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“Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says federal spending and the country’s debt will dominate the congressional agenda for the next three months,” the AP reports. [Click to 10:40 on the video above.] “The debate about potential gun legislation in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting will take a back seat.” A week is a long time in politics. Three months is an eternity. But saying something doesn’t make it so. Stopping civilian disarmament may require some major league Senatorial lip service as well as active opposition. Is McConnell ready to rumble? “The Kentucky lawmaker tells ABC’s ‘This Week’ that lawmakers will wait to see what an Obama administration review led by Vice President Joe Biden might propose. McConnell says Congress will need to study any recommendations and then see what’s appropriate to do. But he says that over the coming months, nothing much beyond the country’s finances will occupy the attention of Congress.” Thank God for gridlock. OK, the Founding Fathers. You know what I mean.

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      • this just mens di fi and the rest of the grabbers have time to write a perfected bill. it will have a larger likelihood of passing than these desperate last minuet ones we have been seeing. sorry to be a Johnny rain cloud… but its true. however, it does give us time to keep writing to our representatives. also it will give more time for these recent shootings to pass.

        • DiFi’s bill is the least of our concerns. The people in control of our Government are much more cunning than you apparently comprehend.

      • SD3 and S.CROCK Not sure if this is good or bad news. I at first said great news but the more I think about it the more I don’t know.
        Good: let knee jerk reactions die, public outrage will die down, may have time to buy some other items(maybe,see bad), polls may return to normal favor for gun rights, time for progun legistration to be introduced
        Bad: time for our guard to be let down, 3 months of the current market is pretty much a ban, what if there is another shooting? Time for them to count and buy votes needed, Supreme Court justices are not young
        Really don’t know if this is good or not

        • I too worry about another shooting, which (if as bad or worse) could spell disaster. An Executive Order to try to get the sheeple minds off of the odvious need for a fixing of ‘Big Gov’ spending practices is a slim, but possible tactic. Libtards are quite evil and need to be watched every second until all this gun banning and wreckless spending dies down (though it will never go away).

  1. Did I just read an article about a politician saying something wise and that other more important issues (than gun control) need to be addressed?

      • Still have one. Its actually a bit chilly though, can you get someone to toss a couple logs on the fire under my pot?

    • To those who want to kick gun control down the road,visit Newtown you NRA puppets.Time to tear the assault rifles from your cold dead hands.

      • Robert Scully, I award you one point out of a possible ten. 1/10

        You troll post is too transparent and lacks subtly. Better luck next time.

        • Would seem I have stumbled on a site full of insecure wackos.I can’t believe you won’t see the slaughter of our citizens is out of control. This is no longer a “militia issue” as the 2nd amendment dclares,this is a insurgency.How about you people who own these weapons of mass murder under the guise of a missinterpretstion of the 2nd amendmsnt
          agree to a compromise.I haven’t heard of one citizen defending his home and hearth with a m16. Grow up!

        • Why would I want to talk to a future pelvic ashtray, lampshade, or bar of soap? An M16 is a fully automatic machine gun, while AR15’s are just scary to ladies. They are potential tools of justice against future mass murderers. But you put all your faith in the tender mercies of an all wise, ultra efficient, non-wasteful, big government (brother) utopia. The ‘compromise’ was done long ago. Your kind wants the semiauto magazine interface that is the mimimum for asymetrical (gorilla) warfare that would keep our potential masters in check.
          But your just kidding anyway, are you not….or am I just rambling to a future pelvic ashtray?

        • Robert Scully: Your posts are so full of errors and misapprehensions I find it hard to even respond. I’ll just start with these two:

          “I haven’t heard of one citizen defending his home and hearth with a m16.”

          That’s because the M16 is what the military uses. M16’s are configured to fire three round bursts or run fully automatic, and thus are heavily regulated, and nearly impossible to obtain unless you have very deep pockets. This renders them highly unlikely to be available for use in home defense. I don’t see a lot of M1A1 Abrams tanks used in home defense, either. The reasons are the same.

          “Time to tear the assault rifles from your cold dead hands.”

          Assault rifles are select-fire weapons, meaning, like the M16 you spoke of above, they are capable of firing in three round bursts or fully automatic. They are highly regulated and the number of them in civilian hands is minuscule. Even if you change it to “assault weapons,” that’s a made up term that effectively did not exist prior to the authoring of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, and it has no definable meaning.

          How am I supposed to give credence to your arguments when you can’t even do the basic research to get the nomenclature right?

        • The first clause, the militia, is the reason, that if government gets out of hand, the people can form a well regulated militia to put it back in its place. The second clause, the decree/right, is that the right of THE PEOPLE (not the right of the militia) to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Sometimes I wonder what part of the last four words are not understood…

  2. Good to hear, but remember he’s minority leader. We need to pay close attention to Harry Reid’s attempt to blow up the Senate rules in order to allow things to go through with a simple majority. If that happens, it’s a whole new ball game, and the field would be tilted against us.

