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I am not sure how we get so many “Human Resources” professionals here, but we welcome the submissions from everyone.  Maybe HR is shorthand for managers, or recruiters…  or something.

Today, it’s Mark’s turn.  He carries a Walther PPS 9mm in an unspecified inside-the-waistband kydex rig.  Amazing how kydex has darn near replaced leather for about 80% of folks.  Then again, I’ve been training long enough to remember when a majority of handgun class attendees brought revolvers.  Today it’s not uncommon to have a class and have no wheelgun shooters.  Jeez, I feel old.

The Steel Will Cutjack knife is something I haven’t seen before.

So, what do you PPS peeps think of it?  How does it compare to a Shield, a Ruger LC9s or similar guns?  I may have shot one in the past at a class, but don’t remember it.  That cuts both ways…  if it was really good I’d remember it, just as I would if it was really bad…







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  1. When I was “young”, HR meant home-room at school.
    Still prefer leather over kydex. Kydex wears on the guns finish in a way leather does’t.
    And what’s with the ruler?

    • “And what’s with the ruler?”

      He’s an HR droid. Being employed in a functionally-useless position, his self-esteem is so low he’s taking one of those bullshit dick-growing pills like “Extenze” and checking to see if there are any results when he goes to take a leak.

      The answer is obviously *no*, since if it was working, he’d need a lot longer ruler than the puny 6-inch version… 😉

    • OWB Leather is okay but if your a IWB in a climate or work environment with humidity and sweat: leather is a poor choice. It requires too much maintenance and out of service time cleaning, drying and treating: you will need duplicate holsters. If not, you just keep packing the gun in contact with salt/moisture and see what happens to the finish AND internals. I’ve had rust in the rear sight groove and pitted receiver rails in a G23 when i was doing “weekly” CC gun maint! Leather=spunge.

      Kydex is wash dry and wear in 2-3 min. Holster wear is zip for a properly fitted holster with stationary gun. If your going to do hours of practice draws or Range drills use leather if its a concern. Guns are tools, a bit if wear on the finish is expected with any usage.

      • Agree. I DO have the choice, so I prefer not to use kydex.
        I do have some Crossbreed holsters, they kinda split the difference.
        And I don’t need a ruler to measure “things” with.

  2. I also carry a “classic” PPS in 9mm, also with the 7-round mag Mark the HR guy uses. You can get 6-, 7-, and 8-round mags.

    I keep thinking about replacing the PPS with a more “modern” gun, like the PPSm2, Glock 43, or similar, but then I shoot it and realize there’s no need. It’s great. The trigger is so-so, it’s a little boxy, but it’s incredibly accurate and easy to shoot. I believe I’ve had one malfunction in the thousands of rounds I’ve sent through it. Plus it’s as thin as any of the newer ones, so it conceals just as easily.

    Mine was made while Walther had the relationship with Smith, so the slide is marked with both Walther and Smith. I don’t know if they were all like that.

    As I recall, they were relatively expensive when they came out. Not too long before Walther released the m2, the price dropped dramatically.

    • I carried a First Edition striped 9mm PPS for 3-4 years. Carried well and shot well. The mag release under the trigger guard is the cat’s meow for a Southpaw. Only thing I disliked is that when carrying a second mag it had a “tail” that would snag on things. In the end, Mr. Dremel was my friend and fixed that issue. Great carry pistol. They’re boxy but they’re good.

    • I regularly carry a PPS M2 LE with the phosphoric night sights. Gun is super comfortable it the hand and shoots great.

  3. I liked the PPS and m2 fine. I ended up with a 43 for a single stack mainly due to shooting and liking my wife’s 43.

    Really came down to not liking the paddle release on the PPS and wanting more aggressive texture on the m3 grip. Nice pistols though.

    Neat looking knife and I love me some Streamlight for ease of carry.

  4. A PPS M2 and Shield 1.0 were once in my “cache” (lol) at the same time. I’d frequently take both to the range and it was hard to pick which one I liked best. I preferred the PPS just a bit more due to the trigger. I’m sure others will say the Shield trigger is better but the PPS felt better to me. I ended up selling the Shield and kept the PPS a while longer (no matter how good a gun is, my collection is like a revolving door lol). But my <$0.01 opinion is the PPS M2 is one of the top, if not the top, SS9's all around. Been wanting to try an M1 but can never find them.

  5. To try and answer the question about the proliferation of HR posters: I graduated business school about 3 years ago and at that time HR was one of the best paying areas you could find yourself in in the business world, so it stands to reason that fiduciarily-minded businesses grads went where the money was.
    (Now we wait for the comments mocking me for being too young to know anything)

  6. I’ve got the same NATO strap on my Seiko SKX007, too. It’s a shame Seiko’s not going to make that one any more, so I’ll be hanging on to mine.

  7. PPS and PPS M2 are better built and nicer to shoot than most other single stacks, but they are a little heavier and a tiny bit bigger.
    The bulk makes them better shooters for most folks without making them harder to conceal.
    Better triggers than most of the competition.

  8. I don’t own a PPS, but have shot my son’s PPS M2 LE (BTW, the M2 has the more familiar push button eject rather than the European Paddle Eject). I found it to be accurate, ergonomic and the trigger wasn’t bad at all (a lot better than the LC9, I’ve not had the opportunity to test fire a Shield). A bit on the boxy side was my impression as well, but the M2 is less than the original PPS. I was seriously looking at the PPS when I decided to replace my old CC weapon. Probably would have bought one, if my Gun Store owner hadn’t put the Sig P365 in my hand. For my kid, it’s his off duty carry weapon. He uses the 8 round magazines, rather than the 7 or 6 round. The LE version comes with one of each magazine and tritium night sights.

  9. Steel Will is a US based company subsidiery of SMG (Sports Manufacturing Group), started in 2008, with products that are domestic and imported. The imports are from forges in Italy and China. It probably depends a lot upon which model and its base price as to where it came from. From $60’s to over $200.

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