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A few months ago I took a walk around the McMillan factory with Kelly McMillan and saw how they made their world famous fiberglass stocks. The time and attention each one required was remarkable…and comes with a price tag to match. Looking to reach beyond the high-end market segment and better serve the entry level market, McMillan announced at SHOT Show that they’ll be releasing a new polymer stock priced at around $200.

Those who follow industry news might be aware that Kelly’s son Ryan McMillan founded Grayboe Stocks specifically to serve this market. They released their first line of injection molded fiberglass stocks this year and are already partnering with Remington to ship model 700 rifles with their stocks pre-installed as an option.

When the press conference was announced I assumed that McMillan would be buying Grayboe, but that’s not the case. The new stocks being introduced at SHOT, dubbed the Mc3 or “Mc Cubed” line, are fabricated from injection molded polymer instead of injection molded fiberglass like the Grayboe variety but will sell at the same price point. Kelly’s product is now a direct competitor for Ryan’s new stock, but with the advantage of the McMillan name behind it.

We have one of the Grayboe stocks in for review right now and we’ll see how well it works. We’ll also get our hands on a Mc3 for direct comparison. Watch this space.

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  1. I want a nice stock for my ruger american. The only company to make drop ins for it is Boyd’s, and I don’t want a wood or laminate.

  2. I don’t really see the fiberglass stuff’s price-tag generally being a huge problem. It’s a lot, lot cheaper than the folding stock you guys had a story about a couple days back. $870 for their A5 with every bell and whistle (other than rails) you can add is a reasonable price IMHO, on the high side of reasonable but still reasonable all things considered. The custom colors are free, that’s kinda nice.

    The problem is the lead time. 4-5 months. Ah well, at least they don’t charge you until the stock is ready to ship and the ladies who do take your order know their stuff cold.


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