  3. “Thank God for gridlock. OK, the Founding Fathers. You know what I mean.”

    With all due respect, it’s the founding fathers’ fault that congress is threatening us in the first place. A strong central government is the demise of liberty. Don’t worry though–two more years of misery and we can role the dice again.

    • The founders created a weak central government, and hoped the American people would be wise enough to keep it so. Sadly, the men who followed were not nearly as wise, and gradually twisted the words so they could gather more power. We the people failed to stop it, and we are still failing today.

      • When the people fail to control the government, it’s by design. And to rub salt in our wounds enforcement officials protect these imbeciles and swear loyalty to the
        constitution which the imbeciles oppose. Federalism in the US is full of self contradiction. The NRA says they’ll lobby for our “right” and then turns around and says
        we need more police, whose job it is to take rights away from people.

        • Much like the recent mass murders, this act of violence led to an increase in the centralization of government power. The federal government has benefited from every notable act of violence by a subsequent increase in usurpation of authority and the creation of new bureaucracies.

      • That is why, if there is ever a revolution and we get to make some changes to the Constitution, we need strict penalties for any politician who supports violating the Constitution. No more of this crap of laws get passed, you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in court to get it to the Supreme Court, then it gets thrown out and nothing happens to the scum who put it in place. We need a non-government committee of Constitutional scholars (that ARE held accountable to the people) that reviews *every* law when it is introduced. If it is found to be unconstitutional, the authors / backers of the bill receive no less than one year in prison and no more than five years in prison – general population too, no silly house arrest for the elite. We also need a section specifying that if a law has been proposed more than a certain number of times in a row (just like the scary looking weapons bans), it automatically cannot be proposed in a new session of congress for at least 10 years to stop them from wasting our time with the same bad laws being pushed year after year.

        • Your plan for accountability is appealing since it will tend to reduce the number of people who aspire to “leadership” positions, a tendency which is sorely needed.
          “… the same bad laws being pushed year after year.”
          Good point: our freedoms face a constant climate of double jeopardy, over and over again. This flaw is inherent in the Constitution.

      • That is a myth believed by many Libertarians. The founding fathers designed a system for a limited government with strong powers in a few areas. The system was thrown out of balance by the 17th Amendment which changed the nature of the Senator’s job. Until then a Senator represented the States’ government in Washington, not the people. An earlier generation of Progressives thought it would be just peachy to make the Senator a super representative. At that point we no longer had a true Federal system and the State governments lost their voice in Washington. Power has flowed to Washington ever since. I doubt Harry Reid would be so in tune with the White House if he had to answer to the Nevada Legislature.

        • libertarian myth???

          not so much.

          the claim that “small government by our founding fathers is a myth” is a myth perpetuated by statist conservatives. their track record has been spot on (LOL).

  4. Nine,
    With all due respect, don’t count on it. The “Fiscal Cliff” melodrama over the past year that led to a WONDERFUL compromise brokered by Biden and Uncle Mitch did what for the average American? Any spending cuts? The Fudge Cliff is miniscule in comparison to the Freaking Cliff coming our way….Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid….. He might let Connecticut lead the way or the UN Gun Ban Treaty.

  5. come next election…..ALL politicians will be voted out,,,and people with business sense, street sense, and common sense will be elected!!!

    • One can hope for such a miracle, but the collective “give a sh!t” of our fellow countrymen seems to be at historical lows.

      • Oh we give a shit, but we don’t trust the bankers and corporate overlords whose greed and outright fraud led us to the current mess any more than we trust the politicians to act for the people and not the interests of their political party.

        • People get the government they vote for; people wanted a bunch of “free” stuff, what, better than 50%of the population is on some type of government handout?

          Benjamin Franklin said A republic only lasts as long until the people realize they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury; then they will vote for politicians that will give them “free stuff”, and viola, we get deficit spending where we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar to pay for “benefits” and no one wants to cut anything because they would piss of some special group of the “people”.

          The politicians are doing exactly as a majority of the people want.

        • we don’t trust the bankers and corporate overlords

          Whatever happened to “the running dogs of American imperialism?” Man, I used to love reading the Daily Worker. Or was it Women’s Wear Daily?

    • I’ve heard that said every election since I started paying attention to politics. The only time it came to pass was in 1994, and that was a case of “meet the new crook; same as the old crook.”

    • anybody that can make a measurable difference that can possibly benefit you and i will never get into a respectable position of power. If they do by some miracle, they will be killed.

  6. Ayup. We know that McConnell can deliver on his promises because he did so well with the fiscal cliff legislation. And also because he’s a super speed-reader: the bill voted on in the Senate was over 150 pages long, and the Senators had nine minutes to read it before voting.

    If he can’t get a few hours delay to read the fiscal-cliff bill, how can he get three months delay on the introduction of gun-control legislation.

