Maybe Israelis Can Now Teach the Gun Control Industry a Thing or Two

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  1. Why would you think so? The antis watched Ukraine hand out machine guns with approval, and never recognized the cognitive dissonance when they turned around and screeched for more gun control in America. My question is, why do Jews in both Israel and here in USA continually vote for their own disarmament?

      • I Lol-ed at that, she “welcomed the stranger” they in turn “multiculturalized” her in seconds, guaranteed as the descendant of Holocaust survivors she said “Never Forget” thousands of times during her life yet she did and paid the price for her twisted ideology. Weep not for her, save your tears for the real victims ie. the Israelis going about their day who were massacred.

      • Sounds like what has happened with a few of the anti-gun, defund the police democrat politicians that got car jacked/robbed recently. You reap what you sow.

    • I have a strong suspicion that Jewish democrats are going to soon realize their political party’s new priority is to kill them.

      • Hardly a new priority. I wouldn’t bet a whole lot of $$$ on a Jewish “red wave” this election, their gas chamber mentality has around 90% of them voting for democrats. My hope for the IDF success has noting to do with imaginary sky frenz, they are the only democracy around . . . and they voted for their own disarmament. Kinda hard for me to respect that choice.

        • Don’t bet on that, the USA’s Jewish Democrats are ideologically rigid it’s why 90%+ of that community has voted for Democrats for decades, like blacks they are their own worst enemy, as an example just look at Israel’s Libs/Progs who since Obama and now Biden were elected tried to orchestrate a coup de etat on Bibi Netanyahu.

    • think the Israelis may finally have arrived at an “aha” moment…leftist trends in that country led to this current state of affairs….

    • “My question is, why do Jews in both Israel and here in USA continually vote for their own disarmament?”

      They are so welded to their Leftist ideology that they believe their own bullshit without question.

      …because they have seen what happens to those that do (social ostracism), without realizing what that *really* is, the eventual pathway to enslavement.

      Absolute power corrupts, absolutely… 🙁

      • It’s the mentality that being a victim gives them “moral authority”.

        Hard to have moral authority when you’re dead.

      • Yeah but there just ain’t many of them, my wife is one (Jewish) who loves her guns so do a very small percentage of her family, the majority on the other hand are committed Leftists and still in the Progressive’s concentration camps.

  2. I’ve always been under the impression that it was not difficult for an Israeli citizen to own a firearm. Not like where I am, but less difficult than some states. There is no way I’d live anywhere unarmed. Legal, or not.

    • You would think that after doing their mandatory military service in addition to that area being one of the most dangerous parts of the world, not to mention being surrounded by people who hate you and want to see your entire race wiped from the planet and its history that they would be issuing guns for free to every man woman and child who could aim one and pull the trigger… I guess control over the population is more important than life itself (of the general population that is)…

      • they were more worried about arming the arabs in their midst…while ignoring the larger threat….

    • It’s available to people who have made sergeant and above in their army. Basically career military. The people who do two years compulsory service cutdon’t get to apply for license.

      There are also a number of exemptions from military service for various reasons.

      In contrast Singapore where there is also compulsory service encourages people to keep up their shooting skills.

      You can go to the range where rifle and ammunition is supplied for free. If you qualify once a year as expert there is a cash bonus paid. I had a good day there a couple of years back and my host wanted to put my target in as his.

      • But very very few can own/possess a gun in Singapore. Very restrictive.

        The number of registered guns in Singapore is reported to be 2017: 7951

        The rate of registered guns per 100 people in Singapore is 2017: 0.015

  3. People get shot a lot just north of where I live in ILL annoy. Not a question that’s comes up much! Oh from what I can determine I can swap my verboten AR bolt carrier group & charging handle for a Kali Key bundle to have a “bolt action” rifle. Talked to my favorite gun shop and they have it in stock. They were also plaintiffs in a suit against Illinois dismissed downstate by corrupt judges bought off by an obese govner. 10 rounds of green-tip 556 is ok till we move to Indiana🙄Can you weigh in BOCH???

    • Green tip is great for car doors/glass/misc barriers and lightweight uhmwpe plates. For most anything else m193 is fine for general purpose (including ar500 with 16+in barrel) but others can point you to better open tip match type ammo and m855a1 (brownish tip) is downright nasty.

