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Back in the ’80s, as a young airman, I received a letter written on the back of an old anti-nuke flyer. Another airman saw that and found it offensive. I responded with words to the effect, “I disagree with the position, but aren’t we in the Air Force to defend the right to express it?”

Today is Memorial Day, when we are supposed to remember those who fell defending that freedom.

People who fell defending the freedom and rights that we just surrendered to a bunch of tyrants because of the Wuhan flu. It seems appropriate that so many locales have canceled Memorial Day ceremonies, or are observing it “virtually”. Our freedom is now pretty much virtual, when liquor stores, pot dispensaries, and sex clubs are essential, but gun stores and licensing are not.

I thought I was defending free speech, but now imperial Senators can condemn it without censure and with plenty of co-sponsors. Appropriately, the House is playing TAPS for America. I was so naive back then.

Still, there has been some pushback. Armed protestors in Michigan. A few sheriffs across the country with the wild idea that their oaths meant something. Some nonessential shops reopening to provide some nonessential jobs so people can buy a little nonessential food and pay their nonessential rent and mortgages.

I’d like to hold out some hope that the country might buy calcium supplements and grow a spine again. But while thousands protest, millions more do nothing.

We sold our liberty for $1,200 a pop. It’s not like we were using it anyway.

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  1. While I realize that the frog in heating water isn’t zoologically correct, it’s close enough.

    It just a little inconvenience. It’s just temporary. Won’t be long know. You’ll get used to it. Blah, blah, blah.

    Sad. Very sad.

    • It will NOT go back to normal. Keep in mind “normal” wasn’t even normal to begin with…

      I think “they” have studied us (by race, religion, country of origins, political affiliations…) for decades, and “they” know how far they can go. This COVID19 crisis is an hoax, one way or another it’s probably one of the biggest fraud of the 21st century. Either it’s completely made up, or it exists and the statistics are a complete farce. Some countries are obviously more prudent than others in using COVID19 as cause of death. There is clearly an agenda (or 50 of them) behind this thing.
      One of the most recent “news,” that hydroxychloroquine is inefficient and can even be dangerous, is a totally inaccurate claim. Dr Raoult, a renown French virologist, and other real experts around the world, have used it (in combination with other meds) as a treatment, for +90% of success over 3,000 patients treated and very minimal and rare side effects. When the VA “studied” hydroxychloroquine, they administrated the incorrect dosage (according to Dr Raoult) to the patients. Also, several of the test subjects were also suffering from a form of blood cancer, while the patients who were not treated with the hydroxychloroquine were generally in better health. Now that the traitors on the mainstream media have learned that President Trump has been taking it, these “experts” claim it’s bad. What’s bad is that this pill is not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. The propaganda is insane, as people are calming down in most states, “they” are hammering us with the threat of a second wave of COVID19. What a messed up world.

      • Third and much more likely option: COVID-19 is very real and the statistics are no more jumbled than one would expect in such a situation — and it is also a perfect opportunity for statists and “progressives” everywhere to inflate public anxiety to new highs and make progress for themselves at everyone else’s expense.

        I’m a big fan of both/and.

        • Taking advantage of every crisis, from School Shootings to Pandemics, is the new policy of the American Left…

  2. “We sold our liberty for $1,200 a pop. It’s not like we were using it anyway.“

    What is this “we”? I didn’t sell a damn thing and I’m still a free, gun owning, free thinking, free speaking, property owning American, and I still go where I want.

    • “We” as in the American populace in general, even if some of us did not. The majority can still drag the minority down. I hope that we recover the uniquely American character this nation once had, but it is not a given at this point. Americans still rise back up after disasters, and that gives me hope.

    • You think you are free. What a cute delusion. The government can stomp the shit out of you whenever they want for whatever reason they want, they just haven’t got around to you in particular yet. There are hundreds if not thousands of things that should be legal but aren’t and you will go to prison if do them. Convert a rifle to automatic and tell the government about it and by doing so demonstrate your freedom. Maybe try to sell milk direct to an end customer see how that works out for you.