    Besides, if Reid manages to push through a nullification of filibuster, then anything McConnell says becomes even more pathetically inane.

  7. Baloney, Mitch. Gun control is the perfect media-fueled liberal crisis to deflect attention AWAY from debt and spending issues. We’ve seen this played out again and again over the past 4 years! The GOP is utterly clueless.

  8. Man, i need to learn how to answer questions without answering the question.

    is there a school for that?

  9. If they try and disarm America there will a lot of blood shed.Maybe mine. Maybe some of there’s

    • I doubt they’ll trust the locals to do this. Look for blue helmets and compounds that even your local Feds cannot access. Before you say they would never use foreign troops on our soil…remember who you care talking about.

    • That’s what I am afraid of. 3 more months of people paying $2500 for a M&P 15 or higher with tax refunds rolling in.

  10. I hope Mr. Magoo is right. I have learned, though, to never believe anything a CONservative says, because everyday they tell lies, and expect the idiots to believe them.

      • Something my grandpa used to tell me: “the only truthful politician and the only politician you can trust is a dead politician. The only lie they can do when they’re dead is six feet under.”

        Never knew his exact meaning of that, but he had a point.

  11. May not matter:

    “In addition to potential legislative proposals, Biden’s group has expanded its focus to include measures that would not need congressional approval and could be quickly implemented by executive action, according to interest-group leaders who have discussed options with Biden and key Cabinet secretaries.”

  12. Some reprieve for sure but the fact that he’s willing to entertain discussion at all in three months, six months, three years time bothers me.

    The only guns legislation anyone should be discussion is broad repeal of existing infringements.

  13. I’d rather have them tackle it as soon as possible. At least three more months of hysterics and empty shelves? no thanks.

  14. Yes there are ways to slow things down in Congress, but there is a whrlwind here to deal with. Just like California and Illinois, the antis are going to move as quickly as possible before the storm blows over. Biden has said that he’ll have proposals by the end of the month. DiFi will have her bill filed January 22, and unlike the National Reciprocity Act, there is no possiblity that Reid will conveniently fail to assign it out to committee. The only place it can get tied up in in Congress, as Boehner has the power to assign bills to committees, and I don’t think there are enough votews to vote the bill out of committee (although McCarthy’s bill is probably DOA).

  15. If there is another mass shooting, all bets are off, congress will act. If no other mass shootings occur, then Magoo could be correct, esp if the House gun bills also are heard or are voted down… new Texas Senator Cruz didn’t sound like he wanted anything to do with it either..

  16. I do hope this is true; There are many, many more pressing and USEFUL agenda items in which Congress could spend their time. Do not put aside any possibility of sneaky attach-t0 must-have bills, though. We need to keep alert, keep abreast of *every* bill they are proposing, directly related to our interest(s) or not.

  17. Think this is very good news. it lets what anger and hysteria from Newtown die off, In which what little support (below 50% already) for gun bans die down. and also shows the GOP is NOT switching sides for a AWB. We must prevent Harry Reid from killing the filibuster YES BIG TIME. But also shows the GOP is still ally of gun owner welcome news for today.

  18. I agree think too many doom and gloomier here today. These are the same who said Illinois would be gun free by today guess what we won today! Its good news. Plus the fact is-time is already ruined our is about to to use the murders to push for Nazi gun ban Obama wants. This time already has gone way past and polls showed little support for ban now any way. They can make a play for the senate but it can be stalled indefinitely in committee or hopefully filibustered. Plus it would die in the House.

  19. I am usually not a conspiracy theorist, but if there was another massacre…..surely our own govt wouldn’t do that???

  20. Far more concerned about state-level action at this stage, especially here in CT. We already have most of the left’s “common sense gun control” so anything more that adds will be real ugly. I spent a chunk of this weekend hunting down receipts for my regular capacity mags.

    Right now Repubs, even those who are not particularly principled conservatives, are motivated to give Obama a black eye. The more time passes, the more Sandy Hook fades. The NRA already polls better than Obama. So I think between the Senate’s rules which facilitate minority obstruction, and the House GOP, the Federal level is in pretty decent shape, though we all need to remain vigilant.

  21. After “IwillbeBarrysMitch” last performance…………. does he really think anyone is going to believe him.

    • Quit being so negative he is standing on our side give him credit for that. Be thankful him and Ted Cruz and other are standing for our right now.

  22. “Executive Action” and/or “Executive Orders” don’t require Congressional approval!

  23. This will give the government enough time to concoct another mass murder to make gun control a definite instead of a possibility. The biggest hit Romney had on Obama during the debates was that Obama focused on health care rather than the economy and it seems to be the same direction with gun control. I guess Obama’s take is, “Why focus on making capitalism better when socialism and social control is much more in line with your beliefs?” Someone needs to put these democrats feet to the fire on things that matter.

  24. Thank god we have Republicans to trust. AAWWWGGRR… even in sarcasm, that causes extreme pain and suffering!

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