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Tim Harmsen of YouTube’s Military Arms Channel writes: YouTube has recently began a campaign of directly attacking content creators they do not agree with philosophically or politically. Firearms channels have been one of the hardest hit by these rapidly changing “policies” . . .

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.29.32 PM

YouTube’s new firearms specific policies are above. The Do No Harm media company’s widened their prohibition from anyone posting video that sell certain scary (to them) firearms-related accessories to anyone who . .

Provides instructions on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazine, homemade silencers/suppressors, or certain firearms accessories such as those listed above. This also includes instructions on how to convert a firearm to automatic or simulated automatic firing capabilities. Shows users how to install the above-mentioned accessories or modifications.

YouTube informed me that the media giant defines a “high capacity magazine” as any magazine that holds more than 30 rounds. And yes, any video that simply shows a bump fire stock or “high capacity magazine” is “showing users how to install” one.

YouTube reps have told content creators that the new rules will be applied retroactively. We have 30 days to comply. (A change from the previous bump stock video ban that was implemented without warning, leading to dozens of gun channel bans.)

This will force us to delete all of our videos that do not comply with their new regulations. In my case this covers 10 years of work. I have hundreds of videos will be deemed no longer suitable for YouTube.

I have to remove every video that shows a magazine capable of accepting more than 30 rounds and every video showing the installation of a legal silencer on a firearm or my channel will be deleted by Google.

The likelihood of me accidentally missing some of these videos in my forced purge of content is very high. If I miss three and one or more of their 10,000+ moderators — many hired from the left-leaning, anti-gun rights Southern Poverty Law Center — will catch them.

If so, YouTube will issue three account strikes. The Military Arms channel will be permanently removed. I will forever be banned from the YouTube platform.

The new regulations are clearly designed to force firearms channels off of YouTube.

The anti gunners in charge of the world’s first and second most popular search engines know that pro-gun rights social media voices are loud and strong. They need to silence us because we have the power to stop their political agenda.

Editor’s note: The Military Arms Channel currently welcomes over 690k subscribers. You can also find MAC’s work and the videos of other pro-gun videographers on

Mr.Harmsen respectfully requests you click here to get to the YouTube policy page, click on NO under “was this article helpful” and tell them to rescind their policy.

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  1. Social media is bar-none one of the worst things to happen in America. Lure everyone in, become a sensation, then control the narrative. Slaps people who believe in both the First and Second Amendments in the face. We all took the bait. Now we’re paying for it.

    • > Social media is bar-none one of the worst things to happen in America.

      1) Social media is the result of free-market capitalism.

      2) “Social media is bar-none one of the worst things to happen in America.”

      3) “One of the worst things to happen in America” is the result of free-market capitalism.

      • Anti-gun logic in use here.

        It isn’t that social media is bad, it is some peoples’ USE of social media that is bad. As in, FIREARMS aren’t bad, some people’s USE of them is.

        Besides, nobody argues that something made in the greatest political/economical system ever devised can’t have negative or unforeseen consequences. Because, people! People use inanimate objects for good or not inside a system designed to maximize freedom.

        • And you might have mentioned: Youtube and google aren’t bad, the PEOPLE who bought them and crapped them up are. Google was the best site around circa 1995. Then, they had their IPO and were bought by the same corporations(Disney, GE, GM, Westinghouse) that own MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc.
          And once they take over, the turn it into another of their mass media outlets. OF COURSE THEY DID. This is what they do. IF we learn about them and their policies, they loose. So long as we allow them to pull the strings from behind the curtain, THEY win.

      • Wow, someone didn’t take logic 101.

        1) Slavery is the result of democratic rule.
        2) Slavery is bar-none one of the worst things to happen in America.
        3) One of the worst things to happen in America is the result of democratic rule.

        1) US debt is the result of liberal polices.
        2) The US debt is bar-none of the worst things to happen in America.
        3) One of the worst things to happen in America is the result of liberal polices.

        I can do this all day, that doesn’t make any of this true.

        • Okay, let me explain.

          The Google search engine is one of the most powerful tech entities in the world. They also own all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Etc. Since they all were started up, they have all dominated, created a virtual monopoly, on the market. And now that everyone is tied to their networks, been drawn in by the illusion of “free internet speech”, they can now create all the rules in regard to what can and cannot be said. Let’s face the reality of the situation, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are the only real ways to spread messages in any significant manner anymore. What else is there? The News? Don’t make me laugh. Actual Protesting? Swept under rug by the mainstream media and not covered by any social media platform in any positive light. And it’s not just gun channels either. Any sort of counter to any of this liberal arts college campus bullshit that infecting this country like I virus have been systematically taken down and destroyed. Anything to do with Men’s Rights is constantly under attack for instance.

          And that’s just the effect it’s had on Free Speech, let’s not get into what social media has done to social interactions. That’s a whole other kettle of fish.

          Social media is the tool of the Liberal Left to control the Narrative and it’s goddamn working, so yes, it IS one of the worst things that happen in this country.

        • Slavery is most certainly NOT result of democratic rule. It is as old as human race.
          As for your second example, capitalize the Liberal and we have no dispute.

        • Not to get picky on the issue, but Google doesn’t own Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram, which is still pretty open with gun-related content. Granted, you can’t post a 30 min video but you could post links that will get content hosted elsewhere out to your followers.

    • Since Libertarians make the case that racial discrimination is also the freedom to associate or not associate with individuals and groups. Then it should be entirely appropriate that a private company destroy every gun channel and website in existence. Since these websites are working on private property. The gun Community can then experience what the black community has experienced. Complete discrimination for the next 400 years as it was in the United States. Or maybe it will only take them 50 years????

      The gun channels should have no problem over coming a billion dollar internet company like You Tube or Google who also have very strong political ties to the Ruling Class.
      That is libertarian Logic for you.

      • So, what, you want daddy .gov to come and force youtube to bend the knee?

        The libertarian logic would be not using a platform that ACTIVELY hates you. Dont like it? Take your money and time somewhere else, like full30 that is mentioned in the article itself. Invest in alt-tech sites to bring down youtubes market share and force a free market change on their policy.