      • Oh whatever. You could nit pick every single era in American history, in world history for that matter, and make the argument that we’ve never been free and never will be. You can choose to live in sorrow if you want. Meanwhile I’ll continue to shoot how and when I see fit, speak how and when I see fit, go wherever I see fit, do what I see fit on my property, and fly whatever flag I see fit, and will not be cowed into submission by the off chance I may be violating some obscure and unknown law or custom.

        • Yea okay… so whiz past a cop a 100 in a 55 and talk that shit Ron. You are such a hypocrite. You are not free dude. You might be on your property, which can be taxed into oblivion and taken from you. You don’t do whatever you want, you just know where you can get away with it and where you cannot. Funny hearing this from you, when you are literally talking about defending cops in another forum. If a cop showed up on your property right now and said “we got a tip you were making threats online” you’d piss yourself and make excuses. Hand em over redcoat. You are not fooling anyone.

        • Hey monty you a lefty? Cause you act like you can see into other peoples souls and read their minds. That a power that lefties sct like yhey have.

      • I guess building H-Bombs in the basement as a hobby is out too? What next! Having to stop at red lights?

    • I took MY MONEY but already had a couple of new guns this year. So I paid off some debt.

      • They didn’t give me any money. Mine or anyone’s else. It’s ok. I have no debt to pay.

        • jwm, I haven’t gotten a check either. The thought of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have no debt either. Cash and carry is my policy. I’m sure there are those who genuinely need it. Not me. Keep it.

        • My wife and I talked about it. If the G had sent us checks we would just pass them along to those we knew that needed them.

    • Agreed. They were the idiots who gave it to me, I’m not giving it back. So I’m going to spend it on ammo when the prices return to normal.

  3. My oath meant something. I never got any money from any Government. I still love and respect the Constitution and BOR. There are some who remember freedom is not free.

  4. No it started decades ago. Back when people traded legalized gay sex and legalized pot. For your gun rights. Losing the 1st amendment was included in the deal back then as well.
    Others just wanted to have multiple children from several different men. And have the government become the “daddy”. Lots of folks voted for these politicians. I did not.

      • Tom Ammiano, Tammy Baldwin, Barney Frank, Jim Gray, and many other anti civil rights gay politicians, thank you for your support of them. Over the many decades now. We hold everyone accountable for their crimes against humanity on TTAG. Regardless of their race color, creed, origin, or sexual orientation.

        Perhaps this is not a safe space for you with your history of supporting fascism.

  5. I didn’t ask for $…it got sent to me. Friend’s gave us money & my son did too. Both unasked for. There is no “we”. Oh and my brother-in-law died of China flu 9 day’s ago. His daughter is coming from California tomorrow to finalize his “estate”-such as it was(and he was a Vietnam vet). It was many times worse 100 years ago during the spanish flu. And the government put you in jail for not wearing a mask or protesting. Just like during WW1…if this is the hill you want to die on be my guest. If .gov tries to disarm me THAT’S my hill!!!

      • Water Walker, lost my father a few months go. Tough row to hoe. Take comfort that when he arrived at the gate St. Peter said, “You sir, may move to the front of the line.”

        • Thanks…what made it worse was my wife couldn’t see her brother. It really pizzes me off is all the retards saying it’s all fake. He devloped pneumonia after being on a ventilator for awhile. We all know older folks in poor health are prime candidates for the chinaplague…

    • Very sorry to hear about your family’s loss FWW. My sincerest condolences to you and yours.

      Same goes to you GF. Loosing a parent is very difficult. I just found out recently myself.

      My mother finally succumbed to cancer on March 5th of this year. She moved to a better place right before New York state shut everything down. We were able to have her visitation and funeral without problems. I have thought about all the people that didn’t get that with their loved ones passing. I genuinely feel for them as I do for you FWW.

    • Sorry for your loss buddy. My Grandpa just died last Thursday. Peace be with you and yours.

