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Dean Simmons’ pocket dump is a bit of a laff, really. I highly doubt the Louisiananian carries a bottle of Wild Turkey around with him, never mind an AR15. Given that Mr. Simmons felt the necessity to identify his Mercedes key, I suspect he’s something of a status conscious exhibitionist. So why he’s carrying a GLOCK 43? Don’t get me wrong . . .

this is not another GLOCK bashing post. It’s just that I’d expect someone into appearances would carry a firearm with a little more (as in some) pizzazz.

Then again, the black is black (I want my baby back) GLOCK 43 sends an operator AF message. It’s anti-style style, n’est-ce pas? And who’s to say anyone sees it anyway? Caché est caché! Which raises an interesting question . . .

Other than sending a pic of your pocket dump to, do you ever take out your EDC firearm and show it to an interested party? I admit that under certain circumstances — private venue, no drugs consumed, known gun owner — I will. (I immediately unload the gun first and show clear.) You?

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  1. Like that. Depends on who’s asking and the venue. My response may vary from “none of your damn business” to “hey, check this out!”

  2. Between leasing and the cheap class C? Anyone that makes a few hundred a week can drive a Mercedes so a Glock seems fitting .

  3. If I’m not in my own home, then no. I’ve been asked by family members a few times and I calmly explain that I made myself some safety rules when I started carrying and I’m committed to following them without exception. The last four rules are Cooper’s, but they only come in to play at home and at the range. I won’t unholster anywhere else unless I have a very clear idea that I may have to defend myself or family from a believable lethal threat. I’ve never been in that situation, and I hope I never am.

  4. Hmmm… needlessly upgraded Surefire flashlight, bottle of booze, needlessly upgraded Glock, Breitling watch (front and fucking center), Benzo keyes (minus Lorenzo), pretty nice knife… AR rifle with no tags…

    The only thing missing is a giant bag of Black Rifle Coffee (great coffee btw).

    Gearwhore status confirmed.

    • You say “gearwhore” like it’s a bad thing.

      Some people collect stamps, others collect specifically guns, some people enjoying collecting nice gadgets/gear – What’s wrong with that?

      And yes, before the accusation is thrown my direction – I freely admit to liking intersting, shiny new trinkets. It’s my money and a free country (for now…)

      • I never said it was a bad thing. It’s just a term for people who collect (and tend to show off because otherwise how would you know if they’re a gearwhore?) gear, especially high end gear. Many would say that I’m a “gearwhore” and I would openly admit that I am in some regards.

        The guy likes nice stuff, like that watch, and has some nice but questionable upgrades (in terms of actual usefulness). Pretty well fits the definition. He can get discounts, some nice ones too, over on BB&C by admitting his gearwhore status and joining Nancy’s Squat and Gobble.

        Not that I would *cough* know anything about *cough cough* enjoying such discounts *cough*.

  5. Since I have been carring openly in public, I have had exactly two people ask to see it. I turn left to expose my right side to them and say “see?”. I tell them that at no point what so ever does it ever leave my holster unless severe circumstances dictate such an action.

    The gun guys around already know the brand and caliber I carry and just look for confirmation.

    The rest just want to know how they would be able themselves and have sometimes a lengthy comversation on the proceedures involved. And there is a LOT of the rest!

  6. You know he’s the guy who takes up three shooting lanes for all his stuff, takes himself super seriously, refuses to talk to others (unless he’s showing off his expensive gear), and can’t shoot worth a plugged nickel.

    Those guys are fun to watch.

  7. Hmmm …..seems like I know a blogger dude that likes to flash fancy booze, car keys, and cee-gars.

    Project much?…….LMAO

    And the answer is : The people I would show my EDC Roscoe would probably not like to see it.

  8. Cops are the worst for playing with their stuff.

    But I must admit, they only do it in rooms filled with other cops.

  9. Only at the range or club. Even though OC is legal in my area, I don’t want to scare the sheeple because it tends to generate paperwork for the cops (and hassles for me).

  10. I never show the gun nor let anyone know I’m carrying. Even with people who know I carry. (It is, BTW, a standard Glcok 43…) Isn’t that supposed to be the beauty of being armed? No one really knows who’s carrying.

    I will show to others I know who ask about concealed carry but that’s never done on the “street”. We book an appointment in a controlled situation and go from there. I also have no problems either defending concealed carry nor why I choose to use the Glock 43. If you must know, it’s because I can carry it all day and no one ever knows it’s there. I often forget. It doesn’t print (I’m in pretty good shape for an old guy), it doesn’t get in the way when I’m running 5 miles with my dog or sitting on stage playing an orchestra concert, or just out and about, and I figure with all the shooting I’ve done with it over the past couple of years the 7 rounds ought to take care of things. If I were doing a frontal assault or serious defense to repel borders I’d use the Win 97 12 ga behind the front door or my M1-A if I had time. I reserve my Steyr Scout and SSG for those moments where there’s a lot of time and distance. A matter of respect.

  11. When my EDC gun is “on duty” it never leaves the holster unless needed for a life threatening situation. If I want to show someone my gun I arrange a time when it is “off duty” to show them. A gun in a safely designed holster is only likely to go off when being removed or inserted into the holster. I try to do those activities in a safe and private location to limit the possibility of a N.D. occurring somewhere I might have trouble explaining to the police. I guess I am a belt and suspender kind of guy but I prefer that no one knows whether I am armed or not so as far as the people around me know I don’t carry. And I hope they never need to find out that I do.

  12. I dont show it off. Ever. No need.

    “I dont know what it’s called, I just know the sound it makes when it takes a mans life”

    If they know what that line is from, I may show them my knife.


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