“The entire police force of the northern Mexican town of Ascension has resigned after two cops were killed in attacks by organized criminals earlier this week,” borderlandbeat.com reports. Well duh. Back in September 2010, the federal government replaced the police force. In May, cartel members kidnapped, tortured and murdered the new police chief and two of his officers. And now this. The obvious culprits: Los Zetas, the cartel that controls drug trafficking routes in the border state. (Ascension is 308 miles from Tucson, AZ.) The Mexican military will now take over the city’s “policing” (i.e. continue its war against the Zetas). I mention thid by now-mundane murder and mayhem and elimination of local democracy because Ralph and I have sorted out the real reason why the ATF let the Gunwalker guns walk. It all ties together. We’ll file our report on Monday.


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