  6. Our freedom is now pretty much virtual, when liquor stores, pot dispensaries, and sex clubs are essential, but gun stores and licensing are not.

    It’s weird how a country filling up with people who have little in common also finds it harder every year to agree on the meaning of “essential liberty.”

    • Look upon the history of the Roman empire. Specifically Rome it’s self. Our nation is on the same path. With I fear the same outcome. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • While I agree with the sentiments expressed, this statement isn’t true everywhere. As blue as PA is, and as much of a tyrant as Gov. Wolf is, I did walk in to a gun store Saturday for a pound of powder, but I still have to get lucky on the phone or internet to buy a bottle of bourbon from the liquor control board.

  7. No one gave me $1200. I’m still flying people, mail & freight to people in rural Alaska. There are no roads, so us pilots are it for these Americans.

  8. “We sold our liberty for $1,200 a pop”

    Nonsense. A rebate on taxes paid is a return of our own money. As much as I have paid in income taxes I’ve no problem accepting my own money going back into my own bank account. I took the money and paid down a car loan. If there is a second “stimulus” check (whatever name they want to use for it) I’ll take that money of mine back too and spend it or save it as I think best.

    Because it was my money before it was taxed out of my hands and would be again if I got it back.

  9. True but off topic. Well, mostly true, as he never had bone spurs, he lied about that.

  10. Typical boomer drivel. You liken yourself to people who were drafted against their will to rush machinegun emplacements. You are being asked to sit on your ass at home and you REEEEEEE like a sperg. In typical boomer fashion you want to live your best life at the expense of everyone around you. Spoilers: you’re going to draw out this pandemic that you don’t even understand. Hyperinflation will cause your savings to turn into toilet paper. No one will want to buy your McMansion. You will live in the basement of your Gen X child who is the only one who can still look you in the eye. When you die your children are going to melt down all the CMP Garands you hoarded instead of allowing younger generations to enjoy. You will bitch and moan about this pandemic but other than limp-dicked whining online you’re not going to do a damn thing about it. Because you’re a boomer. You’ve lived the most priviledged time ever in human history at the expense of everything around you. Good times make bad people which lead to bad times. Absolutely pathetic. It’s cold but it’s true. Get over yourselves.

    • ok millennial. If the boomers lose everything then they will not be able to support you. Sobering thought, isn’t it?

      • THIS boomer had a wife & kid at 20. Not blaming anyone like our whiny incel…oh and I sent .gov $ at 21 because I didn’t withhold enough. Reality called. Move out of mommy’s basement😏

        • Why is that impressive? Yes, back then you could answer an ad in a newspaper out of high school and get a career. You need vocational school or an undergraduate degree to meet the bare minimum of gainful employment. These require an education whose cost has vastly outstripped inflation for decades. Not to mention 2 horrific recessions millennials endured. Millennials are increasingly becoming of age to become politicians and it’s going to be a bloodbath for your generation. May as well stand outside and inhale the boomer remover now.

        • Politicians like AOC? 😂
          Might stock up on some popcorn to watch her and her type flop around.

        • truth. We got on with our lives. Had families, worked and paid our dues. We did not sit in mommies basement and whine how hard it was. This boomer worked 2 jobs for 22 years. Both were full time. Tell me again how hard you have it.

          And the boomer remover speaks volumes about your character. Or lack of. You parents or grandparents are boomers. You really wish them dead?

        • We had quite a recession in 1973 incel twit. Until the China flu anyone(even your girl azz)could get some kind of gainful employment. So what happened? Mom’s boyfriend hates your sissy gut’s?!? My 25,27,42 & 45 year old son’s all have jobs you twink…

      • jwm, troll. Ignore him. It pisses them off and causes their little pin heads to explode. It’s Generation (pick a letter from the alphabet) that are sitting in their mother’s basement playing video games, underemployed (if at all) buried under student loan debt. We live in mortgage free homes. No credit card debt. Reserves of cash. Able to do pretty much what we want. That’s why they hate us. Boomer? Thanks for the compliment. I’m happy that I can go to the range any day of the week and make booming noises. Oh, Gen whatever the fuck. When I come through your drive thru, I like my cheeseburger all the way with fries and my tacos crunchy with hot sauce.

