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They’re either feeling their oats after the media gun control love fest this past weekend, or they just know that their increasingly left-leaning voter bases expect this kind of futile legislative gesture, no matter the chances of passage.

“You do not have the right to bear bullets,” said Congresswoman and former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a press conference Monday announcing the introduction of a bill that would require instant background checks to purchase ammunition.

Of course, it could be both, no?

The bills have been introduced by two of Congress’s most anti-gun and least-liked members.

The Ammunition Background Check Act was introduced by Wasserman Schultz in the House and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) in the Senate. Like its name implies, it would require anyone looking to buy bullets to be subjected to background checks, similar to the one required to purchase a firearm in the first place.

Normally we’d say this doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Broward County of passing, but these days…who knows?

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    • 12+ billion rounds produced each year.
      100’s of billions of rounds in peoples hands and circulation.

      And they suggest that this law would keep a mass murderer from getting 100 rounds to do their evil deed.

      This is a blatent example of the Left just trying to punish, incoveneience, tax, and antagonize legal gun owners. The sheer stupidity of the proposal deserves ridicule and scorn.

      If only we had a press to point that out.

      We are all dumber having to even hear such an idiot suggestion.

      • I agree and “borrowed” your comments to post on FB. I couldn’t say it better myself.

      • Being a Constitutional right I think background checks should be free….Free in the sense that it is covered by ALL taxpayers just as the case of all taxpayers have to pay for illegals, abortion, English language in schools…etc…etc…etc.

  1. How in the hell is wasserman schultz still in office ? This woman should be in jail ! Not out there coming up with ridiculous ways to further mess with law abiding gun owners. These fruitcakes are starting to piss me off in a bad way with their crap !!!

    • Goes to show you how insane and radical the voters are in Broward County to elect this nutcase and Sheriff Scott “It’s not my responsibility” Israel.

    • I was thinking the same thing. She should be unemployed, behind bars, or under a house somewhere.

    • Actually, it is I who wrote this Legislation & forwarded it along to every Governor & State Legislator as well as Senators & Congress-persons. Initially, the first State to actually pass it through their legislature & have the Governor sign it was California.

      It is simply meant to conduct a local background check. If someone passes a NICS check on Tuesday, gets into a domestic dispute on Wednesday & on Thursday the other person seeks a protective restraining order for their safety. The angry person who legally purchased a firearm could easily buy ammo and murder their spouse, girl/boyfriend or other situations. The Federal NICS system wouldn’t have up to date knowledge of this event, therefore, a simple Local Police Dept. check would reveal such possible problems and stop the act before it takes place. My Legislation includes the gun owner receiving an ID card upon passing their NICS background check. It would then be as simple as handing your card to the clerk, they run the local scan & you buy your ammo within minutes. As the saying goes per (The USA PATRIOT Act) if you have nothing to hide why care if the Government looks at your online activity & e-mails? Be honest, how many of you agreed with such sentiment after the attack on 9-11-2001?
      It is just such a measure regarding ammo & reloading supplies.
      In a few moments, I will be heading out to the Rifle Range to sight in all Six of my Hunting Rifles in preparation for Hunting Season. I will also be taking my handgun & my Remington Tac-14 12 gauge. So you see, I am not some anti-gun Liberal bent on banning guns in America. As for the Second Amendment, the Right of the People to bear arms is conjoined with being a member of your State Militia. The Federal Government violated the Second Amendment when they formed the National Guard by stripping the individual States Rights to form their Well-regulated individual State Militia.
      I believe each State should require every Gun Owner to register with a Well-regulated State Militia. They would be required to offer Training at Ranges throughout the State. Each Militia would issue a member registration card, which would also function as the Ammunition Background Check card. When you fill out a NICS background check form, you would include proof that you are registered with your State Militia. Those without proof would be denied as they would be in violation of the Second Amendment.

      • You didn’t write this legislation. Even if you did, which you didn’t, you’d realize that other states already have laws like this on the books — and it does less than absolutely nothing for them. No, the right to keep and bear arms is not conjoined to being a member of any militia, either. Had you actually ever done any research into that whatsoever at any time in your adult life, you’d know that. But, curiously you don’t and that’s because you didn’t. Before you even start, don’t sit there and LIE to me by saying you did because you damn well didn’t. Don’t argue.

        P.S.: If you promote gun control, you are anti-gun. Period. It’s laughable that you anti-rights nutbars even try to hide it anymore.

        • While it makes no difference if you believe I wrote this initial legislation or not, the hubris you show by stating as a fact I did not without any proof to back up your claim is typical.
          Reading the comments, more than 7/8ths of them have absolutely nothing to do with the Topic/Legislation or if they are speaking about it have their facts completely wrong. NOBODY IS BANNING WEAPONS OR AMMUNITION.
          As for those who wish to “slit every Democrat, Liberal & Independent from ear to ear”, only shows your violent mindset, which should exclude you from even being near a firearm.
          You people don’t know how to hold a civil, adult conversation. Discussing issues from both sides without denigrating the other or making threats.
          I write a multitude of pieces of legislation each year, it gets submitted to a committee where it gets dissected, pulled apart and the end product usually comes out of committee looking nothing like it did when submitted.
          I posted my story, the real story merely to stimulate debate on the merits of the topic. It is a shame that out of the many commenters, NOT ONE can hold a reasonable, rational discussion. I will now leave this discussion to those who have no idea what they are talking about or just wish to rant & rail against fellow Americans.
          It is a pity that the annominity of the Internet allows Mr. Hyde to emerge.

