Media: New Zealanders are OK With Giving Up their Guns After Mosque Massacre
(AP Photo/Mark Baker)
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As the enormity of last week’s mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand unfolded, Labour Party Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wasted no time in announcing that she’d be clamping down on civilian gun ownership. The next day, NZ Attorney General David Parker told a crowd that the government would ban semi-automatic guns in the island nation.

Unfortunately for the PM and AG, New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy. Neither of them can enact stricter gun control laws by decree (much as they may want to). And the AG managed to get himself out ahead of PM Ardern, politically speaking.


Attorney-General David Parker has clarified comments made at a vigil in Auckland’s Aotea Square this afternoon, saying the government has not yet committed to banning some or all semi-automatic weapons.

Mr Parker appeared to tell the cheering crowd that the government would ban semi-automatics, with some media and people on social media reporting the government had promised action.

He has since, however, told RNZ he did not mean to go further than the prime minister. Earlier today Jacinda Ardern promised changes to New Zealand’s gun laws and said regulations around semi-automatic weapons was “one of the issues” the government would consider.

But she did not say definitively the government would ban those weapons.


Still, look for the Labour-controlled government to make a significant push to clamp down on civilian gun ownership in the country. It will most likely take the form of an Australian-style semi-auto ban and mandatory “buy-back.” And it likely won’t stop there. It never does.

That light at the end of the tunnel Kiwis are seeing is a speeding gun control train headed their way. That’s why “panic buying” of firearms is being reported ahead of the imposition of any new restrictions. Look for a subsequent spate of unfortunate boating mishaps, a run on PVC tubing, as well as hundreds of new flower beds and vegetable gardens to pop up across the country.

The media, though, are compliantly paving the way for a legislative crackdown, portraying New Zealand’s five million citizens (with a few notable exceptions) as only too happy to give up their guns.

This from the Associated Press:

New Zealand citizens open to gun reform after massacre


CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) — The New Zealand leader’s promise of tightened gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings has been widely welcomed by a stunned population.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her Cabinet will consider the details of the changes on Monday. She has said options include a ban on private ownership of semi-automatic rifles that were used with devastating effect in Christchurch and a government-funded buyback of newly outlawed guns.

While curtailing gun owners’ rights is a political battleground in the United States, Christchurch gun owner Max Roberts, 22, predicted Ardern won’t face serious opposition to her agenda.

“There will be no opposition to it. There’s no movement in New Zealand for that. Our media and politics are more left wing,” said Roberts, a carpenter who uses guns for hunting.

Elliot Dawson, who survived the shooting at Christchurch’s Linwood mosque by hiding in a bathroom, hopes New Zealand follows Australia’s lead on gun control.

In Australia, a virtual ban on private ownership of semi-automatic rifles and a government-funded gun buyback cut the size of the country’s civilian arsenal by almost a third.

The ban followed a 1996 massacre in which a lone gunman used assault rifles to kill 35 people in Tasmania state in 1996.

“Personally, I don’t think guns should be legal at all. Maybe in some extreme self-defense, but I don’t think they need such firearms like that,” Dawson said. “New Zealand is not America. America is a totally different situation. I think in America it would be probably more dangerous to take people’s guns away. But here, I don’t think we need them at all.”

Akshesh Sharma moved to Christchurch from Fiji to study. He was shocked that the shooter was able to get his hands on such military-style weapons.

Sharma agrees with the prime minister that gun laws need to be tightened.

“I don’t see this as a place where you need guns to live to feel safe,” Sharma said. “I can understand in the U.S. maybe, but here it’s a different story.”

Roberts, the gun owner, doubted banning certain types of weapons would be effective. But he said New Zealand should only allow its own citizens to buy guns. Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the Australian charged in the Christchurch shootings, obtained a New Zealand gun license in November 2017 and started legally amassing an arsenal of five guns within a month.

“I think when people harbor hate like, that these things are possible,” Roberts said.