        • Exactly (and I’m not even a libertarian, I’m something “far worse”). Although I registered my extreme displeasure in commentary to YouTube, I would never want government to even attempt to force it to do anything. Less government, not more. More liberty, not less.

          I think some are missing the whole dangerous liberty is preferable to peaceful slavery concept. Either that or they are too timid to be free.

        • Slick
          The Forgotten Weapons channel is not the only gun Channel that has been demonetized by YouTube. The owners can’t make any money off of their videos. But that has not stopped YouTube from running advertisement on that channel and YouTube does in fact collect that advertising Revenue. That seems to me that YouTube is profiting off of someone else’s work and not paying them.
          Is that slavery?

      • John in Ohio
        Do you believe that President Theodore Roosevelt was wrong when he broke up the Monopoly of Standard Oil?
        That was fixing prices, charging whatever it wanted, buying out its competition or using whatever tactics necessary to destroy the competition so they could gain total control over the oil business in the United States.

        Do you honestly believe that’s a good thing for the consumer? Do you think that’s a good thing for the citizens of a Nation?

        • “…buying out its competition or using whatever tactics necessary to destroy the competition…”

          Precisely which anti-competitive actions has Facebook taken against other social media sites? Standard Oil bought the entire oil industry? How much of social media does Facebook own? Standard oil prevented anyone else from getting into the oil business. What has Google done to use their power to prevent anyone from competing?

          If government is the problem everywhere else, how can it be the solution for social media?

          Funny how even POTG demand to benefit from that which they did not risk and build. Sounds like a bunch of leftists.

        • Yes, he was wrong.

          “Do you honestly believe that’s a good thing for the consumer? Do you think that’s a good thing for the citizens of a Nation?”

          What is good for the consumer or good for the citizens of a nation don’t matter when it comes to violating individual rights. I don’t want to get into the weeds about the legal fiction of corporations but that is also wrong.

          Is liberty only important until it gets into the pocket book of consumers or gets in the way of the ambitions of a nation? Governments aren’t deities. Immoral acts committed under the banner of government are still immoral acts.

          • “Is liberty only important until it gets into the pocket book of consumers”

            Liberty ends where any government begins. It is the way of things. Want liberty? Get rid of government. The only liberty, the only “rights” you have are those you can defend and enforce yourself. If you would have governance, you must surrender liberty. It is the bargain of mankind.

    • Honestly don’t know why Tim and other channels don’t simply oblige them. They hate you, so leave. They hate us, so we’ll follow. Move every single video to full30 and delete your accounts and all content from YouTube. As long as the viewers are made fully aware, they will follow and keep watching.

      I can’t think of a single reason YouTube is holding you back from doing this. And if they’re demonetizing and censoring, then leave. I’ll keep watching. It takes no additional effort to go to full30 than YouTube.

      And no one-foot-in-one-foot-out bullshit. Mass relocation of the content. The reason full30 isn’t taking off is because EVERYONE STILL HAS THEIR CONTENT ON YOUTUBE. Make the move. Clean cut. Ditch the Orwellian google machine.

      • It takes no additional effort to go to full30 than YouTube?
        My Panasonic Viera TV, on which I watch all online videos, has an Youtube App. How do I install the Full30 app on it?

        • I dunno, ask Tim Harmsen’s ass when they’re creating an app. Obviously there’s a need.

        • That’s going to be one of their biggest issues. Streaming devices and mobile devices don’t have an app for alternative sites like Full30, which make them much less accessible.

  2. If a Christian bakery can be forced to cater a gay wedding then Google should be forced to cater to their userbase regardless of political affiliation.

    • Gays are protected against private interference by civil rights statutes as a protected class because of historic animus and discrimination against them. Gun owners are not protected against private interference. Therefore your analogy is legally inapt.

      • The existence of “protected classes” makes a mockery of “equal protection under the law”.

        • > The existence of “protected classes” makes a mockery of “equal protection under the law”.

          Corporate personhood also “makes a mockery of ‘equal protection under the law'”.

          And I’d bet that 99% of the TTAG readership thinks I’m some kind of communist for criticizing corporations.

        • > The existence of “protected classes” makes a mockery of “equal protection under the law”.

          So does wealth disparity. When one party can hire the most expensive lawyers available, while another party can’t afford any legal representation, then “equal protection under the law” is a lie.

        • The corporation isn’t the person dipshit. It simply recognizes that the owner of a corporation has a right to use that corporation to exercise his own rights. Such as free speech.

        • >> Corporate personhood

          > The corporation isn’t the person dipshit.

          I admire you for not being afraid to display your ignorance of basic economics.

        • “Corporate personhood also “makes a mockery of ‘equal protection under the law’”.

          And I’d bet that 99% of the TTAG readership thinks I’m some kind of communist for criticizing corporations.”

          +1. That legal fiction needs to go.

        • So… by the “logic” here, if I want to buy a billboard on the side of a highway that’s my free speech, but if I want to use my privately owned business to buy the same billboard that’s no longer free speech? Really?

        • Corporations don’t have to be considered “people” to have rights. You can’t steal from a corporation just because it’s not a person. Bottom line: the .gov telling any entity how they can spend their money reeks of totalitarianism. Period.

        • “I’d bet that 99% of the TTAG readership thinks I’m some kind of communist for criticizing corporations.”
          You’d lose that bet. But I’ll bet you are used to losing.
          I just criticized GE, GM, Disney and Westinghouse by name. I do so all the time. Nobody here EVER calls me communist. Right wing militia type, yeah, but never communist….

        • Anonymous
          You do not understand basic economics if you don’t know that one of its tenants is that of the freedom to associate or not associate with a person or group. Libertarians have been making this argument for a very long time now. They even support racial discrimination. If you really believed in Liberty and freedom, those Christian Bakers don’t have to make a wedding cake for homosexuals. But homosexuals do want to force themselves on to other people. And that has been their goal since the 1970s. And since TTAG is about gun rights it should be stated that it is the homosexual elected leadership that is responsible for disarming the state of California.

          And it is the stated goal for the homosexual leadership to disarm the American citizenry, because homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation.