    • Or you could do some actual work. Welders needed, plumbers needed, tradesmen all around needed. There are places paying 75 grand to intern you to weld. Check out Mike Rowe Works. Problem is too many Millennial’s want to sit in an office somewhere. They pay you to train as electrician, plumber…etc.

      The boomers and their kids are not being replaced. Can’t buy you little electric cars if no one builds the factory, or the machines that is needed to build them. Coding don’t build. Robots are not self replicating.

      • “…places paying 75 grand to intern you to weld.”

        Hahahahahahahahaha! Sure there are. And you can make $9300 a month from home! Lonely women want sex! Click here for cheap Viagra!

        I didn’t make $75K a year doing ultra high end X-ray quality TIG work on half million dollar units for a multibillion dollar company. My helper made a bit less than half what I did.

        75K for an “internship” in welding is a scam. $75K a year is established pipeliner or boilermaker type money, 6G certified in SMAW with at least three years experience, and that’s if you’ve got talent and your own truck. Five years experience in TIG and SMAW is usually a $50K, even in a union. MIG isn’t welding, and doesn’t pay as well. That’s why welders call MIG guys “MIGgers”.

        • Meh, just drive a truck for a living. Kinda miserable, but pays pretty well overall. D.O.T anal probes once in awhile, but once you have a grey beard, they pretty much leave you alone.

    • Didn’t you already post this word for word? Sorry your music sucks and your
      Participation trophy lacks value.

    • I was born 1981 so I’m a millennial. While everyone (Old and young) was whining about whatever generation and the economy, I put my shoulder against the yoke. I should have a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars at age 40.

      It’s not like I sacrificed too much either. I’ve got decent health, a great relationship 13 years, I live in a nice brick house with 77 acres by the river, got motorcycles, jet skis, classic trucks, farm and semi equipment and 2 gun safes. I’ve seen 45 states and spent 6 months in Australia.

      Blue collar jobs, no inheritance.

      Work harder, work smarter by reading/learning/getting the experience that is going to help you advance. I’d need some of those crazy depression sleep aid pills too if I still lived with mom and worked at a $8 hr entry level position.

      I know it’s just trolling, but there is plenty of opportunity in this country if you put forth even a minimal amount of effort.

      Thank you to those who gave their lives to give me the opportunity. I aspire to live in a manner that honors the sacrifice.

    • Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, just stop responding to this shit people. Just stop.

      Generational warfare is retarded but so is feeding trolls.

      Are there real issues for Millennials that Boomers don’t get? Yup. Are there real issues for Boomers that Millennials don’t get? Yup. Are most of the problems for both groups solvable? Yup, provided we go after those problems smartly.

      So, this being the case, if, for whatever reason, there’s no constructive conversation to be had then just save your breath and shut the fuck up. Note that trolls never contribute to constructive conversations. So ignore them. Or don’t ignore them and seethe about it. I don’t recommend the latter, but hey, it’s your blood pressure. Either way, shut the fuck up and stop giving them what they want.

      A troll bitching about things in busted-ass English is not worth anyone’s time when it’s clearly designed not to illuminate problems but rather to just inflame the overall situation.

    • TTAB:
      I’m not a boomer; born before then. The real boomers “…were drafted against their will to rush machinegun emplacements.” (In Vietnam.) The truth is, you wouldn’t know a boomer if he kicked you in your ass. So go peddle your fish somewhere else.

    • Agreed. Sort of wish TTAG would write more about guns and less about things that are not about guns.

  11. You got a mouse in your pocket?

    If all that is happening to you then you allowed it and you’re the problem.

    • If there’s one thing I’ve learned about TTAG, it’s that when jwt asks about rodents we’ve got a pretty clear sign that someone done screwed up.

      • Ha!

        People diffusiving cowardice and laziness with “we” instead of “I” drives me nuts.

