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Under Justice Department policy, even with a plea agreement, the government is supposed to seek a plea to the “most serious,” readily provable “offense that is consistent with the nature and full extent of the defendant’s conduct.” Hunter Biden committed tax offenses that could have been charged as evasion, which is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment for each count. Furthermore, he made a false statement that enabled him to obtain a firearm; that’s a ten-year felony under legislation pushed through by then-senator Joe Biden to show how very serious Democrats are about gun crime.

Biden apologists have tried to minimize that transaction as a “lie and try” case, which they say is often not prosecuted. But such non-prosecution (though it shouldn’t happen) occurs because of what you’d infer from the “try” part — i.e., the liar got caught and failed to obtain the gun. Hunter’s case, to the contrary, is a lie and succeed case. He got the gun.

What’s more, he was then seen playing with it while cavorting with an “escort” (see the New York Post’s pictorial, if you’ve got the stomach for it). Shortly afterwards, he and his then-paramour — Hallie Biden, the widow of his older brother — managed to lose the gun near a school (it was later found by someone else).

Those are the kinds of gun cases that get charged by the Justice Department even if the suspect hasn’t, in addition, committed tax felonies by dodging taxes on the millions of dollars he was paid, apparently for being named Biden.

Yet after refusing for years to appoint a special counsel despite the five-alarm conflict of interest attendant to investigating the president’s son ( . . . and family . . . and the president himself), the Biden Justice Department is permitting Hunter Biden to dispose of the case with misdemeanor tax charges that will allow for a probation sentence, and diversion — essentially, no prosecution — on the gun felony that would result in imprisonment for most Americans who engaged in similar conduct.

Quite a deal.

— Andrew McCarthy in The Intentionally Provocative Hunter Biden Plea Deal

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  1. Life is good when you are a pedophile protected by the Federal Bureau of Iniquity and the Department of Injustice. The “leaders” of those agencies should be fired, and apolitical professionals hired in their place. soo, though, the crushing amount of evidence against the Biden crime family will be too much to ignore. Why do they need 21 different Rosemont-Seneca bank accounts that only take in foreign deposits?

    • Because they took Jennifer’s advice above and now they’ve got more money then one bank can hold

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        • The disgusting son of Jim Crow Gun Control joe the democRat who help the rapist bill clintoon bigtime with the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban gets a pass. A pass others would not receive especially after tossing a firearm in a dumpster.

          No telling what the true reason behind throwing a perfectly good firearm in a dumpster was, generally firearms disposed of in such a manner were used in a crime. The entire investigation and outcome is nothing more than sleazy favoritism at its highest level. And to add insult to injury lowlife finger pointing Gun Control loving democRats are running around concocting lame excuses for the biden crime family.

    • “Fired?” More like blindfolded and shot for Violating their Oaths of Office.

      • Waste not want not. lil’d will put them to work to gain penance through labor on the Great Lakes to Seattle canal. Supplied tool will be a plastic tea spoon.

  2. They’re like some trashy reality TV family.
    The granddaughter he diddled is going to get a bunch of trashy tattoos and move to Nevada.

  3. Oh, look, a two tiered justice system.
    The upside if there is one, is the Bidens have proven the US is a banana republic.

  4. Clearly we have a two tier justice system, one for the Democrats and the very rich, and one for the rest of us.

  5. Of course Hunter is going to plead guilty to everything. He has to do it right away before his old man croaks or finishes his term. You watch, the next day his old man will issue a presidential pardon. I bet it happens before his sentencing hearing. This needs to wait until there is a change in the Oval Office then they should both be charged under RICO & seize ALL their assets.

  6. “Justice Department policy, even with a plea agreement, the government is supposed to seek a plea to the “most serious,” readily provable “offense that is consistent with the nature and full extent of the defendant’s conduct.” :

    Establishing the Dept of “Justice” practice of extorting guilty plea from everyone they may go after. Regardless of guilt of anything in partiucular. Only 2% go to trial. They won’t go to trial unless sure will extract a “win” (vs justice) will extort a plea.

    DOJ will (fraudulently) claim they only charge/try the guilty. BS They will ruin the life of anyone in their prog sights unless take some kind of plea. And ruin their relatives. – see the Michigan governor “assassination” railroad nonsense. Or Jan 6.

  7. For all the silly crap about gun control and keeping guns away from prohibited people, there seems to be little effort to enforce laws that would help do just that.
    Lying on the form is a possible felony. With up to 10 years in prison. Biden supported the law as a Senator. Guess it’s different when it’s his kid involved. Although at 53 Hunter is not a dumb kid who needs Daddy’s protection.
    Hell, the few times as a youngster I got into anything serious, my Father told me,” You got into this mess, now you figure out how to get out of trouble.” If at 50 I had gotten into some legal problems, my father would have told me I was on my own and should have known better. Fact is, he would have said that when I was 15.
    I’ve seen some claim Hunter getting the sweet deal as white privilege. Nope. Close but not quite in the X ring. Change it to either wealth privilege, or political privilege and you would have it right.
    Just another example of the, “Rules for thee, but not for me.” attitude and the privileges taken by the Dementiacrats and the political favoritism of the Bureaucracy.
    You can bet unless something changes neither Joe Biden, nor any of his co-conspirators and family will ever face any serious consequences on anything. No matter how much proof is shown to congress or the public. There’ll be a lot of noise and posturing, but nothing else.

