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Honey-toned Lock and Load Radio host Bill Frady writes:

I have just taken the time to view the No More Silence video agitprop that is coming from Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. It’s a perfect illustration if you ask me. Legs walking toward an un protected school with a sinister duffel bag swinging. Beautiful children and pensive adults re-living the 24/7 onslaught of “news” that was the coverage of that horrible attack on Sandy Hook. Everyone totally defenseless. Legs climb stairs, bag is discarded, door swings shut, time is up . . .

Unfortunately, as long as the insanity of the gun free zone persists, history will repeat itself. We will witness another spree shooter waltz into another place that prohibits self defense, and people are going to killed.

What should we think about elected officials who preach that being defenseless is the best way to combat these atrocities? How long will we, the gun carriers, allow ourselves to be considered the root of the subset of violent crime they call ‘Gun Violence”?

Allow me to make a few propositions of my own. First and foremost, since most gun owners acquire them voluntarily and of their own free will, you have to understand the subtext of the gun grabbing thought process. Progressives wish to and intend to rule your lives. Every aspect. Every nuance.

Your safety only matters to them, possibly, because you generate revenue which they can tax. Beyond that, individually, we would be subjects hold no real value. Self reliance and free thinking are processes that are contrary to their rule. They tell you the Bill of Rights is NOT absolute and you are expected to accept that.

For all of those reason’s we have to consider ourselves to be engaged in idealogical combat. And all of us are going to have to engage.

So they demand No More Silence? Very well.

Lawmakers, you are not going to gradually legislate away the teeth of the Constitution. And you are beginning to get that, aren’t you? Those televised faux pas that were the coverage nuggets during the DC Naval Yard shooting, sort of unmasked your voracious appetite for disarming ‘The Little People.” Trends are against you. Public opinion is against you. Your favorite 90% and 40% talking points have been savaged with facts. Your are losing the youth, black America, women, some low info voters. What on earth are you to do?

Oh yeah. Let’s recreate that one incident that made you believe the wind was at your backs. Lets tap dance in the blood of innocents. Recycle Piers Morgan, Ed Schulz and the other talking heads that only have manufactured talking points and ad hominem attacks. Vilify one third of the population that simply bother no one, just because they own one or many guns and get into the fun loop of what we need and don’t need.

Liberals know that all of their failed policies are at the root of roughly half of the “gun violence.” Black America has been conned and this realization is slowly creeping into their mindset. Liberals set swaths of America aside and call them “gun free zones” and then walk away, leaving them both unprotected and marked as an area where the law abiding will be disarmed.

Guess what, gun grabbers and politicians. These atrocities are yours. You facilitated them, enabled them, advertised them and lied about it afterward. America knows now, thankfully, that laws are words on paper and gun free zones are perimeter signs. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora, the DC Naval Yard – these are all yours. You own them.

We are aware now and awake. And prepared. Logistically, you are beaten, gun grabbers. Be prepared because we have more capability. We are coming for you at the ballot box, unless you take that away, too.

But, I agree with you on one point. No more silence.

This post originally appeared at and is republished here with permission. Click here to read Bill’s most excellent TTAG series How I Became an Anti-Gunner.

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  1. Who here can put together a video? We need to film something that starts the same way, but as soon as the bag drops, a teacher turns, draws a CCW firearm, and puts two in the “visitors” chest”. The children continue playing, and am ambulance shows up to remove the potential predator. The End. If MDA can film the way they want it to happen, we can film it the way WE want it to happen….

    • The problem is that a video showing legal, responsible gun ownership protecting lives will never be shown in the mainstream or anywhere else that antis or on-the-fence viewers will see it. If the video is just shown here, etc, that will just be preaching to the choir.

      • There are ways to be heard. There are people who know how to present our case. There ARE ways to get the message into the media. All it takes is money, lots and lots of money.

