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The Vice President’s Citizen Disarmament Committee is set to present its “concrete proposals tomorrow at 11:45 EST. The release is well ahead of schedule; the President promised that the Committee would conclude its work “before the end of January.” The timing is, of course, critical. The Administration knows that each passing day makes it increasingly difficult for All The President’s Men to ram control legislation (e.g., an “assault weapons” and “high capacity” ammunition magazine ban and a “comprehensive” background check) through Congress or, more importantly, issue Executive Orders (EOs). Rumor has it Biden’s peeps will propose 19 EOs. If so, it’s hard to imagine what those might be . . .

Aside from making the ATF’s current unconstitutional FOPA-busting border state long gun registry a national requirement and cracking down on the “sporting purpose” requirement for firearms imports.

Anyway, the unveiling’s going to be a major WTBS (Wave The Bloody Shirt) production.

Children from around the country who wrote letters to the president expressing concern about gun violence and school safety were to attend the event with their parents.

So the presentation will not just be infuriating and deeply worrying to Americans who cherish their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, it will also be nauseating.

TTAG will, of course, blog the release and the subsequent hue and cry.

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  1. The liberal strategy here is to access, blame then condemn (meaning pronounce judgment against and criminalize legal gun owners) Remember good politicians “will never let a good crisis go to waste” Because they will tell you I am here to protect you from the evil law abiding gun owners. They see it as an opportunity to expand their voting base not solve real world problems. Besides change is good right?

  2. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: when your argument can’t stand up to logical scrutinty, get some kids involved.

  3. Can you say FOAD? You will not infringe upon my 2nd amendment right, you will not be taking my firearms.

  4. So, we are now supposed to listen to children on how we are supposed to conduct ourselves, really? This is just crap. Obama is the antithesis of what a president is supposed to be. I’m thoroughly sickened by these actions.

    • Where else would a nation of children look, but to actual, physical children? This is all for THEM, right?

      The moment of reckoning just hurtled ’round the bend, a fireballin’ freight from hell. This is Drone Killer’s Grand Moment.

      IMPEACH NOW. One more time: IMPEACH NOW.

      • I would say no. A child sees the world in a simple, unbiased way. A good example of this is an interview i watched recently. A gentleman performed an exercise demonstrating how the electoral college system works. All of the kids responded the same way. “That’s stupid.”

        Leftists see the world as their oyster. Remember the walrus and the carpenter…

  5. As long as people are focused on the government’s gun action, the herd will not focus its attention on anything else. It’s the liberal’s best weapon – misdirection. Focusing on reigning in guns will help reduce the deficit, right?

    • Unlikely that this is misdirection. Believe it or not, there is a very large percentage of Americans who are very much in favor of severe firearms restrictions.

      Pretending that those people don’t exist, and screaming nonsense like “impeach now” is not going to help things.

      We should have people out there educating the population on guns, providing solid facts and rational arguments.

  6. Great…

    If nothing else, we’ll be able to see if the “Oath Keepers” are all talk, or if they actually have some testicular fortitude…

    • The OathKeepers are irrelevant. The OathKeeper’s members are only about 10k, and many of them are retired. Even if we were to assume they were all active duty, it would make up less than 1% of LEOs and service members.

      • You are missing a silver lining to this. They will be here to train those that will probably have to fight the tyranny that is swallowing this nation.

        • Sounds like you want us to be your sword and shield, How about joining instead of snarking from the bench?

          Then you can get some first hand experience at what commitment to duty looks like.

  7. And exactly how many thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spent flying the kids and their parents to D.C., all the meals and putting them up in expensive hotels????

  8. “And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

    • “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

  9. They postponed it because they are going to have children with Obama when he announces this. Supposedly these are children that wrote Obama asking him to stop the gun violence. Sure!! Only libs would use children like this. NO one should be shocked by this, after all they are using the dead children of Sandy Hook to their advantage. I bet after Obama and Biden got the news of this tragedy it brought a smile to their face.

    • This is the most disturbing post I have ever read!! I just cannot believe they would take it to that level. Then as a county we truly are lost!! This completely ruined my day WTF 🙁

  10. So.. I’ve been working on this idea for a little while now.. How about we start a religion with the Constitution as our “tenets of faith”? Then technically the 2nd, and lets face it, all the other seriously compromised amendments, would be protected under religious rights?
    The second way we could protect ourselves would be for your local gun club to convert into a militia.. Drills, etc.. Then we qualify for the well organized militia clause..

