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I called Kimber for a non-Ammoland jpeg of the new Kimber Solo Carry mit lasergrippen. Celia Crane told me that the Ammoland image is a mock-up; Crimson Trace is still about ten weeks away from producing the real deal. Meanwhile, some 500 Solos have shipped to dealers. The testing and evaluation guns, not so much. Anyway, Crimson Trace has the image. All the left-coast Crimson Tracers are in a meeting—trying to figure out how they can make a grip-based laser for people who “high index” their trigger finger. Well, that’s what they should be doing. The rabbi taught me to put my finger as far up the slide as possible; when push comes to shove it WILL move downwards. If it starts low, it’ll end up on the trigger. Which is fine for the Gabe Suarezes of this world, but not rabbinically trained self-defense shooters. Fortunately, there is an answer . . .

Crimson Trace makes snout-mounted lasers, like the lasergaaard unit just announced for the Ruger LCP. Sorry, that’s the yet-to-be-released J.R.R. Tolkein tribute version. It’s Laserguard. And it looks like this:

Over at Crimson, when it rains—and it rains a LOT in Oregon–it rains lasers. The company also announced laser rhinoplasty for S&W Sigma and Kahr Arms P380 & PM45.  As they say here in RI, wikkid pissa.

Unfortunately, with the Crimson Trace in situ, your holster options pretty much narrow to them what Crimson Trace offers. Luckily (for me), there’s a Cross-breed SnapSlide Belt Holster for all sizes of nose-lasered Springfield XDs. Full test ASAP.

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  1. Yes it’s a mouse gun – the Ruger LCP. But that said, I bought one about 3 weeks ago WITH the CT Laserguard. Though painful to shoot (as any mouse gun) it is incredibly accurate. Got a and it works great. I almost think I like it better, though, in my DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster that I have for the S&W .38 snubby. Yes, I do have bigger guns too – but I generally don’t carry them.

  2. What a cute lil gun, looks like Kimber is reaching in my pocket again. I’m not to fond of 9mm (I had two and traded them both) but I’ll give the this baby Kimber a fair shot. If I don’t like it I’ll give it to my youngest sister.

  3. The new solo is just what I have been looking for. If it turns out to be reliable, it may be the perfect carry pistol. I would like to see Crimsom Trace design the laserguard for the solo, like they made for the LC9 and PM9. Why can’t they make laserguards for an aluminum frame pistol?

    • I much prefer the laser grip arrangement. No worry about finding a
      new holster. I think the laserguard versions are only for pistols that
      don’t have removable grip panels.

      I just ordered the Crimson Trace for my LCP since CT now has a $50
      rebate on any laser setup. Now I need to find another holster for it
      since I don’t think the Desantis superfly won’t fit with the laser installed.

  4. I have the Crimson Trace LG-449 Laserguard for my Ruger SR9c and it is sweet. I originally carried in a Remora and had no issues slipping the nose laser in there, but did have issues with the soft sides of the Remora allowing hard objects to depress the magazine release if I bumped into anything.

    I went to my LGS and in less than two weeks BladeTech had produced a custom IWB holster specific to the Ruger/Crimson Trace combo. No sweat. I am currently waiting for a new holster ordered a few days ago from Alien Holsters and they have the SR9c laser style ready to ship, no custom ordering necessary.

    The LaserGuard was easy to mount, easy to zero, and works like a charm, and its hard to tell it didn’t come as part of the pistol. If you are in the market for a laser you cannot go wrong with this combination.

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