Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser: I Heart My Police State


The term ‘useful idiot’ was originally attributed to Lenin, though that’s long since been questioned. Whatever its provenance, it’s come to mean a “propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.” And that’s why calling Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser a useful idiot is far too generous. The term implies he’s been duped, that he has no idea that he’s doing the work of others. Make no mistake, Weisser knows exactly what he’s doing now that he’s become the civilian disarmament media’s (redundant, I know) go-to source for anti-gun agitprop. And now he’s not just pimping for more gun control, but also for a full-on police state . . .

In his latest post at his infrequently read blog entitled Sorry, But What’s Wrong With Gun Control, he slobbers all over himself in admiration of Massachusetts’ 2A-defying firearms regulation regime.

I don’t see anything wrong with talking about gun control. Not responsible, not reasonable, not sensible. Gun control. Control, control, control. And the reason I believe in gun control is very simple: It’s the only way we can hope to really make a dent in a public health issue that kills or injures more than 125,000 Americans every year.

Nothing really new there. It’s more of the same bilge he’s been spouting for years. But then there’s this:

In Massachusetts private transactions must be registered not with NICS but with the state, police have the arbitrary authority to deny or impose conditions on the issuance of a gun license even if the applicant passes the background check, and the Attorney General can determine which handguns can and cannot be sold based on whether the design of the weapon is considered child-safe; which means that a civilian can’t buy, among other products, a Glock. And by the way, the safe storage law, if violated, carries a four-year stretch in jail. (emphasis added)

Set aside the fact that (at least in theory) NICS is a background check system, not a registration process. You’d think a gun dealer would understand the distinction between a background check and registering gun owners and what they buy, but let’s chalk that up to sloppy writing.

What’s really troubling is the undying admiration he expresses for the fact that Bay State law enforcement has “the arbitrary authority to deny or impose conditions on the issuance of a gun license even if the applicant passes the background check.” Because nothing’s more American than unchecked police power.

Weisser may do a little jig around his gun store — wherever that may be — every time a prospective gun purchase or private sale transaction is denied for no apparent reason, but most people recognize that as a clear infringement on the Constitutionally protected right of Americans to keep and bear arms. That he sees it as a desirable feature of an enlightened society is troubling and more than a little scary. But then what do you expect from a statist anti-gun gun dealer?



  1. avatar MyPrettyAr15 says:

    I hate Massachusetts gun laws and look forward to the day when I pack up my bags and get the hell out of here. Mike and his bag of hammers (stupid liberal friends) can all dance their jig when there are no more MA gun owners. Until that day, I would never step foot in a store of a moron like that. By the way he’s not the only stupid MA gun store owner either. There are others.

  2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Can we put him in a rocket and fire him off to North Korea? He really belongs there.

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      One with a leaky pressure vessel, so the air leaks out while it’s above the atmosphere?

      1. avatar James Brown says:

        No, let him survive to live under a regime that the crap he believes in leads to.

    2. avatar William says:

      No I want him to get there safe and sound so that he can enjoy the life that he so wishes for.

  3. avatar Mr. 308 says:

    “And the commentators point out that expanded background checks have overwhelming support, even among gun owners, which makes this kind of regulatory initiative ‘sensible’ because everyone thinks it should be done.”

    By this logic, a lot of people like Obama, making him thus ‘sensible’.

    The constitution is specifically meant to not be a popularity contest. But don’t let facts get in the way.

  4. avatar Smoke Jensen says:

    Does this guy even own a gun shop? If so, why does he feel the need to Photoshop himself into this photo?

    1. avatar LifeAbounds says:

      Good catch!

    2. avatar Rifleman762 says:

      Probably because he lost his FFL some time ago.

    1. avatar LifeAbounds says:

      where Chiraq is located, right?

  5. avatar Conor James says:

    After moving from Massachusetts to Indiana (perviously Connecticut before Massachusetts) I’ve come to realize I’m in a better place. Those back in the northeast will never understand the right to bear arms. Kinda funny when you think about it, seeing as that’s where it all started.

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      Fortuitous typo of the day award here.

      Connecticut and Massachusetts are definitely “pervious.”

    2. avatar Wrightl3 says:

      Welcome to a free state.

  6. avatar Another Robert says:

    This idiot has his own gun-grab site now? is that something new? Glad I didn’t click. And I don’t believe he has a gun store anymore–I think he was a failure at it and that’s why he’s pimped himself out to the grabbers.

  7. avatar Mike says:

    Hmm.. think about this for a sec.. The gun grabbers have a large bankroll from bloomberg. What if this “gun guy” does have his ffl, and a “store”. But it’s all funded but the satinist (not a typo) bloomberg, so he can get some astrology turf “in the gun community”. Bloomberg clearly exceeds the money to brains ratio by an incalculable number.

    Just a thought. Maybe someone can do some snooping behind this “gun guy” answer find out how he financed his store.

  8. avatar LifeAbounds says:

    (channeling Harry Carey…)
    “Did you know that Mike Weisser spelled backwards is Dingdong Tallywacker?”

