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So what’re we doing now, making chopped liver? Seriously. How can Mexican President Felipe Calderon call for “more cooperation” between the Yankees and their neighbors to the south to combat the drug trade and gun running when the U.S. is spending a $1.3 billion program launched in 2008 to help Mexico and Central America fight drug cartels? Not to mention the fact that our efforts are running into a brick wall of Mexican corruption. First, the BS [via]: “Calderon said that 10,000 gun shops operate in the U.S. near the border with Mexico and that 80 percent of weapons seized in Mexico in a sampling made a year and a half ago were illegally imported into Mexico from the U.S.” Ten thousand? According to The Violence Policy Center (of all people), America boasted (my word) 50,630 federally licensed gun dealers in 2007. So one-fifth of all U.S. gun dealers are engage in illegal cross-border gun running? That hardly seems likely. Don’t ask, don’t tell U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton . . .

We know that the flow of illegal guns is a problem for our Mexican friends, and we are doing all that we can within our laws to prevent, interdict, arrest, prosecute and jail those who deal in illegal guns.

The Miami Herald quoth.

It’s very important that the American government participate in a more coordinated way in order to fix this problem because this is not a problem of Mexico, it’s a common problem.

Calderon pre-countered. Anyway, is that a threat or a promise? Or neither? For a real answer to this problema, Mexico should be looking south, not north . . .

Edgardo Buscaglia, an organized-crime expert and professor at Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology, Colombia has gone after the drug lords – and their assets. “Regardless of how many thousands of organized crime members you detain, the end result will always be determined by how much of the economic structure of organized crime you destroy,” he says. “This is exactly what you’ve seen in Colombia in the past five years.… In Mexico, nothing like that has even started.”

Speaking to The Christian Science Monitor, Eddy may not be jumping on Leo’s love train, but he’s spot on. Until and unless Mexico goes after the capo si tutti capos, they’re just whistling Dixie. By the Mexican Prez’s own admission: “Calderon said the wave of violence was due to a war between the country’s two largest drug cartels, not a reaction to the government’s mobilization of troops to fight drug-related crime.” See what I mean?

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  1. As long as Americans have the money and desire to buy illegal drugs, other countries will keep growing and selling them. We can kill a few drug lords, or outsource that killing, but others will take their place. Unfortunately as the middle class declines, and as young people give up the American dream, we are likely to see more and more drug use here. Until recently, the US has been able to contain drug violence in or near Mexico, or in ethnic neighborhoods of large cities. That seems to be changing as suburban and rural youths turn to meth, and all that goes with it.

  2. 1. The total number of 7000 01 Dealers Near mexican Border too! We need to cut the smaller Gun Dealers Numbers way down too! True !!!! They need to cut down alot of the Numbers down too!!!

  3. 1. The U.S. Should Cut it too! The Maxium Limit is Cap Limit is (10,ooo) )1 F.F.L.s Dealers Maxiun No Cap Limit in U.S.A. Its Stops Here to0. A Cap State Limit too! Us Enforced too! By the A.T.F. 2. The FiFty States must Abided by the Ruling Regulations As Follows by Laws Do Applyed too! Agreed !!! Is a Cap No# Limit Is For each State Is (200)01 F.F.L.s maxium Limit is no more Smaller Gun Dealers added at all too! Stops Here Too! By the Sheriffis Dept. & A,T.F. too! No more Extrss Added too! Stop here ! Stop!!! The Cuties, Townships, towns, Cops of P.D. Would Like it alot too! There Will Be less Smaller Sleeassly Crooked Smaller Gun Dealers out there too! Alot less Guns on our Streets too! Agreed!!!! Mexicans Will Seak Dope into The U.S. Mexican Border too! The Guns Will Smuggle in the 2000 Mile U.S& Mexican Border too! True!!!! The Full Auto"s Guns come from other Production Counties do mfg Auto"matic Machines & Assult Weapons from other Nations too! true!!!!!