  11. In my younger days I couldn’t really understand single issue voters. Today, I am one.

    As a voter I feel disenfranchised on so many issues that this is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. There are only a couple of rights enumerated in the BoR that have not been diluted or usurped. We as a nation, and each of us as individuals, are weaker and poorer as a result.

    No more. I will not throw up my hands and say “whatever”.

    First, self defense is one of the most basic rights endowed to every living creature. It exists without government in every aspect of life. In fact, this right existed before governments and it exists today for creatures that can not even form a concept of government. The 2A simply recognized our pre-existing right.

    Second, human nature is such that, when so inclined, the strong will prey on the weak. It’s always been this way and no legislation will change human instincts (although it may be successful in the short run).

    Third, bad guys will always find weapons. If not guns, then knives, hammers, fertilizer or rocks.

    Fourth, history shows that bad guys invariably continue to be bad guys until a good guy with superior force shows up. Firearms allow us to defend our self and our family against stronger or more numerous bad guys. (The simple fact that there could be more than one bad guy is the most direct argument to allow for guns with more than 6 or even 10 rounds.)

    Given the above, there is no way that disarming the general population will stop criminals. Murder and armed robbery are felonies yet people commit these crimes every day. The data, in fact, show that increasing access to firearms leads to reductions in crime. The data also show that absent firearms criminals will still be criminals.

    Therefore, I resolve to focus my time, energy and financial resources to protect one of the last rights the government has not usurped.

  12. After getting Obamacare through he thinks he can do anything he likes, and he may be right. His Imperial Majesty has spoken.

  13. As much as I despise Michael Moore, I’m afraid he got it right when he said Americans are stupid. Maybe not stupid but defiantly gullible. This gun grab is following the UN timeline for their weapons ban. The underwriters of freedom (guns) are being illegally confiscated and to even criticize this act will draw scrutiny. We will be destroyed from within, by smiling people to whom we have entrusted our freedoms, as Nikita Khrushchev predicted (except the smiling part and even that will last only so long). Our fatal mistake was to disengage from the process decades ago. We spent our children’s future, we and our ancestors have squandered our freedoms little by little.

    Enjoy the Shot Show. It probably will be one of the last.

  14. Coming Sunday: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, reduce The Constitution to utter irrelevance.”

    • “So help me God.” As in, “help me pull this one off, Satan, and we’re gonna have a REAL good time!”

  15. Two bystanders watching Obama pass by at the inauguration:

    “Who’s that then?”
    “I dunno, must be a king.”
    “He hasn’t got shit all over him.”

    • Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help, help, I’m being oppressed!

    • Listen. If a man takes a single step forwards each day, you would be laughed at for saying he is out for a walk, when he appears to be standing still all day. Then one day you look up and the son of a bitch has gotten where he is going. Then what do you say?

      Lesson – call it what it is regardless of the degree to which it has progressed.

  16. We all knew damn well this was coming. There was no way in hell they were going to not roll this out during SHOT.
    There is a silver lining, though- these are the actions of desperate people, who are beginning to doubt that they can just sneak it through. So, they’re going to come at us with sad-faced kids and all.
    I think many of us went from enthusiast to activist this past month. Millions of people who had been disinterested in even owning a gun have now flooded the stores and bought up anything resembling the object of would-be confiscation. I don’t think we’ll all go quietly into that great good night this time around.

  17. Let the dog & pony show begin. I wonder if the children can be there in court when their magnificent thinking comes to light. One can only hope, Randy

  18. One of our tipsters writes:

    As bho is going to surround / hide behind children when he makes his announcements
    Saw the group from Newtown last night on news, sitting there with the photos of their children,
    and they have every right to be upset, but not to discard the freedom so many have died for.

    Thousands of NRA members and of other firearms rights organizations have died or been wounded defending our freedom.
    WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many cold war skirmishes in-between.

    For the most recent wars:
    I realize it would be private and painful for many to come forward about the loss of a son or daughter in the recent wars,
    But I think now is the time to go public. “My son/daughter sacrificed their life for our freedom, don’t throw it away”.