          • You have no proof that you wrote this legislation. Either prove you did or my claim that you didn’t stands well enough on your own. Lots of pols are, in fact, trying to ban guns and ammunition. That you try to lie to me by saying that’s not the case tells me you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about nor do you know the crowd you’re talking to. The regulars here know better than that, and they most certainly know better than you.

            The policies you’re proffering are what actually require violence, which excludes yourself — not us — from ever being near a firearm AND anyone else that has one. You not only don’t know how to hold a civil, adult discussion yourself, but you don’t even have anything to discuss in the first place. There is no discussing anything with people who want to infringe on our civil rights, especially when their preferred policies have only a track record of exactly zero efficacy whatsoever and take resources away from fighting actual crimes — like getting rid of murderers, rapists, and thieves instead of chasing paperwork errors. Oh, and the threats and denigration are currently coming from you gun grabbers.

            Unless and until you can actually prove that you actually write legislation, nobody here has any reason at all to believe you. It wouldn’t even make a difference either way because you still have no idea what you’re talking about.

            You posted your ignorance, is what you actually did. It’s a shame that YOU, nor anyone in your entire circle, can hold a reasonable, rational discussion. That is because NONE of you — NOT ANY SINGLE ONE NOR ALL OF YOU COMBINED — know what you’re talking about, which is why the legislation you allegedly write makes no sense and is ultimately ineffective. We won’t leave this discussion to people like YOU who have no idea what they’re talking about and can only rant and rail against those who only want to preserve their civil rights.

              You actually want me to upload the documentation and provide a link to that documentation, just to prove I am who I say I am and have done what I say I have done?
              That is unnecessary since you are nobody of any consequence.
              I wrote three pieces of legislation which eventually was signed by the Governors of two states. I have nothing to prove to anyone. What changes in the world have you achieved for the betterment of your fellow citizens? Or are you simply a load-mouth anonymous poster who likes to make themselves feel big & strong by attacking others? I have been nothing but Civil and Courteous but, I have grown weary of your insults. If you want any type of proof, look up my name. I am done entertaining you, cease communications or be reported for harassment.

              • You aired your willful pig ignorance on a public forum and I rightly railed against you for having less than absolutely no clue whatsoever what you’re even ding. You have no proof that you wrote anything but your comments here, and for allegedly being no one of consequence, you sure took an awful lot of time out of your supposedly busy day to clap back at me. Which only goes further to tell me that you’re no one of consequence yourself because you’re not who you say you are.

                Hitchens’s Razor: Assertions made without proof (which is what yours are) can be dismissed without proof.

                So, no, you actually still have everything to prove to everyone you interact with. Whether you like to think so or not is irrelevant, inapplicable, inadmissible, and inconsequential. Just like you. You have done nothing to better the world yourself, so don’t try to preach at me. You’ve earned no high horse to sit on. You’re every bit the load-mouthed, anonymous poster who has delusions of grandeur that you like to think I might be. You’ve been nothing but ignorant, evasive, and self-righteous. Not to mention promoting nothing but the diminution of the civil rights of your fellow man for absolutely zero gain whatsoever. You certainly never provided any proof of the efficacy of your proposals, either, and that’s because none exists. I don’t need to look anything up. You made the claim, you provide the proof. It’s really that simple and it doesn’t work any other way. This isn’t over until you either put up or just shut up. If you don’t want any replies, then don’t post on a public forum with such drivel — especially on an old article published five months ago that’s not going to get much traffic beyond you and I arguing. Sorry, but you don’t get to claim harassment in this case, either.

                I’ll be waiting for your inevitable reply.

  2. Backround checks? For ammo? How about this instead, you provide an evidentiary based time line of your Pakistani IT family and why they were paid a multiple of competing bids for similar work and why they were retained on salary AFTER Capitol Police banned them from the Congressional network. It’s an essay question, stupid, so go ahead and include all that doody classified access and by all means don’t forget to include just what exactly was on that pesky laptop. That should keep you busy enough to stop hectoring and lecturing law abiding citizens, although given the earlier proposition I don’t suppose there’s any real expectation you’d recognize one if they dropped out of the sky on top of you.

    • They were talking about a background check on bullets, not loaded ammunition.
      Surely you don’t think these wise legislators would use the wrong term, because they’ve never bothered to learn anything about the industry, tools, and community they want to restrict.

      • Jason M. these idiots don’t know the difference between bullets, projectiles and ammo. Now if they want to take bullets…………Come to think of it they are not legal senators or representatives when they violate their oaths to the constitution are they.

  3. ARSENAL. ASSAULT WEAPON. more made up terms to mean whatever your overlord decides it means.

    • Exactly! Someone could be assaulted with a butter knife…….Is that next on the list? Assault butter knife?

      • I like that. I would buy one. Maybe with some serrations near the hilt, a faux double-edge near the tip and some jimping. Butter knife with a 8″ long 1/4″ thick blade and a kydex sheath with MOLLE attachments and Para cord wrapping. Yep. Maybe laser engraved with MAGA COVEFE.

  4. I wonder how much longer it will be until she and her ilk begin to say that the victims of violent crime have no right to defend themselves against their assailants. In my opinion, that’s their end goal. Gun control is just a way to make self defense more difficult in the meantime.

    • They already said that when they were calling for the repeal of the castle doctrine. They said you should run away instead of fighting.

