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John Farnham writes [via]:

Mexico is currently, via TV ads, desperately, almost hopelessly, trying to lure skeptical American tourists. Understandable, since the entire tourist industry south of the border, due to relentless, dramatic, and widespread violence, has all but dried up. Follow that with the U.S. State Department’s Travel Warning and tourism is way down.

Competing drug-gangs are using high-profile, ghastly, tortuous murders as a kind of “terrorism theater” in order to gain status and intimidate rival gangs, along with citizens , and even police.The government’s “fight” against them is mostly in vain.

Mexico’s highways are bearing a close resemblance to those depicted in Mad Max And, Mexico’s immemorial corruption and incompetence, at all levels of government, insures nothing will improve any time soon.

Even well-known tourist areas are blatantly unsafe. Border towns, which used to be regularly frequented by hordes of American tourists, are now virtual ghost-towns. Formally trendy hotels and restaurants are boarded-up and rotting away.

Residents of CA, AZ, TX, and NM who live near our “border” with Mexico had better be preparing for drug-gang violence overflowing into the CONUS (Continental United States). Drug cartels do not recognize international borders.

Why should they?

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  1. Correct – we don’t have to go there.

    They are coming/have come to us.

    Just depends on where you live in the US.

    • Oh we don’t discriminate if we haven’t reached your home town yet you won’t have to wait much longer. I’m always being suprised as I travel this great country and find dense Latino populations in places i didn’t think there would be.

      • Dont care about the Latino population per se.

        The gangs and drugs are the issue.

        Folks here legally aren’t usually part of the problem.

        Illegal populations dont assimilate well and are a magate for other illicit activity.

        I know several folks here as 1st or 2nd generation that become part of the community.

        Criminals as a rule aren’t good citizens.

        • Well Henry, i was referring to crime.

          We seem to be producing plenty of left-leaning American citizens here at home that vote against our rights. Our universities seem to do a great job of indoctrination to the left.

          And yet we have Trump and not Clinton as president. I think we can deal with the voting.

          My big concern is our government turning a blind eye to illegal moveemnt into the US as the last three presidents have done.

          I dont care about about diversity or cheap farm labor. We need to stop illegal entry aas best we can.

        • My proposal for a secure border is simple: let the Army acquire most of the border and station armored divisions there. It can then be patrolled with tanks, and anyone trying to cross through gets dealt with as intruders onto a military base.

      • Yeah, no. Love how a group always thinks they can make everything/everyway better by just showing up, yet their nation/area of the world is a hellhole. Makes your think, doesn`t?

      • The Spaniards were the most brutal of the European oppressors, and the Chicano sub-race inherited that immutable genetic propensity towards violence and repression. I call on you to renounce your racist heritage.

  2. I remember visiting Nogales in high school and Cancun about 25 years ago. I’d be afraid for my safety in Mexico. And there is no right to arms so there is that. It’s a matter of time before the US is dawn into the problems down there.

  3. I avoid travel to Old Mexico for either work or pleasure and actively discourage others from making the journey. And I’m someone who always had a great trip there many years ago.

  4. Been that way off and on for the last hundred years. It wont change. Its hard not to sound racist, and I really dont want to be one, but I honestly dont think latin america can govern itself.

  5. Using the mexican immigrants ,as an example, and them being such hard working , friendly, law abiding and trust worthy people, I just can’t understand why Mexico would have any problems at all. ?

  6. This is why we need the WALL!

    Whatever we do with the illegals, we need the wall to keep as much of that lawlessness out of the US as we can!

    • For a border wall to work there would need to be fortified security bases/points, with drones to watch the wall, and response teams to move if/when the drones found anyone.

      But if you build those things and no wall, you’re just as effective.

      What I’ve never figured out, though, is why we don’t let them in for what they pay “coyotes” to get them here. I keep reading they pay like $5,000 per person to cross the border; if there are 20 million who paid that to get in, if we’d collected it instead and let them in we’d have a hundred billion dollars that could be used to guard the border with those strong points and drones. We could start with a $5k fine for illegals presently here (plus $1k more for each year they’ve been here) to let them stay (invent some new color ID card for until they’ve paid up)… though it;s too bad there have been amnesties before and we can’t collect from those folks.

      • The three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t want a secured border. They believe in no national borders. So when illegal aliens set California on fire and burn down marijuana crops as well as thousands of homes, and many people burned to death, that is just the price the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left, want everyone else to pay, for their open borders policy.

        It is believed that Mexican gangs don’t like the legal competition from American marijuana growers. Libertarians are either liars or fools if they truly believe the violence will go away if pot is made legal, in America or Mexico.