          If you disagree you can certainly provide links to open homosexuals who’ve been elected to public office supporting the Second Amendment. With an A rating by the NRA for what it’s worth. Or do these open homosexuals elected to public office have a history of voting for gun civil rights?????

          Tammy Baldwin????
          Tom Ammiano????
          Attorney general Maura Healey????

          About 15 years ago Justin Raimondo, founder of ran as a republican against Nancy Pelosi. He was the first open homosexual to openly support gun rights while running for office. Unfortunately he lost. Apparently the homosexual voters in Nancy Pelosi’s District prefer getting “free stuff” from a “breeder” in the government, and they also want the government in everyone’s lives.

          Justin Raimondo supported Pat Buchanan for the presidency. Just as the Log Cabin Republican supported Ronald Reagan. As I remember the NAZI homosexuals threw glass bottles at the gay republicans as they marched in gay pride parades in San Francisco.

        • >>> The existence of “protected classes” makes a mockery of “equal protection under the law”.

          >> Corporate personhood also “makes a mockery of ‘equal protection under the law’”. And I’d bet that 99% of the TTAG readership thinks I’m some kind of communist for criticizing corporations.

          > You do not understand basic economics if you don’t know that one of its tenants is that of the freedom to associate or not associate with a person or group.

          I understand freedom of association. But a group of people freely associating with each other cannot grant themselves separate legal entity status.

          Corporations aren’t simply the result of freedom of association — they are creatures of statute, a status granted by the government. This creates a distortion in an otherwise free market.

          Or, as somebody else put it 10 years ago: “Like our intellectual forerunners, the classical liberals, we should have always been attacking corporations and monopolies as perversions of free markets. Corporations are government-created statuses that prevent the owners and managers from being liable and financially accountable for actions taken on behalf of the corporation. Adam Smith hated corporations as unaccountable and inefficient, and saw them as government market distortions. We should too.” – Nick Wilson. Libertarian Reform Caucus. 2008.

        • “I’d bet that 99% of the TTAG readership thinks I’m some kind of communist for criticizing corporations.”

          You’d lose that bet. But I’ll bet you are used to losing.
          I just criticized GE, GM, Disney and Westinghouse by name. I do so all the time. Nobody here EVER calls me communist. Right wing militia type, yeah, but never communist….

          Are you a lawyer?

          If you had included the whole post, instead of taking one part of it out of context, it would be obvious that I was referring to the concept of corporations, not specific corporations. There is a difference.

        • We have to live the post-constitutional, oligarchical America we are in, not the constitutional, small government we used to have. Our Founding Fathers would have never stood by at let a handful of companies composed of thousands of non-Americans with questionable loyalties monopolize every park, gathering place, and newspaper stand of their day and let non-westerners dictate content, but we in our arrogance did.
          The only thing that will offer citizens relief from political censorship is state force. Sorry guys but it’s this way or nothing. We need to rally around a piece of legislation and get it passed. If not, we will have sites like TTAG for a while until the Leftist consolidation of social media is complete. But then the domain registrars and ISPs will start dictating content rules to site owners like Farago and he will either comply or have his domain seized or site removed and we will not longer have the modern public space, social media, to organize or complain.

          #ShallNotCensor –

      • This is America, there is legally no such thing as “a protected class”… we don’t live under a caste system.

      • I’m not a legal expert so obviously take this with a grain of salt but I was under the impression that part of that ruling was that the bakery had to comply since there weren’t competitors in the area for them to frequent. Since YouTube has a virtual monopoly and their parent company can interfere with search results I doubt anyone other than an established multi-million dollar individual or company could seriously make an alternative and expect to have the same cultural influence and demographic reach that we currently have with YouTube. Nobody other than people already into guns will go to Full30.

        Obviously I hope I’m wrong since that would mean things are better than I thought.

      • 18 USC Section 241 states: “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
        They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.”

        By this law, American citizens lawfully attempting to freely exercise a Constitutionally protected right (in this case, right to free speech), should indeed be a protected class.

        • You’re constitutional right to free speech in the public square does not, and has never, extended onto private property. Extending “protected classes” into private property is an exception to this, not the standard.

          If you want to buy Google and turn it into a public property, then you can talk about it. And no, if you turn them into a utility it doesn’t effect it, as long as they’re a private business, they get the rights associated with a private business.

      • “Protected classes” are unconstitutional. And if you want to go the historical route, any race or sexual orientation can claim “historic” levels of “oppression”.

      • “Gays are protected against private interference by civil rights statutes as a protected class because of historic animus and discrimination against them.”

        How many fucking times do we have to go over and over and over this?

        The bakers violated State regs and laws, not federal ones. They were sued under State law not Federal law because the Federal law doesn’t exist.

        Homosexuals are only protected by Federal law in cases involving employment discrimination and those where a hate crime may have been committed against them based on their homosexual status. There is no Federal law protecting their “right” to force a business to enter into a contract with them.

  3. Doesn’t this hit every video Ian has done at an auction house? It also covers all the videos on how to assemble an 80%.

    • It also covers every video on how to complete a stripped lower, or how to install a barrel and handguard, etc. on an upper. In short, any video demonstrating how to assemble a firearm will be banned, including, perhaps, videos by manufacturers or users on how to break down a firearm for cleaning.

      • A stripped lower is a “firearm”. I think they are going after 80% lowers. Also the silencer ban is for “home made” units. I think they get a lot of people posting “solvent trap” conversion videos.

        • Fill the paperwork, pay 200, wait over 200 days for the stamp and then have fun converting the fuel filter into suppressor. Nothing bad or illegal there.
          Not to mention 80 percent lowers. They are perfectly legal to finish (with some caveats in California).

    • If you mean Ian from Forgotten Weapons, I think he breaches the first two rules with almost every episode.

    • Ian will be fine, his content is on a number of platforms including his website. The people in trouble are those who only use youtube or me the next time I take a gun apart and need help.

      • Ian “should” be fine, but won’t be, I believe. When Ian started to add graphics that included the flag of the country where the firearms were developed/produced, at the time period when the firearm was produced. For Nazi era firearms, this included a Nazi flag. It quickly got “flagged” by youtube, and Ian had to start blurring out the flag or whatever in order to avoid deleted videos etc when posting videos on a German WWII era guns.