“Particularly Australian citizens, I don’t understand how they can get access to firearms in New Zealand when New Zealand citizens can’t get access to firearms in Australia,” he added.

Ian Britton uses a rifle for shooting rabbits and target shooting. He favors outlawing assault rifles like those used in Christchurch because they’re unnecessary.

“I can’t use the words I’d like to use, but it’s disgusting. I never thought I’d see that in this country,” Britton said.

Ardern noted that attempts to reform had failed before under pressure from the gun lobby.

“There have been attempts to change our laws in 2005, 2012 and after an inquiry in 2017. Now is the time for change,” she said.

New Zealand was represented at a meeting of Australian police ministers on May 10, 1996, two weeks after the Tasmanian massacre, where it was agreed that semi-automatic long arms would be banned except for use by licensed professional shooters. New Zealand’s unique relationship with Australia, its nearest neighbor, is close to that of a state.

New Zealand was the only one of nine jurisdictions at the meeting to reject the deal.

Philip Alpers, a Sydney University gun policy analyst, said New Zealand had rejected the most important reform among a raft of gun restrictions that halved Australia’s gun death rate.

If New Zealand “hadn’t been the exception on that day and done what Australia did, this wouldn’t have happened,” Alpers said, referring to the massacre.


Associated Press writer Rod McGuirk in Canberra, Australia, contributed to this report.

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    • Sounds like the same fictitious gun related “statistics” circulated in the American media…like “94% of Americans are in favor of common sense gun reform, its just congress and the NRA lobbyists holding things up”. The N.Z. media is just pushing the disarmament agenda there, and using the same tactic of false statistics and disinformation in the same way that false gun related statistics are constantly in the American Media.

    • Two take-aways….
      1) Stupidity is a universal trait around the world
      2) “American Exceptionalism” is a thing

  1. As someone born in New Zealand now a United States citizen I’m glad I got out when I did. The only advice I can give a firearms owner in New Zealand is don’t be a fool, do not comply.

    • In the end you get what you deserve. Never give up your right to defend yourself and your family 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • I seem to remember you talking about becoming a us citizen years ago on ttag. I always assumed you were an aussie for some reason.

      I’m glad to have you, and others like you, as my countrymen.

  2. They ain’t letting that crisis go to waste, and the regular people are such a bunch of cucks they’ll take it with minimal objections.

    • Of course they will. They’re Subjects with a thin veneer of citizenship. Their government is sovereign with a thin veneer of democracy. Their “rights” are privileges granted by the sovereign power.

    • There is always a crisis plan waiting for the right event.

      The post Port Arthur firearms laws had been concocted by a bureaucrat as a wishlist several years before.

      I’ll bet the NZ government or a bureaucrat had an action plan waiting for the right event to happen.

    • Exactly, there can’t possibly have been enough time to take the pulse of Kiwi nation but the narrative has already been decided on how to report it.

  3. I wish I cared about NZ but you’re on your own. Have fun when the “religion of peace”© turns on your benevolent butts…narry a mention about the slaughter of Christian’s in Africa & Asia.

    • You should want all countries to have private gun ownership. The anti gun politicians in the US use this crap from other countries to claim the US is extreme.

      I want pro 2A worldwide

      • That we have a 2nd amendment much less a bill of rights is nothing short of a miracle. It marks the difference between us and the rest of the world. The rest of the world begs their governments to take away their freedom/rights for the promise of safety. As we import the rest of the world in to our borders, we start seeing the same thing here.

        • The BOR went hand-in-hand with the central idea of “Limited Government”.
          No other nation was founded on the idea of limited government.
          As we import more people we are losing that core concept along with the fact that the Left dominates K-University schooling (nowdays indoctrination).
          Yeah, we’re pretty fvcked.

  4. I think this reported news is B S , just like they report in this country that the majority of gun owners in the U S support stricter gun regulations. Just more b s to make people that do not agree feel like they are in the minority or as the say ” not main stream “.

