CZ Ups the Accuracy of its 457 Varmint Precision Trainer

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CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer

From CZ . . .

For anyone looking to get serious about rimfire competition shooting without the costs of a full-on custom rifle, a new day has dawned. CZ-USA has released its match-grade MTR chamber and the extremely tight tolerances that come with it in one of the gunmaker’s most popular 22 LR bolt guns—the 457 Varmint Precision Trainer (VPT).

The MTR chamber has already proven itself in its namesake, CZ 457 Varmint MTR rifle, and has garnered an excellent reputation for accuracy. The MTR variant of the VPT allows shooters to buy an affordable, match-chambered rifle that’s ready to compete right out of the box. This eliminates the perceived need to upgrade any major components, putting this rifle a step above the competition.

The Precision Trainer series was designed to provide the same look and feel as a full-size tactical rifle while allowing for more economical training. Though the golden days of cheap and plentiful 22 LR ammo may be behind us, the Precision Trainer has become more popular than we ever could have imagined.

The 457 VPT MTR merges the best of both models with the Manners carbon-fiber composite stock and the MTR chamber. This model utilizes a cold hammer-forged and lapped 16.2-inch barrel for superior accuracy. It is also threaded to allow easy installation of a suppressor or muzzle device.

CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer

New for 2022 the Manners carbon fiber stock now features an adjustable cheekpiece. The forend is recessed, drilled, and threaded for use with an Arca Rail. It still comes with the basic features that have set the 457 family of rifles apart; a fully adjustable trigger, a 5-round detachable magazine, and integrated 11mm dovetails for scope installation with an MSRP of $1,635.

CZ-USA 457 VPT MTR Specs:
SKU: 02355
Chambering: 22 LR
Action: Bolt
Barrel: Cold hammer forged
Barrel Length: 16.2 in.
Twist Rate: 1:16 in.
Magazine Type: Detachable
Magazine Capacity: 5 Rounds
Stock: Manners Carbon Fiber
Overall Length: 33.5 in.
Weight: 7.1 lbs.
Trigger Mechanism: Adjustable
Sights: No sights; Integrated 11MM Dovetail
Safety: Two-Position, Push to Fire
Misc.: Barrel Threaded 1/2×28
MSRP: $1,635

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  1. That price puts it in Open class in NRL22, where it’s competing with Vudoos. I have a Base class 457 MTR and an Open class Vudoo. The MTR is good, but it won’t compete with the Vudoo. Not much will.

    A mass manufacturer won’t ever compete with the custom guns in Open class. I think CZ should focus on building a precise $500 – $600 gun to rule Base class.

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