    • Not hearing from liberals, children marches, politicians how to stop violent crime. Severely restricting or prohibition of guns in hopes that criminals will be less violent. No mention of automobile restrictions because that effects liberals, even though automobiles have been used for mass killings in Europe and US. Sense the majority or liberals have no interest in guns that’s there main target. Next will be certain knives and like in Europe with acid attacks politicians in Europe were talking about restrictions on the purchase of acid. No one is addressing the main problem, the criminal, wheather a thug or violently mentally unstable. With 20 trillion in debt pro gun control advocates are taking advantage of the debt because it’s being seen as the quickest/ cheapest way to control the population, at least they hope.

      • Doesn’t China have some sort of knife control? Why doesn’t America push for knife control? Why don’t they fight knife violence like the U.K. does? They should just push for weapon control like California has.

        America should also push for having autonomous smart vehicles and advanced smart phones to stop all causalities by cars. The government owned smart car can be scheduled to pick you up for work and take you back home after. Your smart phone will be how you pay for the ride, you don’t need physical money. The car will know who you are, where you are at and where to take you by communicating with your registered GPS smart phone. If you need to go anywhere other than work, you can contact the transportation department and get a new route after you pay a small fee and prove you need to be there for a legitimate reason. If you want to go to random places without getting a sanctioned route, you can take government owned and licensed public transportation — via payment from your registered GPS smart phone — a limited amount of times depending on your trust level.

        • Yes China has a knife control. I believe all knives, including dinner ware are registered with the owner. China monitors and controls the population from practically every street corner in major cities. More population, more controls on the population by the government, regardless of the type of government. Autonomous automobiles are on their way. Soon the speed, safety driving features will be controlled by sensors on the road. No more accidents, speeding, drunk driving incidents, etc. However roadways in will have to be updated and in ares of the country with severe weather pot holes will have to be eliminated, otherwise cars wi be damaging themselves driving into the pot holes. Yes you probably are correct in your ideas of transportation. Mainly because over population will lead to less freedom and more control on the population by the government. However will this eliminate violence? Other losses of freedom such as sensor of the internet will have to be put in place. Especially info on weapons making, age restrictions on violent videos, movies etc. Basically society is desperately trying to control crime/ criminals by restrictions on all people in that society including yourself. Everyone looses out and still it won’t stop criminal activity. Criminal activities have existed for thousands of years.

        • Tom: That sounds like quite an urban legend. I’ve been to China several times and never saw any serial numbers on the silverware.

        • “Why doesn’t America push for knife control?”

          Ohio has extreme knife control laws. It’s the forgotten RKBA here. Government has already won the knife control war in Ohio. I think some forget that arms doesn’t just mean firearms but includes edged weapons as well.

        • Robert Heinlein wrote about societies just like that in many of his books in the 1950s and 1960s. Of course, he was writing Science Fiction and so those societies could never exist. Right?

  5. Actually, she’s factually wrong with that cute little quote. It’s the right to bear “arms”. Arms: weapons, armaments, arms and ammunition, Shields and defensive armor. So yeah, you do have the right to bear bullets you moron

  6. “In order to preserve the rustic look of a cabin or country house, the right to keep a decoration musket above the fireplace, shall probably not be infringed, but no black powder, or musket balls, cannons, swords, or other various arms, weapons, munitions, or military grade equipment, nor anything scary looking or unusual or uncommon shall be permitted, subject to the whims and whiles of Congress, the local sheriff, and your neighbor.”

  7. Blumy just defined “arsenal” as having some bullets?
    Somebody get this guy a rubber nose and some floppy shoes.

    • Rubber nose? Like Pooh-Bear? He’s got the nose and says cool things like “I deal in U.S. pounds, friend. None of that faggot metric shit for me.” Also, he’ll feed your dick to a badger named “Captain Stubing” to see if you’re telling him the truth…

  8. “You do not have the right to bear bullets,”

    Last I checked, bullets existed when the founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights.

    Just what use are Arms without Bullets?

    I mean I guess we can affix bayonets but you want to ban those too.

    • Yup, cartridges weren’t yet feasible, other than being hand made. The likelihood of him knowing what a “bullet” is, is very low.

  9. If Kirk and Spock were to beam in, the Dims (sorry, Dems) would introduce the “Fusion Phaser Power Supply Control Act”.

  10. The DemoCommies should be drag from the halls of government…Subject to a “tarring and Feathering”….And banished from America!

  11. You have a protected right to free speech but you can’t use vowels or consonants. SMH

    From bump stocks to bullets. I wonder how long it will be before the NRA is going to stand with her on this common sense legislation.

    • I give it a week, because the NRA loves background checks, and “assault weapons” bans, and national registration, and licensing to own firearms, and bump stock bans, and every other form of gun control that will get Wayne Lapierre and Marion hammer paid…

      Oh and when the NRA gives the green light for the sellout, all of the fudds here will spout that this is a great thing for protecting the 2A and… whatever other BS…

      I’m tired of this shit.

  12. Folks, you had better look at what’s going on in California — the most populated state — where this type of law passed and is going into effect right now. This is simple, the police state communists taking advantage of the huge proportion of the citizenry that —– just like Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia in the 1920s and 30s —– just want to be lawful, peaceful, and “live their own life.” We all know where that ended up. We are know seeing, clearly and obviously, who the “they” are, the people we have been warned against, and who want to take our rights, our right to self defense, and make us into felons who can’t vote (and thus threaten their power). “They” are winning the publicity battle, so send a letter and a check to your LOCAL state representatives / Senators stating you support continuation of gun rights as defined by the 2nd amendment. It doesn’t help to win the battle at the federal level if they are lost locally.

