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This post is only gun-related in the sense that it offers insight into the mind of the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the vertically challenged politician who created, funded and runs Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The billionaire bully boy who’s protected by full-time armed guards and has dedicated himself to denying Americans their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The hypocritical elitist who seeks to restrict the amount of soda his constituents consume by limiting the size of “legal” drink cups. So, the reports that Hizzoner has another agenda . . .

Answering a question from a caller during his appearance on a New York City radio show, the billionaire mayor said that without proper spoken English, the children of New York have no future. The comments were made hours before a report detailing how poorly city students faired on state exams in many subjects.

‘I’ve said this a thousand times, if you don’t speak good grammar – English with good grammar – you’re not going to get the kinds of jobs that you want,’ Bloomberg espoused . . .

If there’s a lot of jargon, double negatives, and things like that, they hurt your career prospects,” said Bloomberg, adding ‘that’s one of the reasons it’s so important to keep improving our schools, and give the kids the tools they need, one of which is good command of the English language.’

Make street kids speak proper English? Fo’ shizzle? And how does Mayor Bloomberg propose to do that? Improve the schools!

English isn’t the only thing New York City public schools students struggle with, the New York Post reported Saturday. City schools that were prohibited from grading their state exams, as they had in years, past saw a significant drop in passing rates across the board. The most notable drops were in US history, where one school saw a drop in passing rates from 77 percent last year to only 21 percent this year, according to the paper.

Bloomberg and his ilk want to control every aspect of Americans’ lives, from their diet to the words coming out of their mouth to their ability (or lack thereof) to protect their lives and property through force of arms.

While the goals may be laudable—improve public health, increase employment, ensure public safety—statists like Bloomberg have no desire to tackle the real issues underlying these problems. They simply seek to impose their will on society’s weakest members through the expansion of government power.

It’s called tyranny. Those who promote it—“wittingly” or not—are to be mocked, ridiculed, defunded and resisted at every turn. We can not not do enough in that regard.

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    • Does the midget get to keep his private security army when he is no longer king of NYC? Just curious if there will be a groundswell to remove his team’s glocks.

      • I am for laws that prohibit former politicians, the politically connected, and former government employees from receiving protection from any resource that fields weapons that the law abiding citizenry cannot own or carry.

  1. I’m no fan of Bloomberg, but I don’t see the problem here. NYC schools are hell holes. They need to be fixed. This isn’t limiting high capacity soda’s.

    • NYC schools won’t be fixed and can’t be fixed, courtesy of the United Federation of Teachers and an entrenched bureaucracy promoted by statists like Mayor Blameberg.

  2. Anybody see some irony in Bloomberg being on Real Clear Politics? I could understand it if he were on the cover of Bu11sh1t Weekly Magazine.

  3. Shouldn’t that be:

    ‘I have said this a thousand times, if you don’t speak proper grammar – English with proper grammar – you are not not going to get the kinds of jobs that you want,’ Bloomberg espoused . . .

    • To avoid double-negatives, Bloomberg should say: ‘I’ve said this a thousand times, you must speak using good grammar – English with good grammar – to get a good job.

      Rather than himself using a double negative (bolds added):

      ‘I’ve said this a thousand times, if you don’t speak good grammar – English with good grammar – you’re not going to get the kinds of jobs that you want,’

      Imagine the types of jobs Mr. Bloomberg could get if he failed to not use double-negatives. (Apologies for that sentence structure – I couldn’t resist.)

      • Not quite the same. Another way of saying it the way he did is, the ability to speak English using good grammar is a necessary but not solely sufficient condition of getting a good job. Arguably this is correct, at least in a large portion of the US.

        The other way implies that all you need to get a good job is to speak English with good grammar …. which is not the case.

  4. Bloomy – put up or shut up. You are rich – do like Bill Gates and give away all of your wealth. It is for the children(TM).


    • ” do like Bill Gates and give away all of your wealth.”

      HAW HAW HAW! What are we having today? Gates does spend a TON of loot on his pet personal projects: EUGENICS.

  5. But THEY told us that insistence on proper syntax, proper pronunciation and proper sentence structure was racist and was in fact the reason that the High School drop out rate was so high and test scores were so low. So which is it? Should I continue to study Ebonics as a second language or not?

    Its enough sometimes to make me question whether the EXPERTS really know enough about the subjects they chose to instruct me on.

  6. Beware! Big Brother (Michael Bloomberg) is watching (over?) you ….. and so is Big Sis (Janet Napolitano) and her DHS Gestapo, along with IRS, NSA, and all the other alphabet agencies.

    George Orwell was quite a prophet.