  4. 1. The 10,000+ alot more to the figure too! Suspects Smaller Gun Dealers need to be Reduced too! The Lower Half-dotted Line center of the U.S.A. Map too! of the West to East to Florida to Califorina too! Solution is: Lets ind a way to cut out there Suppliers out of Busineses too! Most of them are Smaller Gun Stores are involved too! 2. The A,T.F. Should inveatgate the past sales slips of past Mexicans living in the 50 States too! Are buying illegal Guns in the U.S. too! They Used There Green Card With a Number is I.D. too! They Buy it Faster then the U.S. Citizens can too! Are borned in them U.S.A. in any 50 State States too! true!! Note: thoses All the Suspects Crooked Little Gun Stores need to put out of Busineses for good too! I agreed! It time to put our foot down to non Citizens living in 50 State too! They Can"t buy Firearms no more too! The Imgration Federal Agency says you can"t buy any Firearms in the 50 States no more too! only U.S.Citizens buy Firearms only too! By the 50 States &By the Federal Groverment too! 15,000,000 + Illegal Alliens South Amercans &Central American illegals Alliens & 12,000,000+ Mexicans to Living in the U.S. in all:50 States too! we are Flooded with them too! Aisas Middern Eourpean People populations & South Aferica Populations People too! in the U.S too! They are living in the coatral ocean States only too! True!!! Solution is: Start Reducing the numbers of Smaller Gun Dealers Busineses of 01 Licences out too! Cut off Renuals Applications cut it off too! Note : You are no longer a Legal Gun Dealers of 01 Licences & State Licences are cut off by the Sheriffis Dept. counties of the States are living in too! Agreed!!! No Reniuals Applications off,01 & N.F.A. 09 Licences will not be renewed at all! a cut off too! You are denied as a GunDealers 01, & N.F.A 09 Dealers to is included too! I agreed ! Get ball Rolling now before it to late to stop it too! Agreed!!!! The Renual for )01 Licences Regular Gun Dealers needs a increase of $2500.00 #yr renuals for each time they apply for new Licence of F.F.L.s too! The State Licence Renual 3yr Renual Fees $$$ 1250.00 Every time they Applyed for a State Licence too! nBy the County Sheriffis Dept of State Licence too! Will be issued too! Retailer sales, ! The Class-02 Import &Export State Licence (An a, (Mfg) Busineses State Licence is a company Licence,only! It is not a( Import & Export Gun Dealers Licence is no more too! The Import & Rules been Change to a Class-02 Licence Is only the Firearms Mfgs Companies can apply for it only too! Import & Export Licences is Type,06,07 Licence can Applyed for Type-08 Import & Licences only too! Agreed!! The Mfg Companies of N.F.A. Rules Applyed too! Only Mfgs Companies of type-010 only Can get it only too! Is a Import & Export Type-011 Extention N.F.A..Licences By N.F.A. Class-02 Mfgs companies can Applyn for this Extention only too! type-011 is a Class-02 Mfg Busineses co ,only too! None of the Class-03 N.F.A. Dealers ,Type (09) F.F.L.s N.F.A. Dealers can"t get it no more too! is Dened too! By the A.T.F. too! Agreed! This is a Smart move too! Can"t get it is a Type-011 is no more too! is History too! There is around Overal of in the U.S. is (57,000 01 Dealers in the U.S.a too! July,19,2010 A.D. too!

  5. 1. There is 7000 (01) Dealers Retailers Near the Mexica Border too! The Border is 2000 Miles long too! Solution is We must cut about 6950 Regulares Gun Dealers Busineses Need to limited immeadly too! Agreed!!! Let”s leave About 50 Regulares Gun Dealers From California, Arzonia,NewMexico,Texas ,is 2000 Miles Long Border too! Gulf of Mexico,Florida State too! True!!!

  6. The Total Number of Gun Dealers Retailers Busineses is in 50 States is left in the U.S.A. Overal number count is (25,315)(01) Licences Retailer Gun Dealers Busineses too! on 03/16/2011 A.D. too! Is offical count too!

  7. 1. No#1 The real goal is on Federal Level is U.S.A. to: to Put a Cap Number is (5000)(01) Licences Retailers Busineses Gun Dealers limit stops here too! Agreed ! No extras Busineses added too! Agreed!! !!!No#2 State Licences to is included to for State Groverments: 50 States too! The Maxium Cap No# Limit is( 100)(01) Retailers Gun Dealers Busineses too! they will be no extras businiess added too! Agreed Reason is : Crime Will be way down by 0.96 % too! Is reduced Street Crime is cut down to true!! It will be by 01/01 015 A.D. is 2015 A.D. too! Perminated goal too! true!! Now or years to come yet to in the Future! too! agreed!!! Publicy safty Rules to applyed to agreed!!! Thankyou,