    • Americans like to ignore California and laugh at them. California has the largest population and they are pushing them out to neighboring states. They have “educated” millions of people to support disarmament of the American people. They created a state that will soon have only two classes: the very rich and the very poor.

      While people like to say, “Commiefornia is a lost cause, just point and laugh at those stupid bastards,” California’s government has successfully created a horde of soldiers that they can regularly muster against their enemies. They were able to bring in millions of foreigners who don’t support human rights and vote against liberty every election. They were able to setup direct democracy and use corporations/unions to pass all kinds of oppressive laws. They created a culture that worships dictatorship by using their celebrities and they spread it across the planet. They invited large international tech companies into California to help them control the flow of information and to track everyone. They honed their strategies on how to pass whatever unconstitutional law they want and given other state governments the blueprint.

      Gun owners and true Americans shouldn’t have ignored California and laughed while they did. As you can see now, it’s not so funny anymore.

      • The liberation of California will be one-sided and bloody. The communist handlers have disarmed enough of the populace to accomplish it speedily, and it was done with Jedi Mind Tricks, because Californians (all of them) are stupid AF. It didn’t even cost us $25 in sheet music.

  13. This is why you don’t give up a inch.

    They have a little momentum with Fix NICS and bump stocks and now they’ll go after more.

    Thanks Fuds.

  14. Laugh, dismiss, disrespect, ignore, ridicule all you like. These measures are the sort of thing that will neuter “gun rights” without that SWAT team/revolution you keep looking for.

    Requiring background checks for ammunition (makes every purchase more expensive), taxes per bullet, repeal of “preemption” laws, introduction of “duty to retreat” laws (wait for them), noise pollution regulations for shooting ranges, limits to shooting on state and federal lands, age limits, limits on number of gun and ammo purchases per time period, waiting periods for gun and ammo purchases, removal of the “must sell” provision in the NICS checks, and the beat goes on.

    Hem in the use of firearms, and you effectively make firearms useless. Singing to the choir will eventually be marked by gurgling as the hot water from the boiling pot drowns out the voices of the “bigger clingers”.

    The courts will support the anti-gun crowd, even if it means using legislation, rather than an amendment, to effectively repeal the second amendment. We have been doing the same things over and again, expecting different results. You know where that leads.

    • I don’t share your doom and gloom vision of the future. However, even if it did happen people would find loads of ways around it.

      Bullet taxes and background checks can be circumvented by reloading. New ammo can be pressed “off the books” with the same tools.

      At best such a move would only create a black market for bullets similar to what goes on in SOA where the Native Americans on the reservation press tons of rounds and sell them. I dunno if that actually happens but you can be sure that it would ASAP if a law like this was passed since the law wouldn’t and couldn’t affect Indians due to treaties we signed with them.

      • While I share some of your optimism, the POS (D) have sold off all of our Lead (Pb) processing to China, and our Copper and Zinc have gone the same way too.

        Liberal Fuckstains bombing military facilities in D.C. with “black powder” sounds like another POS (D) inside job to ban something.

        If you look at bullshit ITAR regulations, you could hand-load up to 1 round less than ‘infinity’ and remain outside regulation, but if your friend offers you some money for some, you have violated ITAR regs, and you may be subject to big fines and hard time. This is all so that the DDTC and the U.S. State Department can protect the rest of the world from you, and so that the world can fuck you into globalism and the UN’s bullshit “sustainability agenda”.

        F em all.

        If anything should be banned, it’s every POS (D)’s next breath.

    • Look to California to see the future of the US as a whole if we don’t act. California passed similar laws via voter referendum and legislation. It’s just a matter of time before the media discovers “the reloading loophole.”

      • They voted to legalize cannabis whilst at the same time voting against the 2nd Amendment. As long as they can smoke away their problems, they don’t mind being slaves. Look at how many drug addicts are roaming around California. Just give them drugs and entertainment, they will give you their dignity, liberty and freedom.

        • “Just give them drugs and entertainment, they will give you their dignity, liberty and freedom.”

          There are also those POTG that just give them roads and entertainment/political parties, they will give you their dignity, liberty and freedom.

    • Don’t be Obtuse, playing single move checkers. When ammo is heavily regulated ie, back ground checks on ammo purchases, quantity limits, caliber limits, licensing, ect.
      NEXT will be” It is unlawful to Import, sale, possess or MANUFACTURE, and/or possess “LOADING EQUIPMENT, smokeless powder, or anything used to load ammunition without a license or background check and FEES.

      DON’T be stupid we are on the slippery slope, picking up speed toward the totalitarian rocks below.

      Here’s how it will go:
      They came for bump stocks
      They came for 18-20 year olds
      There coming for Magazines
      There coming for assault rifles
      There coming for Ammo
      Semi auto firearms
      DEATH FOR SOME……….
      DEATH FOR MOST………..
      RE-Education FEMA camps


          If you believe in god, work on your Spiritual fitness.
          Clean, zero, load your Instruments
          The tree of liberty is wilting and needs to be watered.
          PRAY FOR PEACE, prepare for w@r

    • Not when they say that the Austin bomber was using gun powder to make his bombs. They will then pass regulations on gun powder because Boston and Austin bombers used it.

      They don’t want people learning how to reload ammunition because they will then start making bombs too. Hence why Youtube has banned all reloading channels before this bill was introduced. They have been conspiring behind the scene for awhile and now their plan is being initiated.