    • It also bans EVERY historical video of aircraft firing in combat, since AT LEAST 1915.

      How many rounds of .50BMG in ONE belt of ammunition, for ONE gun, for ONE P-51D?

      How many rounds of 20mm in the feed system of a Vulcan on an AC130?

      Gun control cultism is impossible without a seething mix of ignorance and malice.

  4. I encourage everyone to boycott Google (who owns YouTube). Set your search engine preference to duckduckgo or Bing on your smart phone or desktop PC.

    Don’t give these anti-freedom corporations another cent from your search traffic.

  5. I think you just compared YouTube to Islamic terrorists. That’s kind of like calling everybody with whom you disagree a Nazi. Works for me in this case.

    I’m doing my part by helping Tim on Patreon. Are you?

        • Oh, so what your saying is that you were just full of crap before. You don’t like what they say, so they shouldn’t have the right to say it, on their private property. Yeah, that makes perfect sense, how dare they have a “right” to “speech”. For doing that, they’re jihadis.

        • There is a difference between free speech and sedition. You do not have a constitutional right to spew anti-freedom propaganda based on lies in order to subvert the Constitution of the United States. That’s called conspiracy to commit treason. If they were arguing for a constitutional amendment, that’d be legal. What they are advocating for is a subversion of the CotUS.

  6. I’ve been watching a boatload of videos on YouTube since I got Roku TV. I dunno’ if Patreon is a viable alternative. All social media is a crapshoot because of the leftards who control it…don’t get so invested in a platform you cannot control.

  7. Did anyone notice they actually defined High Capacity magazines better than most. Their I.E. was any magazine or belt carrying more than 30 rounds and they didn’t use and either. Its small but they are better then the MSM.

  8. Military Arms Channel is the group that knowingly posted fake Magpul Mbus sights from Ebay on social media claiming that Magpul made poor products. He later admitted to knowing they were fake BEFORE he posted the pictures. Dozens of people called him out on it but he didn’t care about anything but attention. His channel went from interesting tests to whining and crying about everything.

    • +1. I noticed he used some questionable ballistic media in one of his ammo tests. He then quoted a calibration speed about 100 fps too slow.

  9. My blood is still boiling from reading this last night, I said my piece to them on how this was not helpful.

  10. Two things:

    First the rules posted in the story state that it’s only homemade silencers that are affected. How many MAC videos feature homemade silencers?

    Secondly, as much as it sucks, if MAC cares about staying up the answer is to take down any videos that contain questionable content, review them and then put them back up after review shows they do not contain questionable/unacceptable content.

    That said I don’t condone what YT is doing. It’s bullshit. However, sticking it to them by staying up is, IMHO, the best way to fight back at this point. It sucks, but playing by their rules and “sticking it to them” by staying up and continuing to post gun videos is the way to fight this and, maybe over time, win.

    • What leads you to think that repeated capitulation to YT and their stupid policies is going to stick it to them? The censors aren’t going to be remotely knowledgeable about firearms or accessories so attempting to comply is pointless. Like you’re going to successfully win a debate over terms and definitions with them…

        • Uh, that’s exactly what he’s advocating too. Continue to play the game by their asinine rules and make them money while watering down your content to whatever arbitrary standard they have at the moment and whims of whatever idiot decides to review the content.

          My idea of finding a new home deprives Google of ad revenue without watering down the content.

        • YouTube is playing the part of the bully. Apparently capitulating to the bully and hoping they’ll leave you alone if you’re nice enough to them is the POTG strategy for dealing with a bully.

      • Given that the alternative is to simply get banned right now and have MAC disappear, why NOT, play by the rules for now? I mean, what fucking good does simply getting banned right now do? How is that a “win” and how does that leave any room for a win later down the road? It doesn’t. It’s just a flat-the-fuck-out loss across the board with no hope of getting anything better in the future. You can’t even needle YouTube over their policies if you’ve been given a life-time ban.

        “Oh, YouTube did something we don’t like, let’s all commit Seppuku, that’ll learn ’em!” is basically what you’re saying. Well, no, actually you’re not even that brave. You want someone else to commit seppuku on your behalf. That’s really what you’re asking for here.

        Jesus, some of you people are hard-headed and willing to cut off your nose to spite your face. Actually, again, check that. You want someone else to cut off their nose.

        • You all have some serious cognitive dissonance going on. You’ll castigate the NRA for giving an inch in the hopes of getting a win later, but think the gun channels on YouTube should cave to whatever stupidity Google dreams up so they can maybe get a win later.

          I think they should stop making Google/YT money and find a new home for their content. If there isn’t a suitable home for their content they can band together with a few similar channels and make one.

          Are you trying to tell me POTG can’t point their browser to a different URL to watch a video? POTG are so fickle that they’d rather watch watered down sanitized content and fund people who hate them instead of going to a different site for their gun content? Apparently laziness knows no bounds.

        • “You’ll castigate the NRA for giving an inch in the hopes of getting a win later, but think the gun channels on YouTube should cave to whatever stupidity Google dreams up so they can maybe get a win later.”

          I have never castigated the NRA for “giving an inch”. In fact, if you look at my history you’ll note that I generally avoid comments on the NRA. When I do comment on them I’m pretty careful about it. I know some people love them and some people hate them. Personally, I’m a member but I have not fully formed an opinion on their current overarching stance. I like some of what they do and don’t like other parts of what they do. When they’re naughty it displeases me but they’re also probably the best chance we have in certain fights that are upcoming. GOA and other orgs are more steadfast and solid in their stance but they can’t punch at the weight class the NRA does. Not even close. As such, I’ve played my cards close to the vest on them.

          “…but think the gun channels on YouTube should cave to whatever stupidity Google…”

          It’s not about “caving”. I don’t know why this term gets thrown around so much. MAC basically has two choices, “cave” (play by the current rules) or die. That’s it. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of the Banzai charge into waiting MGs. It’s stupid. While some say it’s “honorable” or “brave” I say it’s fucking stupid and shows complete lack of grasp of tactics and strategy. It’s even worse when you’re asking someone else to do it for you.

