh….be nice if they were as worried about sending young men into meat grinders for basically nothing as they were about civilian disarmament.

    Then there’s this guy

    Oh…he’s a good little nazi. As head of the NSA he was responsible for both a program of warrant less wiretapping of domestic calls and spying on US citizens.

    Marine Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney
    .this guy is some progressive Dem ….one of those people who support Obama and him making the military more progressive
    He’s even received awards for his recognizing Climate Change as a security threat to the US

    guess I shouldn’t be surprised….all career guys who looked more to get favor from Politicians than look out for the troops. This just shows how far apart the Elites of this country…now even the Military elites….are from the average citizen. Just more elites who want to control us dumb citizens.


    LOVE the condesnsing points of this article…you see…these guys are TOP GENERALS so we better listen to them. They are the experts since the army uses guns!

    Prentice said that veterans are the nation’s experts on firearms because of their military training and experience in combat. “But we also believe that we should be doing everything we can to keep guns out of the wrong hands and help address gun suicides as well,” Prentice said.

    Um….no. The majority of today’s veterans weren’t in real combat. And their few days in boot camp they went to the range doesn’t make them experts in anything. And even most of the combat ones aren’t experts. They shot M16s at people…how does that make them an expert in policies concerning guns or the 2nd Amendment?

    Along with addressing that crisis, the initiative seeks to close background check loopholes, strengthen existing gun control laws and partner with other veterans groups. “Many of these veterans have seen the role guns play in the hands of trained responsible people but they also understand the consequences when they fall into the wrong hands,” said Prentice.

    Ok…so they want a national registry of guns and gun owners(the only way you can really limit private sales without background checks)…and that is CLEARLY unconstitutional. And any idiot can see that will only lead to confiscation. You want to “strengthen” current laws which means your want MORE restrictions on guns…another violation of the Constitution…got it. And there’s that TRAINING buzzword again. You see….you need to be TRAINED(some govt official decides what you must learn and then the license you must have to prove that training) or you are dangerous and shouldn’t have a gun.
    I love the language these guys use….it’s really pure propaganda. We won’t talk about GUN CONTROL, GUN BANS, NATIONAL GUN OWNER REGISTRIES… we’ll just say it’s RESPONSIBLE and COMMON SENSE. They are using the exact same language that the gun banners do.

  23. Bloomberg’s newest employees. Positioning themselves for cabinet level jobs if Billary is elected. Sec of Homeland Disarmament, Sec of Reeducation, Sec of Homeland Snitches.

  24. “Tell me General…how much did they pay you to sell out your countrymen?”

    Too bad. I’d thought Pretraeus to be a good guy. Clearly I was wrong. Just like he’d spill secrets to get a (subordinate) piece of ass, he’d sell us all out to stay in the spotlight. What a piece of star-wearing shit.

  25. Not surprised. I got a fairly anti-2A ex-military son. Now he works at DoD. A gun for me(“I’m highly trained and special!”)> yer just a dumb bo-hunk. Yeah BETRAY-US is no surprise. Maybe he’s tryin’ out for job in the hildebeast .gov…

  26. I think they have just figured out how to make money on a speaking tour. Having retired, they need something to do. Looks like a lot of Lib groups are happy to pay to hear these people lie in public.

    This is a great ruse.

    They say crime does not pay, but there is a crime that really does pay — being a politician. These guys have figured out which crime family they wish to support. They will find politically appointed jobs by following an agenda and they are lining up.

    • He’s not retired. Right now, he is in Dresden playing the game with the who’s who of the western world. He is working on a new role in the international power structure.

  27. I think Congress should strip them of their military pensions and insurance. Bloomberg has enough money to pay them. Use the money saved to open up new shooting ranges.

  28. They should just be honest for once and change the name to “Veterans Against the Bill of Rights”.

    Jeffrey Dahmer was a veteran and I wouldn’t have taken dating or dietary advice from him.

    I’m no more inclined to ditch the Bill of Rights just because a former Obama stooge thinks I ought to.