  9. avatar DaveL says:

    Yes, Massachusetts has all these onerous laws and after all that, has levels of gun violence comparable to New Hampshire and Vermont. Ditto California and Arizona.

  10. avatar gs650g says:

    Child safe guns?
    Like pill bottle caps?

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    Merely looking at that sea slug makes me feel like I need a shower. I just stepped out of the shower, and now I need another shower. Thanks, TTAG.

  12. avatar VF 77 says:

    why even waste the electrons talking about this guy anymore. It’s obvious he’s a total fraud

  13. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    GUYS! Stop featuring this maroon…if it’s blog is poorly read why are you adding to it? Heck my wifes decorating/frenchy stuff blog gets 2000 views a day(over 3000000 so far) and she barely puts any effort into it. Stop it…

  14. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Well, depending on how things play out, Mr. Weisser Weeny might get his wish: I just heard that Fedzilla has issued an indictment to arrest Bundy Sr. for felonies in connection with the stand-off at his ranch in Nevada two years ago. This will NOT end well. I can see this quickly spiraling out of control and be a rationale for enacting the very laws that Mr. Weeny is dreaming about.

  15. avatar Rob says:

    This guy will have plenty of customers…other members of the Politburo, who will always be armed, or have armed guards. He’s not worried at all, because his business model no longer includes free citizens. Statists are statists because they assume THEY will always have carve outs. Cops in those NE hellholes like MA, Conn,NJ, and NY are all protected with carve outs so they can own whatever they want in the way of firearms.
    It’s no more than a club, one that gets a little more exclusive each year.

  16. avatar Publius says:

    Screw it, I’m going to ditch my libertarian beliefs temporarily. Until the Second Amendment is fully restored, I absolutely support laws like that one in SC to make journalists register, go through background checks, etc. Hit these bastards where it hurts.

  17. avatar pod says:

    Well if we are allowed to dox on here, let’s dox. If not, please delete my post.

    A quick search of:


    Does not show a “Michael Weisser” as an FFL holder. Maybe it’s a variation on a name, I don’t know.
    (FYI, you have to download the XLS or TXT file to search)

    A quick WHOIS query (command line whois mikethegunguy.com) retrieves:
    Michael Weisser
    Ware Gun Shop waregunshop.com
    91 W Main Street
    Ware, MA 01082

    However, according to the ATF listing, there is only 1 current FFL holder in Ware, MA, and it’s not at 91 W Main Street. It’s elsewhere. I won’t list that address in case it has nothing to do with Mike Weisser.

    Now look back to 2013:


    Mike indeed is listed as an FFL along with a female (wife?) partner.

    Hypothesis: Mike Weisser no longer holds an active FFL. He may work at a gun shop, and maybe Ware Gun Shop is now just a training outfit, but he cannot legally be “in the business” of selling firearms to the public.

    Googling for “Ware Shooting Academy” brings up some scathing reviews, which probably aren’t real customers, but whatever. Also he owes (or owed, maybe he paid…) Ammoland $1800 for advertising that he never paid up.

    Mike the Gun Guy is probably a gun guy in name only. I surmise he was a terrible business person in the firearms industry and is now either out of it entirely, or just runs training classes for MA LTCs just to give himself an air of legitimacy for clueless publications like HuffPo. He most likely got run out for being a d–k and basically went full retard rather than evaluating his business practices.

    1. avatar REGGIE says:

      Ammoland themselves state same address


      Ammoland excerpt;
      We want to make sure no one else in our fine industry gets taken in by this charlatan so we made a short list of known aliases and DBA’s:

      Name: Mike Weisser

      DBA AS:

      – Greylock Gear and Leather Co.
      91 W. Main Stret
      Ware, MA 01082

      And on Amazon.com as GreyLock

      – Ware Gun Shop
      91 W. Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
      Tel: 413-967-7456
      [email protected]


      Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/11/deadbeat-mike-weisser-ware-gun-shops/#ixzz41GQmzLrL
      Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
      Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

  18. avatar Ralph says:

    the Attorney General can determine which handguns can and cannot be sold based on whether the design of the weapon is considered child-safe; which means that a civilian can’t buy, among other products, a Glock.

    Uh, no. Glock makes and sells guns with a MA-qualifying boat anchor trigger. That’s the so-called “child safe” part.

    Glock can’t sell in MA because a former AG didn’t like the Glock loaded chamber indicator — which has nothing to do with child safety — and Glock finally told the state to FOAD.

    Once again, Weisser has exposed himself as (i) a lying sack, or (ii) an ignorant d!ck.

  19. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Of course I don’t know anything about this guy but it seems to me that anyone who would want the state to restrict his own business is a bit unstable.

    Since HIS business is selling lethal weapons, that might not be such a good thing.

    1. avatar pod says:

      What I’m sensing about him is that he’s a disgruntled Fudd who wasn’t very good with customer service to begin with. He came up during the AWB and probably did alright selling hunting firearms and the occasional pistol, but when the market exploded after 2004 for everything besides hunting weapons, he got left behind, in part due to his chosen state’s policies to keep their own version of the AWB around.