        Where is OUR Bloomberg Billionaire? A lot of people read and comment on this blog. Is there a big money conservative in your area. Who is he/she? Let us know, with maybe a brief synopsis of his past political activity. What organizations does he already support that we might hope would support OUR “freedom of choice”? How do we contact them? Writing to politicians who won’t listen is pointless – let’s get some folks with good old fashioned CLOUT working for us! Persuasion hasn’t been working – let’s try fear! If the “kingmakers” aren’t on their side, perhaps the’ll open their eyes and ears and learn something about their constituents.

        Around here, the name is Rex Sinquefeld (sp?). He’s a bit of a clown who primarily supports legislation favoring corporations and the 1% over the individual, but if there is a way to USE him and his $$$, I say go for it. He’s not going away any time soon, so maybe we can steer him our direction. I’ll bet there is someone similar in every good size city.

        The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, but he might be useful.

        • “There ARE ways to get the message into the media. All it takes is money, lots and lots of money.”
          Not necessarily. Just ask the NFL.

        • Agreed with Jus Bill, Im sure Daniel Defense isnt short on the purse strings to get an Ad during an NFL game, but obviously the cash wasnt enough.

        • In response to the comment stating that Daniel Defense can afford to advertise on the Super Bowl – that’s not what I’m talking about at all. We need to find Daddy Warbucks type ACTIVISTS who can afford to buy the damn network if they don’t like the message.

      • With respect I disagree. See coment below. Look ar the stats on TTAG viewership and how this radio show gets more connections. Send a link to your friends family and anyone with an open mind who might be on the fence. Thats how the cultural swing of the pendulum that is already underway happens. If you dont know anyone like that maybe you need to get out a bit more…:). Seriously every little bit helps…

    • One slight edit – after the children realize the threat is over and stand up from under their desks they applaud and “woo-hoo” the teacher.

  2. “…progressives wish and intend to rule your lives. Every aspect.”

    If anyone doubts this truth, read, “Liberal Fascism”, by Jonah Goldberg.

    • This is what I’ve been trying to tell people from the very start.

      It is not and never has been about guns. It’s all about CONTROL. They want control, total and absolute control. They want to tell you when to wake up in the morning, what to eat for breakfast, how hot your shower can be, what to wear, where to work, how to get to work, what to do when you’re at work, what to eat for lunch, who to talk to at work(and what to say to them), how to get home from work, what to eat for dinner, what to do in your spare time and when to go to sleep. If it’s not mandatory, it’s forbidden. if they had their way we’d all be locked up in prison camps toiling away for the State. However they all seem to think that they would be part of the excepted class, the ruling elite that can still do whatever they want. They’ll be in for a rude awakening when they’re thrown in the same gulag as those who resisted.

  3. Outstanding post, thank you. I’ve been asking myself, why am I personally so “into” the 2A issue right now, and I think its because its a very practical and powerful “single issue” example that distills the thought process and knee-jerk response of the typical “liberal” that has been buying into the “progressive” strategy for years.

    I should expand on this later, but to those who complain about liberal bashing, and use of the “libtard” mockery, its about the whole “politics of meaning” and “narrative of the victim” debasement of rational thought thats been deliberately fed to immature minds at college, and shows up in the gun rights debate when applied deliberately by the MDA types, to play upon the naive and susceptible minds of the victims in their suffering- the parents of the Sandy Hook kids.

    This is not a fight with people playing fair. Its not a fight with people who respect the Constitution, and the rule of law. Its a fight with people who have adopted the tactics of leftist radicals (Alinsky) with the same aims as the repeated failures in recent world history for the idea that “we-who-are-so-smart-know-whats-best-for-you” (it takes a village) and the corresponding means- what ever it takes to win (“you have to break a few eggs to make an omellete – Lenin).

  4. Very, very nice. Forwarding link to a number of people now. This should be in the op ed pages of all the major outlets. Probably won’t be, but should be.

  5. “Logistically, you are beaten, gun grabbers”

    No, sorry, they really have not been beaten. 49% of the public still wants more gun control (a percentage that is a supermajority of 60% among women). When only 35% support more gun control and less than 50% of women support it, then I might entertain the idea that they are getting beaten.