  29. These guys are free to hold any opinion they like and the rest of us are just as free to ignore that opinion.

  30. I knew a SGT in the Army that told General Petraeus to F#$$ off to his face. Needless to say General Petraeus can be a real creep. (Long story…) After hearing this I am respecting that SGT more and more now. 🙂

  31. And here I thought all those years ago that the “General Betray Us” nickname was outlandish slander from the left. Guess he decided to prove them right for once.

  32. I would love the opportunity to call them oath breakers to their faces.

    These men aren’t worthy to kiss the boots of the men they once commanded.

  33. The world is a complicated place. It is NOT just composed of gun-loving heroes and gun-hating villains. Though both of those things exist, there are as many nuanced viewpoints as there are people.

    I already know that I disagree with some of what this group is promoting, but I will say that it is a POSITIVE development. We need these groups (with whom we have some common ground) to gain support at the expense of more extreme groups.

    To read many of the comments, you would think that anyone who is not for UTTER deregulation is a secret card-carrying, blood-initiated, koolaid-imbibing acolyte of the vast left-wing conspiracy (or the VLWC).

    • You might want to check out Space cadet Kelly and what he has spoken about all over the nation, while dragging his wife around, and then get back to us. There will be almost nothing good coming from this organization.

      • Well, you’re right, if he alone controls the groups agenda. But time will tell whether that is the case. We should wait before we heat up the tar and pluck our chickens.

        • We don’t need to…if you’ve been around long enough you’ve seen this dog and pony show before. This is just another astroturf anti-gun group backed by the same old big anti-gun backers trying to act “mainstream”. A quick google search will find dozens and dozens of them.

          One need only look at the language they use…”responsible”….”safety”….”training”……”common sense”..”background checks”…….”loopholes”…’s all Goebbels level propaganda. After-all…who could be against honored veterans wanting common sense and responsibility with guns? But it’s the same language the anti-gun crowd now uses as guns are very popular and phrase like “gun control” and “gun bans” don’t poll well..

          If you cut through the propaganda language and the vague ideas they are pushing you’ll find this group is what they all are for. They want the end to any private sales(can only really be done with a national gun registry)….the end to sales of “dangerous” guns like ARs, AKs(along with their high cap mags)…..the licensing(they’ll saying training) of all gun owners….etc etc In others words…they want to severly limit or outright destroy our gun culture.

          The fact this group is led pretty much by criminals, big govt hacks, and people who have no problem with spying on the American people(more trashing of the Constitution) tells me all I need to know about their goals as a group.

    • Bag the dissimulation.

      So-called “universal background checks” are UTTERLY MEANINGLESS without REGISTRATION.

      Registration has NO purpose apart from facilitation of future CONFISCATION.

      Give it up, nobody’s believing the AHSA, fifth column lies.

      The REAL goal is BANS AND CONFISCATION. EVERYBODY knows it now.

    • It is not a “conspiracy theory” to note this is a Bloomberg group. When Trace came out the NRA said it was Bloomberg and everyone said it was independent. It later tuned out to in fact Bloomberg.
      Bloomberg literally does have a dozen fronts.

      He has to keep changing them because as recently as 8 years ago they were supporting total bans. Yes total bans for even just home ownership even if you pass a background check and undergo training and testing. Which groups? Every single national gun control group. That is a conspiracy to completely remove the second amendment rights of all Americans without the constitutional process (amendment process)

  34. These guys especially lack knowledge of firearms. Look at McChrystal’s comments in the TTAG article a few years ago. He just showed he has no clue with his statement. I’m sure the others are in the same boat.

    The first time I did training outside of the Army, it showed me how poorly I had been trained. Most people in the Army are not much better, or worse qualified that many civilians i’ve met and trained with on firearms. So, when people throw out military credentials like it makes them super operators who know everything about firearms, I just roll my eyes. After all of my military training, I’ve probably learned the most from a civilian who has zero military or police experience. He just knows his stuff. Like someone said earlier, the military does not give someone special insight into firearms, just as spawning another human being does not make the MDA “mommies” experts on the universe.

  35. ‘As service members, each of us swore an oath to protect our Constitution and the homeland. Now we’re asking our leaders to do more to protect our rights and save lives.” What the “right” is Kelly referring to/ The “right” to dent my right or the right to be the biggest mooch on his mentally-impaired wife?

