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As we noted earlier today, after a couple of abortive attempts, Armatix finally has someone selling its iP1 “smart gun” to the public. A article reported that DB Guns & Smithing is selling the “personalized” weapon, a prospect many people have opposed due to the potential for triggering New Jersey’s law requiring all handguns sold there to be similarly equipped. TTAG talked to Doug this afternoon about his decision to sell the Armatix .22 handguns and he explained his rationale . . .

Doug (he wouldn’t give his last name) told us that he’s a life-long NRA member and staunch Second Amendment advocate and supporter. His reason for selling the iP1, he said, is to get guns in the hands of those who would not otherwise buy one. His hope, he told us, is that once comfortable with owning a “safer” gun like the Armatix pistol, those buyers would expand their firearms ownership, adding more and different traditional guns to their collections.

As for the New Jersey aspect, at first he asserted that the New Jersey law was no longer operative. That may have been a misunderstanding based on the Garden State’s attorney general’s opinion that the Armatix system would not trigger the state’s smart gun mandate. Be that as it may, Doug made it clear that if he determined that selling the Armatix pistol resulted in a smart-guns-only mandate in any other state, he would stop selling them to the public.

Rest assured that TTAG will be purchasing an iP1 from Doug for a thorough review and extensive testing. We look forward to putting Armatix’s wundergun through its paces. As always, we’ll keep you informed.

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  1. The guys logic is ridiculous.
    No good can come from it,
    That’s as kind as I can be.
    My true feelings about him are unprintable.

  2. Will not buy, will not support! Do not intrude on my privacy or infringe on my rights! Ignoring this intrusive technology is how it will cease to be supported.

    • Just to play Devil’s Advocate – what about the rights of those who would feel more comfortable with the technology? Whether we choose to bury our heads in the sand or not – the technology is out there and being refined every day. We cheer about the 3D printing of AR15 receivers, “You can’t stop the signal.” But then get all Luddite about a different advanced technology.

      I agree that I don’t see a place in my collection for a smart gun of any sort. But as long as we can beat back laws mandating them, who cares if your neighbor’s wife feels more comfortable with a smart gun in the gun cupboard? I’ll bet they drive one of those new-fangled automobiles with computers and interlocks that don’t let you shift into gear unless you have your foot on the brake too.

      Some other citizen buying a gun that I don’t happen to like infringes me not in the least. Me exerting market pressure to prevent him from buying one…..

      Bring on the flames – I hate the RKBA, and all that crap. But at some point we’re going to have to deal with a fully developed version of one of these, in a legitimate caliber, that’s as reliable as the Aimpoints that our soldiers are using every day in combat situations.

      • If it doesn’t work when you need it for self defense, it could be worse than no gun at all.

      • Agreed. Just because my state(NJ) is trying to reform the Soviet Union does not mean the rest of the country should suffer. I hate it when people make guns a certain way just to deal with our crappy laws. It’s a free market and a free country. If he wants to sell them and people want to buy them than so be it. It’s their choice as citizens, not subjects.

      • “what about the rights of those who would feel more comfortable with the technology?”

        I ask you this not as a flame, but as an honest question:

        Why do you believe (so I assume from what you wrote) that there is a right to comfort, or to be comfortable, about anything?

        I assure you, I’d be much more comfortable if there were a technology to provide instant, safe weight loss; nuclear power without secondary materials activation issues; batteries with 100x the charge capacity and 100x the charge rate of today’s options, and what have you. That doesn’t mean I have a right to force someone to go out and try to make them, nor that I have a right to make anyone else use it once (if ever) it exists.

        “We cheer about the 3D printing of AR15 receivers, “You can’t stop the signal.” But then get all Luddite about a different advanced technology.”

        Speaking only for myself, the issue here is not that technology is advancing, it’s that some states are mandating its adoption before it can be considered to be any kind of ready other than “not.” Even then, if you can get a gun like, say, the officer’s pistol in Continuum (smart, multi-projectile, Tases unauthorized users, etc.), my personal feeling is that the choice should be yours. I’d love one, personally, but not everyone would, and that’s their choice, too.