    • And even then I would not rest easy. The culture war will never end, and those numbers can change again.

    • dwb, I was not referring to attitudes. Those are a constant battle that I try to influence daily. The logistics are this: 2010-2011 the American civilian market purchased more guns than the top 21 standing army’s on the planet. The overall number is staggering. If they tried forced disarmament, after initial success, the potential pushback could be astonishing.

      • Just like entitlement programs.
        The reason entitlements are not repealed is all about participation. Every gun owner participants in 2A so the more members the harder it is to strip away. Imagine the logistics of an all out ban in this country. Oz is about as close as it gets and they know most were not surrendered.

  6. The image that captures Sandy Hook for me is the 1st photo of that broken glass next to the front door. They had a locked front door but simply breaking the glass next to the door allowed instant entry. There will always be a way around well intentioned perimeter security. The Colorado movie nut just went inside unarmed and opened the locked back door before returning armed.
    The simple truth is that only two options exist to (almost) guarantee this couldn’t happen again. Completely disarm the entire population or arm a good guy inside. Which is more practical? Which could be done almost overnight?

    • And, in this period of spending scrutiny, which costs less? Which is more cost-effective? That’s a powerful selling point, IMO.

    • I can’t speak for everyone but I want them on our side. Truthfully I want EVERYONE on our side, it’d make this a lot easier. But I can’t have everyone, so I’ll take anybody I can get so long as they’re sincere.

      I just want to make that clear. I don’t care who you are, what you look like or where you came from. If you believe the same way we do, that life and liberty of all citizens of Earth are worth protecting, you are welcome–more than welcome–to join us. And yes, that also includes former antis. Don’t be ashamed, and don’t be afraid. If you’ve rejected the pack of misinformation, unguided emotion and bald-faced lies you’ve been told and see the truth for what it really is I will welcome you as readily as anyone else and do so happily.

    • Will, I do not presume to represent anyone here or anywhere, But I will tell you this. I used Black Americans to get that segments attention. Once that’s out of the way, you and I, we are American.

  7. To those who say “naw wont work” I saw wrong. The innertubes have changed everything and the proof is all ariund you. The swing in public opinion on gun control 20% MORE opposed to gun grabbers. The correspondin drop off cliff in viewers ad revenue and stock price for StateRunMedia™ like CNN MSNBC et al.

    Read Army Of Davids by Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit).

    TTAG is the perfect place to alert inform and spread the meme especially if we keep it the clean well-lighted space for those looking to learn the truth. You convert minds one at a time with facts and reason.

  8. These Aholes at MAIG ans MDA are so stupid they are just begging for a Nairobi style mall attack here in the US. They do not get it ! ” Criminals Don’t do Backround Checks” nor do they “turn in their guns” for a Walmart coupon! They create havoc and murder on innocent victims ,like themselves,the unarmed and uninformed masses .
    The Murderers ALWAYS have the element of surprise on every victim your only two recourses are ; be a victim or turn the tables on the assailant ,THAT’S IT
    What’s it gonna be? For MAIG/MDA it’s VICTIM!

  9. Doesn’t “No More Silence” imply they were silent to begin with? Near as I can tell they haven’t shut up….

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything said in the article. I would add that the “manufactured talking points” are the progressives’ greatest weapon. Tune into any MSM broadcast after any major news event, gun related or not, and you can hear almost every reporter hitting the same talking points word for word, a lot of times in the same order. A lot of viewers/listeners get bombarded by the same message and take it as gospel, out of shear repetition.

    This is the real hurdle that conservative thinkers have to overcome. Conservatives are, by nature, free thinkers. Even when we agree with one another we have a hard time simply repeating the message because we don’t like to follow. It makes it easier for progressives to marginalize our views because we sound like lone voices rather than a collective voice.

    This is why I support the NRA and other conservative groups, even though I don’t agree with every action they take. It becomes harder to marginalize our opinions when we can show solidarity on even a single issue.