  36. Point #1 ” known terrorists can buy a gun here”
    If they are known terrorists why aren’t they in jail or being prosecuted.

    Point #2 If members of this group are still in the armed forces they can not participate in this political campaign and wear the uniform at the same time.

    Point#3 There was a reason our Founding Fathers feared having a Standing Army.
    They warned us of the potential consequences.
    They knew from experience that the best protection was having a Citizens Army, a Constitutional Militia.
    If the citizens are not allowed to keep and bear arms, then only our standing army will be armed.
    Then we truly would be slaves.
    This is a lesson that has been shown over and over again since Antiquity.

    Guns only for the military and not for the citizens?
    Over YOUR dead body.

  37. “Known terrorists”?

    KNOWN to WHOM???

    If they’re “known”, why aren’t they in prison or dead?

    Oh yeah, the “no fly list”.

    Tell us again how you get on it? Then tell us how you get OFF of it? That’s ok, nobody ELSE seems to know EITHER.

    So then should anyone on the list ALSO be forbidden from VOTING… or HOLDING OFFICE?

    Say, wasn’t Ted Kennedy on that list…?

  38. Petraeus is the classic example of thinking with the little head, breaking security rules and his marriage vows for a piece of a$$.

    How desperate he is to re-enter the Ruling Elite, to violate his Officers Oath, by teaming up with Bloomberg Faux Moms and Soro’s Space Cadet.

  39. I attended Mark Kelly and Gabby Gifford’s dog and pony show at the VA statehouse with some other VCDL members, including the VCDL president, Phil Van Cleave. We all had our orange “Guns Save Lives” buttons on. Mark and Gabby came over and introduced themselves to us and were very nice. Then an aide came over and told us there would be no Q&A and we couldn’t say anything. So much for 1A.

    Mark and Gabby hosted a panel discussion of people who were truly all anti-gunners, including a veteran, an ex-cop, and a lady who heads an anti-violence-towards-women group. BTW this same gal lobbied against expedited CHLs for women with protective orders. There were also clergy, community activists, lawyers, politicians, etc.

    Here’s the list of the panel’s objectives, all of which Mark and Gabby agreed with:No transfer of firearms ownership without a NICS check or mandatory police report, under penalty of law. This includes sale, gift, inheritance, loss or theft. Immediate confiscation of guns to go with a judge’s order of protection or mental impairment with no due process…BUT no required involvement of mental health professionals because of privacy issues. So the mental health judgement is all done by mental health amateurs. It is basically friends and family dropping a dime on you.

    Magazine capacity limits. Mandatory training. More gun-free zones with greater penalties. The usual. The incredible hypocrisy was that most of the panel prefaced their remarks with things like, ” I support 2A” and/or ” I own guns myself.” before launching into their tirades. I think this is the new “Trojan Horse” approach.

  40. Right . . . Patraeus, who cared so much about American freedom that he gave his Liberal media reporter mistress access to classified material.

    Yeah, lot’s of credibility there.

  41. OK, I hate it when my tinfoil hat gets all excited. At what point does “paranoid” become “not paranoid, when it’s true?”

    – Patraeus bowed out more or less quietly, just as his existence became more awkward for the current administration.

    – The security issue cam out at a … convenient time, politically. A good while after it was discovered.

    – And now, this, as the D-party uses “Ban the guns!” to mobilize their base for the upcoming elections.

    I hate it when I’m tempted to take InfoWars seriously. But really, how conveeeeenient this all is. What’s the line on whether they’ve got something on him, they’re holding back to threaten his pension?

  42. There’s on old joke the purpose of the military is to defend democracy, not practice it.

    But many military officers end up institutionalized to the point where they think the world is a military camp and citizens are raw recruits who don’t know what’s good for them without “guidance” from their betters.

    For a more extreme example, look at Myanmar (formerly Burma).

  43. Democracy has no use for a warrior unless there is s war. When war is over and value of a uniform is traded in the compromise citizen’s rights, then the oath was nohing more than a formality to get coin.

    Petraeus is a Judas. Send him a rope in defense of liberty. If any honor remains, he’ll find a tree.