        Mandates pretty much universally wind up generating unexpected consequences, and sometimes they are the opposite of what you expect / hope for / promise. Motorcycle helmet laws, for instance, are usually sold on the premise of the state not paying the medical bills of those irresponsible jerks who don’t wear helmets. Helmets can save lives that otherwise would have been lost, true; but that means very bad accidents – the kind that can leave one badly and permanently disabled – are more survivable. Guess which case – death or survival – will generate more medical costs for the state? Me, I always wear the best helmet I can buy … but where I live now, that’s my choice.

        Generally, you get a better outcome if you present a choice and let people make it, rather than mandating what’s best for them whether they like it or not. I think that’s likely true on both a societal as well as a personal level.

        • Honest question. I don’t think there’s a “right to feel comfortable.” I do think that the market should eventually drive the direction of product development, and that if there’s a market for smart guns (as in the example I cite), then the guns will be developed, produced, sold, and eventually evolved. In the case of the neighbor’s wife – she has no “right” to demand that anyone produce or mandate the development of a smart gun. But just because the technology is currently in an early stage of development, doesn’t mean that market forces wouldn’t drive it to eventually be safe and reliable.

          To reiterate – I have no need for a smart gun and would not buy one now. But if you transported a bunch of the folks decrying their development back to the days of Sam Colt, they’d probably be grumbling about those new-fangled revolvers with all those parts: I’ll stick to my old reliable cap and ball…

          The real issue isn’t the guns – obviously – it’s the notion of the mandates in NJ. So, we’re going to tie the technical development of an industry to the laws of one state? Pretty ingenious method of inflicting restrictive gun control on the whole nation.

        • Nailed it. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” NOT the GUARANTEE of happiness, or a “feeling of safety”, or any of those other manufactured leftist “rights” that only the big government can provide.

        • So IdahoPete – how does a choice between buying or not buying a market-available gun in any way relate to what you’re saying. You’re getting hung up on the word “comfortable.” Let’s just take that out of the equation – if Neighbor Susie wants to buy a smart gun, and they are available on the market, please articulate why she should not have the right to do so. It’s no different from me wanting to buy a rifle with a bayonet lug and a threaded barrel.

      • Bring on the new tech. Is this the Zune or the iPhone? Most likely the Zune but that’s how things evolve. The market will rule. Tech will evolve. So bring it on!

        The ignorant and stupid laws of NJ are a ridiculous reason to fear this product. The reason the AG doesn’t want this product to “trigger” their law is because he doesn’t want to spend the next 5 years chasing this all the way to a loss at SCOTUS. I hope it DOES trigger the law so that the fight to SCOTUS can begin. If there’s any state where the incremental damage to RKBA is minimized, it’s NJ.

      • I completely agree with your statement, however, will we have to take the blame if the gun fails when a standard gun would not? I can not in good faith think of anyone that should ever actually consider purchasing one. I can go along with making them available, however, I do think that they should have a really big and verbose warning label attached.

        Also, I will avoid doing business with any dealer that offers one for sale since that dealer obviously does not have the interest of his customers in mind.

    • “Do not intrude on my privacy or infringe on my rights!”

      How, exactly, is the availability of this gun intruding on your privacy or infringing on your rights? If you don’t want one, don’t buy one (lord knows, I don’t plan to) but I fail to see how offering it to those who do want it affects you in any way. Also, what does privacy have to do with anything? Even if you did decide to buy and use this gun what impact would it have on your privacy?

  3. Sorry, Doug. If this sort of thing is what would influence a person to buy a handgun who would otherwise not buy one, perhaps that person (those people) shouldn’t buy one.

    It seems like buying a car without an ignition key, just so, you know, nothing bad would happen when you were sitting in it (e.g., accidents, tire blowout, air pollution).

    And if this DOES trigger (sorry) the NJ law, I suspect that it will no longer matter whether Doug stops selling them.

    • This was my thought exactly. Once it has hit the market, it has hit the market. It doesn’t matter if the person has stopped selling it. By it hitting the market, it has become available. This could REALLY screw the people in New Jersey over.

      • The people of New Jersey screwed themselves over by electing shitheads and allowing them to pass idiotic laws like the one at issue here.

