Halloween masks litter the ground amongst signs of chaos at the scene where a deadly shooting in Greenville, Texas, Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. A gunman opened fire at an off-campus Texas A&M University-Commerce party, which left over a dozen injured before he escaped in the ensuing chaos, a sheriff said Sunday. (Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News via AP)
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UPDATE from the AP:

A man suspected of opening fire at an off-campus college party in Texas, killing two people and injuring 12 others, was arrested Monday.

Brandon Ray Gonzales, 23, of Greenville, Texas, was taken into custody less than 48 hours after Saturday’s shooting, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said. Gonzales, who was arrested at the auto dealership where he worked, was booked into the Hunt County jail on a charge of capital murder of multiple persons. Bond was set at $1 million.

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From the Associated Press . . .

A gunman remained on the loose Monday after authorities say he opened fire at an off-campus college party in Texas, leaving two people dead and 12 others injured.

The search continued for the unidentified male who authorities believe may have been targeting just one person at the party of about 750 people outside Greenville, 15 miles (24 kilometers) southwest of a satellite campus of the Texas A&M University System. They said others may have been shot at random.

The shooting happened about midnight Saturday at what Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks described as a Halloween and homecoming party for Texas A&M University-Commerce, though officials said it was not a school-sanctioned event.

Authorities believe there was one male shooter who entered the venue through the back door and began firing with a handgun. Meeks described “complete chaos” after the shots rang out, with hundreds of people fleeing, including the gunman.

Of the 12 people injured, six were shot and six were trampled or hurt by glass, authorities said.

The shooting came as Texas A&M University-Commerce, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) northeast of Dallas, celebrated homecoming weekend. According to its website, it is the second-largest university in the Texas A&M University System.

Authorities said Monday that the two men killed were 23-year-old Kevin Berry Jr. of Dallas and 23-year-old Byron Craven Jr. of Arlington.

After a vigil for Berry on Sunday night at a Dallas park, at least one person opened fire. Dallas police said no one was injured but several vehicles were reported damaged.

The university said on its website that it would hold a community gathering Monday afternoon featuring student and faith-based leaders. Counseling will be available.

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  1. One of the “usual suspects” and of course the “usual witnesses” have no interest in cooperating with law enforcement.

  2. Had to be Hollywood’s fault. By the fact that nearly every news source I’ve gone to has shown the picture of the Joker Mask. The prophesy that the news forecast about violence at the Movie. Has been conveniently made True. So it’s safe to assume had the movie not been made. The violence would never have occurred. That is based on the mentality of the Liberal Left.

  3. Why drag the name of the school through the mud when it had nothing to do with it? From the lack of descriptions, one would guess bangers, or bangers wannabes, banging as they are wont to do.

  4. “unidentified male who authorities believe may have been targeting just one person at the party”

    So what’s the rest of the story? Is it a secret? Maybe that would help identify the perp.

  5. I’m pretty sure if it was a WHITE MALE it would have been front & center & brought up in every paragraph,,,,

  6. so they know it is a man…
    he looka like a man…
    nothing else stood out? color of clothes? color of man?
    and maybe he/it does not identify as male…just sayin’…

  7. New report, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks says 23-year-old Brandon Ray Gonzalez was arrested Monday morning.

    Lack of media interest may be because it does not fit the agenda.

  8. He is obviously a relative of Speedy Gonzalez, the world’s fastest mouse.

    Underlay, Underlay, Areeba

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