    • “Hell, the few times as a youngster I got into anything serious, my Father told me,” You got into this mess, now you figure out how to get out of trouble.””

      All of us kids got that ‘talk’ by age 10… 🙂

  8. The Friends and Family Program that the US Department of Justice offers those with the last name of Biden or Clinton is wonderful.

  9. Trump will get off on the stolen documents as well. There are two standards of justice, one for the elite and powerful and rich and another for the worker troglodyte slaves.

      • Trump would commit suicide after listening to Joe Biden talk retarded shit hour after hour. Joe would be saying stupid BS like…..”my son Hunter was the Navy Seal who shot Osama BinLaden in the raid on the compound”

    • Were the documents stolen? Or are they same types of documents other presidents kept after leaving office?

      The political system you pine for is more corrupt than even what we see here. The top in your system don’t wait in bread lines hoping there will be bread left. The top have absolute power over those who are not privileged.

      The perfect system does not exist. A more perfect system did untilit was infiltrated by the likes of you.

  10. From Hunter Biden, his crimes, viewing American youth have learned – have a nice life with millions of dollars you got from the Chinese and others in shady and probably illegal deals, lie about it, do all the drugs you want, and then lie about it, commit a crime to get a gun and lie about it, show off all the hookers and lady-boys you cavort with, spend another few years lying about it, pay a little in back taxes for the crime of income tax evaision…then when you finally get caught no big deal if you basically say “whoppsi, my bad” and get released to mom for ‘supervision’… no jail time or anything at all and no big deal.

    Yep, this is the model the left-wing endorses for America’s youth…mental health illness mixed with liberalism and crime.

  11. Wow! So the democrat party is a bunch of authoritarian corrupt elite pricks??

    ….who knew….

    • Watch the video… people get sent to prison frequently by the DOJ prosecution for lying on the 4473. The thing that ‘oh, its infrequent and not many’ is a lie.

  12. I assume it is now ok to use a stage name on a 4473 – as “Fred Brandon OBiden”, This would make you fed proof?

  13. where the prohibited person in posesdion charge?

    there were actually 3 laws Hunter Biden violated, each a felony. He lied on the 4473 whuch is a felony, in doing so he lied to the FFL which is also a felony, and he knew he lied on the 4473 and thus was a prohibited person so he was a prohibited person in posession which is a felony. 3 felony’s… where are the other two felony charges?

      • It’s the golden rule. Them that has the gold, rules.

        Dems are owned by corporate billionaires. biden has been in public service all his adult life. How did he get so rich on a civil service check?

        • Well, so far for whats been discovered for the Biden clan overall: shady and illegal deals with China and others through Hunter and directly, kick backs, insider trading, personal-political-influence-peddling payments.

          And, and my own personal opinion is the Biden clan (in either whole or part) is involved in the illegal drug and gun-running trade and to some extent in human trafficking. There is just too much cocaine and other drugs available to Hunter, wayyy too much for any personal use or street level personal buys. Many of Hunters prostitutes were actually transported by members of the Biden clan to different countries, at one point, in a group of 40. Three weeks ago there were several government crates of guns designated for Ukraine that were found in possession of a person trying to take them into Mexico, the person is known to be a person paid by a member of the Biden clan for various tasks.

          Its amazing what MSM doesn’t report on. But if ya get access to a certain Bloomberg organization feed a bunch of stuff flows through it and the picture emerges when you put the pieces together from the various free lancers they use.

  14. I dont care about lied on 4473 because there shouldn’t be a 4473.
    If they want registration and that’s what it is just take down the serial numbers and who bought it.

  15. I seem to recall a hip hop performer called Kodak, or Kodiak Black. Something to that effect. Anyways, he was charged with lying about habitual drug use on his 4473 and sentenced to IRC 3 years in prison. But, Biden gets diversion, basically told go and sin no more for a couple years and the charges will be dismissed.
    Talk about the ultimate in wealth privilege. You have money for good lawyers or the right political connections and get charges dropped or reduced, but be the wrong color, or political party etc. and get the full ride.
    Of course, Daddy could just as easily have the DOJ charge and convict Hunter and then just quietly pardon him. That is if Daddy remembers who Hunter is. He already gets confused who is his wife and who is his sister.

  16. Hey let’s start referencing drug arrests with gun purchases and catch a few thousand more liars.

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