    • It has long been a more than a viable option. Factory ammo is like a “Salisbury steak” TV dinner, it is best for someone who doesn’t want to think about what they are consuming.

  15. I’d imagine the NICs background checks WILL be a mess of shutdown overloaded computer systems, perhaps in three days chicom Wal-Mart will call you up a tell you your purchase of a box of .22’s is available. Reloding supplies will fall in the same category even more so as gunpowder= explosives.Out the door goes internet sales…..OMG I just thought of the trouble it will be during duck hunting season. Idiots, my country is run by idiots.

  16. Hillary Clinton has backed banning ammo purchases as a way to restrict gun ownership since confiscating 300 million guns might just cost the Government way too much money to implement even though they naturally would not give gun owners a dime for the turn in. It would also be implemented as an excellent plan to drive all gun companies and ammo companies out of business thereby cutting off the supply of weapons for sale to the general public. Banning the importation of foreign made ammo and weapons would be next except of course to the police and military which of course would have to shoot on sight the few gun owners that did not give up their weapons due to State gun bans thereby bypassing any needed Federal Laws to ban gun ownership letting Congressmen off the hook while they give a wink and a nod to the States to make the “hillbillies” turn in everything including their muzzle loaders and bows and arrows as well. White Suburbia, largely gun less, and composing 64 per cent of the population of the U.S. will be cheering the Congressmen on for as many gun and ammo bans as possible.

    During the New York bans on guns and ammo they seriously discussed allowing people to only own 1 round of ammo per a persons life time. This most generous offer was only done to claim they were not taking away a persons right to self defense.

    Many European counties have banned hand loading and Britain has long limited ammo to 1 box of 22 rim fire per year. Expect the same restrictions to be proposed for U.S. gun owners and soon.

    Norway this year is confiscating all semi- auto rifles and of course with no compensation because of a terrorist attack with a Ruger Mini-14 rifle some years ago that slaughtered almost 100 people. The terrorist was a Norwegian citizen and a Right Wing maniac that hated Muslims. He killed Christians though probably because he knew a large group of them would be camped out on the Island he assaulted. To him one religious person was the same as another religious person regardless of which religion they belonged to.

    Of course this slaughter in Norway was a drop in the bucket to the many mass killings in the U.S. where Republican stingy greed mongers have constantly refused to fund mental health care or Federal funding for school guards or security systems. To the Republicans spending any money is solely reserved to fund the Military for more wars of rape , pillage and conquest or filling their own pockets with millions of tax dollars stolen from the normal tax base and then paying for it by killing off American citizens with less health care and social security payments as the proletariat are considered expendable.

    In November with the blue wave coming expect most if not all semi-auto weapons to be a thing of the past and of course ammo restrictions as well and the cost of ammo to rise to astronomical levels with new ammo taxes and fees for endless government paperwork and waiting periods for ammo that could extend to weeks if not months and ditto for small arms as well.

    With the well founded mass hysteria over weekly rivers of blood flowing in the schools there has been no better time in U.S. History with a panicked and enraged citizenship for the final and big push to not only pass firearms and ammo restrictions but to make it well known that the Courts bowing to public pressure will not even consider any Second Amendment rights as they have already done that last summer with the refusal to rule on the banning of semi-auto rifles in Maryland. Gun owners were just to damn dumb to realize the significance of this ruling when it happened but not the anti-gun crowd who correctly predicted what was soon to come. California now is about to confiscate semi-auto’s and restrict ammo sales, Massachusetts has by decree banned semi-auto rifles with no laws passed making it legal to do so but the courts gave the blessing to this and Maryland of course got the greed light for the permanent ban on semi-auto rifles. Anti-gun bills are now being drawn up in other States across the country with semi-auto handguns on the latest hit list for obliteration. Anti-gunners are on a Nationwide roll now and nothing is beyond their agenda because of the support of outraged parents and panicked children vowing to spend the rest of their lives banning every gun they can and with 4 million of them eligible to vote in Novembers elections expect an avalanche of young people at the polls standing right next to their parents supporting them.

    Yes if the NRA and Gun Owners had sponsored safe storage laws which would have prevented many school shootings by deranged children simply picking up their parents guns and committing mass murder and if the NRA has sponsored universal back ground checks when the Brady Bill was first passed and the Republicans had not refused to fund Mental Health Care we as gun owners would not be in the last days of gun ownership in the U.S. But all was lost because by refusing to do anything gun owners are now about to lose everything much to the cheers of the anti-gun people and the power mad Politicians which include many Republicans who have secretly wanted to disarm the people for decades. Now they all have their chance to do so and they are not about to miss out on this golden opportunity.

    • @crisco kid — There will be no driving the gun industry out of business in first place, and if you ever knew anything about economics in the first place (SURPRISE: you actually don’t and you know you don’t), you would’ve already come to the realization that the industry will simply adapt to new market conditions and continue. It wouldn’t even matter if importation of foreign-made ammunition were banned, either, since most of the ammunition sold in the U.S. is made here, anyway. Not that you would know this, of course, because not only do you not actually live or work here (and no you don’t) but you don’t ever bother to do any real research into literally anything you bother to comment on, either. And no, no you don’t. The police and military wouldn’t even have enough bodies to throw at the problem of physically eliminating gun owners, nor would they have the stomach for it, being that the vast and overwhelming majority simply wouldn’t comply. This could easily be seen even in the deep-blue cesspools of The People’s RepubliKKKs of ZOO York, KKKommiefornia, and DIS-connected-cut, wherein 90-95%+ of people simply comply with new registration laws. Not that you would know this because, again, you don’t live or work here (and you never, ever have) nor do you have to deal with the inevitable fallout of your demonstrably absurd — and ineffective — gun-grabbing schemes. White suburbia, which actually comprises about a third of the U.S. population and NOT “64%”, would actually be quite non-plussed and unbothered by the lack of cooperation and the subsequent lack of civilian bodies piling up.