    • The ” media” will be beating this to death till we prove it’s just more fake news.

  5. lol, and the poodle sniffers here will beg for mandatory vaccines because a few kids got a rash and a fever.

    • Repeat after me, I’m from the government and I’m here to help! Must protect you from yourselves.

  6. I have zero sympathy for any group of people. Whether it be a city,state or country. That willingly gives up their ability to protect themselves. Regardless of why. If New Zealand’s citizens didn’t learn from this shooting. That their government can’t protect them from criminals wanting to assault/kill them. Then there’s no hope they ever will. Two things that will always prevail when people can not or will not protect themselves. Evil people and Criminals. Governments regardless of their size. Can not and in many cases have no desire to protect the entire populous. As we see with our own country. There are 100’s of thousands of police officers. The FBI,ATF,CBP,ICE and CG as well as 4 other branches of the military. All charged with the protection of U.S. citizens. Yet our crime rate remains for the most part steady. Why is that? Because even in Our Country where we have access to firearms and in some states the right to protect ourselves with them. Far to many people have ceded that Right over to a failed system and a government more concerned with staying in power than protecting it’s citizens. New Zealand’s populous has reached the the crossroad in their ability to protect themselves. Unfortunately they chose a long time ago to cede that choice to people controlling their government. Who are more concerned about controlling them than protecting them. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • The violent and drug related crime rate in this country has steadily and dramatically dropped over the last twenty five years. We are as safe now as we were in the late fifties. The rates of crime in major cities today with only three or four exceptions is no where near where they were in the early seventies through mid nineties. If you don’t live in an impoverished urban area the chances you will be randomly victimized by a stranger are essentially zero. In general the average American’s perception of their likelihood of being victimized by violent crime is drastically inflated.

    • Here’s some military veteran complaining about responsible gun owners in New Zealand:

      “Pete Breidahl, a former New Zealand military machine gunner, posted a video on Facebook in the aftermath of the shootings claiming he asked police in the nearby town of Dunedin to investigate the rifle club based on troubling things he witnessed and overheard.
      He said he saw members taking target practice using guns with 30-bullet magazines, talking about “zombie apocalypses, rifles for combat when they’re overweight and … useless” and discussing “homicidal fantasies.”
      Breidahl told the New York Times that he reported the club to police in 2017, shortly after visiting the club for the first time. He told the newspaper he was concerned about the mental stability of the club’s members and the way they handled guns.
      “They wore cammo around the range, like they were living some military base fantasy,” Breidahl said.”

  7. I’ve long ago stopped trusting “official” news sources of any kind because, sadly, all appear to be tainted by politicization. For a while, this was a long time ago, I thought CNN was credible but slowly I watched its journalist integrity wither as it drifted leftward. Similarly, I thought FOX News would be a journalist stalwart—conservative to be sure, although not politicized (there’s a difference). Slowly, over the past couple of years, it too has moved leftward. ‘

    The difference between journalist integrity and politicization is revealed when you see facts being ignored because they don’t fit an ideological dogma. When that happens you don’t have journalism—whether liberal or conservative in orientation, you have politization and propaganda. It appears that, as governmental authoritarianism—which we’re seeing now in NZ—increases journalist freedom, along with personal freedom, gets subordinated to the needs of an ever intrusive state. Guns up. Remember Bundy Ranch.

  8. Good for them….I have no problem with the U.S. being the only Country with guns, then maybe the rest of the world won’t F*ck with us!

    • If Adm. Yamamoto didn’t actually say “You cannot invade America. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass”, he was thinking it and knew whereof he spoke, having studied here.

      There’s another rush on gun stores in America. Starts tomorrow morning. If you don’t buy, then B.L.O.A.T.

      Molon labe!

    • The rest of the world is coming to live here (not as citizens) and half your government wants to let them vote. That half of the government is willing to bring the government to a screeching halt and stomp on your rights in order to protect foreigners rather than serve your interests as an American. The world IS fucking with us.

