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Mark Walters writes [via]: In a recent piece I wrote for Breitbart News, I predicted the exhaustive and extensive coverage of the upcoming “March for Our Lives” this weekend. Here’s what I said:

Splashed across hundreds of millions of television screens to a global audience, the speakers will take the stage to demand that Americans curtail one of their most basic and precious rights, the right to bear arms for self-preservation and defense of their nation.

Their soaring rhetoric will denounce the NRA and its millions of members which includes first responders, military, law-enforcement, and ordinary Americans as terrorists and murderers who couldn’t care less about the lives of others. President Donald Trump and millions of Republicans, representing over 100 million law-abiding gun owners, will be condemned as heartless killers with blood-soaked hands for merely being gun-owners.

I was right when I made that prediction last week as evidenced by the nauseating coverage seen leading up to Saturday and the orgasmic liberal lovefest about to take place in Washington. (You’ve probably seen it yourself if you can stomach watching the three big networks and any liberal cable news outlet). I am also right today when I tell you to relax.

As pro-rights individuals, we take this stuff seriously, far more so than some kid who is tagging along for the ride to D.C. and has no clue about the historical context of that which they’re complaining.

I don’t mean that as a slam to any of those kids, including the insufferable opportunist David Hogg, who himself has been denigrating millions of Americans as heartless murderers just because they’re gun owners, but the vast majority will just go home and go on with their lives after this weekend.

So how exactly are you supposed to relax while you watch this stuff and maintain your blood pressure? It’s not that difficult. Understand that you should watch as much of the event as you can without throwing anything at your television if for no other reason than to witness the tactics the left will employ in the coming months and years to attack your right to bear arms.

It’s how you stay ahead of the game. You must remember that the general who knows the most about his enemy has the advantage in every battle and they will be telling you with every speaker, what they want to do and how they’re going to do it. Inhale it.

View this as their “coming out” day.

Every loudmouth liberal gun-grabber, including the kids, will be preaching gun confiscation from the rooftops for millions to hear. Every Democrat politician, actor, gun-control group, etc., will finally expose themselves for what they are once they get caught up in their massive orgy of like minded, groupthink, mob mentality.

Think about it, for years they’ve told us they respect the Second Amendment and all they want is common sense “gun-safety” laws. They don’t want to take away anyone’s guns, until now and they’re going to shout it, shout it, shout it out loud!

Relish this! It’s America. While we hate their underhanded tactics and their agenda of destroying our right to bear arms, they have a right to act a fool. Let em! Understand and drill into your head as you watch the liberal lunatic festivities, that what they want to do requires changing laws, repealing a part of our Bill of Rights, and lying to cover their real intentions of eviscerating a right that we already own. (Good luck with that)

We don’t have to defend ourselves; Our position is already well-documented and enumerated in the same parchment that gives them the right to do what they are doing on Saturday.

Let them scream as loudly as they wish. Don’t take it personally. Let them resent you. Understand that the reason they are there is because you have a right they don’t like. Not the other way around. You’ve already won and they hate you for it.

Cherish this. Rejoice that you aren’t the one who has to descend on Washington to fight for an amendment to our Bill of Rights that gives us the right to bear arms. We already have it, and that puts us a gigantic step ahead of them.

Celebrate their hatred of you. They hate you because you’re right!

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    • Yeah, except one thing in our favor is that this bunch is among the laziest people on Earth. Like almost all leftists, they demonstrate and act up and think that they’re done and then don’t bother to vote when it comes time. Thank God for their short attention spans.

    • This is why MoveOn and other prog groups are so happy to help. They will be pushing hard on this demographic to register to vote at the local events. They see this as a vast untapped electoral resource.

      Meanwhile the gun owning under 21s will be registering to vote. And they’re joining the NRA.

    • Yep. Just one reason why true exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms will not be restored, or even secured, incrementally.

    • These little bastards won’t vote, because this demographic doesn’t vote.

      More importantly, they’ll get to their left-wing college where they’ll be viewed by the upper classmen as scum trying to take power, and will be smashed down to the standard Freshman standing – that being slightly above single-celled life.

  1. Why would I watch a single second of this march when I could be doing something useful and/or enjoyable?

    • I fear for our country but I am at a is our weapon but these bottom feeding lawyers hold all the cards.