      • Oh but armor piercing is great for the gestapo😀 I got plenty of soft point & 193 too SAFE🙄

        • If you can source legit ap black tip m995/993 you are looking way better than I am for such things. Tungsten carbide does nasty things on most protective options that do not cause back injuries during hard use. If you go way out into the weeds the 8mm Mauser ap is downright horrifying against modern body armor. For my end 458 Lott with dangerous game solids are the best legal option but ……yeah but out of budget for the moment.

    • Whenever Kali Key has had sponsored posts on TTAG, they’ve had comments disabled so no one can ask how it improves suppressor use (as claimed) while also supposedly venting gas out the ejection port (also claimed).

      • No plans for a silencer so what ever. I doubt I’ll care when we move out of our crappy state. Kali Key is just a stopgap. A Youtube guy 1shot TV has a recent video where he claims less gas vents. He’s left handed so he was “happy”. I’m in no mood to ask the feds for a permission slip!

        • Silencers would be on the agenda after a move for .458 (45-70 for now) and 9mm no idea if I will get around to the various intermediate options.

  4. Demonstrations in nyc and elsewhere on the behalf of hamas demonstrated again another need to be well armed…Mental illness is not only in the middle east it’s marching around in the USA.

  5. Pretty sure the bulk of the antis still want the Israelis unarmed seeing as how they all support Hamas in their struggle to saw the heads off babies and gang rape grade schoolers.

    • Just read about a father in Ireland who was thankful both his grade-school age daughters were killed in the initial attack, saving them from what awaits others who were taken back to Gaza alive.

    • Notice how the language used by Hamas and their supporters is the same language used by BLM and their supporters. It shouldn’t be a surprise that BLM officially supported the recent Hamas attack on Jews. In America, the “colonizers” are white people. In America, the “oppressed” and “subjugated” are supposedly everyone except white people. Leftist are trying to indoctrinate children to grow up hating certain people (anyone who might oppose the regime) and this country, just like Palestinians do to their children.

        • Need a large cohesive population to attack the oppressor group. They will be divided and treated as oppressors when they become troublesome, sorta like the various nonanglosaxon whites of a century and change ago.

      • BLM did come out in support.

        Seems they don’t know more Africans were sold to Middle East than north or South America combined. Treated worse with pretty much all the male slaves being gelded.

  6. Israel needs gun…but only right now.
    Later, they wont.

    Those that survive will reject them and keep in power people that will not let them have any. The very same thing will happen in Ukraine. There is proof of this everywhere. All you have to do is take a look around you. The people of New York will keep the very same elected officials in office that campaign on the idea of gun control. We see this in California and Illinois too. If this world’s Jewish population had learned something from history, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM would make it their top priority in life to be armed to the teeth. That would make this conflict with Israel over very quickly.

    Over the last few years we have been seeing a huge number of people buying firearms and a great many of them were AR’s and Glocks. As things cool off and appear to be getting back to normal, we see many of them sold back to the FFL’s, turned in at gun-buybacks, or individually sold to others.

    Self defense might be a God given right but it is a mindset that a large portion of the human population just doesn’t have. But they are certainly motivated by fear.

    • Head/nail. The overwhelming majority of Israelis are so yella its amazing to imagine any of their ancestors being made of tougher stuff. Same goes for most populations these days, I suppose. The modern Israeli is content hiding in their basement hoping and praying that Christoph Waltz doesn’t waltz in with ze Flammenwerfer.

  7. CEOs joining push to not hire students backing Hamas…. but the CEOs donate to BLM and BLM says they support hamas.

    • These are likely the same CEO’s that were the most demanding that their employees get the Covid shots, wear masks, and are now requiring them to come back to work at the office after working for years at home.

        • They supported and amplified a lot of the nonsense of the last few years. If they want something they can fight for it.

        • Not everything needs to be done at the office. Some things are better done by remote. Many jobs simply cannot be done from home. If it can be then I see no reason to take the option off the table.

  8. Actually this is one case where it doesn’t matter what side you are on the underlying lesson is the same:gun control kills. If you are pro Palestine (maybe check your moral compass after last Saturday) but guns can help free Palestine from the people keeping them in an “open air prison”. There words not mine. If you are pro Israel then it is hard to see the pictures of the doors to the safe rooms being shot up and thinking “thank god they didn’t have a gun to defend themselves”

    • Your pining for the days before there was a wall when killings were a daily occurrence a favorite was blowing up school buses or maybe a wedding or two for some change.