        I feel personally attacked by your Mig “welder” comment. (Hangs head in shame, grumbles at price of Tig rig.)

        • jwtaylor:
          Can’t weld myself. Never had the opportunity or the inclination. But I have seen a lot of so-called welding in my time (some from fab shops) and some of which couldn’t stand up to normal stress. So, some think they can do it, but can’t.

          Now my grandson says he wants to weld and has been getting some training in high school. He also says that he’s going to follow up on it next term in community college. I say more power to him, if he can do it.

        • If you want to get into TIG comb a website like Craigslist carefully. You can often find a good stick/TIG machine from someone who’s retiring or closing a business. Also, watch auctions of fabrication and construction equipment. You can hit the jackpot on those. My preferred brands are Miller and Heliarc for TIG. Lincoln makes a better stick machine IMHO.

          See if you can get a set of cups from them too because a wide variety of them is very, very nice to have depending on what you’re doing and can get pricey. You’ll also need all the torch bits, collet, collet body, gas lens etc. Then your amptrols, gas bottles etc. Expect that with a quality used machine your setup is going to be on the order of $5000-$6000. Maybe a bit less if you really shop til you drop.

          Also, see if you can find a local shop that will let you come in to use their Piranha/other sharpener for an hour or so, and sharpen a fuckload of tungsten all at once. If you use the machine to cut the electrodes in half and then sharpen both ends you should be good for a while if you do like five packs worth of electrode. Honestly though, I’d just drop the coin for a decent grinder for this purpose. A Turbo-4 is usually about $1000 new. $800 or so for a Piranha II and $1400 for a Piranha III. Honestly, go Piranha, you won’t regret that choice.

          Also, build a nice bench for this. TIG is nice and clean type work. Don’t use a dirty workspace, it will just put unwanted inclusions in your welds.

          A quick search through Texas indicates there’s a nice machine for $2550 in Dallas. It’s a Heliarc 325, decent machine. Plus a foot amptrol, TIG leads, torch… pretty obvious from the post that the owner has no idea how it works since he seems to believe that the foot amptrol controls the water cooling system… he says it’s a full set-up but I’d ask about collets, collet body, gas lenses… see how far you can push him because… well he obviously has no clue. He probably paid someone to run it for him and is a general “shop owner” who really doesn’t know a damn thing about welding. That might work for or against you. He might way, way undervalue things or he might believe he’s sitting on a pile of gold bars.

        • “Now my grandson says he wants to weld and has been getting some training in high school. He also says that he’s going to follow up on it next term in community college. I say more power to him, if he can do it.”

          So I thought about this while I was cleaning up the garage and I’m still someone hesitant to say this because of how some people will take it.

          Do not encourage this fascination with welding. Don’t. At all. Find a way to nip this shit in the fucking bud.

          Look, welding is cool and a community college or trade school should, in theory, teach some basic metallurgy as well. However, welding as a profession has two problems.

          First, mostly it’s quite unhealthy. MIG doesn’t pay shit and requires no skill. The machine does the work for you. Employers know this, that’s why they bought a $10,000 machine and pay $12/hour. Pay for this won’t go up much over time. It’s a dead-end. I can teach your kid to wire-weld in an hour and have him laying professional looking beads in two. Paying to learn this is insane and expensive. It will not lead to a good career. Most of these shops are filthy with little to no PPE and giving you dirty work-pieces that put off shit you don’t want to be breathing ever, never mind 8-12 hours a day.

          While TIG is by far the most profitable job it’s also the most time intensive to learn, requires the most talent and is the most expensive to get into. Jobs doing it are really kinda rare in comparison to the most common type of welding and good paying jobs on this front require skill that most will never develop. TIG, particularly higher end TIG pays well but it’s 1 in 500 welders that can do it competently. The level I was at… 1 in 5000. Actual welders. More than half the “welders” out there are not actual welders, have no idea what they’re doing and are just lucky that they do some retarded job where weld quality doesn’t matter. This is something you’re selected for, you don’t set your sights on it as a job going in. Every few months we’d hold a job opening test and get literally 2000 prospects. We’d weed that down to a couple hundred. Maybe two could meet the standard and mostly they were retired boilermakers. Welding school graduates? Never saw one get a job but I did the testing for well over 2500 of them. About 15 got to an actual weld test. They all failed it. Some showed great promise but they needed training, and mostly practice, that we were not going to give them.

