Midwest Industries Announces Release of New High QD Scope Mounts
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From Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries announced that it has added to its line of High QD Scope Mounts for the commercial market.

The mounts feature smooth-functioning QD levers with superior clamping ability that will not damage or coin the rail surface. A multi-faceted adjustment nut helps operators find the exact right tension without the need for tools. Precision machined for optimum return-to-zero performance and reliability, these mounts provide secure, durable mounting options for 34mm and 35mm diameter scopes.

“All of our High QD Scope Mounts use the smoothest QD lever on the market, making them incredibly simple to install,” said Troy Storch, Owner of Midwest Industries. “By expanding this product line, we now offer high-quality mounts for a variety of scope sizes. These new mounts are a great fit for shooters with larger diameter scopes.”

The new High QD Scope Mounts incorporate the following features:

• Options for 34mm and 35mm scope diameters
• Work with scopes with up to a 56mm objective
• Smooth-operating Elite Defense QD lever
• Fully adjustable with no tools required
• Can fit rails not machined to Mil-Spec tolerances
• Hard Coat Anodized 6061 Aluminum
• 1.93 in. from the top of the rail to the centerline of the ring
• 1.5 in. offset

Visit the Midwest Industries website for more information on the High QD Scope Mounts.

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  1. They say these mounts “will not damage or coin the rail surface.”
    Dictionary.com says that coin, when used as a verb, means either:

    1) to make (coinage) by stamping metal:
    Example: The mint is coining pennies.
    2) to convert (metal) into coinage:
    Example: The mint used to coin gold into dollars.

    So apparently these optics mounds will not act as a minting machine by producing pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, or dollars every time you use it.
    Dang it all, that’s too bad — I’d prefer an optic mount that minted dollar coins for me every time I used it!


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