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“‘Comprehensive background checks’ means gun registration. Registration leads to confiscation. Always has. Always will. And that leaves us less safe.” That’s my comment underneath the box-fresh ad from the Mayors Against Ilegal Guns’ ad just posted on YouTube. I wonder how long that will last. [Update: comments disabled.] In any case, billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s homies are launching $12m national advertising campaign on Monday. “The ads, in a dozen states, will blanket those senators’ districts during an Easter congressional recess that is to be followed by debate over the legislation,” reports. The NRA’s Chris Cox comeback is a classic . . .

The NRA plans to roll out its own lobbying campaign, using print and broadcast advertising to reach lawmakers during the recess. But its leaders said that their investment was unlikely to rival the intensity of Bloomberg’s spending, to be carried out through Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group he co-founded.

‘‘Can we match Mayor Bloomberg dollar for dollar?’’ asked Chris W. Cox, the group’s chief lobbyist. ‘‘No one can. We don’t have to.’’ . . .

‘’What he is going to find out is that Americans don’t want to be told by some elitist billionaire what they can eat, drink and they damn well don’t want to be told how, when and where they can protect their families,’’ Cox said.

And I can’t wait until Shall Not Be Questioned gets on the trail of this OFWG-wanna-be actor, who’s about as credible a 2A proponent as Rosie-Jones, and a lot harder on the eyes.

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  1. “Protect gun rights with [gun control measure]” is like saying “Protect gay rights with DOMA.”

    And background checks already exist to prevent the mentally ill and felons. Adam Lanza wasn’t able to buy a gun, which is why he killed his mother and stole HERS.

    • +1

      Funny how everyone wants to bring up Sandy Hook, yet no one wants to talk about the ugly truth of matricide. Last I checked, we got a law for that.

  2. Biden admits that we only prosecute less than 1% of people who fail/lie the NICS check because we don’t have the manpower, but MORE background checks are the answer?

    Oh, also, if I could say one thing to that “hunter”?
    “Get yer booger hook of the dang bang switch you moron!”

  3. flannel, check.
    crappy beard, check.
    camo hat, check.
    pickup truck, check
    fruitbasket in truckbed, check.
    barn, check,
    tire swing, check.
    trigger finger violation. checkamundo.

    • i am glad im not the only one who noticed that trigger finger violation.

      hey, is that shotgun now banned in CO and NY? Looks like it holds more than 7 1.75″ shells, and its readily convertible. Id like to see an add about THAT.

  4. Oh yeah, you tell ’em fake hunter guy! Lets make it so insane people can’t buy guns and then send them on their way so they can’t hurt anyone! No, nothing else needs to be done. Just make them leave after they try to buy a gun. I’m sure they won’t find weapons another way and it’s much less effort than to go after the real problem.

  5. Wow. Did they leave out any stereotypes? Let’s count them. Kids (2) on a tire swing. A barn (needing paint). Pickup truck. Young dad needing a shave and sitting on the tail gate. Plaid coat. Rugged outdoor baseball cap. Green tarp and apple basket in the truck bed. Pump shotgun (with magazine easily expandable to high capacity?) Finger on trigger (oops).
    Did I miss anything. Oh, I forgot. Well paid actor!

    • This will get him boosted to the next Arnie and Stallon movie, where he gets to off all the good guys with a stolen firearm, that is full auto, with it’s gas suppressor in place.

  6. LoL! He’s got the mother of all violations going on there. So they can’t even hire a decent actor who knows basic gun safety. What a sham. 12 million for an ad even the most basic hunter with Grand Dad training would know better than to believe. This is an ad made by antis for antis. Nothing gained or lost here that I see. Nice try Bloomberg.

  7. Strange even MAIG has dropped the AWB and is in for Schumer’s registration bill. Only Obama/Biden are mouthing off for it. Probably repeat probably to ease there loss to there fascist base who is still crying the blues.

    You opinion Ralph?

    • POTUS and VPOTUS are handling the frontal assault. MAIG is handling the flanking movement, Objective — encirclement. Basic Wehrmacht military doctrine.