    • “And if this DOES trigger (sorry) the NJ law, I suspect that it will no longer matter whether Doug stops selling them.”

      This. A thousand times this.

      It seems like Doug is trying walk both sides of a fence. If he falls off to one side, no big deal. But, he does not really grasp the consequences of falling off to the other side.

      • Let him sell it. I’ll be damned if NJ get screws over other people outside of it’s iron curtain. We even consider blackpowder matchlock single shot smoth bore pistols to be modern firearms here. No one else should have to suffer due to my crapy representatives. We will just have to vote the pricks out next election.

    • I love my smart TV. Instead of having to hook up my computer or an Apple TV device I can use netflix and other services right with my remote. Bad analogy buddy.

      • good luvk with your ñsmart”tv… dont sit naked in front of it. i personally know … they do peek, if you have certain conversations they start monitoring you. not a conspiracy. seen the tech.

        ALL new WiFi devices n appliances have backdoors required by FCC regulations. they hardwired in and can’t be blocked. even if you turn of device even your phone its still tracking/working. unplug power and remove batteries, hold down power button for 30sec to clear static and built-up power. most have built-in 2nd batteries so you would have wait roughly one hr to be totaly sure.

        as for smart guns lol good luck. once they start selling any criminal(includes government) can use $200 RF jammer and your pistal becomes a Club. if batteries work, if you have the dorky watch on or lucky your hubby does not it with him at work. the tech is not even close to ready. tried one out couple years back. it stopped workking as i was shooting as signal recycled aka reboot. only took 30sec, Only without warning. get close any any EM field like a tub TV or monitor…. Error!
        power transformers, eh error! even just high voltage power lines, eh error. it about as reliable as AM radio and easier to disrupt. nice office lighting starts to flicker/short, Eh Error!

        even touching its unreliable. so lets see…. hmmmm.. oh intruder, oh no! lets put in Fresh batteries, oh wheres that damn watch. nm lrts trust the batteries its omly been 6 months!? then pickup pistol, wait upto a minute to power up, then upto 30sec for Sync. on a perfect day 30sec for both. oh @$!# im dead.

        sorry for anyone else that got screwed from a know POS “Smart gun” being sold. even if 100% are returned the trigger still happens. just think of every POS EV electric Vehicle, not one is reliable. None of them will get you killed if they dont work. a Smart gun will, there is no do over. you point click, he shoots back or beats you dead just on principle for trying to shoot him. besides a 22lr for home defense lol good luck, unless your beyond an expert shot and have nerves of steel and never miss the balls or eyes. anywhere else will just piss them off. when 99% of people lose 50% or more control and focus under stress/fear your stacking a tall deck against you in a fight. oh yeah only 10shots! you better not miss average home invasion is 3 people. you want 30rds in an ar15 or carbine. reloading while being assaulted lol yeah right!

        Good Luck to anyone that Buys one. oh yeah almost forgot, the trigger is heavy and its less accurate then the cheapest Chiappa (crap generic) brand 22lr gun and feels like laser tag toy gun from the 80s.

        • @Mike

          Mike, Mike, Mike. Quit trying to bring reason and facts into a fear and ignorance-induced conspiracy rant! Since working4change doesn’t understand newfangled robocomputronic doohickeys, then clearly every single one of them must be magical devices capable of doing absolutely anything that any of the others can!


          If you really did know about electronics and how fast they change, I would hope you’d understand that having “tried one out couple years back” is NO indication of where the technology is today. Now, I’m not saying the technology is mature, nor am I saying that I would want it even if it were, but your premise that because it didn’t work in the past it must still be horrible today is fundamentally flawed.

        • My smartTV sits in my bathroom. If the fellas at the FCC somehow monitor me through my TV (which doesn’t have a camera or a microphone) they can go right ahead.