  8. 1. The Mexicans Druge Runners are sending dope into U.S.A. Should be Shot by the Fireing Squad by Soliders or by Cops Units too! Is Put to Death Immeadly too!! Or the Gas chamber or Electric Cheer, Or Put to Death by Three Needles on a Gurney in a Federal Prison too! Agreed!!! The Medthed is to Gas a BUNCH OF THEM IMMEADLY WITH out Question too! The ACLO has no Busineses to Stick His Nose in too! True! He Or She! Should not Complain Neither to True! Wake Up ACLO and smell the Coffie before it to Late to Stop Them Smugglers Of Illegal Druges & Guns Are Bought By Straw Under Table Deales is a Criminals Affence to true!!! In to Save the Druge Smunglers Triing to Distroyed U.S. Interney be Affecting the Young People on Druges to get High too! True!! It Druge Runner Druge Criminals Carteals of the Few Counties Are Growing Druges on Farms in other Nations too! Other Counties Are Making Chemicals to Make The White Power too! True! Illegal Druges too! They should be Put to Death immeadly no Appeals at all Agreed!!! The Problem is 2000 Mile Border lenth too! GUlf of Mexico, &Florida State too! Big Druge Shipping Depo of the Southern of U.S.A. True!!! The Suspects States are,(California, Arzonia,New Mexico, Texas, State too! 4 States with Cross Hares in it too! By The Tea Party too! True!!! There Thousands Guns Be Smuggle in from U.S. A. Into Mexico Border Areas to True!! The Fornniers Used Trucks to Bring Semiauto”matics in to Mexico to the Carteals Contacts Points too! True!!! Wake up Americans Citizens are born in this Nation too! True!!!!! And Sell the Coffle too! I agreed!!! Thankyou, Our Second Amendment Rights & Fourth Amendments Rights are in Danger too! True!!! Wake Up All Gun Owners in the 50 States too! Call the N.R.A. Now before it to late to Stop The Antigunners Groups Are The Emany With in the U.S.A. too! They Are Leftest Left wingers to Hate U.S. A. American Citizens Gun Owners Rights to here too! It is Right to be America too! It in our constitutions Rights to be agreed!!! Wake up and smell the Coffie too! Before it to Late to Stop it too! Gobe World issued of all Nations will do it soon too! Antigun one world Groverment Agency forever too! It will Happen soon too! True Yet The Facts are there too! True!! It do time in the Distant Future too! It will Be Fact too! True!! Wake Up Americans Citizens of the U.S.A. Wake up and smell the coffie before it to late to Stop them before they get in power for good too! true!!!!!!!!! Thankyou,

  9. 1. There Number of Regulares Dionest Retailers Count is ((01) 10,126) Legal F.F.L.s Regulares Group of Roge 7 Bad Bunch of deoniset Crooked (01) Retailer Busineses are in volved to: True!!Licences Holder”s are part of the Crime of selling Guns too! Mexicans Transporters Criminals are Bring in Druges in duffel Bage too! True!! From The Mexican Borders is 4 States too! California.New Mexico ,Arzonia ,Texas too! Gulf of Mexico ocean Ports ,(boats are Use too! True! And rest of the States too! towards Florida to true!!! They Ge t the Guns Shipped to Mexico to South American States to true!! The Mexican Border & U.S. Border is 2000 Miles long too! Covers 4 States too! Gulf of Mexico too! True!!! The Total of overall is (50,630)(01) F.F.L.s Holder”s too! Subtract (10,126) (01) Suspects too!

  10. 1. The A.T.F. & D.E.A. Police U.S. Border Patrolled Federal Police too!Should Check 10,126 (01) F.F.L.s Retailers Busineses May be involved to true! Check there 4473 Are involved to true! Selling Illegal Guns to Mexicans Illegal Criminals Groups Smugging Druges into the U.S. A. too!! They Buy the Guns from the U.S. A, too! There Gun Sales Records of Selling Guns to Mexican Illegals not inciddent at all too! Immerigrits illegal Alliens Dope Carriers are Smugging into U.S.A. & Mexican Border too ! They Are Smugging Druges in Camping Bags & Diffel Bages too! True Under Sour Drains Areas, Under Ground near the U.S.A. & Mexican Borders too! And the Guns From the U.S.A. Border into Mexican Border Areas under Streets of border Line Towns, Townships. Cities , too! True!!! Theses People Prepaired the Illegal Druges for the King Pin Whole Sailers Druge Dealers called Section Homes, Townhouses too! Condominons Homes too! true!!! The Regular Druge Dealers Buy there Stuff there loications too! The Four States are involved too! Solution is : The A.T.F. Should Send them a Letter telling them there: There: Renuals for Class-01 is (-01) an option Licence is (09) Title-1 N.F.A. Class-03 Canncelled shut off too! P.S. 10,126 (01) F.F.L.s Licences are Camnncelled too! Cut off too! From overall in 2011 A.D. is 50,630 F.F.L.s Total Overal Count is total too! Dates as (03/24/2011 A.D too! Subtracted from 50,630 F.F.L.s Regular Gun Dealers too!