  9. It amazes me that almost no Jews seem to understand what Esther won for her people as they celebrate Purim.

  10. Can we just get to the point where “we” in the 2A community accept that it’s not that they “don’t understand”? Can we be honest with ourselves here? Please, for the love of Christ?

    They’re not dumb, they’re not stupid, they’re not inept and they most certainly don’t have a problem understanding. They grok quite well, in fact. It’s you who doesn’t understand and you’re becoming annoying. Until you’re willing to accept and openly say that these people are not honest and are not arguing in good faith you’re 3/4ths as bad as they are because you’re going to keep trying to argue mUh FAcTz aNd LoGic with people who don’t care about them and will use every trick in the book to fuck you over.

    And you’ll keep allowing it.

    They’re lying and propagandizing. Your facts and logic mean nothing to them because, for these people, there is only power.

    • “They grok quite well, in fact. It’s you who doesn’t understand and you’re becoming annoying.”

      One of the things that terrifies most people is the fear of social ostracism. Rather than experiencing that, they will simply sit down and shut up and ignore what’s happening around them. “No, that’s not the stench of human flesh I’m smelling, it’s something else.”

      It’s literally what happened in 1930s Germany. (“I know what I am seeing all around me, but I’ve seen what happens to those that spoke out about it!)

      It’s a giant sick mind-fuck, and they’ve trained their ‘droids well… 🙁

      • It’s not the ‘droids that really bother me. It’s the people on the other side who can’t see this strategy for what it is.

        To use another popfic analogy: You don’t argue facts and logic with a Ring Wraith. The Wraith doesn’t care about your facts and logic, it has a goal and will do whatever it can to achieve that goal.

        It’s a constant amazement to me that 2A people want to try to argue with people who’ve spent 100+ years openly saying they want to exterminate 2A type people.

        • In other news, on the ammo front:

          Lake City is no longer selling ammo to civvies, they’re halting all commercial sales “in response to overseas events”.

          Explosion at the Hornady facility in Grand Island, NE. 1 reported dead and several injured.

        • And there it is–the Ruling Class will use this new war to reduce the ammunition supply to civilians while simultaneously increasing their objectives (causing as much chaos and suffering as possible to the masses plus consolidating power and wealth).

          That kind of makes me wonder if the Ruling Class enabled this new war in the Middle East.

        • Whether by design or happy byproduct, they’ve been working on pricing you out of ammo for a long time.

          I’ve been pointing out the pricing pressures on ammo, intentional or not, have the same effect and those pressures have increased regularly since 2020. At some point, something in the market/supply chain breaks and then a lot of tears will be shed over the price of ammo.

          Which is just the forerunner to other, more important, things from a social stability point of view.

    • strych9 is right as usual.

      Few and far between are people who change their worldview upon learning new facts, truth, and logic.

      Exceedingly common are people who change their worldview due to emotional motivations.

      Please note that emotionally motivated people do not exchange information the same way that those few logical people do. Emotional people simply vomit words in a desperate attempt to “resonate” with you (on any level in any way) and thus pull you into their group. If your messaging violates their core beliefs or their group beliefs, then they reject your messaging and counter with anything and everything to suck you in. They have ZERO interest in your contrary position. I have said it before on this site and I will say it again: you cannot educate nor persuade an emotionally motivated person any more than you can a violent criminal man who is intent on raping a woman.

      Plan accordingly.

  11. re: the gun control industry

    you literally cant fix stupid

    and you literally cant argue with crazy

    • Something my Ol’Man taught me over 50 years ago. You should never try to teach a pig to sing…It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  12. Let’s not confuse RtKaBA for any and all righteous purposes with the permission to KaBA solely to forward the government’s goals.

  13. Leftists will never learn the truth about self defense. It is against their agenda to gain and maintain control over the people.