        The media is reporting the truck driver terrorist, “visa diversity”, in NY was planning to run over children. He believe there would be many children on the street for Halloween. Thank you to the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left for supporting immigrant child murderers coming here.

        • You forgot to add the GOPe wanting the illegals for cheap labor.
          They are just as guilty as the three L’s.
          If you think I’m wrong where is the wall funding while the R’s control all 3 branches?

        • Sorry Chris –

          You might not want to stroke with such a broad brush.

          Sure, there are some libertarians (maybe LINOs?) who advocate for open borders, but they are misguided as any other ideology who thinks that cultures and values do not matter.

          As a libertarian the issue comes down to private property. Property is owned, either by a private person, company or the state. The owner of the land has the final say in who can be on their property. We don’t just let anyone onto our front lawns to create a tent city nor do we let people have access to our kitchens or bathrooms without our explicit consent.

          The problem is that the state owns vast swaths of land plus they feel they have the legitimate authority to tell everyone what they must do with their property. That is the real issue here, the immigration is just a symptom of the larger cancer.

          So as a libertarian living in a world with nation states and national borders I do not advocate for open borders, but then again I do not advocate for nation states either. I agree with the idea that if anyone from another country wants to immigrate here they should have a sponsor that vouches for them and is responsible for them. Also it would be helpful if this was something dealt with at a much more local level. Individual neighborhoods and communities should have the larger say in the matter as they are the ones who must deal with the situation every day. Frankly, if I were in Arizona or Texas I wouldn’t give two craps what D.C. or Massachusetts or Oregon thought about the matter…

        • Punisher is right. Some of the most energetic disputes in libertarian publications have been over the border issue. Some of us view a nation as a contractual entity, which means vigorously excluding anyone who is not a proper party to the contract — that side is where the idea of just charging $5k and letting a person in comes from, and that usually is intended to allow them residence and not much else — no Social Security, etc. And a fair section of that portion of libertarians believe individuals who are citizens should be allowed to use lethal force on their property on the border to repel anyone trying to cross in without being party to the contract (basically an extension of the Castle Doctrine to the whole country), which by implication would mean that states can secure their border with a foreign country as they please.
          This is why on most discussion boards with all sorts of views represented, libertarians are often viewed as not much different from neo-Nazis on the border issue.

      • Walls do not stand down because some Democrat or RINO tells it to do so. That is why we want/need the as insurance against a open border whore President.

        • Walls are worthless without someone to patrol them vigorously. The border folks have filled enough tunnels with concrete to put a new lane on both sides of the highway from San Diego to the southern tip of Baja — just as one example, and that’s with a wall that is patrolled.

          Walls are sixth century technology (and earlier). Defeating them only requires sixth-century know-how and resources.

    • Costa Rica is safe only in the tourist areas. They have cut off fingers of Americans that could not get a ring off, a $50 watch is enough for them to target you.
      Many expats live there, but they do not leave the safety of the area.

      • I lived and worked there for over a year. I assure you that what you’re saying is greatly exaggerated.

        Yes, there are sketchy parts of San Jose but that’s true of large cities in every country on the planet.

        • This is mostly just fear porn to keep all the slave-tax-cattle in the US so they can be bled dry.

          I’ve lived in Mexico and Guatemala and been all over Central America. I’ve driven with family including children through a lot of the countries. I’ve never once felt unsafe.

          It’s just like Chicago or NY or anywhere else. You don’t go to the areas or neighborhoods where the gang activity is and you don’t go to stupid places at stupid times with stupid people to do stupid things. Outside that your chances are just as slim as here to have anything happen.

          And actually in many ways it’s nicer than the States in that most cops can bribed off with a few bucks to leave you alone and firearms, while officially prohibited, can be gotten fairly easily in most cases…

          Mexico is actually so bad because it wants to be “U.S. Lite” and try to have a total nanny state but it can’t afford to do it nor does it have the culture to do so. And the narco gang violence problem would largely vanish if the “war on some drugs” was ended. No need to fight turf wars and all that jazz if their businesses are legitimized.

          Many of the countries are really very nice but they are still suffering the after effects of decades of failed U.S. foreign policy adventures and communist country foreign policy adventures.

        • Mexico’s culture is schizophrenic at best. It includes a broad swath of people who would dearly love a total nanny state right along with another swath who want government to go away and let them live in nearly tribal fashion, along with a crust of aristocracy who in practice resent democracy because they believe they’re superior and should have all the privileges while the rest serve them, effectively wanting a feudal system from the fifteenth century.