      Any “serious discussions” that you allege by ZOO York demagogues would not have become law. They’re stupid, like you, but not crazy like you.

      What happens in EuroTrash cesspools is irrelevant and inapplicable to anything discussed here in the U.S., and those same restrictions will NOT appear here anytime soon, either, and you have zero real evidence — empirical or otherwise — to explain exactly why you suspect this. You’re talking of your ass, as is usual. Oh, and the terrorist who shot 77 people in Norway was actually a Left Wing lunatic that didn’t even shoot any Muslims at all during his rampage. He was a Left Wing anti-Semite, period.

      But, the death rates from mass killings is in fact higher in Norway and other EuroTrash cesspools than it is in the U.S., despite that these events are extremely rare on both continents. It’s only as high as it is here because DemoKKKrat greed mongers not only refused to fund mental health care but simultaneously turned loose millions of mentally-unstable people and made it literally impossible to recommit them no matter how dangerous they are, as well as refusing to fund armed guards and other actual security measures. As a matter of fact, Broward Country Sk00ls BY THEMSELVES were deliberately sitting on over $100 million set aside specifically for sk00l safety since 2014 — this in a deep-blue cesspool of a district that elected a coward for a Sheriff. A coward whose actions you defend because you enjoy seeing dead kids.

      In November, there won’t be any “blue wave” or “blue tsunami” despite of all of the dog-and-pony shows you see plastered all over Faux Snooze and Concocted “News” Network. No other federal bans are going through Congress for at least the next decade, and ammunition costs are only going to go up because people will be buying more of it for the next couple of years.

      With the totally unfounded hysteria over the incredibly rare shootings in sk00ls, there will be a good time in U.S. history for any “big” or “final” push to pass ineffective and unenforceable gun-grabbing laws. The fake moral outrage over this last tragedy will fade in due time and people will come back to their senses once more, and move away from gun control once again as they have been for the last quarter-of-a-century. Gun-grabbers like you are simply too dumb to realize, much less admit, the insignificance of a denial of cert doesn’t equal a ruling and that the issue may be revisited at any given time. KKKommiefornia won’t be confiscating anything, either, because no one will register anything — and no one will be punished for it, either. Just like no one is being punished there already, or in ZOO York or DIS-connected-cut, for that matter.

      There is also actually less than zero evidence — empirical or otherwise — that so-called “Safe Storage” laws are even effective, and we know that there actually isn’t (and consequently so do you) because none has ever been published anywhere, at any time, in any place. Otherwise you would have been citing it every time you darkened these comments with your rote, abject, and willful pig ignorance on all things. ALL things, not just guns. You haven’t because none exists, nor can it. Not that that’s ever stopped you from suggesting such proposals before, since you seem dispossessed of the intellectual capacity for reason and evidence. They’re not even enforceable without huge violations of privacy protections, either. Not that that bothers you any, since you don’t actually live or work here, and no you don’t, so you don’t have to deal with the fallout of your knowingly ineffective and counter-productive schemes.

      • To Excedrin headache. Quote——————–There is also actually less than zero evidence — empirical or otherwise — that so-called “Safe Storage” laws are even effective, and we know that there actually isn’t (and consequently so do you) because none has ever been published anywhere, at any time, in any place—————-

        You have got to be the most ignorant hillbilly on this forum. Every Industrialized Nation has safe storage laws and their children’s deaths are way lower. Even a Moron would know that when you keep guns locked up kids cannot get at them to accidentally kill themselves or pick them up and take them to school to kill other children. I really think you need to see a shrink and tell me were you born a moron or did you go to school to study how to become one.

        Now what part of this do you not understand, no never mind you are not even capable understanding even fundamental common sense.

        • @crisco kid — You have got to be the most prone to projection on this forum. What other allegedly “industrialized” or “civilized” nation does is irrelevant and inapplicable to these United States, and simply because they all allegedly have safe storage laws on the books is not evidence of their efficacy — and the death rate among their children is actually either equal to or higher than ours, anyway, albeit by different means. Even an idiot like you would know that such laws are not enforceable without clear violations of other civil rights, as well. I already know for a fact that you badly need a shrink yourself and I’ve repeatedly proven myself to be intellectually, morally, and ethically superior to you in every conceivable respect. Now, go peddle your anti-rights angitprop to people who don’t already know better than you, which would automatically mean you’d never, ever comment here again — and good riddance to you.

  17. “..This ludicrous loophole”

    You keep using that word.

    I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • Can’t smell it yet over the internet, but I would turn off that function permanently. Yeah, the lefties do tend to look a lot like the Aurora Colorado shooter. Just compare the way he looked compared to the people who showed up for the anti-gun rallies this weekend.

        • If the MF’s that filed for the permits don’t get the bill for the cleanup of the litter than the MF’s shielding them from that cost ought to pay it.

          Where the F are the global warmists when it comes to true overpopulation and rape of the environment.



  18. “You do not have the right to bear bullets,” said Congresswoman and former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz…”

    And _you_ do not have the right to speak on a platform that uses the magic of the air to transport your message.