        • lol most smart tvs do have cameras n mics… just not for your use. open them up.

          actually as an inventor i know then you on most tech. i have more access then you as i used test products.

          they are cool n fun. but you give your privacy that is out of your control. for example in my fathers Samsung TV there “no” camera or mic. there is in upper left corner built into the LED panel. not the frame but in the actual backplane of the LED. found only because it fell over and shattered. so i took a peek inside.

          its is no theory or fear if you find it.

          besides use tech all you want, enjoy it. but the facts are…. using the tech also gives away your personal privacy. upto you if your smart about what you do and what you buy.

          as for this gun, hmmm well it is one of the fields i have over 15yrs experience, it will never work. it Can Not work reliably, well not in our lifetime.

          Putting out bad tech is Apple and Microsofts job, they do it well, at a high price, and force you to buy more through updates that only make you devices run slower. just so you buy the next Widget/Gadget 6months to a year later.

        • Well, there you have it then. Let Apple design the new iGun, running a Microsoft operating system. Guaranteed to work!

        • “i personally know … they do peek, if you have certain conversations they start monitoring you. not a conspiracy. seen the tech.

          ALL new WiFi devices n appliances have backdoors required by FCC regulations. they hardwired in and can’t be blocked. even if you turn of device even your phone its still tracking/working. unplug power and remove batteries, hold down power button for 30sec to clear static and built-up power. most have built-in 2nd batteries so you would have wait roughly one hr to be totaly sure.” [citation needed]

      • Right… and when some streaming service appears that your “smart” TV can’t handle, you have to go lay out big bucks for a new TV, whereas I’ll just buy another $40 media player.

        And if you don’t know how to consolidate controls of multiple devices onto one remote, well, maybe you should stick to the simple solution. Just kidding– it’s not that hard if you have the right remotes.

        As others have pointed out– TVs with cameras, microphones, and internet connections seems like a recipe for trouble. My media players have no such cameras or mikes.

  4. Even if we could realistically cast aside the legalities and political loaded nature of this gun I’ve yet to see ANY reason to buy this gun nor anything like it. It’s over priced, completely unproven, comes in a round that’s COMPLETELY ill suited for any realistic self defense usage, and hell… it doesn’t even look cool.

    No sale. No sale forever.

    • .22 is lot better suited to self defense than a lot of the crap people shoot right now. .32 ACP? WTF.

      • 22 is only good if you lots of ammo in a mag. like 15-20rds… not 10rds.

        22 is my CCW backup ruger p22 nice small and accurate. double action pistol with normal safety switch and trigger safety.

        CC this Thing lol it as bulky as my 45acp XDM that holds 13rds. it feels like a toy, the panel shift in your grip and the trigger is like as Airsoft toy. heavy and long. the sight are … lol no words lol…. ROFLMAO lol sights… HA! good luck.

        adjustments hmmm $$$
        so $1800 for a 22lr that might work, that jams, feels like toy, only 10rds and cant be concealed worth a damn. and has built in tracking “so you dont lose it”.. Right.

        only someone trying to prove a point or is geeking over the tech side would buy it.

        better off getting can of Inferno Mace from cold steel and a bear whistle, you will be safer.

        • lol the ruger is a SR22, the p22 is the Walther. got both.. both fun. easy to mix up.

        • 22lr is not better other than price. .32 are also more reliable. rimfire unless you buying match grade is unreliable. i always get 10 ot more from a bulk box no matter the brand. only my stingers at 2x the cost are almost without misfires.

          there is a reason most calibers are centerfire, just one of many.

      • Both .22 and .32 are better than nothing. But when stacked up against any realistic self defense round they’re not even worth considering.

    • You know I kind of want someone to buy one of these POS just to see how long it takes to hack out the ‘safety’ feature. Or hell better yet a remote hack that will permanently ‘brick’ the gun.

      • Believe me, if I was in the financial position to buy one of these I so would, just to see what’s inside 😛 Do some “pen” testing to see how it reacts. Haven’t broken out my fun stuff in a while now.

    • “plus $399 for the “watch”. Next time I get a craving for wasting money I just keep my “dumb” pistols/revolvers I have and buy an Apple watch instead.

    • “I consider the claims to save children and suicide victims to be exaggerated and/or false.”

      Did I miss something or are you saying they’re claiming this type of gun will help lower suicides? How exactly is that supposed to work?