  7. I’m there back and forth on a regular basis for LEGITIMATE business and let me just say don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. The locals are incredibly friendly and the quality of life is great. Just like anywhere there are good places and bad places, poor people rich people ect ect. Little known fact mexico has amazing hunting land. Oh and the women are drop dead gorgeous.

    • I lived there for five years just a while back. A tourist is rarely exposed to violence but the corruption and overall dysfunction are readily apparent if one pays attention. I too found folks friendly as anywhere else but also desperate for a better place. Mexican politics makes US politics look like an Andy Griffith show version. Small towns are often feudal like holdings of one family. Every time a mayor of a medium size or larger town leaves office all of the towns cash goes with him. The teachers are usually completely unqualified and inherit their license from an older relative and are pretty close to killing to keep that privilege. They have make work programs like no self serve gas stations allowed which drives up prices. Nationalization of the oil industry did nothing for the consumer, it just lined the pockets of oligarchs. Checking the documentation of boats in a marina usually takes dozens of agents and a platoon of marines. I guess they want to make sure no one complains about the arbitrary fines. The crime rate is also indeed much higher there. They even had to put special tops on liquor bottles to make sure that bars and restaurants had a harder time putting water or cheaper liquor in the bottles. The women are no better looking than anywhere in Alabama. Obesity has exceeded US proportions. Sorry, but not much to be proud of there Chico.

    • That’s been my experience on my four trips there, though in the small towns every time I’ve been there they’ve been more worried about corruption ad gangs — in that order, which is interesting. On my last two trips people were lamenting their lack of a right to keep and bear arms, because they believed that if they could all be armed, the two problems that worry them would fade and could be made to go away.

      In a rational world, U.S. citizens would be shipping guns to Mexican citizens to take back their country with.

    • I don’t debate the friendliness of the rural folks, or the awesome hunting and beautiful women.

      BUT, as somebody that lives in a border town (Del Rio), if you’re a “whetto” you don’t go to mexico anymore. I, and my family, used to go all the time for groceries, diesel, medication, the dentist, and a good time. Now… not so much. There’ve been several kidnappings on the US side (in Del Rio), and regular shootings can be heard across the river in Acuna. All of the tourist bars and restaurants have shut down for good, or moved across the river. The quality of life is highly questionable. If you live out in the country, away from the border towns, yes, I’d love it. But in the cities and border towns, it can make the ghettos in Houston look like a nice suburb.

    • The women….an old friend of mine who lives in El Paso once said, “Come down here to live, you’ll be married in a month”.

    • The word for No in Mexican is “Nine”, not “Nada”.

      I guess they didn’t teach Mexican in high school back in the 1930s.

      • Slab rankle,

        The word for “no” in Spanish is … wait for it … “no”.

        The word “nada” in Spanish means “nothing”.

        What you described as “nine” (sounds like the numeral nine in English) is the German word for “no” and correctly spelled “nein” in German.

  8. The company I work for employs several people who legally came to this country from Mexico. Many of them came to the United States to escape the violence. Even though they continue to have family there. They won’t go back because they know it isn’t safe. We also employ people from Chiraq that moved to our area for the same reason. You don’t have to leave a third world country to escape violence. Chiraq is only 5 hours away from here.

  9. Trump should lean on Mexico to allow U.S. citizens to go armed there, since plainly Mexico can’t guarantee a safe visit.

    And boy, would that make our anti-gunners scream!

  10. Spent over 20 years in El Paso, TX. Still the old West, at least 1/3 the population is armed. El Paso makes the list of top 10 safest large cities every year.
    Across the Rio Grande in old Mexico is Ciudad Juarez. Firearms are strictly forbidden in Mexico. Several years ago Juarez was the most dangerous city in the world! Juarez was averaging more than 8 murders per day. El Paso had 7 murders for the entire year.
    The murder rate in Juarez has fallen greatly since El Presidente pulled the federal troops (peacekeepers) out of the city.
    El Pasoans avoid Mexico unless they have roots there.

      • In the last few years the cartels have been acquiring more of their weaponry by smuggling it in from farther south through the Yucatan than from the Mexican military, though that’s still a problem. Mexico’s border leaks on both sides of the country.

  11. I’ve lost count of the times I visited Mexico for business or vacation. Mexico City, Cancun, Cozumel (my favorite), Playa del Carmen, Cabo, Acapulco, Taxco — I’ve hit all the hot spots and liked them all. The people are great, the food is great, the entertainment is great and the weather is usually sublime.

    I won’t be going back any time soon. And what the hell — if I want to hang with Mexicans, I can just go to Texas.

