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There’s a bunch of new accessories and improved attachments over at the AAC booth this year, mainly revolving around the Ti-RANT line of pistol silencers which have been significantly updated over the last two years. The two main upgrades involve the mounting system, making it better suited to some of the more nifty ways people have been using them on their guns.

First up is the fixed spacer. Normally the Ti-RANT system ships with a version of a Neilsen device they call the A.S.A.P. which decouples the silencer from the barrel and allows the barrel to recoil just enough to cycle the action before the silencer starts moving too. On a fixed barrel gun like a bolt action rifle this recoil device is unnecessary and actually might do more harm than good, allowing the baffles to wobble about on the barrel instead of staying perfectly still.

AAC’s old barrel spacer was a solid drop-in replacement for the spring in the A.S.A.P. system, and while it worked okay it often meant that the rear end cap didn’t properly seat. AAC’s new design replaces both the thread adapter and the spring with a new part and a smaller spring designed to keep proper tension on the rear end cap while still allowing it to properly seal. It’s a solid design that really does improve the performance of the can. Available now for $75!

Something else that I apparently missed over the last couple years is a 3-lug adapter for the Ti-RANT line. 3-lug adapters used to only be available from third party suppliers but now AAC is making a version all their own. It looks great on the silencer and adds very little additional length to the silencer, if any.

No silencer? No problem! AAC also has a 3-lug attaching flash hider for signature reduction on MP5 style firearms. MSRP is about $125.

Also new this year is the 51 tooth and 90 tooth BLASTOUT adapters. For those who want to put something silencer-esque on their gun without all the NFA paperwork (and possibly reduce the sideways blast from the muzzle brakes as well) these devices attach to the silencer mounts and simply redirect all the pressure and gasses forward with no noise suppression. MSRP is about $150, they should be available on store shelves for much less.

Finally, there’s a line of AAC branded threaded GLOCK barrels. Remington Outdoors purchased Storm Lake recently, a well known manufacturer of threaded replacement barrels, so putting the AAC branding on the side of some of their products is a no-brainer. Retail price is about $253 on AAC’s site.

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