Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, is shown during an announcement to redevelop the Ford Motor Co. shuttered 320-acre Wixom Assembly Plant as the nation's largest renewable energy park Sept. 10, 2009 in Wixom, Mich. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
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From the annals of linguini-spined elected representation comes news of Michigan’s Rep. Mike Bishop who represents the 8th Congressional district in the south-central part of the mitten. Like everyone in the House he’s up for reelection this November and he’s apparently been watching a lot of MSNBC and CNN during and after last weekend’s March for Our Lives.

Republican Rep. Mike Bishop’s support of the Second Amendment, right-to-carry legislation and his A/A+ rating from the National Rifle Association have been removed from his campaign website.

It’s all just a coincidence, of course. It has nothing to do with the anti-gun media onslaught since Parkland.

Bishop campaign spokesman Stu Sandler said the issues page was updated recently for the first time since Bishop was a U.S. House candidate in 2014, and now focuses on matters in which the Rochester Republican has played a role during his time in Congress.

“The issues are ones that come up in the community but also that he’s had a major role in terms of legislation — jobs and the economy, tax reform, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, pipeline safety, opioid task force — go down the line,” Sandler said.

Bishop was on the baseball field last year when James Hodgkinson opened fire and shot Rep. Steve Scalise, a capitol police woman and two others. So you’d think he’s have a particular respect for the right to armed self defense. But that was nine months ago. An eternity in political time.

The “issues” page of Bishop’s website no longer mentions guns or the Second Amendment. Also scrubbed from the page are descriptions of Bishop as a supporter of right to work laws, his opposition to abortion and to amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

The campaign site now features largely bipartisan issues, including the opioid epidemic, college affordability, Great Lakes conservation and protecting children from predators.

Because nothing fires up the base and brings them out on election day like conciliatory bipartisanship and signaling — however subtly — that your support for a basic civil right like the right to keep and bear arms may be wavering.

We don’t know who’s advising him on campaign strategy, but good luck with that, Rep. Bishop.


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  1. Yes the Republican back stabbing rats are jumping ship and with it goes the Second Amendment.

  2. What the politicians should be focusing on are the vast number of times between Pulse Nightclub Charlottesville church prayer group
    San Bernardino and now Parkland that our FBI has managed to let a terrorist or a domestic nutcase slip through their fingers..
    Remember Isis and Al Qaeda are watching..
    Watching those who we pay to protect us fall on their faces

      • Because they automatically withdraw taxes from our paychecks and then alot a certain amount to that agency…. We damn sure ain’t payin the bumbling idiots out of the kindness of our hearts nor for the outstanding service they provide in investigating people that might wanna kill us.

  3. It is up to his constituents to demand he make a public unequivocal statement of support for the 2nd Amendment, and out him big time if he back pedals or waffles in any way.

    The only way we win this round is by being in your face with our elected representatives and telling them that if they want us to show up to vote, they better show us it is worth our while to do so!

    • Well MIKE is a cosponsor of National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill so he gets a chance (short) to get right.

  4. The good Rep from MI now refuses to take comments from the contact page on his website.


    LOLOLOLOL Just a coincidence????

    I think we should all give him a call and let him know our thoughts: (517)292-3118

  5. The only option remaining to us is a total bloodbath for Republicans at the ballot box in November. This betrayal is clearly systemic, throughout the party structure, and that means the cure will be painful. I say, if both parties want to be our enemies, so be it, but the Republicans *can not* win a majority without gunnowners, and it’s about time they learn that lesson the hard way. It’s time the anti-gun Republican *electorate* learns this lesson, too.

    Best outcome, Republicans accept the need to serve the RKBA voters, successfully stymie the Dem majority for a cycle, and people on our side run for election & win next cycle. Worst outcome, Dems pull an overreach with their majority and spark civil unrest or economic collapse through tyrannical policies. Frankly, both are better than a gradual slide into irrelevance waiting on stars that will never align while the socialists perfect their hold over us.

      • Many primaries are already over. But for those whose aren’t, yeah, that’s a last ditch chance before the nuclear option I’ve suggested is what’s left

      • And continue the cycle? You can put new republicans in but they learn the same lessons as the old ones: once they’re in, they don’t give two shits about what put them there.

    • The problem is, if the leftists do manage to pass more federal gun control, particularly universal registration (AKA “universal background checks,” AKA “closing the gun show loophole”), then that law would be hard to get off the books later. Even if it was possible to repeal the law later, all the data collected up until that time wouldn’t be going anywhere. It would be a significant click of the ratchet, and as long as the database was not immediately used for mass disarmament (and it wouldn’t be, not for years probably), I doubt there would be much political backlash against the leftists. I am as frustrated with the GOP as any conservative right now, but I’m still very hesitant to wish for electoral losses to the Democrats. Primary them if you can, but does it make sense to replace them with something worse?

  6. Well, this is where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Sorry, but this dude is chaff. Honestly, I wouldn’t vote for this clown even if it means a known gun-hating Dem (and aren’t they all?) wins. There are an increasingly small number of congress-critters who actually stand for something (like, say, the Constitution). The ones who stand only for staying in office at all costs, based on what CNN thinks they should be doing, are poison. If we learn one lesson about influencing Congress-critters, let it be “pour encourager les autres”. Anything less than 100% support for 2A should be a guaranteed career death sentence for a GOP politician, even if we get a short-term Dem as a result. Otherwise, the GOP will become infested with gun-grabbing pols, as we are now seeing.

