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“Hesston police confirm a shooting at Excel Industries in the 200 block of South Ridge Road in Hesston. Dispatchers say two people were killed and multiple others are hurt.  The shooting was reported a little after 5 p.m. Thursday.” According to, a suspect in the shooting is “down.” Little else is known at this point. Watch this space.

UPDATE: Latest reports indicate a much worse situation. Two more are dead for a total of four and as many as 20 wounded . . .

Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said there were “four to five” diferent crime scenes in the area. Walton said the shooter was an employee at Excel Industries, and he was killed by authorities.

“This is just a horrible incident,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of sad people before this is all over,” Walton said.

He said he couldn’t give an exact number of people killed and injured.

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    • Probably. Apparently its a lawn care products factory. Lawnmowers, etc. Not an obvious terrorist or political target. This might be old fashioned disgruntled employee workplace violence.

    • According to the article, it was a gun free zone with “signs all over the place”. One of the less-bright interviewees seemed gobsmacked that anyone would bring a gun onto well-marked premises.

      Gun free zone signs are notices to the world of the stupidity of the people who posted them.

      • Are you trying to tell us that those signs do not put up a magic force field to stop those with Il intent? I am shocked. The should sue the company that made the signs!

    • Nah. It doesn’t fit the progressive narrative of evil white guys using guns to murder and oppress people of color. A black guy with a criminal record shoots up his former workplace in Kansas after being fired? I’ll be surprised if this is even on the news tomorrow, much less next week.

      • Well, it isn’t on Yahoo’s front page as of this morning. Google News picked it up an hour ago. Bing News has it, too.

      • Please quote the sources of that narrative.
        You know there are places you don’t go where the whites are armed and dangerous and places you don’t go where the blacks are armed and dangerous. What else is new?
        Seems to me the progressive media isn’t owning that white men act out dangerously at seeming random. They blame guns. That’s OUR problem.
        It seems obvious that black men shoot each other over turf/drug/”respect” issues.
        The press chooses: lone wolf (he was the nicest guy or we knew something was up) white guy, black gangbanging, or terrorist. Hold ups get evening local news. Charleston and Abortion clinic shooter get excused from being called terrorists when indeed they are.

        What’s a shame is this is all fuel for the antis. Prayers for the victims and families!

      • I had to scroll pretty deep on the local liberal rag’s website to find it this morning. First I was aware of it.

  1. KWCH12 has an update where the local Sheriff is indicating between 4 and 7 deceased including the attacker. And as many as 20 injured.

    Prayers for the surviving victims and the families of the deceased.

  2. The article says that the shooter was a black male in a gun free zone. The MSM and the Demons won’t run too far with this one, unless they can make the case that the shooter was fired because of racism and white privilege. Then we won’t hear the end of it.

    • Actually, we’ll probably hear about it but somehow it’ll be a result of the new constitutional carry law. Nevermind that it apparently happened in a GFZ or that he apparently used a rifle which would be awkward as hell to try to conceal because “blood in the streets”.

    • I am hearing reports that the attacker flipped-out after receiving a domestic violence restraining order. If that turns out to be true, the lamestream media will beat this dead horse until it is an unrecognizable pile of organic material … they will be tripping all over themselves to say, “See! This is why we must take any and all steps necessary to disarm anyone named in a domestic violence restraining order!”

  3. It was a black male with an AK-47 who was an employee…

    Wait… this doesn’t follow the usual stereotype.

    “We got signs saying ‘no guns’ but this guy’s got an AK and began spraying,” Mr. Pierce said.

    Wait a minute – you mean he didn’t change his mind when he saw the “no guns allowed sign??”

  4. This one really sucks. We recently passed a lot of gun friendly legislation in Kansas. If they don’t start yelling “we were right there’s blood in the streets” I’ll be surprised, even though it’s an isolated incident.

      • Two years ago, we had that synagogue shooting in Overland Park by a white racist. And even worse, the town is called Hesston, so they’ll crack some mean jokes at the late Charlton Heston as well.

        • That particular asshat shot white christians if I recall correctly.. I would use the word irony but I’m not sure it applies. This is why the sign on the door of my workplace irritates the hell out of me. I value my life more than my job, but the job funds the life. Guess its time to move on, I just hope I can find a place that doesn’t believe stickers are deterrents. They only stop people _who do not want to lose their jobs_ from carrying, they will not stop someone intent on doing something similar to what is described in the referenced articles, or below.

          (This is a quote, in case you live under a rock.)
          “And this button-down, Oxford-cloth psycho might just snap, and then stalk from office to office with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers. This might be someone you’ve known for years. Someone very, very close to you.”

    • Multiple prior criminal convictions?

      That’s impossible!

      Convicted criminals can’t legally buy guns!

