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The Zombie thing sucks. Hard. I hate it. You hate it. RF really hates it. But if any man could make zombie-related anything cool, it would have to be Jerry Miculek. Spoiler alert, he’s done it . . .

As one of the fastest and most accomplished shooters in the land, Jerry Miculek has the full authority to be a jackwagon if he chooses. He could go to matches, shoot fast, and refuse to talk to people or have fun. But what makes the guy so damn lovable is that he’s insanely talented while still having a great time every time he hits the range. You’d be hard pressed to get through that whole multi weapon stage without a giggle, and I’m pleased to see that Jerry isn’t immune to the giggles either.

His only error seemed to be forgetting to shoot one of the targets in the head. That’s okay though, he buried two in the heart, on the run, using a Colt Python, within a second. Unreal.

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  1. Well, I don’t hate “The Walking Dead.” And if JM was on that show, it would be over because every zombie in North America would be toast.

    • My girlfriend used to question why I had so many guns and why I carried everywhere. Ever since we started watching TWD, she wants me to buy more.

      • I swear I’m seeing more and more NFA toys on The Walking Dead…

        What was that big-ass green suppressor on tonight’s episode?

    • I don’t think they’re referring to The Walking Dead… Tyler could be, idk? I think he’s talking about the innumerable zombie related/branded gun merchandise that started appearing on the market a couple years ago. I hate all that crap too. And I’m completely hooked on the Walking Dead.

  2. “When hell is full the dead will walk the earth.” Gives us a safety margin. Hell won’t be full to difi and bloomberg shuffle off this mortal coil.

    • It still won’t be full … it’s just that everyone else would leave when they show up.

      Let’s face it … They’re already on a different plane of reality than most people.

  3. Jerry is my hero. I’m a bit older and he’s the best in the world in lots of categories. I can’t compete(physically) with 20year olds. Gotta’ be unique…and I HATE zombie crap.

  4. Anyone who worries about zombies, what with the world’s problems today, is just not in their right mind!

    What a bunch of stupid!

    Anything using zombies in their advertising is a total turn off!

  5. Speak for yourself, Tyler. I for one love “The Walking Dead,” and have been a big fan of just about everything George Romero-related ever since I saw Tom Savini’s remake of “Night of the Living Dead” at age 10.

  6. Speaking of Walking, could you get rid of that ad (contact someone) with that Eye rolled back guy. It’s grosser than anything on the show Walking Dead.

    It’s gotta be near finished it’s rotation. It isn’t making me buy anything. It may make me never look over there again however.;)

  7. i hated zombie stuff until the walking dead. The show isnt about zombies, it is about the living and the difficult choices they must make in without rule of law situations. Brilliant show.

  8. Zombie drama isn’t about zombies. It’s about how do We behave when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

    It is reflective of the world’s problems. Think if you will, which of your neighbors would lose their civility if the power was out for more than a week? Who would keep their code? Is their faith internal or just about being a member of a group. A group that doesn’t seem to be meeting anymore.

    The show is demonstrating that other humans are way more dangerous than the zombies.

  9. I love zombie stuff for what it’s worth, usually an examination of life without rule of law…..and it’s more interesting than that crappy 3 gun AR you thought so highly of….

  10. The Walking Dead is a horrible tv show. For the most part…zombie themed products are ridiculous and lime green anything will never be in my gun safe.

    But zombie targets are great. And zombie themed shoots and tournaments are fun. This is a fun video. If jerry makes any walking dead fans become first time gun owners with this video then its all worth it.

  11. Zombie apocalypse is Just another form of fantasy end of the world thinking for me..Lately Iv been dreaming of the Senate Bean soup being infected and our leaders end up walking around chewing on each other.. Much like they do now, only with more gusto..

  12. I was trying interest my teenaged daughter in shooting and she was all “meh”, until I got her some zombie targets. Now it’s mag dump after mag dump of head shots.

  13. I love the zombie thing, and I think its done more to get people interested in guns than anything that the NRA ever did.

    • ^^^ This.

      I can’t logically denounce anything which encourages people to change their thinking and take even tiny steps to prepare themselves, either mentally or physically, for real-world catastrophes and day-to-day threats – even if that mindset starts out from watching a zombie show.

      Getting people interested is how we change culture. It’s how we encourage logical thought. Its how we get people involved. It’s how we turn brain-dead zombies into people who actually care.

      And while no self-respecting 2A activist would ever want real gun-rights issues to get tied into fantasy, or to have our collective image distorted further, maybe zombie culture is where some people start to think about what it takes to protect themselves – and start to take action to do just that.

  14. I like Walking Dead and I’m enjoying Z Nation, which is quite a bit lighter with more humor, like Zombies getting hold of Viagra and getting Zombies high. The other reason is Z Nation is filmed where I live. The episode Friday night, was filmed less than I mile from my home at the now closed Painted Hills Golf Course in Spokane Valley, WA.

  15. I am a big zombie fiction fan, from tv, to movies, to literature.

    Everything from serious zombie fiction (walking dead) to the crap, tongue in cheek stuff (any one see zombie strippers?)

    Do I like the z branded product? No and I doubt ill ever buy any. Do I want to shoot a zombie themed 3 gun with stages where you have to start with machette’ing a pumpkin and head shots a plenty? Hell yes.

    I started watching walking dead before I started really shooting much. Now after shooting much 3 gun and totally immersing myself in the way of the gun, walking dead is even more fun to watch. I get to ID BS shooting skills and take note of which product is being used. Like the silencerco silencers and magpul Ubr.

    • Have you spotted anything newer than the supposed date of the infection? It would be interesting to see a Taurus curve pop up out of nowhere.

  16. I’m surprised some of you miss the point of the “Zombie” thing. It’s a politically correct way to talk about shooting and damaging bipedal aggressors in a life-or-death situation.

    Will I buy dumb crap like the black and ectoplasm green Mossberg “Zombie Chainsaw” shotgun? Absolutely not. It’s overpriced, ugly and a stupid way to capitalize on something that is, for all intents and purposes, purely a euphemism.

    But, for a while at least, it did make for a pretty effective euphemism, especially when talking about some of the more… colorful aspects of choosing a firearm for personal protection against a bipedal aggressor.

  17. I grew tired of the zombie themed merch fairly quickly. It seemed to trivialize guns and ammunition as mere toys. But it’s a fact they can be fun toys. I just worry about the safety aspect. I hope the zombie toy buying gun owners get the proper education and are being as safe as the serious competition shooter.

    • Consider the recent significant rise in gun ownership along with the steady or even dropping rate of unintentional deaths. I consider it a serious win that new shooters seem to take shooting serious, with the prodigious support of the established community and widely available information and training being a significant factor.

  18. I thought the zombie stuff was cheesy too but now that it’s cool to NOT like zombie gear, I’m begining to like it. I’m going to put neon grips and biohazard symbols on all my guns and optics. Just so I’m not like the pedantic TTAG crowd.


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