  8. Look at it more closely. HD and full screen. Sorry, but his finger isn’t on the trigger. His hand is too far forward on the receiver. His trigger finger is way forward of the trigger and the rest of his fingers are wrapped around the bottom of the receiver/trigger guard area. Yeah, he’s an actor hired by a numbskull to perpetuate the lie that universal background checks will keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. The action should be open, given his location and what he’s doing. But his finger isn’t on the trigger.

    • i know his finger isn’t on the trigger, but do you hold the trigger guard like that? ever? with kids right behind you? didn’t think so.

  9. How in the heck does another unneeded law that defines who the .Guv will allow to own a firearm protect the Rights given to me by God?

  10. “Among Bloomberg’s targets are some of the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrats, including Kay R. Hagan of North Carolina, Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark L. Pryor of Arkansas, for whom the gun issue is particularly problematic because they will need Republican votes to win re-election.”

    This is interesting. If Bloomberg is going to try to screw the Democratic Senators whom Harry Reed is trying to protect, he may eventually create problems for himself, given that gun control is mostly a Democratic undertaking.

  11. To Ken: Come to think about it, it doesn’t matter. If they are willing to fight dirty to take away our rights, I take it as a license to fight dirty to protect them. “MAIG promotes unsafe gun use” has a nice ring to it. 🙂

    • Well then, as I noted above, take issue with a legitimate safety concern demonstrated in the video: closed action while sitting around yammering with the barrel pointed who knows where.

  12. I’m not so sure this is a genuine hunter. Or MAYBE he needed the money the ad generated. But to you who seem unfamiliar with the Rem 870 pump shotgun, this guy’s finger is NOT on the trigger. Google a pic of the mod.870. The trigger is BEHIND the bolt opening, or about the center of his hand.

  13. It’s just that if the hand were around the guard, the knuckle would have been a lot lower under the receiver. Then again, I am not that into conspiracy theories.

    • I also noticed that the comments were disabled. It’s sad that Bloomberg and his sycophants can’t handle the critics because they know that Elmer Fudd in the video would be discredited.

  14. The only thing that guy has ever hunted was his SAG card.

    ARGH! you beat me to it! Actors Equity would be acceptable as well
    By the way you can go to YouTube and click the Thumbs Down icon

  15. “Alright CUT!” Well I think we’ll use this cut, thanks again for doing this commercial!

    “Great, now I can get out of this crap and get back to my purple plaid shirt and skinny jeans!”

    Trivia, they were going to show him driving the truck, but he couldn’t figure out what the third pedal was for……

  16. I love it that pump action shotguns are the “reasonable” person’s gun. With the tubular magazine, you can reload after every shot if you feel like it, making them basically bottomless. Also, a 12 gauge shell holds 9 projectiles, so a four shell tube has 6 more projectiles than a 30 round magazine. Sandy Hook could have easily been carried out with a pump action and a messenger bag full of shells. But hey, at least they don’t have sholder things that go up, right?

    • Good point Carlos. a 2.75 in. 12 gauge shell carries 9 000buckshot.If you switch to #1 Buckshot (.30 cal) , you have 16 projectiles, switch up to 2.75 baby mag #1 and you now have 21 per shell, Switch to the 12 ga 3″ mag and you now have 27 #1 buckshot per shell. So each 3″ mag shell with “each shot” spews out almost a 30 round mag worth (27) at each pull of the trigger. Can you imagine the carnage had the Co. theater shooter used a shotgun with buckshot in that crowded theater.

  17. To Ken again (I am getting a feeling that my computer will mangle the thread again): it’s just that I am getting more and more convinced that gun advocates should have no qualms about adopting gun grabbers methods. Perception is reality (so they say), and Joe Schmoe the voter is convinced that violent crime is rising, whereas in reality it is falling. Why not hold our collective noses and use the same on them – turnabout is a fair play.