      Someone should make that even more illegal-er…

  5. Cedric Ford – shooter, apparently a felon in possession:

    “According to online court records, Ford has a criminal record in Harvey County, Kansas. He was arrested on December 17, 2010, and charged with a parole violation, domestic battery, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, traffic violations and theft.

    The outcome of that case was not immediately available.

    He also has a record in Florida, according to online court records in Broward County and KWCH. His convictions include fleeing from police, battery and grand theft.”

  6. The shooter was African American so just like the Naval Yard shooting this will be swept under the rug by the media in about 1-2 days tops never to be mentioned again except as a statistic in a MAIG presentation.

    • And as part of the statistics, they’ll include the piece-of-shit murderer as a “victim of gun violence”, too, since he got shot by a cop.

    • By this point the anti-gunners don’t care if the shooter is black or white, they’ll only emphasize on the fact he used a gun; when that big sissy Vester killed the two journalists they were blaming guns as well.

  7. Another shooting incident in a “gun free zone” by what appears to be a prohibited person. My condolences to the victims and their families. Based upon Obama’s previous speeches, he’ll use this to try and create more gun free zones and subsequently become silent when the facts no longer support his gun control narrative.

    I think I’ll use this opportunity to buy more guns and ammo.

  8. Far be it for me to suggest a shadowy conspiracy here (for the record, I do own aluminum foil, but I only use it to make hats for my turkeys and hams before they go in the oven), but don’t it seem awful damned convenient that every time the .gov starts agitating for more gun control we suddenly experience a spate of “spree shootings” all over the country, one after another?

    As the saying goes, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action, and we are up to about half a dozen times now where the usual suspects start screeching about gun control, and then suddenly there are 3-5 big showy shootings in rapid succession.

    It just happens too often to be pure coincidence IMO.

    I’m not sure which is worse, that this idea occurs to me at all, or that it in no way seems “a bridge too far” for our current government.

    I hate that these statist a-holes have, through constant bloody shirt waving, caused my first reaction to these kinds of events to be political in nature.

    In a just world, there would be someone right close at hand to smack the bloody shirt waver in the back of the head for being such a douche canoe.

    In the world we actually have, these ghouls get patted on the back and held up as a positive example.

    Makes me sad for humanity and our nation (what’s left of it).

    • It’s the copycat effect. It’s VERY well documented that after a high profile killing, there’s an increased likelihood of a similar attack happening in the next couple of weeks.

      It’s 100% attributable to media glorification and canonization of deranged murderers.

  9. Clearly, this entire story is fake. It was a gun free zone, and as we all know, a picture of a gun with a line through it automagically stops bad guys.

  10. Excel Industries, No Gun Zone, Heston, KS 3 dead, 14 injured – waited for police to intervene; Vaughan Foods, Moore, Oklahoma 1 dead, 1 injured – armed co-worker intervenes

  11. heard on the radio this morning that this maniac was stopped by a meat-eater who DID NOT wait for backup. get some.

  12. So if terrorism is workplace violence (ala Ft. Hood), is workplace violence = terrorism? Let see, didn’t yell Aluh Akbar,…not of mideastern decent, not a military base…..hmmmm. Yup. It was terrorism.

  13. ABC News reports Cedric Ford began his killing rampage around 5 PM after being served a Restraining Order obtained by a “former girlfriend” for domestic abuse at 3:30 PM. Ford’s prior convictions included domestic abuse. Now you know which head this jerk was thinking with. Another f**ked-up male whose ego cannot treat women properly and has no problem inflicting death, pain, suffering and grief on his co-workers and strangers using a firearm. Thank God for the brave Police Officer that shot this mad dog to death, but too bad the victims were all in a “No Guns” zone. Their survivors should sue the owners of “EXCEL Industries” into abject poverty and this and similar incidents should become the basis for a class-action lawsuit seeking to outlaw these “GFZ’s” that put people in lethal harm;s way everyday.
    When you look objectively at all the FAIL laced throughout this entire incident, it demonstrates how truly, overwhelmingly broken America is today.
    I am not ignoring how many good things there are to celebrate about America, but seriously, look at all the issues that resulted in the deaths, injuries and grief in this matter it comes so clear that if even two things had been different (employees allowed to carry in the workplace = carry of firearms not infringed + “Gun Free Zone” not permitted). Nevermind a sick domestic abuser is on the streets. Nevermind a convicted felon can get a firearm illegally. The reality of the situation stacked all the odds against the innocent people killed and wounded and their bereaved families.

  14. He was a convicted domestic abuser (and I’m assuming, felon) and yet there are reports of him on Facebook showing off his gats. How’s those laws working out for us?

    Edit: Actually just looked it up on FB and lo and behold, there’s a picture of him with his guns on Feb 15th.

    When will the reactionaries realize that laws banning possession simply are not going to stop this madness? They scoff at the notion that good folks be armed, but guess what stops these sickos? Good folks with guns!

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