      Suicidal Person: Man, I REALLY want to kill myself with this here gun, but putting on a watch would just be WAY too much work. Guess I’ll just go on living.

      • Well, I could be wrong, but I think the inference they are trying to draw is the whole “having a gun in the house” thing. Something like, the ‘rightful’ owner can secure the watch so that if the suicidal person gets the gun…still can’t use it.

        That still does not make sense, though. That would still require the ‘rightful’ owner to secure something. So, why not secure the low tech gun?

        I mean, what REALLY is the tech bringing to the table in that kind of scenario?

        This application of technology is stupid for a LOT of reasons.

        • Ah, I see what you mean.

          But if someone is suicidal to the point that we’re keeping things away from them, isn’t that basically suicide watch? At that point, shouldn’t we be removing ALL objects that they could use to harm themselves?

          “Well, I’ll lock up the dental floss so that Fred doesn’t strangle himself, but I can leave the gun out so long as I lock up the watch!”

          Yeah, the anti-suicide argument still makes no sense to me.

        • “But if someone is suicidal to the point that we’re keeping things away from them, isn’t that basically suicide watch?”

          One would certainly think so.

          But, then again, I would guess you are actually talking about preventing a suicide rather than just using suicide as a convenient, emotional excuse to sell “control” to people that respond to convenient, emotional excuses.

  5. ” Be that as it may, Doug made it clear that if he determined that selling the Armatix pistol resulted in a smart-guns-only mandate in any other state, he would stop selling them to the public.”

    Except it would be too late and the citizens of NJ would be SOL. This guy is full of shit and he doesn’t care about the rights of others, just an attempt to make a quick buck. TTAG is part of the problem though if you guys are actually going to buy one from him.

    • That car you are driving is probably made with steel produced from iron ore mined using machines running software that some gun-hating LIBERAL has written somewhere in KOMMIEFORNIA.

      Don’t support gun-hating liberals! Sell your car!

  6. Please tell me you will conclude the testing by shooting it with a 50 cal. Doug is living a fantasy if he really thinks more than a handful of people that never owned a firearm before are willing to plunk down $1800 to buy a product they otherwise didn’t want.

  7. When you do your testing find out how close you need to be to the watch in order for it to fire. Seems like it would be easy enough for someone to shoot you with your own gun.

    If the gun and its Magic Wand are in the same house the kids will get it if they want it. If they are separated you might as well not have the gun.

    The only person I can see wanting this gun is some liberal who wants to trigger the PA law.

  8. This”gun” is a answer in search of a question. For the price you could buy a Shield, a really good 3day defensive handgun course and still have 650.$ for a non-hideous watch.

    • the RF jams eaiser then an AM radio. speakers, TVs, powerlines, and moderate EM Field will jam it. plus sn actusl RF jammer is as cheap as $100 a good one $200 and up. cheap for any criminal to get an use. the Fed/police already Jam RF n Cell on Raids now.

    • I’d love to see a real world test of that, but keep in mind I’m pretty sure broadcasting such a jamming signal would be blatantly illegal, per the FCC.

      • You think jamming a homeowner’s guns before breaking in would be illegal?
        Would the fine for illegally jamming be a more significant deterrent than the prospect of getting shot or imprisoned for B&E of an occupied dwelling?

      • 1)Get gun and jammer onto a boat
        2) Drive into international waters (or your best guess….wink wink)
        2A) Leave your GPS devices turned off
        3) record with a non-GPS video recording device

  9. Why would anyone want to pay $1400 for a .22 pistol that you still have to pay another $400 for the watch just to shoot it? I really hope this dumbass rfid goes by the wayside.

    • it will just like Biometric has. Biometric, lol gloves, dirty hands, dirty readers, power issues…. band your dead!

      voice activated…. your got a cold, your gagged, power, tired and accent changes or muffled, noisy environment, or you need to be silent….. bang your dead!

      no smart tech works, and we are 50yrs from reliable DNA or Retina scanners much less small enough for a firearm. not to mention power issue is looong way off even for simple RF.

