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 Massachusetts State Trooper at Logan (courtesy

“Massachusetts lawmakers are still grappling with dozens of gun-related bills more than six months after a shooting rampage left 20 first-graders and six educators dead in neighboring Connecticut,” reports. To quote Ellen Foley, STOP RIGHT THERE! Before we go any further, do lawmakers “grapple” with legislation? I’m thinking that “sleazing” would be more apt. Secondly, what bill can prevent another Sandy Hook-style homicidal rampage? The State Troopers, above, understand the importance of firepower in that regard. And as we’ve pointed out before, post-Sandy Hook mental health measures can have the exact opposite effect, discouraging the mentally ill from seeking treatment. Not to mention opening the door to civilian disarmament. Hey, you want gun control? The Bay State’s got gun control. To wit:

[The bills on the Massachusetts legislative agenda] include proposals like Gov. Deval Patrick’s legislation to tighten access to high-powered rounds of ammunition, create four new types of firearms-related crimes and mandate that buyers undergo background checks before purchasing weapons at gun shows.

While Patrick’s bill takes a sweeping approach to updating the state’s firearms laws, many of the other nearly 60 gun-related bills under consideration are more targeted.

They include proposals that would treat toy guns as true weapons if used during a crime, require gun dealers to collect identifying information from anyone who buys bulletproof vests or body armor, establish statewide gun buyback programs and study whether GPS locators should be installed in guns.

Yet another proposal would create a Gun Offender Registry Board, modeled in part after the state’s existing Sex Offender Registry Board designed to track convicted sex offenders. The gun offender board would maintain a centralized computerized registry of all gun offenders in Massachusetts. The bill defines a gun offender as anyone convicted of the unlawful use or criminal possession of a firearm.

Outlaw “high-powered ammo,” create more criminal classifications, institute “universal” background checks, require body armor registration, spend tax dollars on buying broken-ass guns and investigate useless [if not for Big Brother] firearms “safety” technology and pave the way for a gun owner registry. And that’s what, seven ideas?

Oops. Forgot mandatory liability insurance for firearms owners. Make it eight. Out of sixty. Not bright ideas, the legislature’s traveling road show devised. Propagandize? Whatever. Anyway . . .

What could possibly go wrong? Aside from everything, that is. Face it: “it”—meaning freedom, liberty and self-reliance—has already gone wrong in Massachusetts. The fact that these ideas are seeing the light of day in the state where the Tea Party told an oppressive government where to stick it is deeply saddening. For some. For others, it’s common sense.

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    • 46 years I’ve dealt with this crap. Patrick will sign anything coming across his desk that smacks of gun control – and he won’t even read it first.

      • You Massachutseans should be offering to spit shine those jackboots. Bow down to your masters, bitchez.

        • We, by way of our DB politicians are known as Massholes, not Massachutseans. But thanks for the input I’ll add it to the list.

    • Funny how in Mass they have laws the common folk can’t have this or that…yet they can carry large cap mags in MP5s with suppressors… Yet if you have a gun without all the expensive permits, you get a year in jail…

      That’s why I live in New Hampshire… If those terrorists had been loose in New Hampshire, every citizen would have just protected their own property with their AR-15s…in Mass, everyone is huddled inside scared while the police play Call of Duty for an entire day…

      • Not everyone was cowering in fear in Mass. Had that POS wannabe terrorist hid in my boat, the only shots fired would have been fired from my rifle or handgun, and a call would have been made to the police to come pick up that piece of trash (no offense to police, I think they did a good job actually). Just know that not all of us Massholes stick our heads in the sand!

        • I’m with you Hogan, you spoke my thoughts perfectly. Also, check GOAL’s website, the state is having a bunch of meetings about the new proposals. Go and voice your opinion. I will.

  1. “Gun Offender Registry” – Maybe I watched too much Law and Order or CSI as a teenager but dont we already have crimminal databases? Here is an idea, maybe crimminals convicted of violent crimes shouldnt be allowed out of jail.

    • But we need to move gun offenders, rapists, and pedophiles out of prisons to make room for all those evil, evil pot smokers….