  14. What blooduy Lessons/ Are you suggeting thatthe USA is in danger of invasu ion/ Where from?MEXIC? o CANADA’
    Let me remind you that ISRAEL was invaded by maybe 2000 HAMAS TERRORISTS aand has now suffered upwards of 1500 casulaties Meanwhil inthe USA which has NOT been invaded there is r yerar on year betweenTWENTY THOUSAND casualties at the hands on HOME GROWN terrorists – what else can you call the people who open fire on people shopping for Bread and Milk and on SCHOOL CHILDREN.
    Let me also ,point out that most ISRAELIS have easy access to all manner of weaponry – how else can they mobilise 300,000 plus men and women in less than five days, What’s more aLL Israelis know how to use them because ALL Israelis have had very advanced When I went to Israel admittedly a few decadesago I spent a couple of days ina KIBBUTZ and literally everybody had immediate access to either an Automatic Rifle or a UZI Type SMG
    If you mnthinkthat your average ARMED civilian in the USA would do many better thanthe Israelis you are sadly delusional. The equivalent to the Israeli attack would be to drop a couple of thousand nighly trained COMMANDOS or USMC [And the HAMAS fighter were excetionally well trained] fully locked and loaded into sauyy URBAN America withnthe instry uctiona to kille as many as possible before youtoo have been killed and most of the invaders in Israel have been killed by now] Those ARMED Americasn would end up shooting MORE of each other than any Commados who looked and dressed just like them
    If you are going to quote cases to justify yourselves fo fucks sake pick a LOGICAL one

    • “Let me remind you that ISRAEL was invaded by maybe 2000 HAMAS TERRORISTS aand has now suffered upwards of 1500 casulaties Meanwhil inthe USA which has NOT been invaded there is r yerar on year betweenTWENTY THOUSAND casualties at the hands on HOME GROWN terrorists – what else can you call the people who open fire on people shopping for Bread and Milk and on SCHOOL CHILDREN.”

      and ~99% of those “TWENTY THOUSAND” killed were not armed with a firearm for defense and had they been armed with a firearm for defense they would have been, on average, ~96% more likely to escape death by employing DGU early in the encounter.

      “and on SCHOOL CHILDREN” – in gun free zones, and such zones only attract such killers and in reality do nothing to defend/protect those “SCHOOL CHILDREN” from those killers when they show up. And the killers know this about guns free zones, having best chance of lack of firearms defense that can stop or repel them, which is why over 95% of mass shootings (which includes school shootings) happen in gun free zones.

      You want to cry about something – then cry for those killed in gun free zones that could have been defended had they been allowed a firearms means of defense. You want to rage against something, then hold the politicians responsible for those deaths by creating and putting people in the trap of a gun free zone that basically by law guarantees defenseless prey to these mentally ill killers, hold those politicians who create those zones responsible for making those people defenseless and lying to them about how much safer they were in a ‘gun free zone’.

      “Let me remind you that ISRAEL was invaded by maybe 2000 HAMAS TERRORISTS aand has now suffered upwards of 1500 casulaties”

      Most from missile attacks, and except for the armed in combat ‘military’ casualties – those killed directly by hamas by firearms were (mostly) not armed with firearms so this false comparison of yours is stupid because in every case where a ‘community’ area was invaded by hamas and the israeli citizens were armed with firearms they fought back and overcame the invading hamas terrorist.

      and this and everything else you wrote denies the reality, its delusional left wing lying crap.

      shove it you ignorant piece of worthless ….

    • Where do you get your numbers? Oh, right you just reach back and pull them out of your ass… If I was a Brit, I’d have to hunt you down and kick your ass for embarrassing the rest of the population…

    • Albert L J Hall, please tell me you don’t remember 9/11?
      And I see your spelling has gone to shit again. But then that is where your mind is at. In shit.

    • Prince Albert, you bloody wanking poofter, fake military, fake Limey lying propagandist,

      So spouting stupid, incorrect Leftist talking points isn’t getting the job done, so revert to outright LIES?????

      Let me put you some knowledge, fake-Limey,

      1. Of those (alleged) 20,000 killed, how many were in schools, supermarkets, theaters, etc.??? Oh, that’s right . . . . very few. 80+% of those “victims” were gangbangers. 80+% of “violent crime” occurs in stupid, blue jurisdictions, or a few blue cities in red states.

      2. How many Israelis are there? That’s right, about 10,000,000. There are 360 million Americans, you dumbsh*t. 1,200 Israeli CIVILIANS killed, in just this latest raid (how many more IDF soldiers have been killed? How many Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians between 1/1/23 and this latest Hamas terrorism? And what percentage is that of the Israeli population? What percentage of the US population does that (alleged) 20,000 number??

      (It’s OK, if that’s too hard for you, see if you know anyone smart enough to use a calculator for you.)

      Prince Albert, for someone who styles himself a Brit, your spelling, grammar, and word use put me in mind of an American teenager from an urban area – completely uneducated, and borderline illiterate.

      So off, swampy.

  15. Marxists and their brain dead groupies ignore the obvious. They want our guns so they can do the same to us as Hamas just did to Israel. Why expect Marxists to be anything other than Marxists?

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