  12. The thrill is gone…good luck to you RF and crew…Headed over to used to really enjoy TTAG but it’s much diminished from it’s former self…to many ads and to much “TIN FOIL HAT POLITICS”…really enjoyed this place when it was actually about guns…disappointed…


    • So basically you admitted you are an idiot who can’t handle reality who trusts everything the MSM and government says who would never lie or cover up anything. Got it.

      Yep, keep living like the useful idiot you are with your head in the sand. Don’t forget the sportsball on TV, don’t want to miss your bread and circuses!!

    • Easy. Don’t read and/or comment on the articles that are of little interest to you or you feel you’ll bring nothing to the table in terms of conversation and debate.

      Ol’ TFB loves to spout their “Firearms, No Politics” mantra but just look at their articles…outside of the occasional gun article that has 100 comments, with 80 of them being 5 people going back and forth as to which gun or round or accessory or technique is “better” there’s typically a lack of comments…then they’ll post a political article and always start with: “we’re all firearms and not politics, but…” and then they’ll censor the comments that they don’t agree with.

      I mean it’s their site and they’re free to do what they want. I still read the articles I find interesting and occasionally comment but TTAG is much better for overall discourse and diversity in all things that relate to gun culture.

    • Bye, Felicia. I have no idea what ads he’s talking about.
      Back in the 90s we ran away from home and crashed at our friends for weeks at a time, partied our asses off and ended up in new york city occasionally. This is what people are doing these days, buncha whiny kids.

      So far I like this site for two reasons: They exposed Springfield as hypocrites and they set the record straight about those fancy, overpriced but useless protection rounds that splinter off and go 3” deep into ballistics gel. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but I’ve seen them around.

  13. this story cannot be true, Mexico has strict gun control and only one gun store in the entire country, so there is no way there could be all this violence!

  14. Mexican construction company’s,,,, oh yeah, ,. Worked for one, their fast at what they do. ” Joetast ask Jose” shouldn’t we be hooking up the ground wires?” Jose ” you take to much time, u don’t need ground wire.” . joetast to Jose ” I think we should put the lock washers on the exhaust fan shrouds, they’ll probably rattle lose over time. “Jose” U take to much time, we’ll be gone they’ll never know.” Oh yeah quality work

    • Wow. I worked construction with two kids from Mexico, and they were a pain to the crew boss because they insisted on doing everything exactly right. But if he wanted to turn someone loose on a part of the job with no supervision, those were who he turned to because he knew they wouldn’t skimp on any details.

  15. I have nothing against the Mexican people. I love the food. and some of the women, well they are beautiful. but the government, with it’s corruption, and the corruption in the law enforcement, well no wonder they want to come here. but they actually do have the right to keep and bear arms in their country , but they require a long back ground check, and they can only go to the one gun store in mexico city which is manned by the corrupted army. and most Mexicans do not know that. the government really does not tell them. I mean after all , do you want them to defend themselves against the cartels that are lining the corrupt government’s pockets. they might kill the guy bringing the money. and it kinda reminds me alittle of our own democractic party.

    • Also the fact they are only allowed revolvers in non-military calibers and break-open, double-barrel shotguns only. Nothing else as far as I am aware.

      Those will do no good against the military and cartel armed with the latest and greatest in military hardware. Hell I would imagine your average criminal down there is more well-armed too.

    • Gee so between the failed “war on some drugs” and general government corruption…we see that:

      ding ding ding you guessed it.

      Government is a killer. It leads to all death and suffering on this planet.

  16. Ugh, more weird propaganda I have to wade through to get my gun reviews. Articles like this occasionally give the site that kinda weird/gross vibe. I can tell the author is just conjencturing and has not visited Mexico recently, if ever.

  17. Been once a long time ago. Food sucked but the beer was cold. Soldiers manning “road blocks” at night so they could rob the tourists. I aint lost nuthin there. Mexicans heading back to Mexico by the bus load (literally) from our state. Cost of living here too high for them and according to a house builder friend of mine, they are scared of Trump.

  18. Don’t go to mexico? Preaching to the choir, man. Drug gangs, trafficking, narco-terrorists. It’s so bad you can’t even drink the water or take a dump and flush the toilet paper. You know it’s bad when their own people are risking their lives walking for weeks through the desert to come here and break their backs to work on a farm.

  19. Yes, please don’t come down here. It’s dangerous!!! The beer is warm. The water is cold. The food is terrible! Everything is dirty!!! And expensive!!! And the people are killers!! Killers I SAY!!! Alll of them are horrible! Stay away! Stay far away!!! Crossing the border is instant death!!!

    *** puts phone down, lays back in hammock with cold beer in warm breeze on beach with zero tourists… ahhhh….


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