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Armed "vigilante" stands guard in Micchoacan (courtesy latimes,com)

“President Enrique Peña Nieto said Tuesday that his government would invest the equivalent of about $3.4 billion in social and infrastructure programs for the beleaguered Mexican state of Michoacan,” reports, “where armed vigilante groups have been clashing with a drug gang.” Ha-ha. No. The Mexican President is funneling tax money into Michoacan to help suppress an [illegally] armed revolt of the local populace against the Knights Templar cartel and their allies: the Mexican government. “The funding will go to scholarships for students, pensions for the elderly and credits for small business owners, as well as for infrastructure projects such as highways and a new hospital. The plan, Peña Nieto said, was meant ‘to recover security, establish conditions of social order and spur economic development.'” In other words, bribe the leaders of the self-defense groups into laying down their arms. The Times doesn’t say how the Knights Templar view this development. I’m thinking they’ll take a big piece of the pie and murder the self-defense leaders ASAP, while the government whistles to itself and the media cowers in the corner. My .02.

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  1. And people wonder why there is so much coruption!

    Yes… We want a welfare program… That’s why we’re revolting right now…. You nailed it on the head! Better schools… That will keep the cartel from killing us….

    “There’s no revolution!”

    “OK, there is a revolution, but we’ve made them a segment of our militia, so it’s OK…”

    “OK, they’re not part of our militia… Hey, will you guys go away if we throw money at you?”

    What’s next?

    “Hey, they stoped revolting! Viva la Mexico!”

    “Please stop revolting…”

    • That pretty well sums up the events thus far. Anyone know if there’s a historical precedent for what the next steps will be?

      • You cull out a few of the ones who look like they might have leadership abilities, offer them some miniscule self important, self governing position, like being in charge traffic control, make them feel exceptional and hope the majority follow along.

    • “What’s next?”

      Actually I think a series of loud *BANG!*s is next in the playbook after dismissal, undermining, and an attempted pay-off.

  2. I’m tired of hearing vigilante, I think Patriot is a better term. Or militia men, or the Mexican national sick of your expletive deleted coalition

  3. What these autodefensa groups need is for Rod Steiger and James Coburn to come back. Because when the federales come to take you away:

  4. Somebody starts dropping headless corpses of informants and “uncooperative” cops in our streets and I would hope the government plan would not be attempting to silence the citizenship’s outrage. When the government fails to hold up their end of the bargain of social contract theory, the citizens should take on whatever they need to take on, even if it is not written as a provision in their founding documents. Like certain countries.

  5. I like the guy’s kit. It’s a nice tac vest and a very nice AK. Too bad Mexicans can get cooler means to protect themselves than a large number of Americans.

    • Stop by Arizona, we have a lot of the cool stuff.

      I’m not too sure about the guy’s ak tho. There is no buttstock and the front sight post says “Chinese” to me; did the Chinese do AK pistols while I wasnt looking?

      • It’s not a gen-yoo-wine AK pistol though: a standard rifle length gas tube, standard angled gas block and a separate front sight all stacked on top of a (probably sawed off) shortened barrel. The pistols usually use some or all of their own custom parts: shortened gas tube, straight gas block, front sight combined with the gas block.

        • Depends on where and when it was made. After market pieces are rather cobble together affairs, anymore.

  6. Nieto’s promised spending in Michoacán was made four months ago, and was explicitly meant to relieve the suffering caused by hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid.

    So far Nieto’s promise has delivered to the region how much spending? Zero. None.

    Mexico has the same problem Spain has, and Chicago: Once it is OK as a cultural norm to derive an illegal gain (bribe) or unearned benefit, the next step is for the courts and administration to start ignoring laws, implementing their own version, the one they thought should have been written instead.

    The Cook County Election Commission operates in a mode not dissimilar to the PRI. The unionized mass doesn’t mind corrupt practices, because it favors the results. So, too, the legislature of New York, which uses emergency procedures to pass what is obviously non-emergency legislation, ignores the state constitution. Because a majority like to get its way it is complicit in the slow erosion of the rule of law.

    The Richard Daley/Hubert Humphrey/Big Unions block of the Democrat Party is in charge. No wonder Sinaloa chose Chicago as its US headquarters. It speaks their political language.

    • Its not the 1930s. today our American commiepinkos hate guns. Getting hands dirty is to be the job of others. Todday Yap drink $5coffee , play on IPAD while on Obuma admin “job”..

  7. I read on the news last night that the president has now rescinded his demand for registration of weapons, and instead offered to bring the militias under the “government” umbrella if its members pass the same tests that recruits for the army and the police must pass. You can’t be called a revolutionary if you work for the government, right?

  8. Seems like 2005 or 6 I came across an excellent book on Mexicos history and culture, with the theme being that we in the US simply dont know what we dont know- about our next door neighbor.

    It wasnt political, just an excellent overview of history and culture showing how deep and complex and contrary were the realities, to our perceptions, and casual explanations of history, from public schools, etc. The control by a wealthy oligarchy, corruption, the “show” around elections in particular the domination by the PRI, to name just a couple on the political side. I had to agree I thought I knew more than the average person, having been a more long-time reader, doing some work in central america, diving in yucatan, campinng in baja, and living in San Diego for twenty years. But, after the first chapter I had to agree I knew nothing relatively speaking, and the complexity was really interesting.

    But, back to the point of TTAG- I’m interested in how Robert returns to this topic, citing Blogo De Narco, and while scanning Amazon for some way to find this older book, I was struck by how many new books on the drug war and the border are new, and highly rated, and the message is very serious.

    Yet, we dont get much info on this from the StateRunMedia- warmed over 90% of guns from LGS lies, when anniversaries of Brian Terry, or some reference to DOJ stonewalling on F&F, as if thats all there is.

    Its pretty chilling, actually, when you read deeper. And not just for the border states, or for the desperate civilians inside Mexico, but what it means for America. One could say this is a story about how disarmament of citizens plays out, when things get ugly enough, and its survival or else.

    Looking forward to more – funny how the zeitgeist on guns leads to so many other interesting issues. Its as if man’s freedom to defend one’s self, is a univeral right or something. Hmmm.

  9. What those citizens are doing down there is NOT illegal. Maybe I read the article wrong up top but it sounded like the admin was saying it was illegal for them to be going up against that govt. It’s a human right of us all to revolt when all other things have failed. That’s how our nation even came to be formed! The right exists no matter what & especially in this country where we once had a Republic that functioned right but that was over 70 years ago. Revolting again is coming to American towns/cities near you. Enjoy.

  10. So, the plan is to do jacksh*t for the rest of the country? And where, exactly, is that 3 billion going to come from? Mexico is broke, so he must be getting a loan from his Good Friends in the cartels. Ain’t that sweet!!!!!


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