      • I wouldn’t worry TOO much. The complete loss of liberty and the Republic always is, and always has been, just one or two election cycles away if things take a really bad turn.

        That’s how it’s been since 1789 and that is how it shall remain. It hasn’t happened yet and so I remain somewhat cheerful about our prospects. Somehow the United States manages to walk right up to the edge of the abyss, gaze into it, realize the danger and pull back before jumping into oblivion.

        It’s scary as hell when we’re on the edge but we’re always fairly close to it. Usually much closer than most folks, including many of those here on TTAG, would like to admit.

        Try to look on the bright side. Like I said in a post earlier today: Steel sharpens steel.

        • Seen it many times before. It applies far more to college professors within the Lib Arts than it does to anything else.

          If you want to know why grade, middle and high schools suck the answer is “money and a reason to exist for schools of education both of which contribute to lower standards and enhanced incompetence”

        • Watch the 51 minute part.

          Most of the problems, most of the burning issues of today, can be solved simply by meditating. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t get involved. Just sit down, look at your navel and meditate. And the things — due to some strange logic, due to cosmic vibration — will settle down by themselves.

          What do NRA members do? What do most gun owners do? Do they rock the boat or wait for a government judge to rule against the government? Do they go outside and counter the attacks or sit at home defending the NRA and Trump?

        • “Do they go outside and counter the attacks or sit at home defending the NRA and Trump?”

          In my experience most of them spend the day at work.

        • In my experience most of them spend the day at work.

          That’s one major reason school shooters and gangsters exist. The parents think all they need to do is make money, as if that is their sole duty and responsibility. This is how the school teachers are able to indoctrinate your children so easily — they have become the parents.

        • As someone remarked to me once (very close paraphrase): “People complain that someone like me doesn’t show up at pro 2A rallies. Well, I have to go to work most days. I have kids to feed and bills to pay. But hey, you know, fuck me for being a responsible adult, right? Hold that shit on the weekend and I’ll be there. Thursday? Bro, I gotta pay the fuckin’ mortgage so that shit ain’t happening. Two days of travel to get there and back? That’s not happening either.”

          Also, when did this become a discussion about parenting? Earlier you were talking about supporting gun rights. Now you’re talking about school shooters and parenting. Make up your mind what the hell we’re talking about.

  2. And with that, suddenly, I don’t feel as tired.

    I might even head downtown with a big bag o’ popcorn to watch the circus tomorrow. With a loaded piece in plain view on my hip, of course

  3. Hmmm, ANTIFA sure dried up fast…………
    Maybe they can show up and Re-Decorate down towns around the country.

  4. Like the million women’s march it will be the screeching of radical leftist women and soy boys. Everything SJWs touch turns to crap. Within months if not weeks the average person is going to be fed up with this narrative shoved in their face.

    • Absolutely. The millions of mom’s that turn out to be a couple hundred, filmed from perspectives that swell their numbers. Any number of other protests that invoke screeching and gnashing of teeth – but with these kids, then it’s back to the video games and pouty looking selfies on Instagram. It’ll be a circus – my sincere hope is that some nutball (financed by the left or not) doesn’t decide to do some target practice during the show.

  5. At least they’ll all be ‘on record’, and there’ll be pics of them.

    Worked for John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Bill Ayers, Obastard, Jeremiah Wright, the (D)ick-C Chix, etc., etc.

    They may get to vote soon, but they’ll be looking for jobs about the same time too.

  6. wonder what the odds are that a riot breaks out… Oh who am I kidding it’s the liberals of course they’ll riot. Me I’m gonna be at home cleaning my guns and doing some custom Ozark Trail cups for the family (wife saw a video for swirl painting and now I wanna try it out. I may even do a camo color swirl on a couple of my older more beat up guns). On the plus side we won’t have to worry about a mass shooting all the potential mass shooters will be gun free and at the glorious communist oops I mean gun control rally.

  7. Just go to these marches and put out a case of Tide Pods. These kids are so stupid they will weed this issue out for a free chance to be on the YouTube challenge.

  8. You might feel the need to watch that crap, but I pulled the plug on cable fifteen years ago, so I wouldn’t have to have that stinking filth pollute my home.

