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Here’s a quote from the most recent JPFO posting, a Q&A with Rabbi Dvod Bendory, the organization’s new leader: “One of my favorite students was an octogenarian Holocaust survivor who, in her words, ‘is no longer afraid to be alone at home.’ She wanted a gun for years, but with her experiences she had no one she trusted. She’s no longer afraid.” And here’s occasional TTAG commenter and gun control advocate MikeB30200’s less than enthusiastic response to this idea, filed under Paranoid and Jewish . . .

Does anyone in their right mind believe that old lady is safer with a gun? The answer is yes, the biased self-serving hungry-to-justify-their-fetish guys insist she is, and believe their own bullshit. The truth is, and just think about all the 80-year-olds you’ve known, she’s much more likely to misuse the gun by dropping it or firing prematurely or allowing a burglar to take it from her than she is to use if some day to save herself.

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  1. So at what particular age is he willing to disarm the population? When I hit my 75th B-day, do I turn them all in to the sheriff? Or maybe 70? Is there a test? I’m thinking “cold, dead fingers” is appropriate, even if it fits the self-serving fetish label.

    • Don, There’s no one-size-fits-all for deciding what age people are too old to safely handle guns. But, be honest, man, folks in their eighties are more often than not too shaky, too weak, too visually and hearing impaired to safely handle weapons. It’s got to be an individual determination, perhaps made within the family structure or with the help of concerned friends.

      Of course when we come to our senses and institute full registration and licensing, these capacities can be tested periodically. But, for now the government has no place in this one. That’s my opinion.

        • Tell it to my great grandmother who split birch wood for her stove well into her 80’s… I’d like to see you try your hand at getting an axe from her – let alone a gun. Shakes? Yeah, when she’s cold!

    • “…anyone in their right mind believe that old lady is safer with a gun?”

      Yes, that old lady thinks she is safer, and that is AL that matters. Her safety and her peace of mind are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS unless you are trying to do her harm. Are you planning to be there in her living room or at the market when she needs protection? Neither are the cops, most likely.

      Mikie numbers was gone for so long and it was so peaceful here. FPS Russia just came out of hibernation. Are they possibly the same person?

  2. it’s just another example of the “You’re too stupid to have a gun” argument.

    Given who we are talking about, does this surprise you?

    In other news, the sun rises in the east today, film at 11.

  3. That is a great interview. I believe that this part should be taped to Japete’s and Mike B’s foreheads. as well as on the wall of every gun instructor in the country.
    “RB: … As Jews, we turn to the Torah for guidance. The Torah is very clear that you have not only the right, but the actual obligation to defend yourself. G-d has given you life, a most precious gift, and it is your responsibility to honor that gift.

    When someone threatens your life, they give up their own right to live. Jewish Law discourages killing, even in self-defense — but when attacked with deadly force, you have an obligation to defend with sufficient force to overcome your adversary. The Torah recognizes this as not only a G-d-given right and obligation but also as a human being’s natural reaction to an attack.”

  4. My (almost) eighty year old mom has a 92FS on or near her person at all times and this makes me extremely happy. My dad taught my mom, me and my sister all how to shoot many years ago, when we were kids. The thought never even crossed my mind that my mom would have a mishap with that gun. Because she won’t.

    MikeB is a real putz sometimes.

  5. Personally, I’m a big fan of Mikeb since he exposes himself (figuratively speaking, I hope) and the wingnut antis with everything he writes. Plus, whenever I suffer insomnia, I go to his website and I’m asleep in minutes.

  6. Joe, I’m getting a little concerned about your blood pressure. It’s probably higher than the number after Mikeb’s name.

    • He should fire off a whole bunch of rounds from a 33-round extended glock magazine – just to piss off Magoo. The psychological effect of knowing Magoo’s blood pressure rising to beyond aneurysm-threshold should obviously relax him.

      Hey, it’s better than taking thiazide diuretics and ACE Inhibitors which can have side effects.

  7. According to Mirriam-Webster, paranoia is defined as
    “a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations”.

    When they took her away to the camp, where she was lucky not to end up in the ovens, was that a delusion of persecution?

  8. I’m more afraid of the 80 year olds swerving their Buicks around at 10 under the speed limit than the ones packing a Smith & Wesson in their darning needle drawer.

    • You got that right gunnut, cuz every time I do I end up stepping in some kind of shit, or should I say bullshit. (See my kinder gentler side is back)


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