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Mexican military (courtesy

“In the history of modern war, fighters are much more likely to injure their enemies than kill them,” opines. “But in Mexico, the opposite is true. According to the government’s own figures, Mexico’s armed forces are exceptionally efficient killers — stacking up bodies at extraordinary rates.” Skipping ahead to the stats . . .

The Mexican Army kills eight enemies for every one it wounds.

For the nation’s elite marine forces, the discrepancy is even more pronounced: The data they provide says they kill roughly 30 combatants for each one they injure . . .

About 3,000 people were killed by the military between 2007 and 2012, while 158 soldiers died. Some critics call the killings a form of pragmatism: In Mexico, where fewer than 2 percent of murder cases are successfully prosecuted, the armed forces kill their enemies because they cannot rely on the shaky legal system.

Can you say extrajudicial summary execution? And yet America continues to pour arms and armament into Mexico: from Black Hawk helicopters to tens of thousands of fully automatic rifles. Accountability? That’s not our policy.

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  1. “The Mexican Army kills eight enemies for every one it wounds.”

    Probably closer to, “executes 8 injured citizens for every one it keeps alive for interrogation.”

    • The only “enemy” the Mexican Army can deal with must meet the following criteria:

      1. Unarmed
      2. On their knees
      3. Arms handcuffed or tied behind their backs
      4. Shot made to the back of the head from a distance of less than 1 metre

  2. The function of the Mexican military is to prop up a failed state while those in charge loot the treasury and make money on the drug trade and human trafficking.

  3. The better question for the mexican big wigs that order the soldiers to consider is this. When your soldiers only know how to murder how well will they do against real soldiers? And what happens when they start deciding who to murder without orders from above?

    • And what happens when they decide not to take orders from the chain of command? The Zetas are what happens, that cartel and human trafficking group was formed by Mexican soldiers who quit and went to work as enforcers for the Gulf Cartel and then set themselves up in the same business.

  4. Being a NYC paper it’s easy to see the confusion, but I believe that they’re mistaking corruption for efficiency again.

  5. We’re not so innocent. John Wayne killed every Native American, Japanese soldier and German soldier that ever existed at least 5 times!

  6. Funny thing — the cartels have exactly the same kill ratio. Coincidence? Or did they all go to the same School for Assassins?

    • Ya, its called School of the Americas at the JFK Specwar Center. The mexican government counter insurgency officers and the top people in the Zetas went there and learned how to fight a clandestine war….. No prisoners only intel sources…. We have fought our clandestine wars in the same manner since before the revolution…. Look up Banistre Tarleton and South Carolina or the French Indian War etc etc etc.

      • You sir, have just earned a spot on the no fly list. Now shush up all that crazy talk, please, for the children. VOTE HILARY 2016 WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!

      • Pretty sure much any country south of us has at least a few alums of the school. Chile has about 1200 so far, Bolivia and Guatemala aren’t too far behind if memory serves. If you have coke money (and insurgents!) have we got the school for you!

        Congrats to the class of 2016!

        Love to see who they got for the commencement speech…

    • Yup, a lot of narcos defected or were trained by people who defected from Mexican special forces, who in turn were trained by the US.

  7. Uh, last I heard Mexico is not at war. They aren’t “enemies”, as others have pointed out, they are unarmed civilians, not a properly equipped and commanded enemy army. Of course they do “better” than in a war!

    • Its the war on drugs. Like our Soldiers are on pain killers, pharma grade amphetamine and hgh and their soldiers are on meth, heroin and animal steroids. No one wants to fight the war off drugs.

      • (Most of the civilians caught in the crossfire just want to have a beer or a doobie and chill, which is why they die at exponentially greater rates than soldiers on either side.)

      • The “party” continues after discharge. If it’s a non-physical ailment – the preferred VA solution (the one I’ve seen a few dozen times anyway) is to give you unlimited Percocets or Oxy.

  8. They really just do a Coup de grâce after the firefight with cartel members. Cartels do about the same or even worse when they capture a Mexican Soldier. Kind of hard to stay the true and narrow when your enemy finds your family, and then proceeds to do all sorts of unimaginable things. There are videos out in youtube showing this, or atleast there were.

    • Or the police. They also keep thier faces covered. Last year one guy was exposed as a cop. He quit his job that day, the next day the local paper had a full page ad from him announcing his career change. Just to keep himself and his family alive!

  9. When scores of Allied POWs were executed in the aftermath of The Great Escape in World War II, German authorities summoned the ranking Allied Officer at the camp and informed him that fifty of his men had been shot and killed during the escape. His response?

    “How many had been shot and wounded trying to escape? ”

    Deer in the headlights.

    It’s amazing how many governments still give themselves away the same way 70 years later.

  10. Wow, maybe the NYPD should learn shooting from them, because it appears the mexican military’s marksmanship is much, much better- even though they’re both shooting in <10 feet!

  11. Accountability? That’s not our policy.
    …and obviously not that of about any Latin American Country.

  12. Just a bit off the tenor of the comments here–but in a real war against real soldiers, isn’t it preferable to seriously wound an enemy combatant, so that he is just as much out of the fight as a dead one but is still consuming strategic resources (food, uniforms, blankets. medicines, etc)?

    • The soldier may want a kill, but the General and HQ want a wound. IIRC, It’s 12 people (all tolled) to care for one injured soldier. It takes 5 minutes to dump a body. In either event, the soldier is off the field of battle, what’s important is that when wounded, he is draining important resources.

  13. One problem with vicious dogs is you’re not always sure what they will eat next. That’s Mexico’s army.

  14. The Fuerza de Infantería de Marina (Mexican Marines) are actually a very professional organisation and the least corrupt. They treat their members very well as well as their families. Their dependents are kept safe and on base. Which isn’t easy to access.

    The Army is corrupt as is the Federal Police.

    That’s the reason why you see Marines go after high value targets like “Chapo” Guzman.

    As for Mexican’s unarmed. Their laws are about on par of that with California or New York. Caliber restrictions, requirement of permits to own, carry permits are hard to get, magazine restrictions, etc….. But Mexico is awash with legal and illegal guns. a large segment of the population is armed. They even formed Militias to combat the cartels and the State of Chiapas has been in a quasi civil war with the Federal Government for years.

  15. What is with all the hate on the Mexican military?
    They are fighting the good fight against the Cartels
    The narco terrorists are extremely violent and prey on the disarmed citizens
    They even killed a woman who blogged about where firefights were happening so that ordinary citizens could avoid the area
    The Cartels kidnap and kill with impunity
    Now the Army is going after them
    I am certain the Army has its problems, but it is the only force actually shooting back at the criminals

    • Wrong. The only force shooting back at the cartels are other cartels. And the military. Which is pretty much the same thing.

    • And I suspect that the Mexican military knows that any members of the cartel that are turned over to the Mexican judicial system for prosecution will “escape” or bribe their way out of the arrest. Whereas a dead cartel member will not escape. There really is a war in Mexico, but there are about 4 or 5 sides involved.

  16. Unfortunately on the geopolitical front we have no choice but to support Mexico even though I don’t agree with what they are doing. If we cut off all aid then China or Russia would love to fill the void left by us then we have a hostile puppet on our border.

    Ending the War on Drugs would be a good first step.

  17. That’s why they call Mexico, and South America 3rd world countries! And when you see a DNC / DemoCRAP politcian…You can thank them personally for trying to import these kind of “3rd world politics ” into the USA…For Corruption has no boundaries….

  18. The ignorance in these comments is astounding.

    They execute the captured sicarios because the justice system in Mexico sucks.

    They don’t want them out in the streets again with their own families at risk.


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