  9. Funny camera angle on that March for our lives picture. Almost as if someone tried to hide there was no more than 7 people marching.

  10. Meh…this BS will blow over. And if it DOESN’T we all are armed. As mentioned WTF happened with black lies blather or antifags?!? This is merely another leftard iteration…😩😖😡

    • Antifa is the SJW generation. That generation is marching on Washington while you sit on your hands at home. You never show up for the fight so they win by default. GGWP

      It’s funny to see gun owners think that a gun is all they need. How simple minded they are…

      • I am of the mindset that this battle is already lost. There will be an Australia-style gun ban and confiscation in the next 20 years,and possibly within the next ten.

        The Democrats are depending on black, brown, female, and the social outliers(LGBTQ community) to make up for the white males they invariably lose once they enter the workforce. There are LOTS of those people. Add to them the white males who vote for them, and the numbers are not on our side. Look at the last election. Trump lost the popular vote against the most repellent human being ever to run for office.Why? Because liberals vote Democrat no matter what. They would vote for a child molester if his opponent was a Republican white male.

        We will be very lucky if Julian Castro doesn’t get the nod next time. They tried a white woman, and that didn’t fly—so they’ll try a Hispanic Communist. And he’ll win Florida and California easily.

        So what happens when the Dems get a real liberal in office? Let another mass shooting happen at a school,and Modern Sporting Rifles will be on the chopping block. Not just that, but they’ll ban all magazines over 10 rounds, just like in 1991. Except this ban won’t sunset, and possession of one will be made a felony, clearly an ex post facto law, but IT”S FOR THE CHILDREN so nobody will make a stink.

        Most people will comply. Those who don’t will be made examples of, put in prison with gangbangers, rapists, and murderers, all of whom hate them for being white, male, and middle class. Once that happens, their neighbors and friends will cave and surrender their firearms.

        A sizable percentage will not. There will be dead police on the news everyday as confiscation begins. There will be a few Waco-style events, which will result in Timothy McVeigh x 10,000.

        Then the politicians start dying. And the liberal activists. Did you see what one bomber did to Austin? Now imagine bombs showing up at Democrat Party offices nationwide. Or at the homes of loudmouthed teenaged Communists?

        That’s the end game. It’s inevitable.

        • That’s the end scenario if people wait too long to resist. The longer it takes, the worse it will be. Are we already at or past the point of your prediction… I really don’t know. Perhaps, there is still time for mass civil disobedience. Perhaps not.

        • Aw geez, an Australia style ban if it did happen (won’t in my opinion) will be just as disregarded as the `assault weapon’ bans in some blue states, with massive non compliance. Four starred fascists in their Smokie the Bear hats will huff & puff before the cameras, but when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, your average po-po not only wants to go home to his family at the end of the day, but doesn’t want said home pasted on google street view.

          Aussies despite their guns being registered are still majority non compliant. Is that badge on yer shirt bulletproof; now is it, mate? By the way, Australia’s population is less than one tenth of ours.

          Bad laws have one thing in common: difficulty of enforcement. And last time I checked, the po-po are a tiny minority of the general population. Other than a crazed few who don’t give a rip, do they wish to become the perceived enemy of the majority? Like every morning when they walk out their front doors?

  11. Is it just me or is the majority of the anti gun brigade female? It makes sense as they tend to be overly emotional and illogical creatures devoid of reasoning. Sure, there are the token manginas scattered about, but most of them have two X chromosomes. Ironic considering they are far more likely to be victims of a violent crime and benefit most from a firearm. (sigh)

    • Women and children are marching because the men are lazy and throwing away all responsibility. The men are not fixing their society, so the women and boys are trying to.

  12. Yawn…. so what? I still have what I have and I’m buying more. I’ll go to the range this weekend and breath in the beautiful spring weather. My friends and I have more than enough to keep us busy for years to come. Our state legislature has weakly proposed a bump stock ban. LMAO. I could care less about some cheap plastic item. But hey, if you want to go crazy about some children’s crusade in d.c., be my guest. It is an election year after all… I guess some of you can’t see the forest from the trees.