    • Isn’t there already a gun offender registry? It’s called a criminal record. Last I checked if you have any weapons-related charges pinned on you the gun rights are gone. A gun offender registry would do nothing positive, nothing the current system does not do, and would only be used for anti-gun propaganda and fear-mongering. It would be another tool to turn moms against guns, they could go online and look at all the “gun offenders” so they won’t feel safe in the area they’ve felt safe in for years, the same way the sex offender list works. They want to make gun ownership seem riskier to make it unappealing in any way possible, in this case it’s setting gun owners equal to sex offenders and psychopaths.

  2. “Secondly, what bill can prevent another Sandy Hook-style homicidal rampage? ”

    No bill can prevent that. But there’s one that could stop another Sandy Hook-style homicidal rampage — allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on school campus. So where’s that bill?

    • That got lost when filed somewhere between the bills “for the children (that we really dont give an eff about)” and “all you need is a double barrel shotgun”

  3. If anyone pro-gun is still in Mass they need to just get out while they can, it looks like Mass and Conn are fighting to be the new New York. Maybe once Hitler gets out of his “How to f*ck the people Nazi style” meetings with Bloomberg he can look into buying a small cottage in one of those two states.

    • What happens when there are no states left to move to? We have to fight this crap wherever it pops up, if it becomes normal in the minds of a few states it could turn into federal regulation.

      • I dont deny that a few (8-12?) states have gone batshit crazy, but the vast majority (1) still have good if not very good pro 2A gun laws and (2) a far fewer number of batshit, leftist-loony types of politicians and the like. My state has gone wide right over the last decade, and I dont see it moving much more than center for a long time.

        • “but the vast majority (1) still have good if not very good pro 2A gun laws -FOR NOW- and (2) a far fewer number of batshit, leftist-loony types of politicians -LIKE WHAT DIDNT HAPPEN IN COLORADO-”

          Fixed that for you. Tennessee is relativley pro-gun but as of recent our representatives have been kissing Obamas @&&. Fred is 100% correct in his statement. We cant keep running and some cant afford to at all. As much as I loathe Connecticut, I have made my contributions to their pro-2A group since leaving.

        • You suffer from a little bit of lunacy called “normalcy bias”. You should seek to reverse it; it can prove fatal.

  4. Seems to be a sort of competition between some of these states on who can rack up the most, worthless, gun laws.

    • No, underlying propogation of laws.

      It is being spread like a disease by the viral scum of the elected representatives of these States.

  5. does anyone else think it would be harder to take a cop seriously with the hats in the picture? i guess the mp5 would help people take them seriously.

    • I don’t know about that. When I was much younger, living in Illinois, the Smokey Bears (State Highway Patrol) wore that style of hat in brown. And when you see a guy north of 6′, crew cut, and over 200 well-muscled lbs getting out of a cruiser wearing such a hat with a big .357 magnum hanging on his side, it was an intimidating sight indeed.

    • Love the cop chick description. The least she could do is help the guy with his luggage. But I must disagree that Islamists are the intended audience of their show of force.

    • If you wouldn’t enjoy being called a “Christianist”, be careful how you refer to others. WHAT? You didn’t realize their religion is not called “Islamism”?

      SURE YOU DIDN’T. Or does the Golden Rule not apply to you?

  6. Well I am sorry that I can’t be surprised or even sympathize with the people of Massahole, What party did the senator who just won the special election belong to ? As long as it is a stronghold of libgressives it is not going to change. Options ? Not many for the sane people , Move when and if you can because it is not going to get any better.

    • Yep they look like SDs. Wouldn’t want them to hurt their ears firing them inside the airport, I guess.

    • Not only suppressors, they appear to be MP5SD6 submachineguns, which have non-removable integrated suppressors that were known as the quietest firing firearms in the world for decades. They cost a pretty penny for their foil auto and burst fire modes. Those cops seem to want to show force with two 30 round magazines. Why do they need to carry those? Shouldn’t they be locked up for their safety? Oh wait, the professional clause because cops never cause collateral damage.

    • They are definitely supressed. Wouldn’t want them to drown out the sound of those jet engines.

  7. As f**ked up as Rhode Island is, I still shake my head in disbelief when I look north.

    • Don’t worry our “team” in Progressive Rhode Island is surely working hard to change that.