    • Arsenal of 5 guns? Here in Texas, that would not even be enough to call yourself a gun owner. It takes at least 35 just to qualify as a gun owner. Any less and you are just a pretender. To all those who think AOC has more than 2 working brain cells: I am being sarcastic.

    • Yup. They’d crap their drawers if they saw my so-called “arsenal.” And What are they calling an assault rifle? I’ll bet it’s just an AR15. Maybe not, could be AK, but they didn’t distinguish.
      And really, did Aussies really cut their gun death rate in half? Current data shows only about 25%. I’ve seen statistics that show homicides fell at a faster rate in America than Australia. However, this decline occurred when states allowed people to carry concealed firearms in public. Note also that the homicide rate in Australia was already on the decline, the SAME rate of decline as the US, before the ban. AND the rate of decline was the same for homicide by knives (that Aussies favor over guns) and other means. And the suicide rate fell at the same rate. So how can you say the ban was so effective? You can’t. Especially since the population density of Australia is so low, and their total nationwide homicide and suicide amount by guns (historically on a bad year) is less than Detroit alone on a good year. Then again, they don’t have GANGS like we do.

      • Probably did cut the “gun death” rate in half…but that is not the same thing as cutting the *actual* death rate, let alone suicides. Or violent crime, which went UP.

  9. Most NZ shooters I know like their semi autos.
    There have been several attempts to ban semi auto and register all guns in NZ when criminals were using them. Unfortunately this time it appears the shooter bought them legally.

    Though from what I know of their process it seems he is going to be another person who slipped through the cracks. NZ licence is supposed to need two references, police check, interview and inspection of your storage area. The details coming out in the media make it unlikely he would have passed background check if done properly.

    I have 9 week trip already booked to South Island via Christchurch in June. Hopefully can still take deer rifle as planned.

    • Do you see the people of NZ fighting back against whatever gun control hell is coming at them now?

      Will they be quiet and simply not comply or loudly protest?

        • Not so sure about that. Kiwis are not Australians. To Aussies, Kiwis are Down Under rednecks and bitter clingers. The article skates around expected Kiwi resistance to confiscatory legislation.

          This is far from a slam dunk. More facts will emerge.

        • NZ has no bill of rights, any right can be removed with a 510.1% vote of the legislature.

          Sure NZ day is most like Canada on gun regulation than UK or Australia
          Pro side: no prove a need for rifles, semi auto rifle allowed without grip below action
          con side:no pistols, no AR (looks like a thordsen stock, those are I believe legal like mini 14 in NZ and Canada)

          But the party leaders of the ruling government have singled they put though strong new controls/limits and it is not like the US which has Constitution in the way, courts in the way, the need for two legislative houses and the executive to agree in the way. ,b>none of that is the issue in parliamentary systems with no constitutions. There is just a parliament with the the majority or majority coalition in charge, and by definition the executive branch is controlled by the legislative ruling party.

          my guess, all of the following are a slam dunk:
          ALL mag fed semi auto rifles banned. The fight will be on new sales only vs confiscation (grandfather or not)
          New regulations on “suitability” of ownership
          Higher costs

          Of consequence to US is that the biggest shooting of students in the world, Breivik in Norway, as well as this murder of 50 were with mag fed semi auto rifles that were not AR. I think this will be used Wen the Dems take back the US government to target all semi auto rifles.

    • So the government fails to do the job it has appointed for itself, and therefore the people will be forced to give up even more of their rights and property to said incompetent government. Which will in due course fuck up in exercising its newly appointed powers, and therefore will demand that the people give up their rights and property…again….

      Round and round we go. Where will it stop? Nobody knows.

    • Well at least we don’t have stupid suppresser restrictions, ok that and no SBR regs are the only thing we have going for us. I have restricted weapons because I’ve gone through the process ( the man with the rubber glove was very gentile) but you are not aloud to use for self-defence. Let me know if you want to stay awhile, would love to have visitors from “the land of the free” .

