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Is it me or is the media (e.g., CNN and the Journal News) treating gun owners like sex offenders?

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  1. I’ll wager it is a tactic that has been fleshed out on whatever the current equivalent of “journolist” is.

    For those who don’t know, “journolist” was a email list that journalists used to co-ordinate their approaches to stories and coverage. If you’ve ever wondered how memes in the media become so ubiquitous so quickly… wonder no longer:

  2. It really irks me how anyone supporting our rights is made to look ridiculous via insinuation, body language or outright hostility from the media.

    Granted, this interviewer was tame compared to many but she still seized the opportunity to give her dismissive and transitional, grins and phrases.

    • Amen to that.

      Again, coverage of a freedom lover skewed to make him look ridiculous. It is a tough job to get out the pro-2A message. There are simply so many points to make, and so many ridiculous ideas to shoot down. Speakers must also struggle with their own frustrations, and a lack of time to get their message across. Sometimes the best answer to a question is with another question. To whit “Simce Adam Lanza had already broken multiple gun laws, and was clearly willing to commit mass murder, why would the creation of other laws stop him? What was the benefit of the school being a gun free zone? If the president and his children have armed protectors, why can’t my children have them?”

      Meanwhile, well-groomed media metrosexuals calmly and eloquently repeat their lies and talking points. They have plenty of time, and get softball questions lofted their way with potpourri and soft music. We see through such things, but not enough Americans do.

      Without the Internet, we’d be toast. We need to continue to use the 1st Amendement to protect the 2nd. And if that fails, the 2nd to protect the 1st. It’s almost as if doing so would be following ancient wisdom passed on by men who exhibited far greater leadership than in this current age.

      • The power and cunning of the evil libtards is truly shocking.
        The shooting, bombing, arson, vandalism, etc…that would occur should a ‘Big Gov’ gun confiscation program begin would be breathtaking is scope, as well as a sad and unnecessary waste for all Americans.

    • +1. This young Marine did a really good job of stating his position and citing facts in a calm and civil way. He didn’t get suckered into her trap, of going on record of specific violations, and you can tell she was pi**ed when the David Gregory reference came up, even though she obviously had been coached to dismiss it.

      She put on the act of being respectful, but I sense the mask dropped when got a bit desperate repeating questions, and if her bitter little pot-shot at the end is any indication, she and probably her producer are suddenly realizing they are in the hole on this, and their typical, cheap, bullying tactics aren’t working, vs those prepared to calmly state the facts.

      Robert it would be interesting to hear a couple of anecdotes about how the talking heads are prepped and coached during these “set-ups” and what happens when it blows up in their face.

      PS: its a stretch to equate that with “treating like sex-offenders”. There was a story about a woman who made that connection, and a goofy guy in my local paper did same, in re: trying to shut down the Del Mar Gun show, in San Diego, but I think rational people see thru that, and it only hurts the gun-grabbers, and their allies in the MSM, as it shows their desperation, and failure to rule the “narrative”.

      • Unfortunately like that Insurance ad on TV, the one where the guy is entering data about an “accident” into his smart-phone, the comment about The Internet only holds the truth, and no lies or fabrications… and to prove the “lie” of that the guy who claimed to be a french model, people are conditioned to not question the media, as the media will only “publish fact and truth.” We need to exploit every failure of the media’s lie campaign by showing the facts… not just about guns, but everything. The more the media can be shown to be untrustworthy, the less will believe their smear campaigns and lies.

  3. People like her are flat-out incapable of understanding anything relating to true morality, courage, justice, and honor. Either that, or those very notions – and the knowledge that she possesses none of them – make her so uncomfortable, she masks it with a show of passive hostility.

    Funny how she takes that ever meek and cowardly approach of “laws are laws, and whatever our overlords tell us, we must obey,” and yet she has no qualms about the ultimate law of the land – the Constitution – being broken.

    Americans have a duty to disobey unconstitutional and unjust laws. That’s something despicable slaves like her will never understand.

  4. Liberals(the media) has sympathy for some sex offenders because of the hard lives they have lived, poor childhoods etc. The media regards gun owners WORSE than sex offenders.

  5. Off topic, Barbie, but there is no such entity as a “former Marine.” They do not exist…there are only Marines, and Marines who have retired.

  6. Any limitations on future ownership merely means the Second Amendment sunsets in the future. Remember to comment about Schindler’s List regarding civilian’s not having access to guns..

  7. It is incredible what passes for a “journalist” these days. And defending David Gregory was quite illuminating. The media is the enemy of Americans who love liberty.

  8. I don’t see why they are bothering to try to create new laws that are repressive and bigoted, just dust off the old Jim Crow laws, replace all instances of Negro with Gun Owner and it will be close enough…

    Seriously, the last time I saw such baseless, hateful, frothing-at-the-mouth anger and rage is was when we watched old news reels of the civil rights movement back in high school.

    • The last time I saw such baseless, hateful, frothing-at-the-mouth anger and rage was during my first divorce. I finally had enough of it and said, “calm down, judge.”

  9. BZ Marine. Thank you for saying what many would like to say. I hope you don’t mind if we steal your letter to the oh so dishonorable senator from the land of fruits, nuts and flakes.

  10. She ‘Candy Crowley’ed’ him – stating, in essence, that David Gregory didn’t break the law (although it could be argued by this fellow’s own logic that an unconstitutional law isn’t a law, and the one that Gregory broke almost certainly qualifies as being unconstitutional, ergo it’s not a law).

    How can one even have a discussion with these people when they won’t even admit facts? Her truthiness is non-existent.

  11. I was aware of this Marine’s letter for the past few days. It was nice to see him in this interview. he handled himself VERY well, and calmly stated what his purpose for writing the letter was. I like this guy even more after seeing him handle the media. I hope to see more of him in the future.

  12. “Is it me or is the media (e.g., CNN and the Journal News) treating gun owners like sex offenders?”

    Funny you should ask. Here in Mecklenburg County, NC the specific sheriff’s dept location where we have to go to submit paperwork and return to pick up pistol purchase permits and concealed carry permits is also the location that sex offenders must register. Think about that ladies. The guy behind you in line may be a sex offender and he may be realizing that you may be buying a gun in a few weeks but you don’t have one now…..

  13. What a smug, condescending little wench! She is clearly playing to her own crowd. I hope more people get exposed to this clip so they can see how we’ll these people can be handled if you don’t take their bait. She is lost outside her talking points.

    • Truth. If one remains calm in these interviews, sticks to facts, and doesn’t get baited into loaded questions and attempts at incitement, the “journalists” truly are lost. In the face of fact and rational thought, they have nothing to use.

  14. Is it just me, or does anyone else love FOAD???

    the first time ive ever seen it here was in response to mikeyb 😀

    “My property, my choice. FOAD”

  15. Just so everyone knows, there isn’t such a thing as an ex-Marine. We are called former Marines after we get out or retire. Thank you for the concern though, it’s just one more reason I love this community because you people care enough to respect our service.

  16. This video has been removed from this page. go to youtube and search “former marine – feinstein” and you can find it. 🙂 molon labe


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