    • “ARMS” AS IN THE RTKABA means anything up to and including invoking the ALMIGHTY to smite her fucking ass.

  19. ………..Next they’ll go after ammo mfg’s & retailers to shame them just like “Assault rifles and bump stocks, HELLOOOOO DICKS SPORTING GOOD, FRED MEYERS, WAL-MART

    DON’T BE SCOFFERS this S#1T is real

  20. I remember when you had to sign for ammo when you bought it.

    We did have State Guys come in and flip through the logbook at the mercantile store where I worked in High School.

    I think the Reagan administration did away with that crap.

    I’m sure all the on-line ammo sellers will get backed-up soon.

  21. I am sad to live in a country where these alleged humans can get elected.

    Are the Dems having a contest for who can introduce the most unconstitutional legislation?

    Apparently some people learned nothing about the joys of communism. If you want to live in a country where the elites live like kings and the rest are just cogs in a wheel, welcome to democrat socialist labor camp A-23. Here’s your daily gruel.

  22. Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

    The DNC is banking on the “blue tsunami” despite all metrics trending against them. Right now, they are guaranteeing that the House and Senate will have filibuster proof GOP majorities and Trump will get his second term in a landslide.

    Give them FixNICS… it’s a largely meaningless boondoggle. They will never be able to ban bump stocks through administrative action, I can see the piles of lawsuits and injunctions stacking up already. What they are doing right now is branding themselves as the anti-freedom party with their mainstream media echo chamber egging them on. There’s a reason why Biden (their only viable 2020 candidate) is getting cold feet. They are cruising to a massive ass kicking in the pols. All we have to do is show up and not splinter into dozens of bickering factions over minutia.

    Right now, Trump is already using the CR funding for wall construction using the DoD. (Something he can only get away with because they handed him the cash and authority to do it by not passing a budget.) The fact that their big “children’s crusade” is being revealed as a gigantic and underperforming fraud (Hogg wasn’t even AT the school when the incident occurred, according to his own speech) while turning every gun owner in America against them is just icing on the cake.

    Don’t mind the sensationalism. Look at what actually happens at the federal level and watch the overall trends. At this rate, November is going to be hilarious. The best part is that they have gone too far to turn back. If they mellow out their message, they will get eaten alive by the alt-left branch of their party.

    • On a side note, if you want a libertarian candidate in the House… have them run in the GOP primaries. That’s what primaries are for. (A third party candidate has exactly zero chance of winning federal office as things stand.) As the DNC has shown us these past two years, the parties are not monoliths, nor do they have to be.

    • Trump is a Democrat just like the GOP’s favorite man [Reagan]. Reagan was anti gun and he made sure to start the program to disarm the people. Trump is doing that too. From California to New York…

      I wouldn’t vote for Trump to get a second term. He is a transitional president.

      • At this rate, you’ll have to either vote for Trump or watch the DNC take back the White House. (Do you know how few presidents with his approval ratings have failed to win their party’s nomination?) He has done far more good than harm thus far. The fact is, he plays the news cycle like a fiddle. He has done exactly nothing to disarm anyone at this point. Or would you prefer a repeat of 1992 which gave us the original “Assault Weapons” ban?

        Just as war is politics by other means, so are politics war by other means. This bullshit is exactly the sort of splintering I was talking about. Another 2-3 election cycles and the DNC will be a 3rd party. What’s going to kill them is the redistricting based on the 2020 census. When you only count citizens, CA will lose at least a half dozen house seats, probably far more. In fact, most DNC stronghold states will lose seats due to their “sanctuary state” policies. That’s why CA is throwing a shitfit over the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

        This is not a war we’ll win in one bold stroke. We will need to grind away the DNC the way they have ground away at us for decades. First step is to make economic nationalism the societal norm. That can be done with two terms of Trump with solid GOP majorities in both houses. That will set up for a more conservative PotUS in 2024 who will further erode the the DNC who have now firmly welded gun control to their party platform.

        This is a war of inches. We will have setbacks. FixNICS was one of them. FL was another. Don’t forget that we have been on a roll federally since 2004. Some reverses were inevitable.

        What we have to do is splinter the DNC while avoiding being splintered ourselves. Right now their party is only really held together by hatred of Trump. Hatred that is proving more and more impotent as they fail to produce anything of substance against him. If they keep failing long enough, the more centrist portions of their party will start to look for a platform devoid of the rabid SJWs pulling their party to the left of Joseph Stalin. Look at PA, Mi, and WI in 2016. The reason Trump won those states was the beginning of the splintering of the DNC. Afterall, it is hard to convince a PA union steel worker that the DNC has his best interests at heart when he watches them do their best to make his job disappear while Trump is pushing a nationalist economic agenda that benefits them.

        Who you really need to watch is the Unions. Senior leadership may be in the DNC’s pocket, but the rank and file are the ones that matter and they are the ones that give the unions their political power. (Same way the NRA members are what really makes the NRA and effective lobbying group.)

        What we need to do at this point is avoid falling into the same trap as the DNC. The ancaps would have you apply a “no true conservative” purity test to each candidate while ignoring their overall actions. That’s exactly what’s driving the DNC further and further to the left and further and further from relevance in national politics.

      • Trump isn’t a Democrat or a Republican, he is a psychopath. He’ll do whatever he feels like minute to minute (but I think he is also ultra smart).

        Because he doesn’t have any inhibitions, he might be very successful with North Korea and/or Iran because nothing stops him from taking huge risks.