    For Vietnam, Korea, there few if any parents left, but still sons and daughters and siblings of the fallen troops.
    They too could come forward.

    A lot of my generation died in Vietnam, and as I learned at the ENT Doctor’s office few days ago, she had only read about it in school.
    Thought it was a whole chapter on it.
    That was for other peoples freedom.

    Way late in the game, but think it needs to be done.

    Maybe time for VFW, American Legion, etc to get involved?

    • …have died or been wounded defending our freedom. WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many cold war skirmishes in-between.

      Just wondering anonymous tipster, but when were our freedoms threatened by belligerents in any of those conflicts? Oh yeah, they weren’t. But plenty of those same service members have brutally oppressed the American people such as attacking the Bonus protesters in 1932 with rifles, bayonets, tanks and a arsenic based chemical weapon. Launching air strikes with explosive and chemical ordinance against striking miners in WV in 1921. Shooting students at Kent State in 1970. Or even drone strikes targeting American citizens such as 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi in 2011. No other organization has deliberately killed more Americans than the US military, so STFU with the ‘were fighting for your freedom’ crap, because you’re not. You’re fighting for the politicians interests.

      • And the nail is driven home.

        Every military man/woman I have met that proclaims that they are defending our freedom have either walked away in disgust or began to think for themselves when I preach that the last time that America’s military fought for our freedom was in WWII.

        When they realize that every conflict since then was a political action and/or a resource grab, some of that “holier than thou” fades from their eyes.

        • Even with WW2, when were our freedoms actually threatened by a belligerent? Peral Harbor didnt threaten our freedom, and Pearl Harbor was in retaliation for economic warfare initiated by the US, specifically cutting off oil supplies to Japan, and providing foreign aid to China (whom Japan was at war with). Japan never intended to occupy the US, they just wanted to prevent us from directly attacking them, since to them it seemed this was immient because the Pacific fleet was moved from San Diego to Hawaii.

  19. Unless there is another incident in a gun free zone this will all be window dressing for nothing done until at least 2015. I am sure the Justice Department worked full time on finding the authority to issue an EO on magazines and semiautomatic rifles and came up empty handed. So all you “there is no difference between the Parties” and “he will never take our guns” Democrats remember that elections have consequences and staying home elects gun grabbers.

  20. I wonder how concerned these children will be about gun violence when mommy and daddy are murdered by a knife-wielding burglar because they were unable to defend themselves? Not that any moron who would allow their child to be used as a tool like this would be the type to arm up anyway.

    The old saying (curse?) “May you live in interesting times” comes to mind. Tomorrow may very well be a date that appears in future history books. Whether it appears as the date that began liberty’s final decline, or the date when true Americans finally said enough is enough and took back their country, is up to you.

    • The Left knows that as time passes, even the biggest power grabs become normalized. And they’ve been proven right.
      Remember when there was NO way Obama Care could pass without Republican support? Or how all of the new EPA regulations couldn’t be enforced? Fast & Furious? Benghazi?

    • The people getting raped and murdered (like in Australia and the UK) don’t count, because they are not covered by the MSM. The NRA is still very quiet. I e-mailed them suggesting a mass add campaign to put human faces on those saved by DGU (others have suggested it too). I got no response. Others have said it. If we can’t fight emotion with emotion, we could lose here. Whether this coming circus is an act of desperation or not, Obama has invested heavily in this. Gonna take a real effort to pry this bone out of his teeth.

  21. Yes because 4 & 5 year olds have the presidents email and extreme knowledge of gun controle.

    Is it just me or is this Biden comittee more like a lunch break? Usualy when something like this happens its EVERYWHERE. This you hear little about, but then again I dont watch the propoganda on TV.

  22. Rumor has it that the Fascist People’s Republic of Massachusetts is going to limit gun-owners to 1-round mags in the near future. That will surely keep us all safe.

  23. rambeast
    the military members u so casually toss off as members of a political plot have sworn to take orders from the powers that be and the commander in chief. they may not like the orders given but have no choice on where to fight or why. if u have a problem with the reasons we take on certain responsibilities worldwide, write your represenatives. our military men and women are pawns without choice and to blame them is completely unfair

  24. My question is, how long before an actual certifiable nut who happens to have guns starts trying to change the political landscape through extra-legal means?

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