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I reckon firearms enthusiasts are a bunch of kids who never grew up. Well, the male of the species. As young boys, we fought Nazis, Japs, VC, bank robbers, hostage takers, etc. with toy guns, defeating the bad guys with feats of daring and deadly marksmanship. I don’t think we ever lost that love of shooting something or, let’s face it, someone that needs shooting. [Note to Providence permit providers and anti-gun gun bloggers: I understand that conflict avoidance is priority one and that I may only fire my weapon at another human being if I am in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm from said aggressor.] Hence the boom in “born again” guns like the McMillan M40A1 Commemorative United States Marine Corps Sniper Rifle. Just 20 lucky buyers will be able to pick-off imaginary foes while shouting oorah! Specs . . . ?

M40A1 Commemorative Rifle Specifications:

  • The 25” barrel utilizes conventional rifling with a 1 in 12” twist and has a M40A1 spec barrel contour. It is finished off with a deep recessed target crown matching the rifle given to Gale McMillan.
  • The action is a blue-printed Remington 700 short action that includes surface ground recoil lug; trued receiver face, threads, receiver lug shoulders and bolt head, and finally lapped bolt lugs. The receiver is machined with the correct stripper clip slots along with the ejection port modification and is marked “U.S.” above the serial number to match the original issue M40A1.
  • The stock is a McMillan plain HTG with molded-in forest camo, like the original, no stippling or checkering is present. Correct Wichita 1 1/4” sling swivels are anchored into the stock by internal molded-in steel inserts per the original contract. The 1/2” brown Pachmayr basket weave recoil pad is fitted for the 13 1/2″ LOP. The action is hand bedded along with the 1 1/2” of barrel cylinder forward of the recoil lug. The remainder of the barrel is free-floated.
  • The bottom metal is steel Winchester Model 70 style two-piece modified for the M40A1. Socket cap bolts, not factory slotted guard screws hold everything together. Like the originals, the BDL magazine box is welded to the receiver.
  • The serial numbers on all sub assemblies reflect the high level of attention to detail. The last 4 digits of the serial number are stamped into the bolt handle, bottom metal including both the door and trigger bow, scope base, and barrel. “RTE-P”, the proof mark of the dedicated USMC creators of the original M40A1, has been reproduced and placed along side the serial number on the barrel.
  • The scope is a continuation of the original contract steel tubed MST-100 10x furnished on the M40A1s. US Optics picked up the scope contract after it ran out with Unertl and performed all upgrades and refurbishing, as well as supplying new optics.
  • The scope base is hand fitted to the receiver just as the originals were. The one piece period correct U.S.O. base and rings are a true match to the original Unertl mounts. The trigger is a Remington trigger tuned to a crisp 3 pounds.

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  1. A minor quibble, but Marines shout "Oorah!," not "Hooah," which is the name of a foul-tasting energy bar suitably named after the US Army's battle cry.

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