  10. Thank God I’m a citizen and not a subject. “Fine Weapons, the right to buy weapons is the right to be free”. -30-

  11. I have no sympathy for people who voluntarily give up their means of self-defense. In Venezuela or in the state of Connecticut. You you deserve what you get. It’s coming down to the individual and the state that you live in. Either you believe in the right to self-defense or you don’t. Everyone else can just continue to get “free stuff” from the government. Or get intoxicated on marijuana. Because that’s all they seem to really give a damn about.

    • You are one Democrat president away from that changing. Nationwide. Again. Any Democrat POTUS elected in 2020 will re-institute an Assault Weapons Ban 2.0 – possibly even by emergency declaration. Your gun rights aren’t safe in KY, much as I would like them to be. I bought land in WI only to see the election stolen from Scott Walker.

  12. Almost every other country on earth has had a different evolution. They had a history of royal/totalitarian rule or were peacefully given their independence from their colonial rulers. The United States forcefully drove out their colonial rulers. They also saw how these governments forced their will on the people by keeping the population unarmed. The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the people to bear arms to both protect against foreign enemies and the tyranny of their own government. Outside of major population centers, most Americans believe in rugged individualism and taking care of yourself and your family.

  13. Don’t lose your means of self defense guys!
    Unless you REALLY want to be sitting ducks, for both the Government and the terrorists!

  14. Why is it that all Muslim in America including those who were effected in the Pulse nightclub shooting are in solidarity with those affected by this out come in New Zealand, yet no one could give a Rip about the thousands of Christians slaughtered through out the middle East and elsewhere? Sorry, what’s good for the Goose……well you get the general idea..

    What selection Sunday college basketball

  15. Cross New Zealand off places i want to live in. Been there twice and really thought about retiring there due to a lot of factors including the right to own guns. That’s history now.
    And they were just getting the government back on good financial footing after 10 years of socialist spending.

    • We’re still quite a way from retirement, even early retirement, but NZ had been on our list of possibilities to consider. Not anymore.

      It isn’t just the firearms issue, either. That new PM of theirs seems pretty statist on all fronts. I get enough of that crap in the U.S.; I don’t need it from someplace else.

    • Wife and i looked at alot of countries to move to. Couldn’t find one as good as the US despite all the problems here. Oddly, if you want to emigrate to NZ you better have a useful skill or alot of money or they won’t let you in. Unlike the US where everyone can come apparently

  16. The only reason NZ still had a reasonable amount of gun privilege left was it’s been forever since anything like this has happened there.

    It was only a matter of time, they don’t have the will to oppose it.

  17. Re residents of New Zealand being in a rush to give up their firearms, quite possibly a politicians, media types wishfull thinking, the following admonition seems appropriate. act in haste, regret at leisure.

  18. Anyone in NZ who wants to bother to try to fight back against new gun control laws can avail themselves of a very simple and powerful argument:

    Paris. November. 2015.

    Despite typically strict European gun control, eight terrorists managed to get their hands on fully automatic AKs and murder around 150 people, in one of the worst mass shootings in history, ever.

    There is no stopping a determined homicidal maniac before the fact. The only way to stop them is in the act, and an armed citizen on the scene – ideally a stalwart Stephen Willeford kinda guy – is the fastest remedy.

    You want a police state? Depend on the police exclusively to protect you.

  19. What people need to understand is that no country on the face of the Earth has the heritage of freedom the USA does, and one can never compare what another population is willing to do to what we as free Americans will tolerate.

  20. Don’t know the ethnic mix of New Zealand, but there were a fair number of Scots and Irish exiled to the US. We remember that the British Crown first took our weapons, then performed “punitive raids” at will. That’s the motivator for the Second Amendment.

    Never. Again. Bow. To. Tyrants.

  21. All of these mass murders have a 100% correlation – criminals. Taking firearms away from lawful citizens does not reduce the number of criminals. In fact, the opposite may be true.