          Stick, SMAW is the most common form of welding. It’s not a healthy job. If you want lung issues, do this for 20+ years. COPD and other devastating, chronic issues are common and many employers will not pay for respiratory PPE. Work pieces are dirty and the fumes from the electrode are not good for you either. I did some of this for a while… unpleasant doesn’t begin to describe it. Mostly you can buy a respirator and get by but the people…

          The second issue is more important: people.

          Welding is a profession that has a lot, A LOT, of drug and alcohol abuse. It has a large, very large, number of felons because it’s the best job they can get. Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant. Theft is common, as is other criminal activity. Transient labor (drug addicts) is common as well. They might not be welders but they get jobs as welder’s helpers, run a grinder for a couple of weeks, get paid and it’s off to tweaker-ville again until they run out of cash. Intoxication at work is also rampant. Meth, coke, booze, you name it. You don’t want your grandson hanging out with these people at work, or ever really.

          This is like encouraging your grandson to be a bouncer at a titty-bar or join a MC. Not a good idea. Again, try your hardest to shut this shit down. If he likes electricity become an electrician or an electrical engineer. Welding will, almost by definition, bring him into a world you don’t want him in.

          Look, I’ve been down this road to put my wife through school. I gave it up for numerous reasons. This whole “we need more skilled trades” thing is partially true but if you actually knew what it’s like since… 2008 or so, you’d NEVER want your family members working on this kind of shit. And it’s not just small fly-by-night companies. My buddy from college works for a subsidiary of Honeywell, 85% of the people he supervises for his job are fucking tweakers. He’ll tell you flat out: Meth heads make the best employees for labor jobs because they’re stupid but driven towards a single goal, until they get paid, then they disappear.

          I cannot in good conscience recommend you promote this kind of job to your grandson. You can’t control what he does but, holy shit, try to prevent this.

          Yeah, I hear the folks argue “BuT wHaT AbOuT dA CWI!?” like what I’m saying isn’t true. Walk through a stairwell in a large building and look at the weld seams. Compare that on your phone to pictures of a “good weld” and tell me the CWIs give a fuck about doing their jobs. If it’s not pure popcorn they’re going to pass it because time = money. That’s why there’s so many tweakers and boozehounds in this profession, because mostly people don’t care about doing things right.

  12. Yeah, and we haven’t had a real veteran in office since Bush Sr. Politics unfortunately is loaded with people who would never serve.

  13. Most every generation after the boomers are living off of the sacrifices OF the boomers , I said most, there is some intelligent people that came after the boomers but their far & few between… bunch of winney basement dwellers… want the government to pay for all their crap.

    • What sacrifices of boomers, specifically? Only the first few years of boomers were old enough to serve in Vietnam. For most boomers, it was Granada and the first Iraq war, and a few other small actions, comparable or smaller than the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan conflicted. Boomers were handed a super power nation with a gold-plated economy and proceeded to trash it. The value of the dollar has been about halved since 1990. Millennials didn’t do that. On top of that, the cost of living has skyrocketed. Millennials didn’t do that. The national debt is in the tens of trillions. Millennials didn’t do that. The rampant consumerism and no-fault divorce and just about everything else that set the stage for our current decay happened on your watch.

      Even more ironic, boomers love to bitch about the generations that THEY spawned and raised. Your kids are shit, who’s fault is it if not your own? I guess that free public school babysitting wasn’t actually free, was it?