  11. 1. There is 7000 (01) Gun Dealers Near the Mexican Border too! The Mexican Offical say They Must Cut down about 6900 )01) Umnessary smallers Gun Dealers Units to: near the Mexican Border too! The A.T.F. E.A. Divsion must do there Jobs to cut off 6900 (01) Smallers Gun Retailers Gun Dealers they don”t need at all too! From Cafifornia, to Florida State too! Lets Leave About 50 (01) Gun Dealers Retailers The Maxium Cap limit by the Next store the Gulf of mexico up to Florida Cost line too I agreed To Cut the Flow of Guns Going into Mexico Nation by the 2000 Miles Border too! Agreed! Answer is Cut off Renuals Applications For the 6900 (01) Regulars Gun Dealers is to many in one spot Locations too! Agreed Justice Dept. From the U.S.A. too! Agreed!!!! Let”s Leave 100 (01) Gun Dealers Between Cafifornia State to Florida State too! This Involves all the States Butt up near Mexici Nation of the 2000 Miles Border too! And the Gulf of Mexico too! Up towards Florida Cost Line too! Is Drugs Pick up Point up towards California, Arzonina,New Mexico, Texas , too! Is 4 States Are Involved With the 2000 Miles Border Of Guns going to Mexico & Central American ,South American Counties too! Guns are Going From U.S.A. & Mexico & Centreal American Counites is the Middle Man Point First to then to Border to South American Nations too! True Druges are going to From Mexican & U.S.A. Border is 2000 miles long too! Some areass wide open to true!!!

  12. Solution is: The Maxium Number Limit,is 100 (01) Retailers Busineses Regular Gun Dealers (01) F.F.L.s Holders only max Number Limit is top number too! No more extras Applications of (01) Added at all is Stop here on the U.S.A. & Mexicam Border Should Be Near the U.S.A. & Mexican Border & Gulf of Mexico An up toward Florida Cost Shores too! The Maxiun No is permitted by U.S.A. Board Line & Mexico . Is Four Suspects States is California, MewMexico, Arzonia, Texas, States , is the 2000 Mile Border only to true!!! TheB. A.T.F.E.A. Should Set the Rules of regulations for the number of Regular (01)Gun Dealers Retailers Busineses in towns, townships in susburabes Areas only is 750,000 Residences per (01) Regular Gun Dealers Retailers Store Front & Loy in Commerecial Lot in location in industrial zones of commercial Busineses only to agreed!!! The 100 (01) Regular GunDealers is the Maxium Cap limit for U.S.Border Locations near only the location only is permittede only too! U.S.A. & Mexican 2000 Mile Border Area Location only too! Agreed!!! The 6900 (01) Gun Dealers Should be Cut down immeadly by the Federal Laweforcement Agents to agreed! They should not allow number or 6900 (01) Dealers to be there is a bad risk to an the y should limiated them too!!!!!! Solutions is perminated number is to allow it too! an: the Maxium Cap Limit is only up to 100 (01) Retailers Gun Dealers Busineses is the number Limit too! Agreed!!! By the U.S. Border Patrol by the Federal Groverment should Allow only 100 (01) Regular GunDealers Number Limit from Califorina to Florida Coast Line too! Agreed!!!

  13. 1.From 01/01/2012 A.D To 12/31/2012 A.D too! The U.S.A. Federal Groverment : No#1 is overal Count is;maxium Cap Limit to, is (25,315) (01) Licences & State Licences are issued by country Level of State of Residence only agreed!!!too! No extras Not be added of (01) Licences Appl. & State Licences Appl not be issued too! The Truth is There too! 2. The State Grovernents: all the Entired (50 States is No#2 ,the Maxium Cap Limit is, 506.30 (01) Licences & State Licences by the Counties Level only State of Residence too! No extras (01) State Licencese :not be added too! This will stop the Flow of Illegal Guns going to Mexico & Central Americia, South American Nations too! Do Illegal Harful Druges are illegal too! This is $ 300,000,000,000.00 World wide Problem too! Several Counties in south Afferica Nations & Aisa Nations are Selling Chenicals to South America Nations to Mfg Cocane & Marawanna Druges by the U.S.A. & Mexican 2000 Miles Border to true!!