      He didn’t adapt well. He could have moved to NH or VT and made a bundle selling black rifles with standard-cap mags and offering training.

      He could have remained in MA and sold whatever he wanted via internet sales. Heck, very reputable firearms dealers who do extensive business online from behind enemy lines. He could have been one of them.

      But for some reason he didn’t. He chose to stay a disgruntled Fudd, a rare Fudd that had an FFL.

  20. avatar Kyle says:

    There is no relation between levels of gun control and levels of gun violence. States that have higher levels of gun control tend to have lower levels of gun deaths, but that is a result of the people in said states not owning as many guns and being more amenable to gun control, and thus the result being higher gun control and fewer gun deaths as with fewer guns, there are fewer suicides by gun, accidental shootings, justifiable homicides, etc…But it does not mean such states have lower levels of gun murder. The gun murder rates are all over the place with regards to the states.

    1. avatar Warlocc says:

      Did you know that most shark attacks happen in the water, too?

  21. avatar reggie says:

    Wow this could be scary! Timing? ? ?
    After reading TTAG about ” Mike (the gun guy)”, and finding out that he fits the definition of “OXYMORON” I ended up finding him mentioned at Ammoland with distain.
    That led me to peruse around for a moment and noticed that Chuck Norris was a contributor.. I found a scary scary possibility written about 1 1/2yrs ago, that could now
    come true with the passing of Judge Scalia.

    Supreme Court Justice… Eric Holder? By Chuck Norris
    Posted on September 30, 2014 by Ammoland

    That could happen like the NY SAFE Act being passed, a FAST and FURIOUS …Court Appointment by the President. Even if only a temporary appointment subject later to congressional approval, that could be UGLY!

  22. avatar Bob313 says:

    “Weisser may do a little jig around his gun store..”

    Are you saying this guy owns a gun store? If so, what is the name of the store and where is it located? Somebody has to know. Also, why in the heck do gun manufacturers and wholesalers sell to him? If he is willing to deny Americans their constitutional rights, every American needs to know, especially his customers and suppliers.

    1. avatar Robert R. McBride says:

      If you ever want to have a laugh do a Google Earth Street View of 91 W. Main Street Ware, MA 01082. There you will find the hovel that Mike passes off as the Ware Gun Shop, AKA Ware Shooting Academy, AKA The National Medical Council On Gun Violence.

  23. avatar Demo Man says:

    NRA is the multimillion dollar bureaucracy promoting a police state. Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill from 2013 was promoted by NRA lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde as a “shall issue” bill. That was Vanderymyde’s excuse for loading up the NRA bill with everything the police unions wanted, including Duty to Inform, so cops can shoot down armed citizens and get away with it legally.

    The IL carry bill application requires a ten year address history. The purpose of that is so any cop from anywhere in the state can object to an application. Once the law enforcement objection is entered, processing is suspended by IL State Police, and the app. is kicked over to the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board, who review the ANONYMOUS accusations from cops which the applicant can’t see or rebut in person. Their standard of “evidence?” It’s “preponderance of the evidence” the same standard as red light camera tickets.

    IL does not have a shall-issue bill, they have the dream bill supplied by the police unions to set up the infrastructure for a criminal police state. What has NRA done to knock out the review board in IL? NOTHING. Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA know what Vandermyde is doing, they pay him by 1099. The only people who can’t figure out that IL does not have a shall-issue bill are the swarms of retarded hick NRA members from southern IL who can’t read past 8th grade level. Consumption of moonshine impairs cognitive abilities.

  24. avatar Robert R. McBride says:

    If you ever want to have a laugh do a Google Earth Street View of 91 W. Main Street Ware, MA 01082. There you will find the hovel that Mike passes off as the Ware Gun Shop, AKA Ware Shooting Academy, AKA The National Medical Council On Gun Violence.

    1. avatar pod says:

      Looks like an ATV store next to a body shop. Though the “hovel” portion could be out back where his store is, if it is still in business. That being said, he is no longer an FFL holder, and there’s only one other FFL holder in Ware, MA. Mike might work for that guy’s shop, or he may work for another shop in another town, while trying to run his BS Mass LTC training academy.

      I doubt he works in another shop though since I don’t see another FFL holder having such a hot potato on his payroll.

      My hypothesis is still that Mike Weisser is a fraud, with maybe a BS instruction business, which one doesn’t need an FFL for.

  25. avatar Randy N says:

    The guy owns a gun shop for the sole reason that it gives him some kind of credibility with the liberal anti-gun media. Go read as much of his blogs as you can stomach, and it becomes clear quickly he is an idiot. Just read his blog about his favorite guns and how he does not wear a holster ever, and carries a Glock19 in his pocket.

  26. avatar W says:

    You may be looking for the term “fellow traveler.” Mike “the gun guy” is a fellow traveler with Hillary, Bloomberg, etc. He may not agree with them on everything, but he agrees on a lot and is working with them now.

  27. avatar DJZ says:

    The term ‘useful idiot’ was originally attributed to Lenin, though that’s long since been questioned. Whatever its provenance, it’s come to mean a “propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.”

    Sounds like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

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