Media Lodge Acquires GunUp

media lodge

Who acquires what? You know Media Lodge by their most prominent property, And GunUp publishes GunUp the Magazine, operates the Gunocracy online retail gun outlet, and is an online ad powerhouse in the outdoor space, partnering with sites like, well, this one. Press release after the jump . . .

WILTON, CT (April 7, 2015) – The Media Lodge acquisition of GunUp creates the largest media platform in the firearms industry. Marketing opportunities will be greater than ever for companies within the industry to reach their target audience.

The acquisition provides an expanded digital presence for online advertising, email marketing with larger qualified lists as well as additional opportunities for content integration, commerce, creative development and analytics.

With a combined audience of nearly 13 million monthly unique visitors and over 200 million impressions, GunUp adds great websites like The Truth About Guns and M4Carbine to Media Lodge’s existing portfolio of sites including and 50 Campfires.

Additionally, the acquisition includes GunUp the Magazine, one of the most recognized print publications in the firearms industry. GunUp the Magazine’s circulation will grow significantly with the addition of all’s opt-in members offering a larger audience for advertisers.

Jeff Siegel, CEO of Media Lodge said, “The GunUp acquisition is the next step in Media Lodge realizing our vision of an audience platform that encompasses hunting, firearms, fishing, marine, camping, motor sports and active enthusiasts.”

The combined audience, coupled with the significant investment Media Lodge has made in analytics tools, will allow advertisers to reach their target audiences and manufacturers to improve their operational efficiencies.

“We are excited about this acquisition and working under the Media Lodge banner to build the largest digital media company in the Outdoors industry,” said Dan Hall, CEO of GunUp.

To learn more about these enhanced advertising opportunities, contact Director of Sales Christen Everly at: [email protected]; or 952-847-4437 or Director of Sales Lee Sarles at: [email protected] or 952-847-4438.

About Media Lodge
Media Lodge develops powerful and influential interactive media brands and platforms for active enthusiasts and fans in the shooting, hunting, prepping, fishing, outdoor adventure, and spectator racing sports categories, effectively connecting advertisers with these high value and hard to reach audiences. Media Lodge designs custom programs for sponsors to drive maximum value for their advertising spend while creating new value for its online communities. Custom content, video and high-impact display ads are delivered at scale through its exclusive branded properties and network of North America’s best enthusiast digital properties. Media Lodge has extensive experience and knowledge of active enthusiast markets and helps advertisers effectively deliver the right message to this loyal consumer base. Notable exclusive branded properties include, the definitive source for car camping information, and, the world’s largest online auction site for firearms and shooting/hunting accessories and the most visited website in the shooting sports industry.

About GunUp
Born in tech-savvy Seattle and raised in the heartland of America in Sioux Falls, GunUp is a cutting-edge media company built by experienced military veterans, shooting sports competitors, and publishing professionals. GunUp reaches over 5 million gun enthusiasts online each month with a focus on self-defense, target shooting, and concealed carry.


  1. avatar pweekles says:

    Hopefully they get the Gun Library back up. That was such a cool feature.

  2. avatar barnbwt says:

    “is an online ad powerhouse in the outdoor space, partnering with sites like, well, this one”
    Oh, so they’re the ones responsible for the crashing/lagging site, redirects, and obnoxious/off-putting ads. Neat.

    1. avatar Excedrine says:

      AdBlock Plus really goes a long way towards fixing that, y’know.

      1. avatar Grindstone says:

        AdBlock fixes almost everything.

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          Yup, need a jimmy just to use this one website. Totally understandable. I’ve actually started to wonder if the ad people are basically paying TTAG to DDOS themselves with their products…FWIW, the ads make the well written articles/viewpoints look like absolute flim-flam, like all the Doomsday Gold ads on Fox/etc. that are little more than blatant scams. Makes the owners look dishonest, the audience idiotic, and insults the casual viewer’s intelligence.

  3. avatar Ralph says: must be making serious bank.

  4. avatar Sean in Tampa says:

    Please don’t sell TTAG. I used to be on Jeepforum.Com and they went down hill after they were sold.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      GunUp runs our ads for us, they don’t own us. We are a completely independent operation, and will remain so.

      1. avatar Sean in Tampa says:

        Awesome, good to hear.

      2. avatar JeffCville says:

        Nick, S.I.T. makes a good point, though he may not realize it. The exact same situation has already occurred with RF and TTAC. The prospect is unsettling. Nothing lasts forever, but it’ll be a great ride until then.

    2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Almost every forum that is bought out goes to crap shortly after. One of my favorites was All of the regulars I knew from when i joined in 2003 bailed when it was bought out around 2010 or so. It just wasn’t the same.

  5. avatar neiowa says:

    And WTH is “GunUp the Magazine”. Lot of hype there but it can’t be that “big”.

    And they now own TTAG? I thought this was Roberts private entrepreneurial venture?

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      See above: they don’t own us, we use them to handle all of our advertising. We are 100% locally owned and operated.

  6. avatar joecr says:

    They caused to many issues for my PC & phone that I blocked their domain at the DNS level.

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