          The issue again here as I said is that this is, for the time being an dichotomy. “Cave” or die. So let’s be real here.

          MAC, as of this morning had 689,655 subs and 741 videos. That’s no PewDiePie (something ridiculous like 61 million subs) but it does give them some punching power if they stay on the platform. Maybe a month from now they decide it’s not worth it and give up, that’s up to MAC. However, simply asking them to commit suicide is stupid. If they want to change platforms, fucking awesome. More power to them. But that’s a business decision for MAC.

          See, darn near 700K subs mean they get some pretty good revenue out of YT themselves. Like probably about $9000/month. Who the fuck are we to ask that MAC give up a sizable amount of income? Income they may desperately need to, I dunno, feed their kids and pay bills? Are YOU gonna pay this guy’s bills? Are YOU going to step up and replace his $9000/month YT revenue stream? Until you are it’s none of your business if he stays on YT or not.

          On top of that if MAC simply leaves then they have no voice on how TY is run. No voice on the abuses YT may commit. They’re just done. Again I ask, what is the point of this? Pretty telling how people are quick to snipe but never actually answer the question of how simply leaving YT solves any problems for MAC or anyone else.

          “I think they should stop making Google/YT money and find a new home for their content.”

          Easier said that done. If it were so easy it would have been done by now and everyone on TTAG would know about it.

          “Are you trying to tell me POTG can’t point their browser to a different URL to watch a video? POTG are so fickle that they’d rather watch watered down sanitized content and fund people who hate them instead of going to a different site for their gun content?”

          No and then yes. They can but they often won’t.

          “Apparently laziness knows no bounds.”

          This, given the situation, is pretty fucking rich. Where’s your website fixing all this? Where’s the cash you’re ponying up to cover MAC’s losses from YT? Like a lot of things in life this shit is easy to say, much harder to actually DO.

        • If he’s that beholden to Google/YouTube for money and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it I guess he shouldn’t be complaining about it. You paint a picture that he’s got no choice but to sell his principles down the river to keep getting paid. And, we’re supposed to pay him to leave stick to his principles and leave YouTube.

          It sure seems like you think he and his principles are for sale.

  11. Why bother? It’s clear they don’t want the content on their platform and will continue to to slowly strangle them with policy changes. It’s time to find a new platform or come up with some legal strategy to force them to back off permanently.

    • There is no such platform. YouTube and Google are effective monopolies and it’s about time they were regulated as such.

      • Do you see ANY other platform where you see anything like the firearms content on YouTube. The fact is there is a lot of sketchy stuff on YouTube and at least they are trying to be transparent about their policy.

        • It doesn’t change the fact that they are infringing on people’s rights to free speech…. and no, being a “private business” is no more an excuse for censorship of legal content than for any other violation of basic human rights.

          It’s time for Congress to get off their asses and hold these clowns accountable.

        • Sorry, Serge. The First Amendment does not require YooToobe, or anyone else, to give someone a free microphone.

        • You will note that nowhere in my argument did I say a thing about the first amendment. Free speech is not restricted to freedom from government interference.

        • And what about if no one would sell you a microphone? No one would print your book, pamplet, magazine, or flier? No one would duplicate your CD or DVD? No one would give you a space to meet in? What then?

          It seems you’d rather absolutely stick your principals and fade into obscurity than get your hand a little dirty and turn the regulatory behemoth onto the lefties. You’re in a down and dirty street fight for your life with absolutely no rules, and you’re worried about a little ungentleman like action while your opponent will stop at nothing.

        • No, the gubmit should NOT step in and do something. That’s the left’s solution to everything. This whole situation leaves the door wide open for full30 or someone else to come along and start a video hosting platform that boasts about NOT censoring anyone. People will then naturally flock to that platform and leave the cumbersome and restrictive YouTube. That is free market capitalism at work and its awesome.

          Think of this: You are rich (Google/Alphabet). You have the tallest house in the neighborhood (YouTube). Someone demands that since you have the tallest house, they should have the right to stand on your roof and exercise their “free speech.” No, its your property, you built it, and you don’t want them to stand on your roof. “But your house is the biggest, your roof the highest. I have more chance of being seen and heard if I yell from your roof,” the person says. “Too bad. Its mine,” says you. “YoU’rE HiNdErInG mY rIgHt To FrEe SpEeCh! YuR sIlEnCiNg Me!!” says the idiot. No, you’re not. Nothing is preventing him from building his own house with his own roof to yell from. The government isn’t stepping in and arresting him for speaking his mind. This is in no way whatsoever a 1st amendment issue.

          Tim and all the other gun channels have every right to keep creating content. And there is a huge opportunity to collectively move it all to a better, more free and open platform. Tim created one, he should perfect it and persuade all the content creators to move there. If Tim’s isn’t viable, someone else create one. No one is being silenced. Google are just being assholes. But in America, you have a right to be an asshole. And people also have the right to disassociate from you.

        • Mike Dexter’s A GOD

          Bullshit. A better analogy would be you using illegal trade practices to make sure that you own every building in town. Google and YouTube are an illegal trust. A “free market” solution will not work in a market that is not free due to their interference.

        • serge,

          what in the world are you talking about? There is a difference between having the largest market share, and being a monopoly. If there are any instances of YouTube snuffing out competition or creating barriers to entry for other video hosting sites, I’m not aware of it. If they were, places like Vimeo, LiveLeak, Metacafe, etc. wouldn’t even exist.

          All of this is irrelevant however, since the only entity the Bill of Rights was designed to protect people from was the federal government.

        • Mike Dexter’s A GOD

          Free speech is a human right. If an entity other than the government violates it, that entity needs to be crushed.

          As for the practices you wanted examples of… take a look at the left wing smear campaign against after they refused to censor content on their service. … and if you don’t think Google gives preferential routing to YouTube for video search results, you’re pants on head retarded.

        • @serge,

          “Free speech is a human right.” Yes it is. I understand that and agree completely.