      I’m not one to play the generational blame-game in most instances, I know most people just keep their heads down and plug away at their own small life battles. But when I see a self-aggrandizing clown like you, it’s simply beyond laughable. Boomers whine about whining, carp about their sacrifices when they had it easier by far than any previous generation is human history, and took a giant shit on the economy while pointing derisively at people who can’t get a better job than slinging beans at Chipotle. The lack of self-cognizance is breathtaking.

      Now get off my lawn.

      • Not to mention enabling China’s economy and human rights violations by outsourcing domestic manufacturing.

        • “Troll” indeed. Thank you for your admission that you have no response to the facts laid out before you.

      • Dont forget inviting in the entire third world to keep up property values and cut wages for the younger generations. They are starting to find out how well that goes as they are abused by the new “Americans” in retirement homes.

      • The first gulf war? You don’t know what the boomer generation is and why its called that

        • The last few boomers were in their late 20s in 1990. My dad was born in 1961 and served in the Persian Gulf. I’m assuming that enough officers and career enlisted guys were a similar age, late 20s/early 30s, for the Gulf to qualify as a war boomers can hang their hats on.

          Were you not aware that ‘46-‘64 are generally accepted as the boomer years?

  14. Very few died actually defending our freedom. Most died defending a political decision.

    The American Revolution and the War of 1812 defended freedom. The Civil War was originally to preserve the Union and the freedom of the slaves came as a secondary goal. The Mexican War was about territory and World War I was about the right to make war profits without the consequences of moving into a war zone. WWII was instituted by FDR’s destroying our neutral stance and poking Japan until they attacked.

    • Exactly spot on.

      And in my case, along with everyone else involved, the hunt for weapons of mass destruction became Iraqi Freedom. Overnight even! One day this and the next day it was that. Got the T-shirt.

      Not worth one American life. Not one.


      • 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium removed from Tuwaitha, Iraq. 2003.

        My Grandfather (fathers side) did not fight in WWI because of the idea of freedom. He fought for and beside his brothers, watch their backs. The grand ideas of others do not get that small scale. Mothers father in the Navy in WWII did not serve because we “pushed” Japan. My dad was in Korea not for some politician. I did not serve in the Army for some grand reasons. Freedom has a price. Some are willing to pay, others just bitch and moan. The difference between those types are Stopping an attack on someone, or pulling out your phone and videoing. Act or stand by and watch others do so.

        • I don’t think they asked your dad his opinion regarding his deployment, and yes he was there fighting for the political trends of the time, sorry. Iraq? lol, was that uranium as real as Colin Powell’s bag of flour, I mean anthrax? Our rotten elite empowered Saddam to begin with, the same way they helped the Talibans decades ago. Is Iraq any better now? Absolutely not!

        • “…550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium removed from Tuwaitha, Iraq. 2003…”

          Not a weapon of mass destruction and sold to Canada. That stuff was known about and stored in sealed containers since the first Gulf War 1991. Nothing new was ever found. NOTHING.

    • “…and World War I was about the right to make war profits without the consequences of moving into a war zone.”

      A lot more complicated than that. Publication of efforts by the German government to stir up trouble between the U.S.A. and Mexico(especially the Zimmerman Telegram), outrage over German atrocities in Belgium, unrestricted, submarine warfare, etc.

    • Incorrect Red, almost every single American war is completely justified.

      Yes, even Korea and Vietnam. Truman Doctrine, of halting communist expansion was 100% correct in the long term, were seeing the effects of un challenged communist infiltration today. McCarthy was right, all day long.

      The real failure in Vietnam was only the doctrine of “limited war” which is what the US military has operated on since the end of WW2.

      “Limited war” is a failed and embarrassing strategy that is absolutely responsible for all the American mishaps since WW2.

      The limited war philosophy is the second
      greatest strategic error the US has ever made.

      The first being exporting all of our manufacturing to China. But I’ll save that rant for another time.

      And for the record, Afghanistan was also totally justified. The Iraq war, while also justifiable under multiple philosophies, wasn’t a good idea, and was also executed quite poorly. “Nation building” is one of those reasons, and “nation building”, like “limited war” doctrine is a failed joke of a foreign policy.