  22. 5 years and the crimes just got bigger. Nobody can protect anybody. Just like all anti gun areas are free for thugs because nobody can shoot back. Today more people are killed with hammer, ball bats and other blunt objects! Heck Cell phones kill more people than guns. But that nasty word GUNS set idiots off!

  23. I truly can not believe the state we (U.S. citizens) are in. Growing up I always thought that our Constitution and Bill of Rights were concrete. Much like the ten commandments. Something that was untouchable. Unfortunately I grew up. And rarely see this country as it used to be. How one person’s rights are protected over everyone’s. Depending upon your race, class, name, and location dictate what rights you have. Or don’t. The travesties that occur each day committed by this government. Each cog pushing an agenda rather than a machine that works soley for the people. How big companies control everything from the power we use to the food we eat. Ultimately the ones responsible for the direction this nation is going. The day has come. We are ill prepared. It is here. Store food. Medicine. And water. Anything that you and your family needs to survive. And pray that this land holds enough patriots to stand against the tyrants. Nobody will win. Everyone will lose.

    • “And pray that this land holds enough *

      The American revolution was accomplished by only three percent of the population at that time. There is more than 300 million people In the US today, if only three percent rise to the occasion, that would still be 9 million citizens. No government has an armed force large enough to withstand that fight. Especially considering that many if not all of those service people would not participate in such tyranny here. This is the very reason the government is slowly trying to decimate our 2nd amendment.

      • I’ve often wondered about this. I doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to get one million people to march on Washington for various causes. I think in the right circumstances we could get one million armed men to march on Washington. Nothing could stop them unless they want a Boston massacre.

  24. The march for EU-Globalism/NWO is still on the move…You will be criminalized for your 2nd amendment rights…Remember, the fake news dept. of propaganda and your Gloablist controlled “representatives” will convince the low information voters that anyone in possession of a “weapon” other than the Goverment has a potential to become a criminal….They will convince the un-informed public that this is a form of mental disease…Do not comply!

  25. Give up your guns so the Chinese can turn your island into a concentration camp, I mean special education campus

  26. no matter where you live, there are always twatwaffles in the government that react to the news actually before their brain matter kicks in about taking guns because of what a criminal or criminals has done but putting the load of those actions on law abiding citizens. no matter what COUNTRY you live in the blame needs to be put at the criminals feet for their crimes with guns or any other weapons, not law abiding citizens and let the criminal pay for those actions ! the world is a dangerous place now and criminals have become bolder whether they are born in your country or immigrated to your country, gun control laws do not bother them and it makes crime easier because they know citizens dont have guns!

  27. What’s that old saying, “those who surrender some freedom for a bit of security have neither”. And actually, don’t deserve either. But they don’t have a second amendment and were once part of the British Empire where they were subjects, not citizens. Subjects don’t have a whole lot of freedom so they don’t what it is to really enjoy it.

  28. “Akshesh Sharma moved to Christchurch from Fiji to study. He was shocked that the shooter was able to get his hands on such military-style weapons.”

    Immigration is always bad, example #1,000,000.

  29. With all due respect to NZ citizens; 1 bad guy over 4,790,000 people can change their minds. In the US 1 bad guy over 300,000,000 + people is not going to change many minds. But more important is 2A given to me by my Creator.

  30. Remember… New Zealanders are originally Australians…. A prison colony of England….. Not a country created to be an independent nation by people with a frontiersman mentality….

  31. NZ went full petty tyrant on this one. They banned the ability to go to certain websites. They banned Dissenter which had nothing to do with the shooting, but access to Facebook was fine and the shooter live streamed on Facebook!

    We have been continually told that NZ gun laws were the ones to emulate and they hadn’t had a mass shooting in 29 years. So if their laws were the ones to emulate, what happened? Maybe laws don’t do what they think they do?