          Google/YouTube saying “you know what, we’re sensitive liberal tools and don’t want icky gun content here” isn’t violating anyone’s right to free speech. Did my roof top analogy go completely over your head?

          Forget 1st Amendment entirely. YouTube are acting like dickheads and yes, they should be crushed. Not by some dillweed lawmakers stepping in, but by the user base deciding to get their content elsewhere.

          Running to the government like a kid running to the teacher screaming “HEY, THEY’RE NOT PLAYING FAIR!” now THAT is retarded.

          And Google giving preference to YouTube vids in search results, of course they do. They’re the same company. And again, we’re all perfectly free to go use Bing.

        • “And Google giving preference to YouTube vids in search results, of course they do. They’re the same company.”

          … and that’s called a TRUST. Your ancap bullshit doesn’t work when there are companies in the market with larger budgets than most governments.

          • Guess what…. forming a trust isn’t illegal in the slightest. It’s done all the time.

            There really is no hope for you is there?

  12. Here’s my comment to YouTube on their policy announcement page:
    Your new policy will eliminate hundreds of instructional videos that provide useful instruction on the assembly and installation of perfectly legal parts and accessories. I could understand banning videos on bomb-making or other illegal activity, or even videos on the conversion of guns to illegal configurations (full auto, for example). But to ban videos on the machining of an aluminum block into a legal firearm part , based on your political agenda, is akin to banning videos explaining how to register to vote – this is useful public discourse involving a Constitutionally protected right. You should be ashamed.

  13. Bullshit. Now my favorite reloading channel is going to disappear because of this? Fuck youtube.

  14. Okay be reasonable. The policy states “home made suppressor/silencers.” It doesn’t say anything about NFA suppressor a you buy through the official channels.

  15. I told them to rescind this policy, it is unfair, and does nothing but bully law abiding and fun loving Americans!

  16. They don’t want the info out there for people to use when confiscation happens. They don’t want you to know how to build firearms, suppressors, magazines, ammunition, etc. For instance, they don’t want Californians to know how to “reload” their own ammo or how to finish a 80% “firearm.” Although each of those things are completely within the law, they want to get ahead of what is coming very soon.

    Google will likely do the same for their search engine. They are burning our digital books in order to control us. Same goes for Twitter and Facebook.

    They are now dehumanizing people on the right and gun owners. They are burning books. They are manipulating the mobs. They are silencing counter arguments. They are actively instigating confrontation.

    By the way, most of the government workers are on their side.

  17. Here’s the message I sent to YouTube –

    ” YouTube,

    Drop “policies on content featuring firearms”, it bans video content that involves legal activity(s) of which YouTube/Google no reason to ban. I don’t like content with skateboards or skateboarding but I don’t want to see that content banned. This is a policy put in place with no other purpose then to appease only a few users of the YouTube platform who do not like firearm related content or firearms in general. If danger is the reason for this policy then YouTube should take a look in the mirror and see how much of the content on YouTube involves dangerous activity’s.”

  18. If they ban all those GD toy videos that my kids are addicted to then I’ll call it a fair compromise.

  19. “Mr.Harmsen respectfully requests you click here to get to the YouTube policy page, click on NO under “was this article helpful” and tell them to rescind their policy.”


  20. Nothing stops MAC from paying for video storage that they own – or lease instead of youtube. Then you can pretty much make your own rules for what you post.

    • Tim is one of the owners of Full30, and even he doesn’t use it because the free service youtube provides, can also pay you. He wasn’t on youtube for access, he was on there for money. Full30 is expensive, and to actually host his own video’s is cost prohibitive.

  21. Rescind this DRACONIAN policy and Eff the Communist’s of Google/You Tube/Suckerberg !

  22. I unsubscribed MAC when Tim dissed the NRA. It’s kind of stupid to have an arms channel and piss off their five million members.

    • The NRA doesn’t have 5 million active, paying members. I think they are under 3 million IIRC and a lot of them are lifetime. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it makes me think of Trump and not being able to question his wealth.

  23. If YouTube keeps banning content they’ll just become a signpost until something else takes it’s place. Since the demonetization purge every other video I watch has a comment to see the full video go to xyz website.

    • Corporations like Google do not care if they destroy such insignificant parts of their portfolio. They usually buy up things before they reach its peak, then they milk it until it’s dead.

  24. Playing nice with the Silicon Valley tyrants won’t do anyone any good. Even if every channel removes videos that are out of compliance YouTube will simply move the goal post next month or next quarter. Today they are banning ‘how to’ videos and bump stock reviews but tomorrow it will be any NFA item or instructions on submitting NFA paperwork, then it will be any video of a semi-automatic firearm.

    The People’s Democratic Party and their propaganda bureau will not be satisfied until the entire nation views firearms ownership with the same disdain we now view cigarette smoking, or worse. They want our guns and/or they want us dead. The only way to accomplish either goal is to convince the vast majority of Americans that we are deviants and more dangerous then Latin American street gangs, ISIS, and pediphiles.

    They want, and need, average Americans to cheer and celebrate when we are dragged from our homes and executed on our front lawns for not falling into line with the Party.

  25. InRange and Scholagladiatoria are on BitChute now. Others are on Patreon and Full30. There are other options if you look for them.

  26. My comment submitted:

    Remove your restrictions on content creator’s first amendment right to discuss, document and explore their FEDERALLY LEGAL second amendment rights to own, operate and opine on firearms. If YouTube and Alphabet set the bar that the most strict and stringent local laws from any region must be reflected in their terms of use, then true freedom of speech must surely be subverted based upon legal restrictions to freedom that can easily be found in many regions of the world. As a public company, you are legally and constitutionally free to go down this path, but as a platform user and lover of open internet freedom principles please, please do not.

  27. Want to determine the operating policies of a commercial (non-privately owned) company?

    But it outright. Then do what you want.

    I don’t shop Whole Foods; don’t like their lefty policies and politics. I do not want to own a grocery chain. I moved on.

    • Yeah… guess you’d be ok with Whole Foods if they bough up every other grocery store in driving distance of your home? Effectively, that’s what Google has done. By doing so, they have become the public square of the 21st century. Sorry kiddies, but out of control corporatism is just as bad as out of control communism.