  18. Funny, you guys get upset when you are “stereotyped” but when you do it to liberals or centrists…it is okay. Bunch of f’n hypocrites. Makes me ashamed to be part of the gun owner crowd. I will stand up for my 2nd Amendment rights, but you guys really are a bunch of whiners. Obama has done great things for the gun industry. Everything is sold out immediately, ammo once on the shelves…gone, prices are high and stuff is being sold at a record pace, government is ordering 1.4 billion rounds of ammo (guess where the money goes), leader of the NRA is making $975,000 a f’n year + freebies, and the gun industry will have record profits. Ask yourself one question, why has the big gun industry/manufactures not fought back? Because, they know what is truly going on and do not want to tell you because it will take away from the profits.

    • Are you trying to say that Bloomberg and his organization cannot handle the reality that the general public isn’t buying into the BS? Say it isn’t so. 🙂

  19. With rights come responsibility? So, when I have to go hat in hand and ask massa from the G if I can exercise my rights, does that make it a right? And because some evil bastard all the way across country from me committed a horrible crime my rights are some how responsible?

    Didn’t Hitler run this same scenario? Somebody, maybe from village A killed a german, so the whole village was wiped out. Is that what Hillery meant when she said it takes a whole village?

  20. Hunters, target shooters, tin-foil hatters, those who took an oath, and those who just want to be able to protect their family. We have to stick together. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Even if we perceive hunters to abandon us, do not return the favor.

    • and be weary of those who attempt to spread strife within the ranks of second amendment supporters, they should be easy enough to spot

  21. I saw that MAIG disabled comments- and then noticed the “flag as inappropriate” button. It gives you like 7 options, including Violent/Repulsive, Harmful/Abusive, Dangerous Acts, and finally, Infringes on my rights. I want to flag it, but can’t choose just ONE category.

  22. I think we who cherish our Second Amendment rights should emphasize that it is not hunting that tops our list of reasons for owning firearms, but defense of self, family, and property. I do not hunt, and don’t plan to hunt unless my local supermarket stops selling meat. My weapons are NOT for hunting, but for leveling the playing field, or perhaps giving me an outright advantage, should a situation arise that merits my using lethal force. When we gun folks allow our anti-gun opponents to portray us as being worried that civilian disarmament measures will impact our ability to hunt, we weaken our claim to the right to own semi-automatic pistols and/or long guns, and magazines of whatever capacity we choose.

    • Could not agree with you more, Conway. A few decades ago, the “sporting purposes” argument seemed to divide gun owners more than it does today. I hope we don’t let that sort of thing divide us again. I don’t own a semi-automatic rifle like an AR or AK, but I don’t want anyone telling me I can’t have one because they’re not necessary for hunting. Just as soon as I hear someone mention “hunting” in a gun control discussion, I remind them that the Second Amendment is not about hunting or shooting sports.

  23. I’d like to know how many folks here would be ok with a private-transfer background check IF AND ONLY IF the government was forbidden to retain any record of such transactions after the buyer checks out (and never any records whatsoever on the seller).

    Personally, I’d be fine with that if the provision against retaining records were written without any ambiguity.

    I’d just like to see how lonely I am out here as a Second Amendment supporter who doesn’t oppose background checks under those conditions.

    • The difficulty here is the need to trust the government 100% in that they’d never retain the records. Let’s face it, the idea of the federal government creating a law or provision “written without any ambiguity” is contrary to their true nature.

      Even if they did write a UBC law that clearly forbade record-keeping, it would be a simple matter to come along and reverse that later. Any move toward UBCs is a slippery slope that could eventually be used by the grabbers for confiscation.

      You, of course, always have the option of doing a transfer through an FFL with a background check. In the very unlikely event I’d ever part with one of my arms, that’s what I’d probably do, but it’s my own personal choice, not a mandate from a government that isn’t supposed to regulate me in that regard.

    • Shane I get what you’re saying and don’t think you’re totally out of bounds, but I also echo the same concerns expressed by ExMonk.