        It is always possible he could go our way at any moment but, at this point, we’d be better off (or at least more stable) with Pence.

        • ^see what I mean about incompetent Trump hatred? Next Maxiepad here is going to be telling us that it’s all about muh’ Russian collusion.

        • Nah.

          I’m not kidding. I worked for a guy just like him. Unpredictable, but could do great things because nothing (no conscience) held him back and a lot of big successes come from taking big risks.

          He would be 100% behind your project one day and totally against it the next. This was because he was doing something we seem to refer to as 4D chess.

          He would turn against you without a moment’s notice and without apparent reason because he suddenly thought it would be best for him many moves in the future.

          The other characteristic he shared with Trump is that he would be very charitable to strangers that fell into hard times. But if you worked with him or for him or had to conduct business with him, he couldn’t be trusted to help anyone but himself (and it was almost impossible to figure out how to align your interests with his).

          In the end, the only choice us POTG had was Trump. There wasn’t another option. We’ll just have to hope that somehow he believes that our interests align with his at critical times.

  23. Would it be poor form to hope the next omnibus bill contains provisions to construct gallows?

  24. I don’t see what the big deal is about # of weapons or # of rounds. One person can only carry so much. Even the Las Vegas shooter (likely a progressive trying to get semi-auto rifles banned thru a heinous act, the only motive I’ve seen so far) # of rounds and # of weapons made no difference to his result. Besides one pressure cooker bomb or IED can do more damage than a hundred scary black rifles. Socialists aren’t stupid. When this doesn’t work they’ll implement more and more restrictions until the populace are disarmed. That’s when they’ll release their brown shirts so that people will give up whatever freedoms they have left.

  25. Let’s all calm down. 34 cosponsors on this. GOING NOWHERE. She just wants to get her name out there again…

  26. “Vast ammunition aresenals”. I thought you needed 3 guns to have an arsenal, didn’t know a few boxes of ammo constituted an arsenal as well, I thought it was “vast hoard of ammo”

    • The only decisions worth mentioning is the golly green giant electric Gatling gun from a gun ship chewing you and your house to match sticks with of course the accompanying incendiary rounds. French fried gun owner will be on the menu and it will make great entertainment fun on the evening news by the 66 per cent of non gun owning Americans who will all be cheering. I am not being facetious in the least. So much for the revolution. The mindless military wind up robots only wished it would have lasted a little longer for more gunnery practice .

      • Somehow, I don’t see a worthless cunt like you flying an AC-130. I do see the crew putting a bullet in the head of any commander stupid enough to give the order you just outlined. Fun fact kiddo… less than 50,000 fighters shut down the US military in Iraq for years. There are tens of millions of gun owners in the US. You can do the math yourself… if push comes to shove, vermin like you are going to wake up with your throats slit ear to ear… if you’re lucky.

      • Shiksa Kid reflects the attitudes of probably 50% of LE who would love to Waco every single gun owner.

  27. This is their way of setting the far edge.

    By fronting this nonsense, their other nonsense doesn’t look so nonsensical.

    If they though it was a going idea, they would have had one of their stronger players push the ball up the court.

    DWS is doing this as penance and as punishment for being such a screwup.

  28. What starts in California…….

    Next will be talk about registering primers.

    Doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell now, but wait till the next Democrat President.

  29. Most people don’t remember the original 1968 Gun Control Act. If you were born after 1970 the law had been changed.
    But in 1968 dealers had to check IDs and write down every ammunition purchaser, caliber, quantity, etc. In a bound book.
    Eventually ATF realized it was all a waste of time and ammunition was de-concontrolled . The restriction on handgun ammunition remained, had to be 21 if the ammo was going to be used in a handgun. Of course .22 LR is also rifle ammo.
    Requiring background checks for ammo will just waste a few million man and computer hours. I guess that the FBI has nothing better to do?

  30. So how soon are they going to require identification numbers 16 digits, or more, on every single primer!

  31. How in the hell does this Wasserman criminal still have a job of any kind in our state???????? This disgusting liar and federal law breaker must be purged from this state. After It admitted she fixed the DNC race in favor of her master criminal Killery the DC Crime queen. This state has gone insane recently with their gun grabbing offense after the school killing by someone just like her, insane! I am ashamed of the people she supposedly represents for not recalling and firing her for her criminal dealings with the DNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. A couple of thoughts:
    1. We already tax guns and ammo – it’s called The Pittman-Robertson Act, and pays for conservation, Hunter Education, state forests & parks…. NO GUN AND AMMO SALES will increase taxes or will close down a lot of “stuff” these anti’s now enjoy FREE at OUR EXPENSE.
    2. Is a book called HENLEY’S FORMULAS still in print? I bought mine at the Smithsonian Book Store, but the first time I saw it was in my local library when I was in 3rd grade. … That’s how I learned to make my own gun powder, fulminating powder, etc. …. When lots of schools had rifle teams, others of us had fun making and playing with explosives. Later, in Freshman Chemistry in college, I learned how to make nitro
    glycerine, nitrogen tri-iodide. [Guess we gotta’ get rid of the First Amendment, too.]
    3. Oops. …. We better ban camping, Winnebagos, travel trailers, etc. They use gas bottles which can be used as bombs. …. Weren’t they used at Columbine?
    4. Oh. We gotta’ ban cars. They kill more Americans [let alone kids] DAILY than the WORST school shooter.
    5. Maybe we should just ban EVERYTHING. That way we can be protected from everything [Except Coca Cola……]

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