  10. I was just thinking to myself today that if it weren’t for NJ’s BS law, it would be fine by me to sell this gun. If some people feel this is the kind of safety they want on their gun then so be it. We don’t question people who buy guns with external safeties (for the most part *koffglockfanboyskoff*), but obviously we get really mad at governments who mandate things like this. Nobody likes the idea of everybody being punished for a mistake or fowl actions of a few or singular individual(s).

  11. My gripe is that the current AG won’t be there forever, and the likelihood that it will be a democrat occupying the office in the future looms large, given that New Jersey is as blue as it is.

    I’m no expert on NJ law, but it seems to me that a new democrat AG could simply decide that the Armatix DOES meet the requirements, and triggers the clock..

  12. So, wouldn’t it be ironic if TTAG’s publicly-announced intention to buy this gun (assuming they follow through with it) was the thing that triggered NJ’s ban? Really, TTAG, are you going to take that risk, all the while giving money to this FFL and Armatix in the process? For shame.

      • hmm as end of march they have sold Zero. there were a few “orders” that were canceled. but no official sales. unless they are hiding sales…. only FFls have them.

        local FFL NJ has one that we tested. got to fail with ease just walking around the house. Cop friend took it around town, it was dropping signal and resyncing every block or 2, by ever power transformer, even as some vehicles passed by. got close the firestation, and it dropped. got close to a number of power stations and it dropped. even by the Staples where AM Radio Sqweeles and it dropped.

        over all in a small country town it was not usable more then 1/3 the time. Bluetooth 2.0 is better. in a City lol it would not be usable.

        so sure sounds like a good purchase. instead of purchasing why dont you guys open a store. you can then get firearms for testing Before a sale 100% legit and never triggers anything. plus sale the ones you do like and recommend.

        • I have to say that I’m suspicious of that account but would love for it to be true.
          It seems like that would be a HUGE FAIL on the part of the manufacturer that they would not
          be able to recover from.

          If that story was videotaped , that would be a big news story.
          You can imagine the headlines on the pro-2A sites.
          It would easily make national news about the HUGE FAIL of the supposedly high tech “smart” gun.

  13. It is a new technology that needs to be developed. I can see it having applications in the prison system

  14. Honestly, I hope it triggers it. There is no other way to challenge it it court. And if any anti second amendment law is going to fall in court, it is going to be that one. If it stands, better to find out sooner than later just how bad things have gotten.

    Living in Cook County, I can tell you what a joke the cook county assault weapons band is. It is not really enforced because the county doesn’t want it challenged and I don’t know of any gun store that sells only 10 round magazines.
    Just like every ‘good’ home defense shooting in Chicago with a unregistered handgun didn’t result in any arrest. I’m glad that all was finally removed. FYI 15 round riffle magazines are legal in Chicago, but only 10 in Cook.
    But say what you will about how bad Illinois is, Chicago is the largest shall issue city in the nation.

    • I can buy any magazine or Ar I want in my town in southern Cook County. Guess which town…

    • Exactly. They can keep laws like this on the books because people are too afraid to do what is needed to challenge them. And by doing so, they are setting the rules of the game for the entire country, not just New Jersey.

      Ultimately, I am not responsible for the laws in NJ. The citizens of NJ are. It’s tough enough keeping up with the fight here in Illinois. (Where I would note that we are slowly but surely winning)

  15. There’s nothing wrong with this gun aside from the price. I wouldn’t buy one, but I can see why someone might.

    I really don’t see the big deal.

    And when NJ bans everything but the one crappy smartgun on the market, I think some people in that state will smarten up really quick, never mind the obvious constitutional challenge. I look forward to it.

    • True but by then the law will have been ramrod red through, the 4th & 5th amendments will go out the window, and it’ll probably be well on its way to being shoved down the rest of the country’s throat.

      I apologize if I sound ridiculous, but I believe It’s too big a risk.

      • Then I say let’s get to the trigger. It’s a 2nd/14th amendment constitutional slam-dunk when a state tries to ban every handgun but one that’s 1: inadequate for self-defense 2: unproven and unreliable technology 3: limited availability 4: prohibitively expensive.

        Let’s get this in now while we have a favorable US supreme court. We don’t know what it’s going to look like 5 years from now. Our best chance to get rid of laws like this may be now. What do we gain by delaying and leaving stupid poison pill laws like these on the books?

