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Next Post reports that the Utah Attorney General’s office has nabbed two illegal immigrants selling guns to . . . other illegal immigrants. Nice guns, too. “The AG’s office said that the Statewide Enforcement of Crimes by Undocumented Residents (SECURE) Task Force conducted several surveillance and undercover operations over the past few weeks and arrested two men who were allegedly selling illegal firearms, an unregistered silencer and hundreds of rounds of high power handgun and rifle ammunition.” So where’s the joint task force ATF part of the news release? Somehow I don’t think other agencies are going to trust the ATF so much anymore, what with U.S. Border and Customs Agent Terry murdered by bullets fired by ATF-enabled guns. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. I am shocked, appalled and dismayed to discover that illegal aliens do illegal things illegally. As we all know, illegal aliens never do anything illegal and are good people just trying to make an illegal living. What’s illegal about that?

  2. I thought that there was a BAN on illegal aliens even owning a firearm. I guess that BANS are useless as most of us already knew because criminals will do as they please whenever the please and no one can stop them, not even the mighty ATF. We just have to look at the ban on illegal drugs, that’s really working out well for our country.

    • There’s also a ban on illegal aliens entering the country without papers, overstaying their visa, failing to report for court adjudication, and re-entering the US after being deported. What is it about illegals that people don’t understand? They are, by the very definition, criminals. Some just because of the illegal entry, some because they are compelled to be drug mules, and others because they are criminals attempting to perpetrate crimes – but all criminals – like other criminals of varying degrees of criminality. We don’t say: “well, he robbed a store, but he was just trying to make a living at someone else’s expense” for citizens, but we sure do for illegal aliens! Every job taken by an illegal is one stolen from a citizen, and depresses wages – making a mockery of minimum wage laws. “Oh – Americans won’t work for those wages!” Damned right – but the wages would rise to ones Americans WOULD work for, if illegals weren’t depressing them and destroying jobs for citizens. Get them ALL out! We have our own problems to solve – and their problems aren’t one of them!

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