      You always go to war with the intent to win the war decisively, or you don’t go.

      • Mexican American war of conquest, the Monroe doctrine and the massacre of the native American tribes?

        Our involvement in the Dominican republic? Our secret war against the democratically elected president of Iraq in 1953?

        Our participation, along with most of Europe, in the opium enslavement of China? Our gunboat diplomacy in both China and Central and South America, making the world safe for American big business?

        You can dismiss me as a liberal, perhaps you might want to learn the opinion of a man who earned 2 MoH, fighting for America across the globe:

        War is a Racket, by general Smedley Butler, USMC (ret).

    • Also, while I’m on it, both WW1 and 2 are completely justified as well. You are the product of brainwashing by a communist infiltrated educational system that relies on nothing but leftist revisionist history. Go look up the actual facts of what lead up to Pearl Harbor and the US entering WW1.

  15. You can be drafted to fight Vietnamese villagers on the other side of the world and it’s “freedom” but being told to wear a mask in public turns everyone into William Wallace.

    Funny how that works.

  16. The truth hurts. Our republic has been hijacked and the sheep are too comfortable to realize they’re being led to the slaughter. I think it’s past time we started voting from the roof tops.

  17. Hrmmm… I’m in the middle on this and I don’t feel like writing an essay.

    I’ll simply say that when people who understand the mileage write off can get a cheap car and make as much or more by running for InstaCart, GrubHub and DoorDash than most engineers and nearly all brick and mortar folks do… something is seriously wrong.

    For all the talk about “skilled labor”… well, tell me what sounds better, $300/day to drive around a bit or half that for 12 hour shifts of actual labor? What do you think your average youngster is going to pick?

    The simple fact is that all the talk about “skilled labor” is based on average wages for people in those positions with significant time in service and experience. I don’t know too many welders who make $28/hour on a consistent basis unless they’re independent which is a massive capital investment. I know plenty of college kids who make that much consistantly by delivering Subway and McD’s to people too lazy to go get it themselves.

    Hope everyone had a decent Memorial Day.

    • Our society is wrong, too many retards, lazy obese consumers, sheep, people who treat politics and elections as if they were cheering for a sports team, people too lazy and stupid to verify any information they receive….that’s why we allow mainstream garbage media, horrendous politicians, garbage like grubhub, dangerous emissions like 5G and Wifi all over your melon….too stupid and too lazy to care, we just do what we are being told whether we are aware of it, or not.

        • xaymacan lady at the restaurant told me the 5g was causin’ ‘rona. i said my bro in law was antibody neg, but has “covid toes.” she said only kids get that. on the dri erase board was written “$100 ratty nun nyum.” she said if ratty ever came through and didn’t eat something he would get a hunnert dolla, and she didn’t mean j.
          i gave the oxtails to an indian buddhist. the goat was good.

  18. You guys throw around “tyrant” like the left throws around “nazi”.

    Neither of you have ever experienced anything close to nazis or tyrants, stop acting like little inconveniences are anything like what our fallen had to experience, you whining brats.

  19. The government lied multiple times to get us to this point.

    Dispite the massive amount of Chicom propaganda being spread throughout the government and the media, this virus is likely to die out like the other recent viruses to come out of China.

    We will return to normal and it will be almost impossible to get compliance with “15 days to stop the spread” the next time unless they wait another 100 years.

    Just about everything you’ve heard about the virus is a misrepresentation of previous CDC and NIH research and they keep making new and false uncertainties on a daily basis but people are starting to ignore them.

    They are even suppressing their own research results to keep up appearances.

  20. This is the first time they have effectively quarantined the healthy and it sets a very dangerous precedent. When you have people so scared they will do almost a thing, history has many examples of this. How it was handled by both the Politicians and Media should of been eye opening to all of you, sadly it did not appear to. But hey keep voting for Republicans and Democrats, may your chains rest lightly!

  21. Didn’t get a check. Haven’t locked down. Never wore a mask. Like most around here.

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