  14. 01/01/2015 A.D. To 12/31/2015 A.D too!! The U.S.A. Federal Level : The Maxium Cap limit is (5000) (01) Retailers Gun Dealers Busineses is Perminent Limit on all (01) F.F.L.s Holders too! for U.S.A. No#1 Level too! No extras (01)”s & State Licences to is included too! All State Groverments:50 States Each is; The Maxium Cap limit of reglar Gun Dealers Retailers Busineses only too! The Maxium Cap limit is About 100 (01) F.F.L.s Holders Busineses Retailers Gun Stores to in each of all ;50 States Each will do it too! Agreed!! and State Licences is included too! No Extras (01 Applications of (01) & State Licences Not be added too! Not be procresses those extras Licences of (01) & State Licences is issued by the Countie sheriffis Dept of Residence&State you live in too!(Agreed! By the A.T.F too! & sheriffis Dept of Counties Liceninjg State Licence to sell all Firearms in General too! Agreed!!!!!!!!

  15. 1 They Should Put About 100000 U.s.A Troops By the Mexican Border too! Cover California,NewMexico,Arzonia,Texas, States too! True! The Canada Border to needs to be Garded too! There should be 500000 U.S. army Troops to Guard thoses Enterance Points agreed! 1St They Should Warned Arrest Intruders & Shool As the Last Resourts too! Agreed!!! U.S.A. President Of the U.S.a too!!! Then our borders Sucure Agreed!!!

  16. 01/01/2014 A.D. to 12/31/2014 A.D too! 1 YEAR Period !!! The Maxium Cap Limit is in U.S.A. is 10,000 (01) Federal Level No extras not be added too! !State Groverments : The 50 States is Divided by 50 States too! The Maxium Cap limit is 200 (01) F.F.L.,s Holder”s too! No extras Not be added too! Reason is maxium cap Limit too! Reason is reduiced Crime in Counties,States Cities,Townships,Towns too! Public Safty Agreed!!!

  17. 1. The Maxium Cap Limit is affective Now: 01/01/2013 to 12/31/2013 1 Yr Pweriod of Time!!! The Federal Level maxium Cap limit; is 15,000 (01) F.F.L.s Holders Retailers Gun Dealers Store Fronts ^ Commercial Lot as one Package Deal ! State Groverments: Divided by 50 States to:, The maxium Cap Limit for all (01) F.F.L.s Holder”s Retailers Busineses is Limited up to 300 (01) Gun Dealers Retailers Busineses Store Fronts & Commercial Lots as one Package deal too! Agreed! It is separate Locations in industrial Commercial Block assign zones Zones Locations too! only by Zoning Commision Building Codes Rules of Current Laws on the Law Books today Market Rules do applyed too! agreeds! The zoning regulations sets the Rules for Commercial Building & Commercial Land Lots as assign to Commercial Locations Spots in the Commercial Zones Block Assigned industrial Locations Zones! Agreed!

  18. 1. By 01/01/2020 to the Year of 2999 A.D. The Maxium Cap Limit is the Number of Retailers Gun Dealers Store Fronts & Commercial Properties as one package deal too! Is separate Building no Windows too! is a federal Law too! The Maxium Cap Limit for Federal Level is U.S.A. is (5000) (01) F.F.L.s Retalers Busineses too! The State Groverments; 50 States is 100 (01) F.F.:L. Busineses to Agreed!!!The no Extras Applications for Class-01 Is (01) & State Licences too! Means no Extras not Be Add too! The Maxium for Class -03 Is (09) Applications is Limited up to 42 is permitted in the U.S.A is Legal only by U.S. Groverments agreed!!! Class-03 is (09) Licences too! No Extras Not be add Applications too! Stooped too!!Is Forever too! No end date too!

  19. 1. The overall Count of Class-1 is (01) is 0.66 %) to is 662/3 % too! The overall Count is Class-2 is (02) is 0.33 % too! Is 331/3% too! The overall of F.F.L.s is total of 57,000 Retailers Gun Dealers Business too! With Store Fronts & Commercial Lots located in industrial block locations zones only agreed!!! P.S the number of gun Dealers Retailers going down too! Still Declining down ward too!


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