      • You have a 12 year olds understanding of how constitutional law work here. And then instead of learning some things, you spout your kiddo bs. I’d wager almost everyone here is senior to you in both age and intellect. Just go post under your other pseudonym with all goofy capitalization

        • That rich… You have a 5 year old’s understanding of how to win a war for the exercise of your rights. You’d be the sort of general who marches his troops in lines side by side across the battlefield in formation like you’re Napoleon while you’re enemy hides in the shadows and is engaged in full on guerilla warfare. You’d rather lose than adapt conduct unbecoming to a proper gentleman and get your hands a little dirty.

          Apparently, losing while clutching to naive idealism is superior to winning and having to wash your hands.

      • You may be too young to remember, but there was a whole world before YouTube was invented. Millions of guns were bought and sold without any online facility for viewing all sorts of gun stuff. There was actually life on the planet before personal computers, and way before the information super hiway. Somehow we managed.

        No one has a natural, human or civil right to view YouTube. It is a private corporation. The alternatives are abundant. Maybe not as pervasive, but YouTube takes no action to prevent other social media from starting or flourishing. You don’t get to have something just because you want it. That’s where the lefties live.

        • Good comment.

          The only right one can expect is that government censors neither an individual posting or viewing on a platform. As much as I loathe the legal fiction of corporations, in no way would I want government getting involved.

        • John would rather lose his ability to exercise his 2nd amendment rights than get his hands dirty. Instead he sits on the sidelines and throw stones at the people engaged in the dirty political fight for the exercise of their 2A rights because they don’t pass his 2A purity test. The idea of playing a little dirty against an opponent who will stop at nothing to win, who doesn’t play by any rules is out of the question. The idea of turning the gov’t monster against the left goes against his idealistic principles as a upstanding and proper gentleman.

          Losing while clutching to absolutism and idealism is better than winning and having to wash your hands afterward.

        • Wow, you sure showed me…

          So, tell me John. What is your actual strategy to win? Saying “Shall not be infringed!” over and over until you’re blue in the face isn’t going to win.

        • Oh what a load of bullshit. Alphabet is an illegal anti-competitive trust that makes sure that no other hosting sites ever get the organic traffic YouTube does. Worse, they then collude with their buddies in the media and other major corporations to make sure that alternatives dedicated to free speech are branded as “racist”… Take a look at what happened to

          Right now, social media has become the pubic square of the 21st century. There is a middle ground between nationalizing it and letting Alphabet set up their own defacto unaccountable government of that pubic square while making damn sure that no other such space can exist. A simple constitutional solution would be to apply a “shall not censor” standard to all public speech. It protects the rights of hundreds of millions at the expense of a minor inconvenience to a tiny handful that has nothing to do with their individual rights.

        • You’re the one arguing that forcing you to treat your customers equally is somehow an infringement of your “rights”.

      • For once, you and I are in total agreement, pwrserge. YouTube (and Google as a whole) has placed itself in a position where it effectively IS the sole provider of a service. Are there other video hosting sites and search engines out there? Absolutely. Do they come close to even a fraction of a percent of YouTube and Google’s combined market share? Not even close.

        • You have been too successful at your business so government is going to bust up your company and distribute it among your competitors. Redistribution of wealth… how communist/socialist. SMH

        • John, you say that like they got their dominant, effective monopolistic position in the market by running the tightest ship in the business above reproach in every possible way with not even a hint of impropriety and now some POTG want to sick the evil leviathan that is the Federal gov’t on them simply because “we” don’t like what they’re doing.

          That’s not even close to the reality of the situation.

        • “Do they come close to even a fraction of a percent of YouTube and Google’s combined market share? Not even close.”

          Doesn’t matter. If we refuse the left’s claim that they should control all the news, we cannot turn around and whine that we don’t control social media.

          The left is a bunch of parasites, demanding they get a free ride on the back of what others build. This whole thing about wanting to force social media to host our viewpoint sounds like leftist whining. You want your own social media giant? Build it.

        • Sam I Am

          Strawman ahoy. Nobody is saying “control” of social media. Preventing censorship is not the same thing as marching the troops into Google’s offices and running the place by government fiat.

          Do we need to talk about the guy in the UK who was just found guilty of posting a “grossly offensive” joke video? That’s where you’re headed. Collusion between companies and left wing government groups to stamp out any dissent.

          That outcome is utterly unacceptable. If it takes a “shall not censor” law to prevent it, it’s a small price to pay to maintain an open marketplace of ideas necessary for the preservation of any free society.

          • “Do we need to talk about the guy in the UK who was just found guilty of posting a “grossly offensive” joke video?”

            That is government action.

            There are already laws governing monopolies, public accommodation, hate speech, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and a host of other laws. If you are convinced Facebook etc. are violating laws, why not initiate (or at least encourage) a legal action in federal court?

            You guys just want what you want, like all the leftists we pretend to hold in contempt while being envious of their winning tactics.

            BTW, I allow some neighbors to borrow tools and lawn equipment. I refuse to allow some of the other neighbors. Do those refused have “a right” to my tools and equipment just because I favor some neighbors over others? I have the best stocked garage for six blocks around. Does my discrimination between neighbors constitute some sort of evil plot to make the refused neighbors seek other sources for tools and equipment?

        • Sam I Am

          Whatever you say libertard. Sorry sonny, in the real world overreaching corporations are just as much of a threat to your liberty as overreaching governments. YouTube is clearly violating the free speech rights of a large portion of its user base.

          Your bullshit analogies are a non-argument. You are not the only practical source of garage tools for your neighbors nor did you enter a profit sharing arrangement to make money off of their work. Finally, you are not in league with the garage tool supplier to make sure that only you have access to certain tools.

          • Your inability to maintain a civil conversation puts you in the showflake category with the lefties. Sorry, you earn your reputation. Accusing others of having your disabilities of thought puts you in the position of letting the weenie of ignorance hang out for all to see.

            But to correct you once and for all, I am a free enterprise, Laissez-faire, Caveat Emptor kinda guy. Not to mention a hopeless second amendment absolutist. Can you give me one name of a “libtard” with those principles?
            Denouncing everyone else as an idiot points the finger solely at you.