  32. leftism destroys
    the verdict is in:
    (its unanimous by the way)
    all the shitholes in america are run by democrats
    america not unlike the rest of the world will only get better when the media gets better
    and they wont get better until they take their medicine
    the best medicine right now: lawsuits layoffs bankruptcies and the like
    the best preventitive medicine:
    higher education reform
    these media people are sired born incubated reared and indoctrinated and brainwashed in the college and university system
    the best medicine for that:
    trade and vacational school

  33. So, I’ve been thinking this for awhile but not saying it.

    Can we get away from this stupid “boating accident” meme?

    The amusement factor of this joke died long ago and quite literally no one doesn’t know what it means. If you want to say “I won’t comply” then either say that outright or come up with a way of saying it that is an actual code because at this point “boating accident” in regard to guns is like “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” in regard to LSD. You’re fooling exactly no one and the cute factor is at about the level of a decomposing puppy corpse. Just bury that fucking thing.

    Speaking of burying things, can we get away from this “burying guns” meme too? Let’s be brutally honest here: If it’s time to bury your guns due to politics then it’s either time to start using them or, barring that, turn them in.

    There is no point in burying a gun in your yard. Geocaching one for TEOTWAWKI makes limited sense if that’s your concern but “They banned it so I’m gonna hide mine” makes no sense. If it gets to the point that hiding this thing is “necessary” because the authorities are looking for them, well, at that point things are not going to get better without serious work that probably involves using the rifle and the longer you wait from the ban onwards, the less chance there is that will ever happen meaning you’ll never dig up the rifle. Instead it’s just a felony buried on your property until you forget about it, move or die.

    The simple fact of the matter is that if the government goes past “please turn them in” and starts actively looking for these things shit has already gone past “let’s go to court” and the idea of “plausible deniability” went out the window too. At this point the 2A is dead and so are your 4A and 5A rights as well, meaning you can play cutsie language games all you want and it’s going to work for you just as well as it has for other people in police states.

    “They” don’t respect any of your rights. Why would you think that hiding a gun in your garden is going to keep it, or you, safe from the authorities? That’s like assuming home invaders won’t take your really expensive shit or hurt you if you just give them some cheapo throwaway electronics and costume jewelry. You’re begging for them to rip your house apart and then murder you because you made them work harder.

    IMHO, we’re not at this point yet in the United States, but at a certain point it’s give in or fight as if your life depended on it. Because your life does depend on it. At that point there is no more room for half measures and tiptoeing around.

    This makes about as much sense as a teenager hiding their pot smoking, laughing that they’re getting one over on the man, and imagining they’re free. If you have to do it “in the closet” you’re quite obviously not free to do it.

    • When they bust through the door to confiscate your guns have grandpa or terminally ill aunt Bessie shoot the bastards, what do they have to lose? By going to jail, and have the government care for them, not a bad deal really!

      • The point is that you’re not shooting shit with a gun that’s buried and if the authorities care enough to really start looking for this kind of thing 99.5% of the time they’re going to find it.

        Someone can say “Oh, I don’t have that any more. Boating accident, ya know?” and all that’s going to do is tick off the people looking for it. They’ll trash the entire place, find it, and lock your ass up or, more likely, shoot you because it’s already gone that far.

        It’s not like today, with a sort-of respected Constitution that the cops just trust a suspected drug dealer who says there’s nothing in the house. They tear the place apart looking for whatever is listed on the warrant.

  34. Stupid fools do not deserve to have guns rights, then, if they are so willing to give them up without a fight. They may just live to regret it. Just like those in Venezuela are right about now. At least the ones that Madeuro has not mowed down yet. By then, it will be too late. Oh well, at least you can feel “safe” knowing the government is there to keep you “safe”. Too bad no one will be there to keep you “safe” from them.

  35. The terrorist who shot up the Mosques wanted more gun control. The Democrats are doing everything they can to honor the terrorist’s wishes. Democrats are also pardoning felons to vote, having prisoners vote in jail, opposing voter ID, opposing citizenship questions on the US census, and vehemently opposing the construction of a border wall on the southern border.