        • None, as yet. But if it’s allowed to continue unchallenged you can bet Bloomie & Co. is going to manage to get it passed elsewhere. Right now we’re making it easy by playing his game on his terms.

          The closest we have in comparison is CA’s microstamping law. The most recent case for it had it upheld. I’d really like to know where it is in the appeal process.

  16. Twang ‘n Bang did a video on YouTube about how ridiculous this type of technology, and any laws requiring it to be implemented are.

  17. Can we install android into the gun? I want to install some apps to take with me to the range.

    • I know your being sarcastic but it would be awesome if you could install ballistics apps right into a gun. My iPhone is an essential range tool for me.

  18. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t necessarily mean
    that you SHOULD do something…

  19. I would have only one question for him:

    “Has anyone been stupid enough to pay $1800 for a .22 pistol intended for “self-defense?”

    • Yep, this product was created to trigger sanctions and take over the market. Of course nobody will buy them, especially at 1800, but their existence could trigger .gov action to require their tech… that’s the evil stupid greedy bastards’ idea, at least.

      DB move.

  20. If I wanted to pay $1800 for a gun that has no real practical applications I’d buy a Desert Eagle XIX in .50AE. Wait I take that back, the DE is actually able to put the bad guy down.

    I might just buy one for the heck of it I heard they’re a lot of fun to shoot. (The Desert Eagle I mean not this overpriced smurtgun crap).

  21. If someone wants to spend over $1000 on a .22 pistol that runs on batteries, I really don’t care. Some people have more money than they know what to do with and if they want to waste it on an over priced .22, then it’s no skin off my back.

  22. Actually, yeah. I don’t think NJ’s law can withstand a challenge in court, and that law is really the only reason not to have these at least available.

    As far as future attempts to mandate kill-switch equipped smart guns? Well, it’s coming either way, eventually. Holding off on smart gun availability might give the pro gun side a bit of a leg up in such a battle, but it’s just as likely that the seemingly pro-gun momentum in general society that we have currently will wane in the near future, in which case putting off such a fight would be detrimental. Might as well get all of these conflicts done and over with while public opinion seems to be leaning pro-gun.

  23. Meh. Call me when we have progressed to lawgivers ala Judge Dredd. Though not sure I’d risk the auto-destruct.

    If it’s that great of an idea to mandate them, the legislators should require the police officers to issue them first.

    But…I also feel that if someone wants them, then they should be free to buy and sell them.

    Am I the only one who thinks they look like a BUG to the 1980s laser tag guns!? 🙂

  24. While I am thoroughly irritated about that law, the fact is it exists. Maybe there is something to pushing the issue so that it can be confronted in court. It could of course end badly but then at least there wouldn’t be any doubt about the ant’s intentions. I don’t know. It seems to me though that sooner or later, this technology will be used. I’d almost rather deal with it now than beat around the Bush. Never mind that I don’t feel inclined to trust electronic guns, and am quite happy with mine as is.

    • I’m kinda of the same mind, I’d rather see the laws challenged now then wait for later to do so. Right now there is a better chance of exposing how worthless and unduly restrictive “smart guns” are. If we can score a victory now it would close off one avenue antis are using to attack us. If we wait for later then smart guns will advance enough that a court battles will be much harder fought. If we lose right now then we will be pretty much in the same boat we already are, namely waiting for a pro-2A legislature to overturn the laws in “Smart” states.

  25. To: Doug at Doosh Baig Guns.
    Google the CA store that announced retailing the Smart Gun and how Smart that was for them…

    Personally, I wouldn’t walk across the street to pi$$ on that place today, or wny LGS selling the UN approved Armatix….even if that storefront was on fire, after such a PR FAIL again, marketing wise, in re: POTG loyalty factior. Can you say, Bill Ruger? Dicks Slorting Goods?

    Its such a delta sierra move, business wise, on a tool with tech, that, I’d question your jjudgement on any safety or gear QA issue. Heck, I’d be shy on buying boolits, off the shelf, from you, much less anything I’d have to trust my life on.