  44. Petraeus your guaranteed going to hell for adultery unless you repent. No one will going to hell for owning guns.

  45. For a bunch of general officers who lacked the intestinal fortitude (balls) to stand up to a treasonous commander-in-chief they are now a washed up bunch of traitorous bastard s and undeserving of any respect. When they combine with Spaceman Kelly and his marionette wife to attack my second amendment rights it is too much.

  46. Petraeus and the others, I think, may have been duped in some way. Anything regarding guns which Mark Kelly is involved with l already reject. have already seen his support of 2A when he sought to buy ARs for him and his wife (Sen Gabbie Giffords) in an effort to display how easy it was for people to buy “assault weapons”. He was supporting his wife and pushing for “sensible controls” like banning so called “assault rifles”.

  47. I’ll never understand how the police can run your info on the streets and in 2 seconds know if you have warrants etc. But the FBI can take more than 3 days to complete or not complete a background check.

  48. When I was I Afghanistan at camp leatherneck, we were not issues ammunition until I was already there for a week or three. It seems after all the training we, and everyone, had throughout their military career and stateside workups, that we couldn’t be trusted until we went to the range in Afghanistan before we could be trusted to carry bullets in a magazine but not in the weapon.

    I know one battalion commander, who was hailed as the first woman to command a logistics battalion in a combat zone supposedly, didn’t allow her Marines to have loaded weapons even OUTSIDE the wire.

    This is where they got this mindset. Generals who think even soldiers and Marines can’t be trusted to be armed.

  49. These high ranking military Vets are collecting retirement pay and benefits even though they are now Traitors to their Oath “I do solemnly swear that I will support anddefend tthe Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; ……..” That includes the Bill of Rights and the 2A, which shall not be infringed.

    They now swear allegiance to hillary, bloomberg. Disgusting cowardice. How could they lead and send brave men and women to face death in the name of freedom and American values then turn their backs on the same due to criminal acts to reduce Constutional freedoms all other Americans!

    I am ashamed for their use of former Rank, Title and Vet status to promote a anti gun agenda. They have served in positions where tyrannical goverments abused, tortured, imprisoned and murdered its unarmed citizens, yet they want the same disarmament and absolute power for HERE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    They are Tratiors, their officer retirement pay is actually a retainer and they are subject to active duty recall at the Presidents discreation.

    • I actually went to their web site and told them exactly what I thought of what they were doing. I think everyone should because a lot of those posting on it are clueless.

  50. For years the military has asked the average U.S. citizen to support and defend it’s roll in protecting the USA and the Constitution. Now it seems you are turning your backs on a us, the law abiding citizen. You should instead focus your energy on forcing the DoD to inforce the laws already on the books and put those who do harm with guns away for the time specified by their crime. No plea bargin, no mercy, no appeals just straight to prison, period. What’s the saying ‘ do the crime, serve the time’!!! When your done with this what’s next on your agenda, knives, hammers, basbeall bats? One of your group suggested that law abiding citizen can own a car but those who are arrested for and judged guilty of impaired driving aren’t allowed to drive. Hogwash!! How many continue to drink and drive and finally kill someone before their put in jail ( I have seen the aftermath of a 9 time convicted drunk driver who served a total of 31 days before he broadsided and killed a family of 5)!!! I own handguns and AR’S and I know how to use them. Don’t punish me or on law abiding citizen who have not and will never do what a few have. There are millions of legal firearms and millions of rounds of ammo owned by law-abiding citizens. When it comes to defending this great country who will you need? You bet, us!!!

  51. There are plenty of gun laws on the books. Enforce them, but the current administration refuses. Felons, mentally ill (as determined by a lengthy process), drug users ( proven) can’t legally own guns. If states forward such info to the FB I background checks will be denied. Kelly, Petreaus, et al. do not appreciate the 2A ( they understand it but must not agree). They need to look at their history books to seed what happens when nations confiscate firearms (and yet, like many anti gunners, that is their clandestine goal I believe). It is a shame that these military warriors do not understand the Constitution adequately. Kelly, who tried to dupe a gun store owner (thinking he was smarter) found out differently when trying to purchase a firearm for someone else. He should have been questioned about this Federal violation called a straw purchase. Kelly is an anti-gun liberal, period. “From Our Cold Dead Hands.”

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