      The provision against retaining ANY records, however, would have to be extremely strong in language and strictly enforced. I’m still not on board with UBC’s because I am distrustful of centralized power, but IF some sort of legislation was passed requiring them, I would hope it was as simple and pain-free as the seller merely calling in, punching in the buyer’s SS number and getting a simple yay or nay. Nothing about the type, make or model of the weapon is asked, ONLY whether or not the buyer is cleared based on having a record free of felonies.

      I don’t like the idea of having any sort of universal gun owners ID used to run UBC because that separates gun owners from non-gun owners.

      I buy pretty much exclusively from my LGS and therefore have a BGC run every time I purchase, so I’m not as avidly anti-UBC as others. But at the end of the day, I also don’t necessarily see them making much of a difference and I’m not sure the rewards outweigh the risks. If a bad guy wants a gun and he knows he can’t have one, common sense tells us that he probably has a few bad friends who can get him a gun anyways.

      • I do have the same concerns about trusting the government to do as the law demands, but if the law were written clearly – if there were a provision, as you say, against retaining any records whatsoever – then I would not oppose it. If private-sales checks make acquiring guns less convenient for criminals, I can sacrifice a few minutes of time for the NICS.

    • No

      Can you unring a bell? Can any data/list once create by gov’t be uncreated/deleted? NO.

      And the Fed Govt as if exists today can be trusted NONE of the time

    • Universal background checks would mean you’d be required to run one even if selling to a friend or relative. It would probably be required if you bought a firearm for the wife or kid. It’s just dumb. Criminals won’t run background checks. It’s just another way to punish law abiding citizens and open the door to registration. They can’t enforce that kind of law without registration.

  24. It dawned on me this morning, why the “hunter” is sporting the beard and ball cap — he doesn’t want to be recognized. I know most political ads use paid actors to deliver “the message”, but in this case, I think the speaker’s identity-politics is pertinent to the credibility of the message.

    I’d love to know who this guy is so that a counter-message that defets his “I” rendered Mayor Hitler’s money completely wasted.

  25. Almost all of Bloomberg sponsored videos on YT do not allow for comments or ratings. I wonder why that is the case. Could it be a total mis-information propaganda machine spinning their own un-reality.

  26. Mayors Against “Illegal” Guns? Then why are they targeting honest “Legal” gun owners? It’s all slight of hand and smoke and mirrors. I live in Boston, MA where I’ve been “registered” for 25+ years now as all legal concealed carriers are, and we still have gang bangers killing each other. And I’m pretty sure they’re not NRA members. Once again, “looking” like you’re doing something about the problem, is a lot easier than “actually” doing something about illegal guns: that would take real money and manpower and stepping over the ACLU. Gun control is about “control” not guns. Bloomberg should give that money to Chicago so they can at least hire more cops and investigators and catch bad guys.

    • All of Bloomberg’s billions wouldn’t help the people of Chicago. The whole bundle would be stolen before it trickled down to street-level solutions.

  27. How come “Guns” can be illegal when there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant who is holding the gun?

  28. This would be a nice bookend to a Colion Noir gun rights ad. Let the cartoonish hillbilly stereotype advocate gun control and the let the funny sophisticated black guy argue for gun rights. Liberal heads would explode.

  29. I’m late to the party on this, but I have to say I’m really amused by all the early “finger on the trigger” WHARRGARBL from usernames that I would have assumed would know better. I watched the video 3x thinking I must have missed something, or they’d changed the video, because I didn’t think all those people would have all gotten it wrong. Glad some others came along and pointed out the obvious.

    There’s plenty of real stuff to call the Civilian Disarmament Movement on; don’t be so quick to rush to judgement on non-existent or irrelevant stuff, because then you just look dumb later.

  30. They disabled ratings, too. I really wanted to dislike it! Difficult to appear authentic when a man who dyes his beard talks about 2nd Amendment and hunting with his finger on the trigger and kids in the background. The truck is probably a Toyota…

  31. Can someone name that stupid hick looking stereotypical country actor. Lets blast his personal information on line for all to see.


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