    • It turns out that being paranoid was not wrong, only that we were not paranoid enough.

      Now not only will Wally World be out of ammo, but tin foil too……

      • So true. 3 decades ago I thought that conspiracy theorists were nut cases. Now that I have seen most of what they predicted start to come true, I no longer question their sanity, and I feel like I should start taking notes.

        • History is full of conspiracies and the graveyards are full of people who didn’t believe in them.

    • You’re only paranoid if you’re mistaken in the belief that they’re all out to get you.

      On a side note: If the NSA has access to all credit card records, e-mail metadata, web browsing habits, etc. – how long do you think it would take them to generate a highly accurate list of gun enthusiasts with that information? How the U.S. Uses Technology to Mine More Data More Quickly

      • Meanwhile, at Camp NAMBLA the Boy Scouts are learning how to tie each other up with dozens of different types of knots, Jason Collins got the Medal of Honor, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is now Go Ahead and Ask I Just Might.

  7. Think about it. The guy is rich enough to fill his days full time just spending his money. Instead, he goes into government were he can exercise his sociopathic urges.

  8. If I recall correctly there was a time in Connecticut, about 12 years ag when city schools wanted to teach Ebonics. It had something to do with the kids already using impropper English and grammar. I never confirmed the truth to that but it was on the radio a few times.

  9. This is The Truth About Guns, not The Truth About Educational Systems, and it shows. The criticism of his spoken comments, while valid, just seems petty and vindictive.

    I don’t see the problem here, despite my distaste for Bloomberg and his followers. Good English language skills ARE needed, both spoken and written, and it is up to the city’s schools to teach those skills whether privileged white guys from the Northeast believe that or not.

    • Bloomberg sated that American History was an area kids were failing in. An areaof ignorance he and all those like tlhim are exploiting.

      This surprises me not since people that are the parents of these kids this comnunist douche are talking about are obviously oblivious to American History as they voted this Anti-American with all his Un-Constitutional ideas into control over them…

      Dum-da-dumb, dumb-dummmmmb

  10. The kids who don’t speak English have nothing to worry about because the language of the future is Spanish. Now if you can only speak English you’re screwed, because you won’t be able to communicate with the rest of American society. I’m lucky that my entire family can already read, write and speak Spanish, so we’re one giant step ahead of everyone else. Kids of the future will be learning English as a second language.

    • No, the language of the future will be emails, texts, tweet, LEET speak. All with poor grammar, misspellings, lack of punctuation and emoticons. It here now and will only get worse.

  11. Those teacher unions might have a problem with his comments. Maybe weiner boy will have a different one.

  12. Bloomberg’s just double-plus butthurt cause the newest edition of Newspeak isn’t ready.

      • +10 to you for appreciating it.

        Bloomberg seems to have some sort of personality disorder. He reminds me a bit of that Woody Allen movie “Bananas”.

        Esposito: “From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. Silence! In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check. Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now… 16 years old! “

  13. Does this mean the Stones can’t perform “Satisfaction” in Bloombergia anymore?

  14. Is “without proper spoken English, the children of New York have no future” supposed to be this alleged “double negative?”

    Because it’s not. When you’re going to criticize someone’s grammar, it’s probably a good idea to know more than the one you’re criticizing. The statement in question (if I’ve guessed accurately that that’s the one everybody’s tearing down) is perfectly valid, somewhat equivalent to “If we have no hollandaise, we can’t have eggs benedict.” A double negative would be “they can’t speak no English.” where the negatives contraindicate each other. In this case, they don’t.

    And I don’t attribute a lot of credibility to an author who immediately drops into ad hominem – “vertically challenged”? What the hell does his height have to do with his politics?

    Admittedly, it’s true, as are (probably) “billionaire bully boy” and “hypocritical elitist”, but neither of those has anything whatever to do with the issue at hand, and both reveal a certain amount of emotional bias on the part of the author.

  15. Makes sense that Bloomberg’s talking to children. They’re his primary audience.

  16. Me b getin a freeb uno den assualt boom sticks 14 err 16 wats 14 addn 1 yah 15 do 2 dat mayor. Thanx me snizzle bloomburg nd his laws.

  17. Having an uninterested party checking state mandated tests is just proper oversight. This keeps the schools’ administration honest. Why should they be able to get raises and keep thier civil service jobs if they can not teach to what the state requires. I understand that a special teacher(short bus students) has to do the best with what he/she has, but for the mainstream, the only way to rate teachers is by the results of the students.
    Sadly, if he wants to create a nanny state, saving the people from themselves, what does it matter if the people just grunt and point? If they can’t be trusted with a big cup of soda or a firearm, why worry if they misuse the Queen’s English?

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