  7. Mr Bishop is a coward. Just like law enforcement in Broward county Florida. Also a man who will not support guns, in fact trade them for political power is a man addicted to power. And “drug” addicts like Bishop are a dangerous group.

  8. Professional politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are professional politicians. These are the “qualified” legislators, judges, governors and president. They are not our friends, they are not the defenders of our rights. There was a time when citizen legislators represented the will of the people in federal and state governments. Today, we are ruled by a political class that represents their own interests, lifetime careers spent amassing power, privilege and wealth at our expense. Why would any of them support the free exercise of second amendment rights?

  9. Because nothing fires up the base and brings them out on election day like conciliatory bipartisanship and signaling — however subtly —
    Great way to lose an election.
    Dummycraps do not vote for RINOs.

  10. Stinking RINO COWARD!
    Needs to paint Yellow stripe down all his gray overlord suits.

  11. He is my Representative and until now has had my support. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. His campaign contact submission isn’t working, but his congressional one is. I’ve let him know that my support requires his vocal support of my rights.

    • So you’re going to let an anti gun Democrat win because he changed his website? That makes no sense..

      • Elena,

        People who cherish their unalienable right to keep and bear arms voted for conservative politicians based on the Republican party’s implicit promise to defend our unalienable right to keep and bear arms. Note that defending that right includes repealing existing heinous infringements on that right.

        Not only have many Republican politicians failed to act to repeal existing heinous infringements, some Republican politicians have been instrumental in passing additional infringements.

        In light of that context, the additional fact that Representative Bishop removed mention of his support for our unalienable right to keep and bear arms from his campaign website means that we no longer trust him.

  12. What a putz…I’m afeared gunowners are own their own. Lock and load😧😩😖

  13. ….. “Those damned American patriots and their Constitution are fucking up our NEW WORLD ORDER, You’ve got to do something about that #9.”…..

    • #9,,,”I’ve got their youth, education,religion, gender, and economy, just a little more time and I will have their arms and silly notion of freedom, just a little more time,…. I can get this done without irradiating the agriculture.”

  14. Someone needs to dump 400 pounds of cow shit in front of his congressional office and plaster traitor stickers all over the building and YouTube it, facebook, etc… Enough of these traitors.. Public shaming is all they deserve.. Its time to dump the tea again.. And democrats can screw themselves too.. Its open season on all of these jerks.. We need signs, videos, etc.. We have to get dirty and really kick these scumbags in the nuts through our own political tactics… Rent billboards, etc… A smear campaign against these traitors is way overdue!!!!!

  15. Can’t wait to see how confiscation is going to be done. They will have a mighty tough time blocking videos of the raids.

    • “They will have a mighty tough time blocking videos of the raids.”

      Not at all. Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and Snapchat will happily dedicate significant propaganda ministry Acceptable Use Policy staff to sanitize and/or remove such videos.

      Progressive websites such as Huffington Post, Salon, NPR, etc. will be all too happy to extend a media blackout.

      And mainstream media will be paying out bonuses to their staff for burying videos of raids.

      Of course all of those entities will gladly show “successful” raids where law enforcement teams haul-off firearm owners in handcuffs as well as an occasional firearm owner in a body bag — all to instill the requisite fear that is necessary for large-scale compliance.

      And yet all of that assumes that the ruling class is stupid enough to attempt confiscation head-on by brute force. Rather than do that, I believe the ruling class is smart enough to simply use banks, utilities, and the courts to strangle firearm owners into submission. Refuse to dispossess all of your firearms? No problem: a court order forbids banks and all utilities (including cell phone service) from providing service to you. And that court process includes assessing a hefty fine (say, $50k) which fedzilla or your state promptly sucks out of your bank accounts.

  16. Unarmed victims are an assault to my sense of justice .
    I demand a requirement for an ‘ Unarmed Permit ‘ by state law, that non gun owners must have . costing 12$ a year.
    exemptions ;
    1. if allready a gunowner in the state.
    2. under 21


  17. It’s my district, and it’s a combination of über-liberal college types, working class union people, and rich people who want low taxes, but are liberal on social issues. Mike Bishop is the worst kind of politician: he says whatever’s convenient so he can stay in office and keep servicing the business people, and whenever he gets thrown out of Congress he’ll take a cushy lobbying job.

  18. I hope the people of Michigan are calling him and telling him they voted for him and better he support 2A if he wants another term.

  19. He’ll be perfect for the GOP. No backbone, and ready to cave to anything the left demands

    • Indeed the children’s crusade was effective. We can only hope that these children have short memories. Unfortunately the communist MSM will make sure they don’t. Bypass as many checks as you can and stock up on guns and ammo. Don’t tell anyone where you hid them. Carry all day, every day. It’s time to go dark.

  20. We must get mean I’m talkn mad dog mean! Does that sound radical? Well this is a radical issue!

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