    Just my $.02, its your bbq.

  26. Bring it on.
    The sooner NJ’s blatantly unconstitutional ban on ALL pistols in common usage is active, the sooner every resident of NJ has standing to file suit against it.

  27. I can some geeky teenager holed up in his room, hacking this thing, and putting it up on you tube

  28. I’m not sure I understand the market.
    People who don’t like mechanically locked guns but feel ok about having one with an electronic lock?
    People who trust a machine to enforce safety rules they can’t enforce for themselves?
    People who want to appease Anti-gunners, despite their insatiable hatred for firearms?

    Seems more like a movie prop than a useful thing.

  29. Someone who is better versed in lawyer-ese please give your thoughts: What are the chances that smartgun-states will run afoul anti-trust/monopoly laws by enacting legislature that pretty much restricts business to a handful of makers?

  30. There’s no piece of technology on that piece of junk that makes sense. This isn’t a gun with apps, its a plastic battery charged piece of junk that’s not even fit to be a boat anchor. Have fun going out of business, no one wants this trash!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly this thing can be hacked and turned into a paper weight. Other than removing or destroying the watch, my guess is that it will not take long to disable the gun remotely.

  31. Am I the only one who’s really looking forward to TTAGs hands-on review? The thing looks like it’ll be 007’s gun a few movies from now (and by that I mean appearance-wise, it looks like a PPK redesigned)

  32. Dan, please please please, when you’ve finished all your normal review testing, give this gun to a good electronics guy or a good gunsmith, and see how long it takes them to defeat the technology and make it into a working “dumb” gun. That would be much more illuminating than finding out all the ways the tech can fail in normal usage (myriad, I’m sure), because it would show how futile this technology is for preventing crime.

  33. We want freedom unless you want to sell or do something we dont like. Sound familiar, sounds a lot like the people who are trying to take things away from us. They are the kettle and we are getting awfully close to becoming the pot.

    The people making the gun are a private business, the people selling the gun are a private business, its their right to do it as far as i am concerned, just like the bakeries, flower shops and pizza joints.

    New jersey voted these people in and now they are dealing with the consequences. Does is suck for them, yes, but they need to go after the law, not people who are just doing what we in america are supposed to be free to do.

  34. I’m of a mind that this gun should be freely available and these laws be triggered. It will be the equivalent of turning up the heat on the boiling frogs to “11”. The unintended consequences will quickly become apparent. Many gun stores will go out of business. Ammo will be harder to get and more expensive. The ability of the law-abiding to defend against the lawless will be further eroded. Society in these states will further deteriorate. They need to feel the consequences of their poor political choices. Let the rebellion begin at the voting booth.

  35. Contact info for those interested in purchasing the P1
    Douglas Eugene Bickal

    Business Name: D B Guns & Smithing
    311 Flint Cir
    Papillion, Nebraska 68046
    Phone Number: (402) 669-0646
    License Number: 5-47-153-01-6J-11518
    Expiration Date: September 01, 2016

  36. Would you ever buy a gun that could be made inoperable by the government? By anyone?

    Me? Hell no.

  37. Can u order the gun with a Rolex Submariner? I wouldn’t buy it just because i would never wear an electronic watch

  38. When this company (and product) go out of business based on its own (lack of) merit, the liberal press and politicians will be quick to blame the “NRA gun lobby” for its demise.

    Watch. That is exactly how it will be reported.

  39. Dan… now it has been a couple years. who knows it might not fail walking around your home. but the tech is no were close to being reliable.

    Wish you luck.

  40. Boycott NJ, hit them where it hurts the wallet. NJ is imploding, 80,000 leaving annually, Atlanic City casinos evaporating; the Shore struggling; shit head Democrates have infested the legislature. The Legislature wants NJ GUN LAWS to be a model for the country. Don’t let this cancer spread.

  41. I think if this doofus actually sells any of these, it’ll actually drive first time gun owners away. It’s such an awful pistol with its ridiculously heavy double action pull and its sub-Saturday-Night-Special reliability that the people who buy it will be too disgusted to ever buy another firearm.

    This asswipe just wants to sell $1800 pistols.

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