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A SIG Sauer P938 Nightmare makes up the handgun portion of this pocket dump. The P938 is chambered in 9mm and has a three-inch barrel and six-round capacity. It’s a solid micro-compact with purposefully contrasting controls for greater visibility and easier use.

Here’s the requisite question. There aren’t any holsters or sheaths in this photo, so how do you guys think he carries this gun and the knives? How would you carry a micro-compact? Pocket carry, OWB, IWB, ankle holster?

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  1. Carry? Depends on how I’m dressed. Used them all. Shoulder holster only a couple of times. Ankle only on duty for my backup.

  2. I’ve tried pocket carry, but it feels too big. The Ruger LC9 is my maximum pocket piece. The 938 would be IWB for me.

    • I am pretty sure the 938 is both smaller and lighter than an LC9 although only very slightly. and i agree the LC9 is a touch big for pocket carry. I have never tried to pocket a 938.

      I don’t really like IWB so if that was my gun it would be in an OWB Kydex holster at 3:30

  3. I carry a Kimber micro 9 which is a brother from another mother to the 938. You can even use the same mags. I carry my Kimber several ways. Today I had it in a sticky holster in my pocket. I sometimes carry in a inside waist holster when it is warmer and cover it with a tshirt. I have a universal belt holster I use with a unbuttoned shirt or jacket. I’ve tried ankle holsters but haven’t used them enough to be a fan. I also dont bend down easily at my advanced years. My little gun is more a pocket piece. Most times I carry a variety of pistols in my universal holter. They include a CZ 75D, a S&W 469, or a 1911 RIA commander in 45acp. Those guns are heavy and I have to have a good belt. I carry my Kimber at half cock when I’m my pocket. Not comfortable carrying cocked and locked in my pocket.

    • Ditto, I carry my Micro 9 at half-cock just for safety though. I do appendix because it’s easy. And the gun is so small that it never gets in the way. It’s definitely higher quality than the SIG though. I considered both initially but I just got the Micro 9 Covert with lasergrips. Way better, same capacity, Hogue basepads, laser, tritium nightsights (Best nightsights Ive ever used on any pistol, by the way.)

  4. Six shot?
    Well, that’s a 7rd mag in the P938 in the pic and I don’t see a spare, so I hope it’s 7+1 shot.
    Six shot mags sit flush, seven shot mags let me grip with 3 fingers instead of two.

  5. It’s a solid micro-compact with purposefully contrasting controls for greater visibility and easier use.

    If you have to look at the controls, you’re doing it wrong.

    • that sentence made me think “arbitrarily contrasting controls since they rushed the nightmare out to get product onto shelves.” i don’t look at mine all that much, certainly not when i’m aiming it. i was a beta tester, had the feed ramp polished and the barrel recrowned. stainless trigger, stone the contacts, vz grips.
      maybe the legion series version trigger will become available? someone on here has posted that a p290 mag will run 8+1 with a notch dremeled.
      iwb r. grizzle or crossbreed (“rough n ready” carries a little higher than “freedom carry”) when it’s not front or cargo pocket reclused.

  6. Those being folding knives, and this being a “pocket dump” (even with how far that phrase gets stretched) I feel fairly confident saying he probably carrys the knives in his pocket.

  7. That’s my IWB carry when I don’t want to carry a gun.
    I have a lot of faith in my P938.
    None in my P238 though.

  8. A 938 in a Remora sticky holster worn IWB is my “Louisiana Tuxedo” (aka jeans and a polo) rig. The 938 also practically disappears in an ankle rig or “deep cover” shirt when concealment needs best draw speed. A Hogue hand-all jr grip sleeve does wonders for controllability.

  9. My 938 Nightmare w/6-round flush fit magazine is carried in my right front pocket in a Wild Bill holster that he made for me to fit my pistol with a CT Laser Guard. The holster also has a snap-on/snap-off square of leather that makes the holstered pistol look like a wallet (in case it prints). I carry a 7-round mag in my left front pocket. This is mostly a warm-weather EDC for me; in colder weather when I wear a jacket, I usually carry OWB with a larger 9mm pistol. Or maybe a snubbie. Depends on what I wear and where I’m going.

  10. Reppin’ the 1st. gen Seiko Monster! Really like the bracelet it’s on, looks like a Strapcode Engineer? I’ve got a 2nd. gen black Monster on a NATO. I alternate between that and a Seiko 007 on a Strapcode Jubilee.

  11. My current P938 has ridden my front left pocket for 2 years in an Azula pocket holster.

    My old stand-by P938 rode in a Galco for over 3 years prior to that.

    I now feel naked without it. 😉

  12. I hope this cat is carrying that in a holster. Trigger needs covered. No way you carry that cocked and locked free floating in a pocket. Sticky holster would be my bet.

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