    • “The terrorist who shot up the Mosques wanted more gun control.”

      No he didn’t. He wanted the Left to attack the right to own firearms and thereby provoke a reaction from the Right. He’s trying to start a Civil War in the US that he hopes will basically spread to other Western countries. He was pretty darn clear about that.

  36. New Zealanders have their Queen and her form of government,we in America kicked her great great granddaddy the Eff out of America some years back,we have the Constitution and it won’t be as easy as the AG declaring it so.

    Last year the rock solid RINO governor of Vermont signed a bill outlawing bump stocks,now while Vermont is a small state only two bump stocks were surrendered to state police,perhaps their were only two Vermonters who purchased a bump tock yeah thats it only two. Compliance with un Constitutional laws,both Vermont’s and Federal is another matter .

  37. The first mosque was shot up with no resistance. The second mosque had someone there who was armed and thus able to fight back. This quickly ended the attack and saved many lives.

    As we can see by their official reaction, authorities there have clearly identified the problem: There should not have been anyone armed and able to counteract the threat at the second mosque. They thus plan to rectify that problem by disarming the entire populace as much as possible, so next time the killers can have freer reign to work unhindered.

    Got it.

    • latest version of that had him picking up one of the shooters [empty] guns and throwing it back at him…whatever it was, it caused him to leave the scene and end the carnage…muslim population is only about 1% there…clearly this guy picked NZ because their casual approach to everything…including gun laws..would work for him…maybe they ought to ban australians instead…rather than guns?

  38. No one ever said these idiots were the brightest bulbs in the package!!!! Won’t be long before they loose the rest of whatever rights they may now have…..

  39. I have a brilliant idea.. let’s take all the responsible gun owners from New Zealand and trade them with our liberal gun hating scum.. that way they we can have a more secure country… New Zealand can turn into a country full of sheep that will eventually be led to their Slaughter.. Too bad no one learns from history..

  40. “ would be more dangerous to try to take away guns in the US.”

    Damn straight, and it’s that way by design.

  41. This is a great day for violent criminals in New Zealand. Soon they will be the only people in the country toting AR15s and AK 47s, and committing crimes against recently disarmed, law-abiding NZ citizens will be much easier. Thanks a lot, elitist left politicians.

  42. “Personally, I don’t think guns should be legal at all. Maybe in some extreme self-defense, but I don’t think they need such firearms like that,” Dawson said. “New Zealand is not America. America is a totally different situation. I think in America it would be probably more dangerous to take people’s guns away. But here, I don’t think we need them at all.”

    LOL. I don’t know how to logically reconcile any of what he just said. Made zero sense at all. America is a totally different situation because we have 4 additional homicides were 100k? We are talking about a very low homicide rate already.

    Akshesh Sharma moved to Christchurch from Fiji to study. He was shocked that the shooter was able to get his hands on such military-style weapons.

    Shocked! I’m not. AR15 made out of a 2×4 piece of wood:×4-ar-lower-made-from-wood.246641/

  43. Something smells… Between the Vegas shooting and this one, something feels …. Off …

  44. In this event as in EVERY other mass shooting throughout recent history, there exists an element of EVIL. That evil element is the common denominator among all of the perpetrators. The tools used to exact that evil bent are not the same. Handguns have been used far more than any rifles. So to the folks that all want to ban those scary black rifles as the tool of all evil doers I say that’s a weak stance. Every law written to control or eliminate gun violence is only an added stumbling block placed before LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS. As a law abiding gun owner, this is always a disturbing tact and has absolutely no effect on the reduction of gun crimes. Those crimes are perpetrated by evil people and those folks pay no attention to gun laws. Once you are able to control or otherwise able to legislate evil, then and only then will you be able to eliminate or dramatically reduce the incidence of gun violence.

    • Preaching to the choir again, this message, like most of the others will never reach the ears that need to hear it. And if it did, it would be dismissed as denier rhetoric. Like pissin your pants in a dark suit.

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