            Oh, I have one other principle: Let dunderheads speak/post. Great entertainment for the rest of us.

        • Feel free to move your ancap ass to Somalia… they have all the small government you would ever want.

  28. You tube is nothing more than a entertainment vehicle, same as ABC. just regulate um the same way through the FCC

    • TV networks are not regulated in the way you’re implying. Local broadcast stations are regulated via the FCC license, but one does not follow the other.

  29. All I have to say is that I clicked on and expressed my opinion to you-tube.. Hopefully all of you did the same. Numbers count.

    • A nice fat civil rights violation fine from the federal government matters a lot more. It’s about time to contact your representative about introducing an anti-censorship law.

      • Its been months, you’re continued repeating of non-factual information is tiring.

        It’s almost like your from a different country, and only have a vague idea of what constitutional law is about. Like from a Marxist-Leninist propaganda based country.

  30. Let me point out the elephant in the room. Google has become a worldwide monopoly. Monopolies are illegal in most countries including the US. The only reason they haven’t been split up like AT&T or fined billions of dollars like Microsoft is that their executives are hardcore leftists with paid lobbyists strategically inserted all over the world paying politicians huge bribes…oh, I mean “speaking fees”. Google is very similar to those companies in Nazi Germany that collaborated with that brutal socialist government for the sake of power and money. And, who says history doesn’t repeat itself

    • Let me point out….

      Standard Oil was broken up into 25 different oil companies. John Rockefeller was the largest stockholder in each of them. He became even more wealthy after anti-trust action.

      Let me point out….
      Bill Gates is a gazillionaire lefty, and richer because the government “went after” Microsoft.

      Let me point out….
      Bill Gates and others demanded the government help them by breaking Apple’s proprietary in house hardware and software integration. It nearly ruined Apple. Apple was a minor player in the computer revolution until Jobs figured out the future was not in desktop computing. Now Apple is the wealthiest company in the world.

      Let me point out….
      Mark Zuckerberg is a lefty darling. His is worth a gazillion dollars. The lefties are now demanding the government take action against FacePlant because Zuckerberg let a company “affiliated with Trump” use FacePlant data to help Trump win the election. I predict Zuckerberg will end up even more rich, and FacePlant even more powerful as a result.

      • You seem to be under the impression that money is more important to these commies than political power. You would be dead wrong.

        • Money IS political power.

          What I am saying, to those capable of critical thought, is the “solution” (government invasion of private business) did not lead to hundreds of small oil companies flourishing. The result was to enlarge the cartel, and make the members richer. Microsoft actually got bigger, Apple got bigger (where are the smaller flourishing smaller, and competitive companies? ). Why are you not complaining that the auto manufacturers are stifling competition? At one time, there were dozens of independent auto manufacturers in the US. Where are they now? (having the same car produced by several “companies” , using different labels, is not a proper comparison)

          It is duplicitous to demand government allow markets to be free, but intervene when it is to our advantage. It is tragic that our country has become so lazy that the response to success is to ask government to “level the playing field”. Larger companies always buy up the smaller companies in the same industry. We love the efficiencies, until we find ourselves inconvenienced.

        • Sam I Am

          Fucktard, their size was never the problem. Their undue influence was. There are numerous competing oil companies now. Microsoft no longer has a stranglehold on the browser market. That was the goal.

          Again kiddo, nobody is arguing for government takeover of private businesses. A government telling you that you can’t ban people off your service because you don’t like their speech is no different than the government telling you that if you open a shop, you can’t deny service to someone because you don’t like their skin color.

          The problem with the gay wedding cake was never the fact that they were forced to provide a service. It was that they were forced to provide a service THEY DID NOT OFFER.

        • “Fucktard”… “libertard”… “retarded”… “kiddies”… “kiddo”… “sonny”… “son”… all that and more from you, on one lousy page. It’s a real wonder no one wants to debate such a childish troll, isn’t it?

          It’s truly unfortunate that you’re unable to see your immaturity erupting from every post, with the scorn and contempt for anyone who thinks differently spewing forth like vomit. Are you fulfilled in some way by putting others down? Do you then feel superior to those you insulted on the internet? Like wow, impressive, dude!

          And look here, “kiddo”… I have to ask, are you even out of your twenties yet? You certainly don’t sound like it. Some days I wonder if you’ve even entered your twenties yet.

          On second thought, never mind, don’t answer that… there’s nothing you can say that would convince me you’re 30+. Absolutely nothing.

  31. Here is the note I left on the YouTube feedback (I’m sure it will be ignored):

    I support free speech and the second amendment. Why is YouTube banning something that is legal in the US? This will reduce my YouTube time to nil.

    What happened to Do No Harm? Has the corporate motto now become Allow No Offense?

    When did Google become the thought police? I’ve lived long enough to see Evil IBM turn to a good company and see Good Google turn to Evil Google?

    • Social media are not the government. Commercial companies are not the government. Your business, you write and enforce the rules. My business is not your business.

      • Until your business violates my human rights. Sorry kiddo, my right to free speech trumps your “right” to censor things you don’t like.

        • Is it your human right, or is it your constitutional right, or is it you civic right? You need to get your rights right.

        • Free speech is an essential human right to the function of a free society. The 1st amendment exists to prevent government from destroying it because, at the time, they were the only people with that sort of power. These days, tech companies can “unperson” you rather easily. That’s just as much of a problem as a bunch of redcoats busting down your door and arresting your for what came off of your printing press.

  32. Use to support your favorite channels (Until another privately owned company drops people whose content it doesn’t like). I’ll give Full30 a look, last time I used the site (over a year ago) it was a barely functioning mess. I commend their efforts in seeing the writing on the wall years ago and doing something about it.

  33. YouTube has declared itself Social media, making it a public forum. Being a public forum you cannot censor/ and or punish another person for their point of view/Content. It will be interesting where this goes, either they are sued for 1st amendment violations under the constitution and/or lose a lot of followers and advertising money. Either way this community will not go quietly into that good night. Th