  13. I’m “coming out”, too. I’ve never engaged in a public display of being pro-gun in New York City but tomorrow morning I’ll be there at the march overtly counter-protesting with a strong but polite message and a smile. There’s no organized counter-protest even though there will be thousands on the anti-gun side but I’m willing to go make myself a target and stand alone against a crowd demonizing people like me as child murderers. Frankly I’m concerned for my physical safety, but many have sacrificed far more to protect our human rights in the USA and I want to be worthy to be among them, so I don’t think twice about standing in the gap alone if I have to. Right now I’m doing a final gathering of facts and stats and designing a sign.

  14. And they will film it and spin it on every TV in America. That’s the kind of stuff they want you to do. You will be a martyr to their cause, not your own.

    Look, the author is right. This not a time to fight them head-on. This is a time to think strategically. The leftists are trying to appeal to their base and recruit low information voters. We need to push hard to get fair minded judges appointed, especially in the Supreme Court. We need to educate people with facts. We need to make the consequences of terminating the 2nd amendment something people think about. Convince them of the truth: Without the 2nd, they will lose the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments…that this country will slide into tyranny.

    My fantasy would be to introduce the “DNC First Act”, a law that would make all Democrats prohibited possessors, and then I would make it clear that the next bill would eliminate the right to vote for prohibited possessors. Imagine how fast many Democrats would suddenly get it, and start advocating for gun rights.

  15. Trump is banning “bump stocks” {via likely illegal directive to ATFE}, the OMNIBUS Spending Bill includes “Fix NICS” and funding for CDC to do “gun violence” research, many States will strip 18-20 year-olds of their right to buy or own long guns. President and Politicians will point to those things and say, “We did this in response to your concerns.” The antis will continue to scream for banning certain, specified rifles, but will be ignored. The NRA’s ranks will grow with angry infringed 18-20 year-olds who owned or wanted to own a long gun. The whole thing will blow over until the next nutjob shoots up a school…*wash, rinse, repeat*

    In the meantime POTG should donate to support gun rights organizations {of your choice} and push on them to use your donations to file challenges in Court, stay calm, exercise your RKBA as often as you can, and make sure your elected Representatives are made well aware of your beliefs and concerns.

    What these “useful idiot” kids do not get is that the Government and Society in general place no real value on their lives and well-being and consider them “expendable”. If that was not the case, there would be no “gun-free zones” and school campuses would be properly secured to minimize risk and actually increase safety of students and staff. What these “useful idiots” also don’t get is that Life is full of risks and NO ONE can fulfill their delusional sense of entitlement to absolute safety….repeat NO ONE…

    • I agree with you completely. You have put that well.

      That said, I personally place very little value on those brats. For the same reasons that your average (non-Nazi) German citizen despised the NAZI Party and Hitler Youth. For all intents and purposes, David Hogg and his friends are Hitler, oops my mistake, Clinton/Obama Youth. Similarly to how the NBPP and Antifa are reminiscient in all to many ways to the NAZI Sturmtroopers aka brown shirts.

      Personally, I think that we should allow them to do their 1st Amendment protest. Then eviscerate and destroy their ideology, credibility and virtue posturing without remorse. David Hogg said if “you aren’t with us then you are against us”. That is fine with me, and let’s return the favor with prejudice and with legal exercise of our Rights.

  16. You can have my Bumpstick when you pry it from my cold, overly lubricated fingers! Trump just created a new class of felons overnight. You will have to be in the middle of the Sahara to get away with shooting them, anybody who hears one or sees one at a range is gonna call the ATF and collect their Bumpstick Alert Reward. Unlike the FOPA mguns, these 179.00 pieces of plastic wont be worth a dented AR mag thanks to Trump, who plainly said sometimes you have to tell the NRA to stick it in his delusional effort to get Democrats to like him.

    • This just in – President Trump spoke yesterday at the NRA annual meeting in Denver, and has officially returned to the fold by embracing both the Second Amendment and NRA members. Dianne Feinstein’s smirk has dried up. Well done, Mr. Prez.

      Meanwhile, GVRO Red Flag laws are spreading, which pose a real danger to gun owners with either a disgruntled spouse or a liberal neighbor. And soon there will be snitch hotlines for anyone who thinks they hear sorta-full-auto fire? Not good, folks, not good.

  17. Every single one of you gunhumping fascists GOP TH UGS Garbage ‘america’ must be killed. You have no place in our Superior Future.

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