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  1. I’m beginning to warm up to this whole bull pup thing. Most of us live in an urban enviroment. One of these with the 9mm kit would be a handy thing to have. 9mm is cheap for practice and good for repelling boaders and having 5.56 on hand would be a good option.

  2. The semi-auto US model has been ‘coming soon!’ since 2002. That said, I kinda think it might show up in the next 6 months. Maybe.

  3. Someone mentioned in the YouTube comments that he’s using a PMAG in the video which is incorrect. Looks to be a CAA MAG17, sans window.

    Leads me to believe PMAGs would function, but they’re not 100% identical (MAG17 vs PMAG). I’ve not tested the CAA product so I’d be somewhat hesitant. Israeli military just officially adopted the MAG17, so one would think they aren’t complete trash.

    Interesting carbine.

    • They were, until the government “recalled” them all (i.e. banned them by cabinet order). Fortunately, since all Restricted Weapons are registered, the government knew just where to find them. Confiscated without compensation.

      • Nah! Come join me in my newly adopted home State of Maine! You’ll love it. A little tighter on vehicle carry than Texas but meh. You’ll still need the gore-tex but add extreme cold weather gear to the list.

    • San-

      I am in CA as well and I’m not sure what you’re worried about. While 99% of the centerfire carbine owners install a bullet button to make their rifle CA legal, you can easily go featureless with that rifle.

      The Tavor will ship with a 16 inch barrel. There is no vertical forward grip, and obviously the stock is not collapsable. The only thing needed to do is slap a solartactical grip wrap on that thing and you’re good to go. Have you not seen all the featureless FS2000’s and Augs over at Calguns? Piece of cake, you just need a friendly FFL to pick you up one and sell it to you featureless and you’re golden! I thinking of selling my SCAR for this bad boy!

  4. I dont belive you can shoot the right hand model from your left shoulder even with a brass deflector. Look at where he was placing his cheek. I want to see someone do it. And the most ambidextrous bullpup on the market? This guy aparently has never seen a RFB. The integrated BUIS are nice though.

      • I don’t have a problem with people who like guns seen in popular games or movies at all. I have a problem with the irresponsible guys of my generation who ask store clerks about buying a “sniper rifle” or the ever depressing “how do I make this shoot full auto” crowd. The times I’ve buried my face in my hands and sighed at local gun shops are too many to count.

        • my fault, a failed attempt at humor. But I would like to say that growing up in suburbia my interest in guns wasn’t spurred by any personal experience but pop culture.

        • Valid comment jusdaclasix. I tend to forget that not everyone was born and raised in the gun culture as I was. I started life on a hillbilly farm and was handling a gun when it was taller than me.

    • You don’t need to order lefty. The design allows the shooter to change over from righty to lefty in a few minutes.

  5. I had the chance to shoot the Tavor over the weekend and I liked it a little more than that new AUG. It balances to the rear, instead of in the center like the AUG A3.

    The biggest downside I could find was how hot the forward grip got under continuous fire.

    This is actually a very big concern, requiring either gloves or a rail mounted grip or something.

    That being said, everything else was the bees knees.

    As an aside, I also met FPS Russian in person and he’s actually a very nice guy.

  6. I just bought one recently. The problem noticed here before of the front grip getting “really hot” is one big problem that I experimented myself just after only about 100 rounds indoor, air conditioned range, I wonder how hot it gets on the field in a hot summer. On the other side I feel it to be more bulky and worst trigger than my MSAR. Definitely to me, disappointment. I will be exchanging mine for some other stuff, probably a SIG 516.


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