  8. We survived round one in Rogues Island when our no good COMMIES in the general assembly attempted to screw us real good with some silly gun bills. They’ll be back for round two next year and we need all the freedom fighters to beat them back like they did this year. I wish I was in Texas with RF, but I’m stuck in this useless grease spot.

  9. Don’t forget the off site storage talk. Making people in MA store their “evil scary guns” at a gun range or other facility. Currently nothing like that exists in MA. It would be simple for the local police chief to take whatever they wanted from whoever they wanted. Glad I was moved to Kansas last month.

  10. Okay, Ralph. NOW are you ready to concede that Mass. is every bit as bad as NY and NJ?

  11. I see Massachusetts State Police having a lot of need for integrally-suppressed MP5SD’s with not one but two linked 30 round magazines.

    I kid. Of course they need two magazines, because if the proverbial fecal matter ever hit the oscillating rotator, they’d dump the entire first magazine in their first adrenaline-fueled trigger pull.

  12. Was born in Massachusetts. Not my fault. Live in Texas, my choice. Massachusetts is a write off. Anybody with half a brain left long ago. Shame that the home of Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concord, Paul Revere and The Boston Tea Party would scare a devout communist to democracy. Gun control laws are like trying to keep Jello in your hands. The tighter you squeeze, the more that leaks out.

  13. chicago is way ahead of the game. we have had a Gun Offender Registry for a few years. seems to be working. only 11 people shot yesterday. do not follow our example!!

    • Go read the news again, vactor–its up to seven dead and forty-one wounded. And there are two days to go before the weekend is out.

  14. It’s such a shame. There are a lot of really nice places to live in MA, CT, MD & NY. What do you do ? Fight the good fight and stay b/c of friends and family or leave for freedom ? I’m leaning towards freedom, but haven’t done anything about it yet…

  15. Full-auto MP5’s with silencers. Clearly those Troopers are planning on murdering dozens of children. What else would they need such firearms for?

  16. What is so sad is it’s no longer just Mass. or Conn.,or N.Y. but it’s like most of the Amerikan people have LOST IT. They want Communism and the Government is their God, What is it now like 47% on hand outs, the other day was at the food store check out and these 3 young people (fat and way over weight) use food stamp card and got 300 dollars in junk food , I will only say there is our # 1 problem, no jobs, free meds, free rent, free education, got green cards, and you best bet voted for Obama and etc. and they hate America and Americans and our history/ past too… WE no longer have a real vote… And best we pay for us to be destroyed……….Sam Adams must be turning in his grave !!!!!!!!!! The third world is now here…………!

  17. Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners is one of the most bass-ackwards schemes I’ve never heard of. Frist, they say it’s to make sure gun owners are held accountable for the damages done with their weapons, but that’s pretty much the opposite of what insurance does. Second, most law-abiding gun owners are probably already covered by the general liability clause in their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If a criminal steals that gun and uses it on somebody else, the reason that victim can’t collect isn’t because the original owner isn’t insured, but because no viable claim of liability exists due to the intervening criminal act. So we’re left with a situation where the overwhelming majority of victims still can’t collect from the insurance company because they were attacked by criminals who never gave a damn about the law in the first place, and certainly didn’t bother with formalities like keeping their insurance current.

    • “Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners is one of the most bass-ackwards schemes I’ve never heard of. ”

      There you go, thinking they’re “stupid”. The reason they’re WINNING is because of stupid, vain people thinking THEY’RE the stupid ones.

    Massachusetts is holding discussions on the proposed gun bills instead of signing them behind closed doors like NY and CT. GOAL’s website has a list of locations which I pasted below.
    I urge all who can to GO. Take the day off work, I will. Make your voice heard. Let the legislators hear from us.
    We have statistics, facts, and common sense on our side.
    I’ll be at at least one of them for sure, probably 2.
    The next 3 hearings are scheduled to take place outside the State House. We will be counting on our members to attend these hearings, speak out, be heard and begin the process of restoration of our freedom.

    Assumption College, Hagan Hall, Worcester MA, 10:00 am Monday, July 8, 2013
    Location/Time TBA – Middleton MA, Tuesday July 23, 2013
    American International College, Springfield MA, time TBA, Friday August 2, 2013
    Gardner Auditorium (State House), Boston MA. Date/Time TBA, (September)

    GO everyone, GO!

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