  10. The truth is the next sandy hook and aurora are waiting just around the corner. Someone, somewhere is planning the next mass shooting, and there will be someone after that and so on and so on. We will continue to have these shootings until all gun free zones are eliminated. Until the schools across the nation allow the teachers and staff who are able and willing to carry, until both open and conceal carry are rights or so called privileges in each and every state, we will continue to have these type of shootings. Even though they are rare events compared to everything else…
    ie-the 1700 killed daily by heart disease
    the 1500 killed daily by cancer
    the 1200 killed daily by respiratory illness
    the 1100 killed daily by stroke
    the 300 killed daily by diabetics and other kidney disease,
    the 300 killed daily by prescription drugs,
    the 300 killed daily in car accidents,
    the 130 killed daily by the flu,
    the 110 killed daily by suicide,
    the 20 killed daily by food poising,
    and on and on.
    …even though these types of shootings are rare events the politicians and media portray them as normal events that have reached epidemic numbers.when in reality gun deaths in a nation of 320+million people of different races, religions and cultures with access to over 400 million firearms, to have only 3-5k actual murders annually between regular citizenry is amazingly great numbers.

    This video is more of an ad FOR guns rather than against. It’s both funny and sad that this easy fact either slips past or is ignored by the gungrabbing left. They basically produced a video that tells the truth yet they can’t see the truth. Is it fear, denial, what? What motivates the left to go after guns? Do they know if they were PROGUN which they should be for obvious reasons, but for political reasons if the left and dems were PROGUN the gop would barely exist? It’s just strange to me for them to be so motivated with blind hatred toward firearms for all the wrong reasons, if they would just open their eyes to the truth and become PROGUN they would dominate our political system for good. As for the gop they have so many different injuries there is nothing they can do to gain more voters outside of their base, other than the gun issue, and being the gun sport industry is booming with new folks that issue alone might just get the gop back in the white house. Not that that(homonymic) is good thing but it would show that the gun issue is important not just to the gungrabbers but to the people/voters who support gun rights. Maybe a gop presidential victory, which could only come from the support of the gun rights crowd, would wake up the other side to the truth. Maybe.

  11. I REALLY wanted to enter something like the following into the last FNL contest, but life intervened and I just couldn’t get the thing written in time. I’d have included pics of him with the 10/22 if I could have. Still, I wanted to share…

    Actually, I do agree with their message, especially about gun sense around children. And I’m not being silent about it any more.

    I’ve taken steps in this direction with my own 10 year old son. He is now well down the road of not becoming a gun violence statistic. I wonder if these ladies would have the integrity to commend my approach.

    As a result he’s got better safety habits than some shooters 4 times his age. He can clear and bench his rifle without thinking about it, it is so ingrained. Even after he checks the chamber, he treats it as loaded. Setting the safety is a reflex, not a conscious act and his finger is out of the trigger well until he’s sighted and ready.

    He is so strict about keeping the barrel in a safe direction and never over anything that he’s not willing to destroy, that even when some friends were aiming an uncocked BB gun a things other than their target, he complaint to the parent and left. And yes… before they began, he came and asked permission to shoot from both me and the friend’s dad, then went to get his eye protection.

    He also loads his own magazines and he does it properly. He hasn’t field stripped and cleaned yet, but that’s mostly because of the chemicals and his hands really can’t remove the bolt yet.

    He loves shooting and gun safety has become part of the fun, for him.

    Oh, and he can also shoot out a bulls-eye at 50 yards. At 25, he gets bored with just the bulls-eye and goes for the numbers. Or he practices double and triple tapping.

    That sounds like good gun sense to me. He respects firearms, understands and lives gun safety and guns don’t have that “mystery” that leads to accidents for him.

    Hey, and I just had a thought… I wonder if I can qualify for some of that federal money being poured into combating gun violence? His education IS reducing the odds of his being involved in gun violence, right? And .22LR is still mighty expensive; especially at the rate he goes through it.

    So no more silence.

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